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Aya Akatsuki

Openmindedness FTW
Is it just me or does it not work? I'm really excited for it, but it doesn't work ;--;. I have cleared my cashe, but it still didn't work. S.O.S

The Dark Wizard

No matter how much you test something, it never goes properly when you give it to thousands of people since you can’t simulate that amount of traffic (atleast now for testing features).


Don't let the name scare you.
Hi. Not sure how many people have been experiencing this, and I know I was one of the people who pushed for more consistent alerts, but...

Now I don't even get alerts. All that happens is the posts and PMs update on their own but I don't get notifications for them. I've already missed several posts and messages because of this and I'm just wondering if there's anything in mind to address this.



Ganymede Jr.
Like he's said before, it probably has to do with the traffic on the site, and it probably can't handle it. They'd have to either remove it or improve the servers/whatever.

Athena RN

Butterflies can't see their wings, but we can.
I'm not sure if its because I hadn't refreshed the page in a few hours or not, but I still had to refresh to get an alert to show up only a few minutes ago. And it was a post that had been posted a while ago.

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