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Wolf Rawrrr

That would not have been enough watermelons lol, since that 10-12 hour trip took full 16 hours in the end. Fortunately me and my brother took turns driving. Would have been kinda crazy for one person *whine*

Also the trip took an extra day and night, and when I got back I had to drive somewhere else and back again, and then I just couldn't really do anything for a couple days except rest. So sorry for the delay once again, but at long last I managed to post, and it's still "this week" as of writing this *woof*

Terribly tired so I can't go through the usual re-writing and proofreading, so apologies if I messed something up. I'll take a look at it tomorrow. Here's hoping we're back to usual posting and thank you once again for the patience *woof*

Wolf Rawrrr

That was the idea! ^^

Also, due to some unfortunate IRL complications, Jack Elarithon Jack Elarithon might not be posting for a while. He's free to continue when he feels able to, but just so you guys know that it's very possible that we'll have to just assume Asher is somewhere around but not be able to interact with him in any meaningful way. Pending Jack's return *woof*


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"Azshari." It was Violet who corrected Maggie, not Dina. "I mentioned them earlier, after we had fought off the... corrupted mountain wolves," she said, including a brief pause during which she presumably pondered how to refer to whatever the creatures that had attacked them were.
I knew I was forgetting something! I looked them up in the Bestiary but didn't recall that we'd encountered them, even as recent as it was. Well, Maggie will just have been too distracted by the climb to remember that until reminded.

I also just realized I missed a good chance to call them Asari, which would have amused myself, at least. :P

Wolf Rawrrr

Well, Maggie didn't encounter them since the Chosen's first encounter with them happened right before they met Maggie in Dunn. Dina and Violet don't seem to classify the corrupted wolves under the same term. So up until now, Maggie only had the one mention of them (linked). Well, to be honest she would have probably heard about them back in Dunn after joining the Chosen, at some point the party members would share some retelling of events behind the scenes. But too long has passed IRL :P *woof*

Rekai Leon

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Hi everyone,

First of all, I am really sorry for my ridiculously slow reply rate. I will admit, I am not good at writing RP posts. I struggle to write even the shortest paragraph possible, and I always feel like I can never put enough detail into my posts. It just takes me so much time and effort just to post a mediocre reply, and I really don’t think I have ever posted anything that was even close to be good. After many hours I have invested so far into my next RP post, all I have done is a huge mess, literally. That is how fucked up I am right now at roleplaying. What I posted here is a part of the problem: Advice/Help - My imagination does not seem to be working

I have a life outside of roleplaying as well. With a new academic year having started on my end, I am afraid that the amount of time that I am able to invest into RPing will be even less. At the moment, I am really feeling like I am becoming a burden to anyone participating in this RP. You should not have to wait for more than an entire month for a single post from me. You deserve better.

This entire RP is really ambitious and it is by far the largest RP that I have ever participated in. Believe it or not, the first and main reason why I created an account on this forum is because I want to participate in this RP. I really enjoy being a part of it, and I want to stay. Whether or not I should, I am not sure anymore. I am feeling that if I stay, I may hinder you from having the fun you deserve to have, and prevent other people who are interested in this RP to participate actively as well.

If I stay in this RP, please do expect me to reply extremely slowly. Alternatively, I can push out lower-quality posts, allowing me to reply at a faster pace, but I am not sure if it is a good idea. Heck, I am not even sure that the current quality of my posts would suffice, let alone poorer ones. Unfortunately, for now, I am unable to do any better.

So, I would like you to let me know if you would like me to continue doing the RP. If you do, I hope that you are aware of what to expect and not to expect from me. If you do not, I can understand why and I am okay with that. If you can give me any advice that would help things get smoother, I will really appreciate it.




Dannigan's Lady
While I can't speak for Wolf (or anyone else for that matter), I've been in this RP longer than any of the current players, so I have some experience with him. ^;3^ I've had similar worries myself, here and in other roleplays, when I've had weeks (or even months) when offline events have just gotten me so down that it's hard even to get inside my character's head, much less write a high-quality, lengthy post.

I'll tell you what Wolf and other storytellers have told me: It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be multi-paragraph, or polished until it glows. It just has to be true to the character.

That's been hard for me to accept because I feel like my roleplay partners deserve to get the best from me. But I've learned over the years that the people whose roleplays are worth sticking with want me to have fun just as much as I want them to, and we all know it's not fun to force our creativity. My "best" on some days is much better (or worse) than it is on others, and that's O.K.

What I try for now is to write up one post per character per week. Sometimes I can do more; sometimes I fall short for a few extra days. If I have time, brain, and creativity for several paragraphs, great! If I don't, that's O.K. too. I do try to avoid one-liners, but I've even done that when the situation just doesn't seem to need more.

Sometimes I find it hard to post because I don't know what my character would do or say, so I put it off until I can decide. (I'm a terrible procrastinator.) Unfortunately this often leads me to put it off far longer than I should, without really getting any further in the writing. For those situations, I've found it helpful to write up what she's thinking or feeling instead. Sometimes this leads to the character taking no outward action at all (although facial expressions and body posture can be described that reflect whatever she's thinking or feeling), which doesn't really satisfy me because I want to help the story progress, but it's better than nothing. And, as another of my storytellers says, "No one knows what your character is thinking the way you do." Sharing their internal side may not do much ICly, but I always find it enjoyable to read OOCly, and it helps your storyteller and fellow players get to know your character. And I've found that many times, getting into the character's head enough to make a internal post like that helps me discover what she does want to say or do!

My personal stance, based on the above from my own experience, is that one post a week isn't too unreasonable to ask, so if you feel you can commit to that, or to attempting it, I want you to stay. Our characters haven't even met yet, after all. ^;3^ But only you can decide if that's something you can manage while prioritizing your life outside roleplaying. I do think that once a month is too infrequent for this RP, but I say that as one who's been that slow myself in the past -- Wolf's been very patient with me, and I certainly have no objection to his being that patient with others if he feels the current situation allows for it.

Parrot Parfait

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Don't sweat it. We've all got our real selves doing something else in our mortal plane, and it'll never be looked down upon if you (or anyone for that matter) have stuff to attend. That's why I'm okay with slow post rates, especially with group RPs since (more people) * (real life stuff) = (more real life stuff). Also, I too would like our characters to meet :'D


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Rekai Leon Rekai Leon I totally understand how you feel about that pressure to write pristine posts, but want to echo what Kaerri said (and also what Wolf has reassured me of on multiple occasions) that it really doesn't have to be perfect. I've always generally been of the mind that if it's not a polished post then it's not worth doing and I really dug myself into a corner thinking I and the other writers wouldn't have a good time if I didn't write to that standard. It can be a tough pill to swallow (it certainly was for me) and while holding yourself to a high standard can be a good way to push yourself, it can do really bad things to your motivation and consistency. Add unpredictable real life issues to that and the chances of getting a post pushed out hits rock bottom.

I was a little intimidated by the sheer scale of Amaranth when I first joined so as a fellow newcomer I think I can relate to that sense that you need to do really well and match the high quality of the other writers in order to do justice to the story and the world that's unfolding, but it can get a little bit out of control inside the echo chamber of your own head (it certainly did for me). So you're not alone there :)

If you feel that your base writing skill isn't where you'd like it to be, then all the more reason to start with the baby steps of writing shorter posts to get into your character's head and practice writing him (as Kaerri described) before gradually building up to more elaborate posts when you are comfortable enough to write them sustainably and without undue pressure. In my experience, people tend to prefer consistency over a staggered trickle of beautifully-crafted posts (again, was and continues to be a struggle for me personally to get over this!) so I'll repeat others' advice of not putting unnecessary burdens on yourself and shooting for one post a week that doesn't always need to be a plot-changing work of art :)

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