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Wolf Rawrrr

Brief update: Still not done with the new scene and map expansion. Sorry *whine*

However, while you're waiting, I thought I'd go ahead and show you something that's already been completed *woof*

We are waving goodbye to the old, original Amaranth world map (this one).

It was hand drawn and digitally colored/labeled back in 2012, and though I always felt a little proud of it, I also always knew that it wasn't very good. It's main value is sentimental at this point. I meant for years to redesign it, and, well - the time has finally come! As I set about creating the North Asgard expansion, I realized that, first of all, I wouldn't be able to replicate the old map's style (and I did want the maps to match and appear as if they belong to the same world). And second, that instead of trying to replicate something I made years ago, I should improve upon it instead. But, since my drawing skills suck, I realized that I was going to have to take the fully digital approach this time.

And I thought: "Well, if I'm doing that, why not redesign the map of West Asgard at the same time?"

So that's what I did. Now, don't worry - the new world map is still about 90% the same in terms of where the familiar stuff is. The shape of the coastline is nearly identical, the landmarks are there, and all of the important locations that the story has relied on over the years are still accounted for (even the distances between them are as close as possible to before). This took some doing, but I'm happy to say that I've reached a satisfying result. You should be able to immediately recognize everything for what it is.

At the same time, you will immediately realize that a lot of stuff has been added/tweaked as well. The old world map was pretty bland and empty - the excuse I've used was that locations would be added as we went along, but obviously the party has only visited a few places, so there weren't many edits. This has now changed. Some things that were present on the old map, but weren't labeled for some reason, now are. Many more things have been added and labeled in addition. I still can't say that this is 100% a completed map, as there's no point in noting the location of every single landmark and hamlet unless they become important over the course of the story - but I've still gone and added a whole bunch of cities, towns, and forts across the land just to fill up the awkward empty space. It should now feel like a much more lively place! Oh, and the coloring is obviously much, much better this time around *rawrrr*

You can check out the new map in the World Map thread, where I will be including the North Asgard expansion once it is completed. It seems to display fine on its own for me, but you might want to open it in a new window and ensure you are viewing it at 100% zoom to be able to truly appreciate everything the way it's meant to be. By default it's probably like 75% or something. Oh, and, once you've done that, you can also take a look at a new rendering of Knight-Commander Natalis' map showing the locations of the four gateways that the other teams will be assaulting in the upcoming mission by clicking here. Felt like I owed you that *woof*

Stay tuned for the continuation of the adventure! *howl*

Wolf Rawrrr

Just wanted to say sorry about the delay, guys. Been a little busy and I'm still behind on stuff, but I promise to get the ball rolling this weekend, regardless of my state of unpreparedness. Perhaps some pressure will give me more of an incentive to get it done lol *woof*


Kaerri's Man. =)
What? Our Wolf wants us to pressure him O.K.!

Perhaps you were expecting to be given a hard time? Hah! =)
"Pressure" by Billy Joel

Wolf Rawrrr

Yikes. Well, clearly I missed that deadline lol. I'm just so sloooow, I write at a speed of about 1 paragraph per hour or something. Had something in the works but there's no time to finish it, and I'd rather not rush a badly done thingy :c

Been a little hard balancing work, gaming, Amaranth, and what little social life I have, sorry. I'll be away for 2 days now, but as soon as I'm back you can be assured that I'm back to working on Amaranth full steam, including the new map. My list of priorities right now:
  1. Start the next part of the chapter
  2. Finish the North Asgard world map expansion
  3. Adjust the character sheets (mostly formatting and inventory management)
  4. Polish W.A.R.S. (basically finish revamping the sorcery types players are using)
This should all be done before you guys make any real headway into the mission. Thank you for your patience and understanding and see you soon with some updates! (and maybe a surprise or two) *woof*

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