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Gaymer Enthusiast
About Me:

- Girl in her 20s who has been roleplaying for 10+ years
- Literate roleplayer; paragraph style
- Eastern Standard Time
- Can do multiple responses a day!

Can Rp on here or Discord!

About You

- Just looking for someone else who is literate and can do paragraph style rp!

The Plot

To make things easy, I'll start by saying I'm looking for someone interested in playing the role of Professor Rowan.

I have this sort of hurt/comfort, found family plot I'd like to try out.

Dani (my character) is a orphan who was placed in her home from a rough family life. She has behavioral problems, anger issues and trust issues, and it makes her a difficult child. Twice she'd been adopted by families who thought they might 'fix' her, but both times proved that she was too much of a challenge for them to handle and they had to give her back up to the home again. After some years, Dani fell into the category of children less likely to be adopted because of her being an older kid, and her behavioral problems tied in with that basically deemed her to be most likely to not be adopted and age out of the orphanage. She knows this and accepts it, with a promise to herself to stop trusting anyone but herself to avoid being hurt and betrayed again.

Dani likes to sneak out of her orphanage in the evenings to feel normal for awhile, while exploring nearby towns. One of those evenings she ends up in Sandgem town, and before she can get home she's caught in a storm. Seeking shelter, the only open building she finds is the research building, in which Rowan resides. She tries to stay hidden...but becomes curious about what it is he's working on. They have a conversation about Pokemon evolution, in which she becomes curious and engaged, asking a lot of questions.

When the rain passes, she leaves. Rowan notices her untrusting nature and senses something is off. They continue to have some encounters for awhile, with her being curious about evolution, but guarded and defensive whenever he asks her about family or home life. One thing leads to another, and finally it clicks that she doesn't have a family, but rather is an orphan.

Rowan considers how he's lived alone for too long and could use some family of his own, while also feeling for this kid he sees potential in with her curiosity and smart questions. He decides to adopt her. The workers warn him over and over that she is a problem child who has been brought back before, but Rowan is convinced that he sees something good in her, and thinks his patient nature will be enough to handle her.

Cue a hurt/comfort story of angry child who promised herself she wouldn't trust again, now being once again adopted by this person she was talking to by chance. She's angry at first, thinks it's going to ruin everything...but eventually opens up over time and even begins to heal, because of his methods of helping her out and his patience.

I have a LOT more ideas for this in detail, but will save the rest for whoever is actually interested in the rp.

PLEASE let me know if you're interested at all, I've been wanting to do this plot for some time now and would love to find some partners to do it with!
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