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Experiences Literate or Script?

(I'm sorry if my English isn't that good, English is not my first language) I've always preferred script/dialogue rps instead of literate rps (but I'm okay with lit rps too), it's more of not being able to write long paragraphs and I feel guilty when I don't reply as long as the other person. But from my experience, most people I've roleplayed with preferred literate rps. So which one do you prefer, and why?


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So I’m not quite sure what you mean by script/dialogue role plays.

Do you mean written like a screenplay? For instance :

Character A: “Piece of dialogue”
Character B: “Replies to dialogue”
Character A: “New dialogue”

And so on?

I am going to assume you mean novella style for literature. Where you write a post in paragraph form like a book?

Again I don’t know what script is but the reason I write in paragraphs is pretty much because that’s how I was taught to roleplay.

I didn’t realize there were other ways to roleplay until I had already been doing it for like two years.

By that point I was just more comfortable with writing in paragraphs. Plus the other methods seemed harder.

I didn’t use instant messenger services so “chat” style, where you basically wrote text messages in character was out.

I am not good with poetry do writing poetry style was out.

Now I think about it there were a few written like screenplays/movie scripts. I didn’t like reading them so I didn’t join.

I mean I don’t necessarily think any alternatives are wrong or bad. I just was taught a different way and I’m not good at writing differently


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I prefer paragraph style rp. I like to describe what the character things on top of what they say.

Chat rp are also fun in a way and I do that from time to time, but usually they're 1x1 with already established rp partners and are more like in-character chat that we do for fun. I don't consider that a serious rp.


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Well those are called either one liner or chat roleplays in this site. There are a few people who use that style that you can work with.

As for myself as I said I don’t use instant messengers enough to feel comfortable in that style.

I’m also not active enough. Those work best when you can respond multiple times a day and I respond more like once a week.


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i normally prefer literate/paragraph style, since i love to get into detail and carry on with the story. script writing is a good basis to start off with, then you'll move on to one lines, then maybe even a few lines.

though, if you do ever need help with becoming more familiar with the literate style, you can always just ask on here, or look for tutorials and tips to help you. it normally helps if you're creative and like creating stories. i normally just like to think of my reply as a story, but everyone works differently uwu
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So I’m not quite sure what you mean by script/dialogue role plays.

Do you mean written like a screenplay? For instance :

Character A: “Piece of dialogue”
Character B: “Replies to dialogue”
Character A: “New dialogue”

And so on?
Oh man I saw this and had flashbacks to over a decade ago when I use to do this style. Shit I sometimes miss script style, there was something so insanely fun about it. I don't know if I could ever go back, and part of me thinks the reason it worked so well for me at the time was the fact I was in constantly RL communication with my partner. But still MEEEEEEMOOOOORIES!!!! >D Such good memories too.

But yeah there are people out there that do shorter replies, I don't know if they're easier or harder to find than say people who do multi paragraphs. I feel if you can squidge out a single paragraph you'd be able to strike a balance with most any literate RPer.


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I am someone that needs order, structure and atmosphere in my roleplays. I am a detailed roleplayer and a planner by nature, so to me the way the narrative is constructed is just as important if not more important than it's progress. I want to experience my roleplays, and to be immersed into my partner's posts. On my own end, I want to show the worlds I make and ideas I have and my mottot is to make sure all I do has value in of itself so that I don't ever look back on it with regret.

Because of this, to me literate is the only option. I've attempted in the past to roleplay in chat platforms, in chat-forum hybrids and messages even, but any style that doesn't allow me to get the atmosphere and detail I crave is one that inevitably feels bland and uninspired to me.

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