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Realistic or Modern Literate/Advanced partner NEEDED! Male needed! (Can be a female who is comfortable playing a male character)

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Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life

Addison H

"I'm fallin for your eyes, they don't know me yet"
Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read my thread, it means a lot to me! I’m a 22 year old female from London, I work part time which means I have a lot of free time and can usually fit several replies a day so in general I’m a very active person on this site. I enjoy a story with a lot of detail and character build up. I’m looking for someone who is literate/advanced literate. I’d like to think I’m funny but I guess that is subjective. Overall I’m a super friendly person so just shoot me a messsage :) I promise I don’t bite.

The theme that I'm looking to explore is a good girl and a bad man of some sort. I am always open to new ideas about how we can approach this.

Your character could be a:
- Street thug from the bad side of town
- A biker type
- Mob boss/someone involved in organised crime
- MMA fighter

I like the idea of a good girl who's upper class, sheltered and brought up to be "perfect" and definitely doesn't date much/sleep around. Her father makes good money but is quite wrapped up in being an upper-class member of society. He has put her in all of the right schools, lessons, social circles, etc in the hopes that she eventually marries into older and bigger money. Her mother is probably quiet on this and agrees with her husband's view. She has feelings of boredom and restlessness and wonders if her "planned out" life is what she wants. She thinks that it looks quite bland and boring. She starts to have dreams of getting out on her own and seeing the world on her own terms, away from her father who constantly treats her like a child.

She meets someone a little older than her. He would be different in almost every way to her .. he wouldn't come from a good family or have a good childhood and has some demons/troubles haunting him etc. But he would lure her into his world, some may call it corrupting her... others may consider it freeing her. It can start with small things. Things she didn't think she would ever do... or not for many years. It could start with lighter things such as drinking, partying, smoking, maybe even drugs etc. But there would be this intense connection between them that neither of them expected and one that they can't bring them self to ignore.


What I had envisioned for this RP is it being a story revolving two bestfriends, one being male and the other being female where I would be playing the female character. These two would have known eachother ever since they were little, so they’ve practically known eachother their entire lives and have always been inseperable. As they got older and matured feelings started to develop but it just the timing was never right for either of them and they never revealed their true feelings out of the fear of rejection.

In high school YC was a bit of a troublemaker and got into his fair share of arguments and fights whereas MC was the opposite. She was the ‘good girl’ who was never in any trouble, good grades, sweet and maybe even a cheerleader. A lot of people assumed they were a couple because of they way they acted around each other and the ones who knew they weren’t together assumed they would end up together. Towards the end of highschool YC found himself in some serious trouble over something stupid he did (not sure what it was he did quite yet) and ended up enrolling in the army to sort his life out and get taught discipline and how to control his anger instead of lashing out.

However he never told MC. He didn’t tell his best friend that he wasn’t going to college with her and instead was joining the army. He was just gone. She came over one day and his parents told her where he was. Naturally she was heartbroken and a wreck. She waited day in and day out for a phone call or a letter from him but recieved nothing. Maybe he thought this was a kinder approach and that he was saving her from the worry but it clearly wasn’t working. He’s been gone for about a year now and MC just finished her year at college when he comes back home.

So that’s sort of where I wanted to start the RP from. I wanted to look at all the pent up emotions MC would have at him leaving her. Although she loves him and is glad he’s okay, she’s also angry at him for leaving and not saying goodbye. I think it would be really interesting to look at that explosive conversation and then throughout the RP we could look at several different things. The affects the war has had on YC and the nightmares he has. YC realising that MC now has this entire life that he isn’t a part of which is how it had been for 18 years. It was always the both of them against the world. MC dealing with YC being deployed again etc.

Obviously I’m totally open to interpretations on this idea if you had something specific in mind.


This is a new RP concept that I’ve come up with and one that I’m also really keen to explore because I think that it has a lot of potential and could be very interesting for the both of us.

What I’ve pictured for the RP is two characters, one male and one female where I would be playing the female character and you would be playing the male character. Both of our characters are roughly the same age, I’m thinking early 20’s to mid 20’s with YC playing the undercover detective and MC playing the victim. YC is currently an undercover detective who’s working on the inside of a local gang and trying to bring them down from the inside. You’ve been working this case for around 6 months now and are on the verge of succeeding and finally gathering enough evidence to bring it down. The last thing you need to do is help to kidnap this girl, MC. They take YC to a club and give YC the information about who the girl is that he needs to target but when YC meets MC it becomes a lot harder than he initially thought it would be. Our characters instantly click and get on like a house on fire which just makes YC feel guilty about what he has to do even if she won’t be ‘kidnapped’ for a long period of time. YC takes my character out to the smoking area of the club to get some fresh air away from the very stuffy and very packed club where she is then kidnapped and he witnesses the shock and betrayal on her face as they drag her into the back of the van. At their base, she’s slapped about a little, choked and even had a few small cuts carved into her skin before the police finally burst through the doors (thanks to YC’s information) and arrested the gang members as well as freeing MC.

MC is a girl who’s been through her fair share of struggles in her life and at such a young age she has a lot of responsibilities placed on her shoulders. Her parents passed away a few years ago in a fatal car crash leaving her to become her younger brother’s full-time guardian. Her entire life revolves around ensuring that her brother has everything he could possibly need and working as much as she can so they have enough money and are able to pay for their bills and groceries etc. She barely goes out, in fact she hasn’t been out clubbing with her friends in over a year and the one fatal night that she’s convinced to come out is the very same night that she goes through yet another traumatic ordeal.

After the kidnapping, YC feels utter guilt for messing up a girl that had circumstance been different he would have wanted to pursue something with and this relationship blossoms between them where they both have a lot of demons from bad past experiences and they help each other get through it all. It’s this intense, all-consuming love story with a lot of other elements to it.

…… Of course all of this is just an idea and is completely to alterations/changes. Just let me know :)

So these are just outlines on the ideas and I am open to suggestions on these theme if you have any to offer.

I'm also open to other ideas so just shoot me a message!​
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Addison H

"I'm fallin for your eyes, they don't know me yet"

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