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Realistic or Modern Listen Linda, I got story ideas

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Everything's Shiny Cap'n
Hey all! I wanted to throw out some ideas and see if any folks were interested in perhaps writing with me. I am a pretty active writer on here and in my own life. I tend not to have limits on how much or how little my partners need to write, honestly just write whatever feels right and that's cool with me! I've been really enjoying Roleplaying on these summer mornings as warm ups while I try and write my own novel. Fingers crossed. I'm 28 and don't really have any limits on what sort of characters and the romances I write, I LOVE romance in most of my stories as well as character driven plots. I'm really big into having a rough plan for each act and would love the opportunity to work on plotting with my partners, it's both our story after all so I would love if we could be equal partners in that aspect of planning.

Alright let's get some story ideas out there. I am also totaly open to being pitched an idea.


Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander - I would love to write the story of them being Naturalists together and falling in love on an adventure. Maybe they are sent somewhere to catalogue and discover a new species.

Stardew Valley - This might be a fun one to write as either OC/Canon or even two Canons. Perhaps this couple seeks to start a farm of their own near the mines and they have to deal with monsters. There is also the backstory of war within the game as we could easily build on that as well.

Ok so dont judge me for this one.
Ice Planet Barbarians - Of course we write to the rules of the website but honestly it would be so fun to write as two OCs


Two stunt people falling in love while filming a movie in an exotic location

A wizard working under merlin has been sent along to help out a knight of the round table. Adventure, falling love and the like.

Introvert neighbor cherishes their next door neighbor. Next door neighbor dies and leaves neighbor and grandson a castle in Ireland with the hopes that the two will work together to restore it and turn it to a B&B

Two shop owners fighting for space between them as the shop that was there previously has left. Enemies to lovers kind of deal.

Bodyguard and some person of influence or power.

Feel free to let me know in PM if you want to explore any of these with me!

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