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Multiple Settings Lions, and tigers, and bears- oh my!

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Princess of Irrelevance


Hello there!

My name is
Mal (she/her)

Welcome to my search thread!

I am looking for a writing partner who
loves complex character development and world building.

For me, quality does not always mean quantity. But, I adore writing. I cherish immersing myself into the world's that I build-- hence, the username. I can write as little as 2-3 paragraphs to as much as a short novella. It really depends on what my partner’s preference is.

I’m a full time student— hopefully about to graduate. As for most people,
summer marks my freedom.
Endless days for endless writing (especially with borders closed for travel). Therefore, I’m open for plotting a good variety of threads.

If we can’t travel the real world, let’s make our own!

  • About me:

    • I can post anywhere from
    once a week to multiple times a day.

    2-3+ paragraphs
    . This will vary, depending on the scene. Dialogue heavy scenes do not give way to 2000+ word posts.
    • I am 21 years old. Virgo-libra cusp, if that is relevant to you. I’m an emotional little thing: pisces moonchild, cancer rising.
    I am ghost friendly
    • I enjoy romance. It is not a necessity. I do feel it adds a lot to the story in terms of: character motivation, character development and plot drive.
    FxM, primarily.
    I can also write F// and M//. I enjoy both male and female roles, with a slight preference for female.
    • I can write from the male perspective. This depends solely on character muse.
    Yes, I do double
    . But, honestly? If I wanted smut, with personal insertions, I would just go to Wattpad. I am not here to provide for Reylo fantasies. (Neither are you, that said).

    About you:

    This is half the damn fun. Let's make playlists, commission art, send each other relevant Tik Toks, talk about our favourite movie moments. This does wonders for inspiration.
    • Okay. I'm going to come out and say it.
    Some fandoms are HARSH.
    I love Star Wars. I love Game of Thrones. Do I know every detail? Hell no. Work with me. I've seen the movies. I’ve seen the series. I’ve even read some of the books. I don't know everything about the lore, but I sure as hell would like to be educated. Let’s work together. Gatekeepers, begone.
    18+ years old please.
    I enjoy darker and grittier themes. That said, I’m not an explicit writer when it comes to mature themes.
    • I do prefer weekly responses, but honestly, you do you.
    • Ready to cringe?
    It takes two to tango.
    Brainstorm with me. I'm not fleshing out these storylines alone. I am here to write with YOU. Throw out the random ideas you’ve got floating around in your brain. Tell me the hypothetical scenarios you imagine. Let’s really make this story into something solid!
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Princess of Irrelevance
Current cravings:

✿ Mafia / Criminal Underworld | Enemies to Lovers | Forbidden Romance | Rivals Gangs | Historical
✿ Harry Potter AU | Voldemort Wins | Golden Trio Era | Dystopia | Rebellion
✿ Gods on Earth | Mythology | Reincarnation | Modern Fantasy | End of Days
✿ Star Wars | Bounty Hunter x Person of Interest | Post-Empire | Original Characters


Princess of Irrelevance
New concept (Inspired by Superman & Lois):

Bruce Wayne, dead. Clark Kent, retired. Diana Prince, missing.

With yesterday’s heroes gone, who will protect tomorrow?

This AU will explore the next generation in DC’s “LEGACY”. Together, we will write a group of unlikely candidates forced together to face Earth’s newest threat. Will they ever be enough? Or will they forever live in their parents legacy.

Who I would like to write: Bruce Wayne’s daughter

Looking for: Clark Kent’s son

Happy to double, or even write multiple characters!

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    1. Action
    2. Adventure
    3. LGTBQ
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