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Realistic or Modern ~ lily's college search thread ~

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Hello there! My name is Lily and welcome to my thread!
In the first part of this post, I'll tell you some information about myself and what I'm looking for in a partner, then you can find the plots and pairings.​


- I'm a 21-years-old college student from Eastern-Europe (CET timezone)
- I've been roleplaying for five years, though I've been on a hiatus recently and became active during the Summer
- English isn't my native language, hence I'll surely make mistakes. Feel free to call me out on them if something doesn't make sense! Though, I think I have decent grammar and spelling.
- I write two or three paragraphs per post, but I usually try to mirror. It can be more, rarely less.
- I have a lot of free time, being a college student in online education right now, therefore I reply more times a day, but always at least once a day. If I can't, I'll certainly let you know. Also, I have other roleplays going on here, so if you see I'm available and don't write back, I'm probably engaged in conversation, but I'll get to you!


- Be above 18 in age, please!
- Have decent spelling and grammar. I don't expect perfect - as I'd mentioned, I'm not perfect either - just a level we can work with
- No one-liners, please! At least one paragraph, working with less is quite impossible
- Be active! I know everyone has a life outside this site and I totally understand that. However, I already have roleplays where I get a reply once a week or even more rarely. Right now, I'd like to have someone who replies at least every day. (The more, the better, of course.)


Now, actually, these aren't really plots. I have some starter scenes collected, all college-related, M/F pairings.

- it’s 3 am and I’m still in the library studying for finals and I’m losing my grip on reality and I think I just saw a ghost
- you’re the only other person in the room when I break the printer and I’m panicking
- Neither of us bought the expensive textbook but there is only one copy in the library and it can’t leave the building
- You keep reserving the good study room in the corner of the library with the windows
- my friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me
- you live above me and I’m going to murder you if you don’t stop throwing parties Sunday night
- please help me, I’m supposed to be in chemistry for non-science majors but somehow, I, the little humanities major got registered into the really hardcore chem class

These are all from the Tumblr site, perfectlyrose. It has tons of other amazing ideas, so if you want to write with me, but none of these seem interesting to you, you can check the actual blog and suggest something. Additionally, these can be combined, maybe enemies to lovers style. So, you can see, if you want to plot, I'm your girl! If something caught your attention, just PM me with some information about yourself, for example, like the ones I wrote about myself, and what idea you like.

Have a good day and I hope to talk to you soon!

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