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Fantasy Light Lotus Mercenary Application


Literary Revenant

One Thousand Club

Application for entry into the esteemed Lotus Light Company of Mercenaries, led by Captain Janet Ravenna and Lieutenant Ramirov. Please fill out every field unless I mark it as non essential. Your Application will be printed and reviewed by me and my partner. If I or my partner Ramirov deem you worthy you will receive a signed copy with instructions on where to meet us next.
Appearance: Are you ugly or pretty? It makes little difference in my eyes. Make sure to include a portrait of yourself. (Images required! Credit for images is not required but welcome. I'll take Anime, or fantasy art.)

Full Name: I need to know who you are, not just an Alias. (First and Last name. [Middle name is optional])

Alias(s): Here is where you can put those fancy nicknames of yours.(Whatever you like, kept PG13 of course)[Optional]

Age: I just need to know that you aren't a child trying to join my employ.(Anywhere between 13-55.)

Gender: Do you really need me to explain what you need to put here? (Shouldn't be hard to know what to put here...)

Orientation: It doesn't matter who you share your bed with, but you can share it here if you like. (Straight, Bisexual, Gay/Lesbian, Asexual, or Pan-sexual [Optional])

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: I need to really know why you want to be a mercenary. It will determine your cut and if I'll accept you. (Interview, have fun with this one! I'd like more than two paragraphs.)

Your Gift: Are you able to drop a mans trousers with a wink? Summon birds with your singing? Dance like a professional?(Is there something unique to you? It does not have to be battle related. Optional)

Class: Do you use axes or sword? Spell or tongue? (Please keep your classes Warrior/Rogue/Magi format for my sake.)

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: How do you fight? Like a Girl or a Girly girl?(Including Martial Arts if any)

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY: If you throw spells, what kind do you use?([Combat, Change, or Display/Illusion, pick one!]Combat includes all destructive magic. Change is protection, creation, and healing magics. Display/illusion is as it sounds.)

Good or Evil?: Goddammit, Ramirov! Did you put this here!? (This will affect how your individual story should flow. It will also help give me an idea on how your character will affect the group story and how my character/s will interact with you.)

Strengths: What are you good at? (Should be obvious. Listed. 1. strong. 2 brave. 3. etc...)

Weaknesses: What do you suck at? (One weakness per strength)

Personality: You're not gonna start bawling on the battlefield are you?(What's your character like?)

Likes: Do you have little hobbies? Mine involves lingerie...(What does your Character like? OPTIONAL)

Dislikes: What's your bane? (What does your Character dislike? OPTIONAL)

Biography: Any more fancy things to share? (Personal history, OPTIONAL)

Family: Do you come from a family of riches or something like a... worker group? (If any, SKIP if you addressed them in the History list.)

Friends: Any pals that you can think of? (If any, OPTIONAL)

Enemies: Anyone that I may need to worry about?(If any, likely from history or biography, OPTIONAL)

Status: You're not another noble are you? (Rich, poor, soldier, peasant, noble, OPTIONAL)

Applicant Signature: (You can just copy the Character's name here, but I like to use Fontmeme to create a fancy font.)

Approval Signature: (I'll fill this out when your character is approved.)

Literary Revenant

One Thousand Club

The Basic Things About Me

Appearance: Are you kidding me? Look at me! Don't try tell me I'm notgorgeous!
Janet has long dark hair that she keeps up or back, usually in a ponytail or bun. She's about average height standing around 5'2". She has the lithe of a dancer, features to die for, and a lotus tattoo on her left thigh.
Janet is a beautiful woman, and she knows it. While she maintains a level of modesty in appearance, she still loves to share her beauty in whatever ways she can. She's also a fan of lingerie.

Full Name: My name is Janet Ravenna

Alias(s): The Sexy Slayer, The Ravishing Reaper, The Luscious Leaver. All chosen by me although some of those were fueled by a little alcohol.

Age: I am 29 Years old.

Gender: I am Female, which has given me advantages and setbacks.

Orientation: Bisexual, darling. I've had lovers of both genders.

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: My real reason for becoming a mercenary is to follow in the footsteps of her savior and mentor. In my weakest time he saved me and gave me another purpose. An actual purpose rather, because being a living pleasure doll was not a purpose it was an occupation.

Your Gift: I can bevery persuasive, it's all about knowing how to use my woman's wile to suit my best interests. I'm also not bad at modeling, that's how I managed to survive these lonely weeks when Ramirov wasn't around. I don't really get to talk about this much but I can tailor fabric nicely. It's a family thing

Class: I like the term Duelist. I have taught myself to succeed in the single duel, and techniques here can still be applied if I am against larger groups.

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: I work best with a light single handed sword. Some examples are Arming Swords and Sabers. Being a Mercenary trained by the very best, I know that swords and looks may not be enough so I spent many hours learning the Systema martial arts and grappling. You know how many times they hit me until I felt no pain!? A lot!

Good or Evil?: Although some of my actions suggest me to be a very bad girl, I'm still a good person. I just like the bad activities.

Strengths: Attractive - It goes without saying that I am incredibly attractive, and I take advantage of this to get what I need whenever I need it.
Athletic - Like any good Mercenary Captain, I keeps her body in prime shape with a heavy regime of exercise. Ramirov has helped a bit, but sadly he never comes to my chambers no matter how many times I've asked.
Clever - It takes more than a strong body to lead, I've trained her mind, educating myself in nearly all subjects, which is more of a curse when you know exactly what this Ardanor is doing to the world. I like riddles sometimes.
Born Leader - "This is where the author writes that she can be quite bossy, but Janet threatened to stab me so I'll say this instead." That's a good author now.
Stubborn - Even in difficult dilemmas I refuse to give up! In the past this has led to great accomplishments and big problems but I won't give up Ramirov!!!

Weaknesses: Greedy - I want more out of her contacts, and out of my love interests. This has led me to losing contacts altogether. That stupid Templar captain missed out on this.
Short Tempered - I can't usually keep a cool head when things get stressful. To resolve this I rely on my cool headed partner. He stopped me from bashing the dockmaster's face in.
Easily Offended - "Don't mention her weight. Ever. Don't do it. You'll lose something that you treasure."
Politically Impaired - "In her attempts to get involved in the political affairs of Balthora, Janet has failed miserably. Mostly due to her temper."
Refuses to wear Armor - There were times when I think fighting naked would be best. Men would certainly stop and stare. Armor inhibits my movement, even leather. It doesn't stretch good enough. "This makes her vulnerable to any attack."
Barren - I don't need to explain this do I? Fine. I can't have children. I just can't. A trick of being in the brothel trade!
My Story

Personality: "Janet is generally a happy person, fun to be around with. She is flirtatious, and in some cases downright vulgar. If you are patient enough to get past the somewhat annoying flirt, Janet is a teddy bear. She hates being alone and would rather be with a good friend for a day than some lover for a night. When you have entered her inner circle of friends, Janet reveals the real her behind the facade of strength. She is incredibly caring, almost like a mother; an incredibly attractive flirty mother." You tell them author! Do what I can't!

Likes: I enjoy Payday, which goes without saying.
I love to flirt and what can come after.
I love to model Lingerie, especially when it's made by Vian designers. But I would LOVE Elven designs!
I enjoy conversation, usually with a small amount of wine and roses.
I enjoy the company of friends. The ones I can trust atleast.

Dislikes: "In direct opposite of payday, Janet hates being refused pay."
Call me girly, but I haaaaate being dirty. I bathe often, only at the BEST bathhouses where they actually change the water. Have you ever bathed in someone else's water?! IT'S DISGUSTING!
I hate fighting, as in both arguing and physical combat.
I do not like Sorcerers, even my baby boo Ramirov. "More about this in her Biography."
I hate Aldanor, its caused all the hell in my life.
"Lastly, Janet doesn't like Balthora as she has experienced it at it's worst."

History: "Janet's family was a family of Seamsters and Seamstresses, the Falohons. Using their talents for generations, The Falohon have suited kings and queens, providing the finest vestments to all, not just those with coin. As the centuries passed and Balthora became exponentially more powerful, so too did the Falohons. The family rose to the ranks of pseudo-nobility by the time Janet was born. However, it was this power that was their downfall. Once Aldanor was formulated as fuel and munitions, everything changed.

The Falohon family was among the first families to begin distributing the volatile substance. Much of the business they dealt in was with the new Aldanor trade, a lucrative endeavor that brought the Falohon family to the forefront on Balthoran nobility. The newly dubbed Lord Gregory Falohon, Janet's Father, had completely abandoned the trade of the past in favor of selling only Aldanor. This caused a divide between Gregory and his wife Jolene, who wanted to continue their family legacy of Tailoring. Eventually Jolene divorced Gregory taking back her maiden name Ravenna. She was pregnant at this time with her youngest child, and Gregory swore to have the child returned to him.

Jolene retreated to a small sector of the super city, where she gave birth to a beautiful daughter who she named Janet after her great great grandmother. After that, the plagues started. Jolene did what she could to teach Janet her trade while avoiding the oncoming sickness brought about by the Ardanor trade. Unfortunately, the final sector they reached was under quarantine, Jolene got sick and was forced to surrender Janet to an orphanage. As for Gregory, Janet never knew him, only that he was never to be trusted." I had to have the author tell this because frankly, I was too young to know this and my mother refused to tell me much about my dad. Only that he was some asshole who dealt with Ardanor.

Biography: I was born to a single mother near an Agrifield in Balthora. Life was less than pleasant but still exciting for the young me. I learned how to be a seamstress from her mom. I took to it rather well, quickly learning how to sew my own clothes, finding it relaxing and entertaining when I couldn't find peace. By age 8 I was sewing her own dresses and to this day I still make almost all of my own clothes. Together me and my mother lived a simple but happy life. As is usually the case for unlucky souls, that did not last long. Due to a shortage of safe food, my mom Jolene grew ill with the Plague. I did everything I could making money for medicine and healing, I was desperate! I even went to some Arda's love dealers to get groped in exchange for a hit to see if mom would get better. She refused it. For three years this continued until Mom reached a critical stage where she became incurable. That broke my heart. To prevent me from being quarantined with her and the rest of the sector, mom arranged for me to live in an orphanage near the Central zones where I should be safe. Of course I was reluctant when the men took me away from mom, but the new home seemed welcome enough when I first saw it.

I lived in a small girls orphanage with 7 other girls. The caretaker was a kind elderly woman who had cared for children all her life. Everyday we were treated to a hot breakfast of sausage, eggs and potatoes served however they like. At least that's when adults are around. When they are gone, it's only misery in the form of chores mental harassment and beatings every 8th hour. The caretaker aptly named Matron Crone, was no fan of children and never had been. The children put under her care were promptly enslaved into various aspect of the Balthoran underground upon reaching a certain age, one of the older children explained to me. Usually when they were in their 'Bearing Years'. I wasn't far away from that. In order to remain on the good side of the Matron, I was instructed to stay quiet, do her chores and to not complain when the beatings happened.

My introduction to the group was not exactly fun, most of the other girls clad in torn rags, were not excited to see the beautiful Janet arrive in a well tailored dress. The largest of them, some bitch named Gladys, who surprisingly happened to be the youngest approached me demanding I give up my dress. When I refused she made a whistle and I was assaulted by the other girls, beaten and battered. Once I lie on the disgusting filth ridden floor broken, Gladys tore off my dress leaving me alone on the cold floor in a shif. I should probably try that with Ramirov.... Back to the story!

Once the bullies left, I was approached by a single kind soul. The eldest girl aged 13, aptly named Mercy. Mercy offered painkillers and cold tea as consolation. I didn't trust her so I smacked it away from me, choosing to huddle in the corner freezing. Mercy explained that the girls who attacked her were victims of the same fate at the hands of Gladys, and now they simply obeyed her every command to avoid her punishment and that of Crone's. Some girls believed that Gladys was the daughter based on her downright shitty behavior and preferred status. Others just said she was born a rotten bitch. I asked why they never bothered Mercy, to which she answered "They know better". Her answer didn't help me any but I couldn't care less at the time. I remember muttering curses under my breath. Mercy offered me one of her other dresses, which I happily took. Mercy may not be a mother but shes atleast a friend, the closing thing I had to one there.

Bitter years passed, the multiple daily beatings hardened Janet into a young adolescent woman. It was finally time for me to be "adopted", I was 16 years old. A group of the Balthoran underground had come to take their pick of the teens. Some were taken by Ardanor smugglers, Gladys was snatched by the Nobleman to be used as a personal consort, while Mercy and I were chosen by a Brothel mistress. The uneducated me was happy at first to get away from Crone but my victory was short-lived. First came the training, learning how to be the perfect woman for any client. "Give them a drink when they ask, Spread your legs when they say, Keep your mouth shut when you don't have a client." Next was the wardrobe, shiny sparkly outfits that allowed a woman to be more revealing of her features while being the opposite of classy. There was nothing I wore there that I would wear again. Last was the spell, it was a horrible seal of magic that was placed on my stomach. I still have that ugly tattoo now, it prevents me from having children. If I ever find the woman who did it her head is gonna be dog food! Finally there was my first client, some large bellied banker with a fetish for younger women. As ordered by the Mistress, I merely stayed quiet and offered my services. The first time hurt, and he stank. I did the same thing for many more clients becoming little more than an object of pleasure. I had grown used to it, spread the legs and say nothing. After a while it seemed like I didn't feel anything, pleasure or pain.

Until one day my client was someone I knew only by name. Gregory Falohon, my own father. The emotions I felt were inexplicable, but disgust was a huge part of it. Daddy wanted to the woman mom turned me into. That dick! Apparently he had been keeping tabs on me ever since I was born. And he never thought to save me from this shithole? Prevent me from becoming a mistress of the night?! Let me be a decent woman?!!? The rest is kinda hazy... He tried to move on me so I kicked in the nethers, broke a bottle on his head and ran. I remember bumping into Mercy, my good friend and only reason I continued living. She had heard the commotion and came from the 'Choosing Room' to see what had happened. When I told her, something... changed. Her eyes changed, turning a strange fiery glow. Next thing I knew the whole brothel going up in flames and a lotta angry people were dying angry deaths. I'd be mad too if I died in that fashion, in that place, doing that thing. Mercy and I went our separate ways, we figured that would be best. I was in the middle of the street wearing that ugly whore garb. I managed to steal a modest dress and disappear near the Grey zones. I tried to sleep, but didn't get much.

I remember a man. A graying old man wearing a well tailored garb with a single white lotus sewn into his shirt. He appeared like an angel from the wind, with long flowing hair to match. This man was Ron, leader of the Light Lotus Company. In short he rescued me from the world of bought pleasure, taught me a code. A code of honor, respect, but most importantly money. It wasn't hard for me to convince Ron to take her under his wing but it wasn't my wiles that won him over, it was the fighting spirit. A zeal that he hadn't seen since his younger days. This man became the father I never had. Someone who was willing to raise me, feed me, clothe me, care for me, hell he even disciplined me when I needed it. In this time, I learned how to actually enjoy myself in the night and I'll leave it at that. All the while I became member of the Light Lotus Company. Almost a decade passed, we enjoyed many successes with my new family. Upon Ron's retirement, a rare luxury for a mercenary, I took over as Captain of the Light Lotus and while I has certainly hit her lowest along with my company, I remain hopeful for the future.
The Little Details

Family: Father: Gregory Falohon
Mother: Jolene Ravenna
Step-Father: Ron

Friends: Ramirov, Ron, Mercy.

Enemies: Gregory Falohon. Matron Crone. Plus a lot of one night stands....

Status: I'm a penniless mercenary.

Emotional Status: Elated, Hopeful. Short and sweet, like me. ;)

Love Interest: Darling I have a love interest everytime I go for a night out. Whether I act on that is another story.

Literary Revenant

One Thousand Club

The Basic Details

Appearance: I have received many compliments in my youth, I still receive compliments now.
Ramirov is a fairly good looking guy, long hair for a guy. His skin burns easy in the sunlight so he prefers to keep himself covered with a coat. While not being the biggest fan of robes, he does wear them in colder months. He has a short thick beard that he often doesnt care about and gets a little scruffy.

Full Name: All you need to know is Ramirov.

Alias(s): Janet calls me Grumpy Face. Mr Not Talking. A couple more but I don't believe they are friendly enough to be put here.

Age: I am 40 Common years old. In my tribe, I would be considered 23. It's a complicated math let's not get into it.

Gender: I am Male.

Orientation: I am Heterosexual.

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: I have a couple debts that need to be repaid. The one I owe to Janet is one I fear cannot be repaid. So I go where she goes and do what she asks, but no. I will never do that no matter what she wears or how many time she acts.

Your Gift: Iya Gorovyu Fraizyurni Olohost, Leinas Throndas Nakol. (I speak Fraizyurne, it's my home language.) I am a talented sorcerer in the schools of Impetus Magicae and Umbra Venificium.

Class: Malefica, its the Fraizyurne term for Sorcerer.

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: I would rather not fight with a weapon, in fact I'd rather not fight at all, but I still know how to atleast hit something hard.

Preferred Magic Sorcerers only: My preferred use of Impetus is the Cryus and Pyrus schools, to an extreme effect at times. Included are a dabbling in Venificium.

Good or Evil: Such an irrelevant question. Why did I put this here? I serve the greater good.

Strengths: Rugged - Being born in the Fraizyurne is a gift in itself, to live in the burning cold is to be strong from birth.
Poetic - Speech is often forgotten, shortened and changed for the application of business or in other instances pleasure. At times I aim to revive the old ways.
Educated - Oh yes, mathematics are quite fun. Throw me a quadratic, It'll be fun.
Vian-Native - The whole reason I believe Janet tolerates my presence, aside from my good looks, is that I can get us into Vian. I don't believe she will toss me away, but still she could be a little nicer.
Magic Adept - I've answered this question a couple thousand times already, I use magic. I can use magic because my body is Adept. My Arcana is strong enough to where I can use magic without exploding into a pile of meat paste.
Indomitable - Janet has told me atleast 9 times that I am unbeatable, that "My will can't be beaten by anything I throw at you." I'm still not certain if that's a compliment or an insult.

Weaknesses: Soft-Spoken - I've been told I'm too quiet while talking.
Foreign - Atleast 57 time's my Vian heritage has gotten my lunch burned or my accent insulted. The Balthorans do NOT like foreigners.
Weakened Arcana - The air here... it's sick. If I remain here for too long then I may lose some of my magic power.
Poison - I've been poisoned once. Never. Again.
Indebted - I owe a debt that I can never repay.
Marked - My own tribe has exiled me. I bear the mark and I may never return.
The Story behind Mr.Grumpy Face
Personality: I am a complacent person who is generally fine with what I am given. my way of thinking is rather odd some say, using a unique evaluation process before engaging with people is only my standard procedure. Not much can make me angry or happy, but usually when I am around people that deem "Worthy" I'll be friendly enough. I'll laugh at your jokes, drink with you, dance and be merry. However if you are declared as "disagreeable" I have been called the greatest enemy to humanity, being incredibly hostile and rude among others. And if I deem you as "Unworthy" one better be good at running away at a fast pace.

Likes: I enjoy Madeleine cookies and shortbread with a steaming tea. Hardly anything beats that. When I can I try to read a book. But the company of others, including a sober Janet, is always enjoyable even when I do not smile.

Dislikes: Whoever decided that Coffee was a breakfast essential should burn! Liquor is my bane. This goes without saying but I am really tired of Janet trying to take me into her room for "Nighttime pleasure". And Spirits forbid if you are a rude punk then you may as well stay away from me.

History: The Ramirov family has been living in the world of Vian for 8 generations, serving as the chieftains of a small clan called "Haivul". Haivul was one of dozens of clans in the Northlands of Fraizyurne, or Frostburne in the common tongue. The Haivul clan was one of the 'Adept Clans', those who had magic wielders. Those who were the strongest were allowed to contend for the Nakul Staff, the mark of the Chieftain. For 8 generations the Ramirovs have been chieftains up until the latest generation when the latest Ramirov had been defeated. That's pretty much as brief a story I can make about my family history.

Biography: This has been something I've dreaded since I started writing this account, but I must fulfill my promise. Ramirov is not my true name, rather a title, a last name as you call it. It's true meaning is a secret, but our family is that of chieftains. I bear a few memories of my younger years, and that's something I can share.

I was young and ambitious, it seems so long ago now since I've been that young but time flows fast here. In my youth I wanted to explore the world around me, learn the secrets of the forest and understand the meaning behind Frostfire. I sadly never learned that secret, my Father was the Chieftain of our clan, Haivul. He wanted me to simply be strong in our ways and fulfill my role as his successor. This would be no great challenge really, I merely had to defeat any challengers who would rise to the challenge. An afterthought, especially when I was with my friend Pino. Pino was a fun person, together we would race in the forests until our bodies would ache, we courted ladies until their fathers shooed us, wrestled oh there are many fond memories I have of my youth with Pino.

I reached my 11th Passing, it was time for me to accept the Rite. An elaborate ritual where I would become the Chieftain of Haivul, as long as I could defeat any challengers of course. My father was especially meticulous and my preparation, he even gave me the Nakul Staff, a family heirloom of sorts, to use in battle. My friend Pino wanted to share a final drink before I became chieftain and had to assume it's many responsibilities. A strong mead, with hints of tobacco and cinnamon. I entered the Clan Circle, donning the war paint and accepted challenged. As expected none challenged, except for my good friend Pino. I assumed he meant nothing of it, another playful wrestle that he would lost. I was wrong of course.

He should have been better prepared. Pino attacked me with surprising force, barraging my wards with blasts of Ice and wind. With the Nakul Staff, I could easily succeed in negating the attacks, creating a powerful ward of Arcana. Refusing to relent, Pino continued an endless assault but my ward stood strong, indomitable. He fought with an unusual passion that I didn't expect, I was dumbfounded, he was actually fighting to win it seemed. That's when I became serious in the battle, returning a blow, counterattacking with flames. My powers easily trumped that of Pino, and it wasn't long before I had him on his knees. That's when it happened. A horrendous pain in my stomach, a thousand waving daggers ripping apart my innards crippled me. Now I had fallen to my knees, I heard words roughly resembling "Poison! Poison! He has been Poisoned!" Likely my father.

I was unable to fight, so I surrendered. The entire clan was shocked as the Ramirovs have never lost a challenge, even to far stronger adversaries. I kneeled before Pino beaten, the Nakul staff being taken from and awarded to the new Chieftain Pino. My eyes turned up at his friend, and I begged for mercy in the form of death as was the tradition of our tribe. However, Pino exiled me instead, cursing me with the mark of broken flame to never return home at the cost of death for him and his whole family. I never truly understood how or why Pino sentenced him to such a fate, if it truly was some form of kindness or spite.

In my exile, I became a wandering wizard of sorts, selling any magical talents in exchange for food or shelter for the night. There were many nights spent lying awake, contemplating why my best friend could betray me in such an odd fashion. Where had I gone wrong? Was Pino using me for my power? For extra food? None of the thoughts flowing through my mind made sense, all I did know was that I was young, alone and often hungry. Luckily things would get better for me. Over the decades, I traveled to Balthora where I made a decent living powering the constructs with produced Aldanor. To prevent any foul business which was rapidly growing, I would keep my head down and ears closed with the help of a new invention called earplugs.

My life led a good passing, not the same could be said for most Balthorans. Being a foreigner I often found myself at the scorn of coworkers and pretty much any merchant I would purchase his tea from. By this time I had almost forgotten his past I had become Balthoran, almost. That was when the war against Kalin started, the final bastion of Green woodland in Sanas. Sadly my name: Ramirov was the top of the R list as not many here have a name starting with R, so I was drafted into a militia and used as a weapon against the Kalin forces. I'll admit, I was incredibly efficient, slaying many who challenged me with Ice and Fire. However, a Balthoran soldier 'accidently' sunk his spear into my belly. Another act of racism. In this act of betrayal, I was left to die and be considered Killed in Action. Perhaps I may be remembered as a hero, but I refused to die there!

Wounded and weak, I stumbled through the forest of Kalin, admiring all the greenery around me. The past few years have been a little grey, but the green life around me provided much needed comfort. I had felt an infection forming, thankfully not the Plague but still not fun for this brilliant thing called living. Near death, I was not able to find anyone so I had given up. I chose an old tree to sit on while I waited for death. Trees hold a certain power to them, and to offer yourself in such a fashion was the best gift I could give. I don't have children nor much of an inheritance. Fraizyurne was so far... I longed for the cold of home. I can't remember if I slept but it was just a lot of waiting. That was when I met an unexpected ally, a beautiful woman named Janet Ravenna found me. She was beautiful, albeit somewhat forward but she arranged for medical aid to rescue me. Apparently she was in Kalin with her mercenary company as part of the fighting or rather the scavenging of what's left over before it turned into a Sorya field. I was taken back to Balthora to heal, given the rare luxury of a tasty hot meal. The military had awarded me a medal for my bravery in dire conditions but it held as much value as the mud on my shoes. It was Balthorans who betrayed me, but also a Balthoran who rescued me; whom I owed a debt. That was when I offered my services to Janet, until the time my debt is repaid in my eyes. I 'joined' her company as a Lieutenant, Janet wanted to sail to Vian, so I figured I would oblige her wish. I still have an old friend who might be able to help with this endeavor.
The Little Details of Ramirov
Family: Ramirov has his father and his mother. He hasn't seen them in over 20 years.

Friends: Pino was my first friend but I don't believe he is my friend anymore. I'm not afraid to admit that I enjoy Janet's company when she is not trying to bed me, she can be a bit much at times, like a little child but she's adorable. If I were to have a daughter, I would hope she be like Janet.

Enemies: Enemies is a relative term, being from Vian a lot of Balthorans hate me.

Status: I'm a person. I don't hold status in the Balthoran society.

Emotional Status: I really wish Janet didn't need me to place this here. I. Am. Fine. Stop asking me!

Love Interest: I do not have anyone to love, not in Balthora. Janet is more an angry daughter than a lover.


Four Thousand Club
Give me a few days to work on these. I also take no credit for the images, just found them on google.

Appearance: orc slave.jpg

Full Name: Yokgagu Bonemaw

Alias(s): "I have no alias."

Age: 15

Gender: "I am male."

Orientation: Homosexual

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: "Death on own terms better then death at hands of master."

Your Gift: "I am good cook...only compliment master give me."

Class: Warrior

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: "I prefer axe and sword but can also fight hand to hand combat if needed, only learned hand to hand combat with other orcs as child so rusty in that regard."

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY: "No magic training...I was bought for physical labor."

Good or Evil?: "Most may think Orc evil but we just like any other...can be evil or good. Most don't see the good...I prefer to align with good."

Strengths: "I am strong, I am able to adapt to life circumstances and efficient in what I do. I suppose one could say I am selfish...take lot of risks...often not pay off."

Weaknesses: "I am not assertive nor am I very resourceful. I have a problem with abiding by rules...I suppose you would call that compliancy which has gotten me in trouble plenty with people nor do I have the aptitude of leadership. Who would follow an orc anyway? Not very stealthy...walk too heavily and often give self away."

Personality: "I fight with others to test strength and prove leadership and respect...most time lose but sometime win. Often observe others and watch how they move, how they fight. Most talk around slave, not think tell master or anyone else so I guess I good at keep secrets and confidence, not that most confide in me."

Likes: "I like cooking and fighting though it often got me in trouble with my master. I like horses...I actually stole one of my master's horses to escape though most animals seem frightened of my appearance. Maybe it is because I orc? Sometimes I draw, not lot because not good but it peaceful for me."

Dislikes: "Idiots...those beings who think they can talk their way out of something or believe there is good in everybody. There isn't, people can be quite cruel and nasty to others. Solitude is a depressing thing and I hate that more than anything...as well as darkness. I can't swim either so don't like water."

Biography: "Come from Verida...brought to human land...been slave ever since. Not remember much of homeland."

Family: "Don't remember family all that well. Was young when taken...no clue if they alive or die."

Friends: "When does one have time for friends? Nobody in my corner."

Enemies: "I suppose master may or may not search me. Problem?"

Status: Slave (runaway)

Applicant Signature: orc signature.png

Approval Signature: (I'll fill this out when your character is approved.)

Appearance: moon elf.jpg

Full Name: "I am called Riniya Gilzumin."

Alias(s): Here is where you can put those fancy nicknames of yours.(Whatever you like, kept PG13 of course)[Optional]

Age: "I am twenty-six."

Gender: "Is my gender not evident? I am a female strange one."

Orientation: "I happen to like both genders equally though I don't understand why this matters. Is this a common question among humans?"

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: "Why do I want to be a mercenary? Interesting question. I confess I am not here to precisely be a mercenary, merely to study humans and what better way then to join this odd trope? Though I thought with this being a human continent, there would be more humans in this band and less of my home...well the lands I come from. I suppose the world works in strange ways no? Besides...one thing about being a merc is that you can travel and meet interesting people. Money is also needed to fund this religious expedition I am on and buy knowledge through books, tomes and scrolls."

Your Gift: "I can summon animals to me by signing and playing music. I am not sure if you can see it, but I am blind. It tends to give people an off putting notion about me. You may be asking how can I, a blind moon elf, fight or read or even travel? The answer is...strange and lies within my story which I may reveal in time, if not to my...comrades? Yes...if not to my comrades then at least to my superior I suppose. Let me tell you...it is the reason I have not used combat magic in years....I have, well there is no real name that I have found, but I was blinded when I was training in combative magic against another. I have called it Aulux.

"Aulux is always active which is a problem but it allows me to see and read auras, did you know each person has seven auras? Oh...I apologize, I am digressing. Aulux allows me to see and read auras, however it comes with the drawback of headaches if I use it too long as well as being able to see magic and spirits. Everything has a bit of magic around it, even letters you see and this allows me to read and write. I can see if someone is living, dead or dying but if I want to actively study my surroundings, I need to really concentrate.

"This...gift...it allows me to do these and navigate within a world of darkness, my only light being my soul and the memories of a childhood I cherish. It is a mentally strenuous thing to use active mage sight and costs mana and willpower to use over more than a few minutes. I cannot say how or why this gift has manifested within me, whether it is from an elven deity or a deity of the world at large but it is at times helpful and at others disconcerting."

Class: "Though I have training with a sword, I am adept at combative magic, being classified as a mage."

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: "I have a sword my mentor gave me before setting off for this human land."

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY: "I focus on combative magic and have a bit of training in healing magic."

Good or Evil?: "Elves can be corrupt it is true. It's a sad state of affairs really and I pity them. Like most of my race, well those with sense, I am a believer in truth and the goodness in all. Perhaps that is naïve but it is what I believe."

Strengths: "I am stealthy and know how to survive off of the land, thus I am resourceful and good for spying and scouting missions if needed. I can hunt well enough to feed myself and know which plants, well at least which plants in my home world are good to eat or heal and which are toxic."

Weaknesses: "Strength is not my forte, be it physical or mental strengths. I am not very brave and tend to be cowardly but will step up to fight when needed. Cowardice might seem strange with my dealing in combative magic but I had a bad experience with fighting by magic when training and since then have been afraid to use it."

Personality: "I tend to observe others before acting as I want to know their movements and their habits before attacking. I don't tend to attack first and don't have much experience with combative magic due to not using it in a while but I can fight though prefer trying to talk to others first. Often that ends up leading to fighting, people with bloodshed and alcohol in their bodies tend to not be the most appealing individuals. Often, when not fighting I am studying something or other since I enjoy learning and have my head in the clouds."

Likes: "I enjoy singing and playing music, even listening to it and father always said I have a way with wild beasts."

Dislikes: "I dislike the entire business of slavery and ignorance among the humans but nor do I condone violence. I am not truly a peacekeeper, fighting must be had, but there are surely other ways to go about it then just...destroying via recklessness. No? Oh well that may be a problem then."

Biography: "Well, I suppose I can give you something. Like most of my race, that is what you might call moon elves, I was born within the Vorat Coven of Moon Elves within the month Yunama or autumn to you humans. My family is lucky enough to live within the capital city, Lunasunn though it was not always so. Mother came from Auelov and father came from the harsh wilds of Selathesiin. I don't know how they met but they did and for a time I grew up within Selathesiin. It was when mother died that father took me and mine brother to Lunasunn where I grew up, training beneath an elder who showed me the ways of blade and magic. I have come to this strange human land of Balthara for a religious journey and to study humans, the goal being to see if there is any way to end the slavery and war. Father says it is foolish as does my brother but what is the harm in trying?"

Family: "My father, Estelar is alive as is my brother Iymbryl. My mother, Penelo is deceased."

Friends: "This I suppose will come with time, unless you count the animals."

Enemies: "Perhaps a couple childhood rivals but none that are much of a threat....no real enemies that would pursue me if that is what you mean."

Status: "I'm here within these human lands on a religious quest. Did I not say that earlier? Forgive me but now you know. Oh...do you mean where I come from? Hmmm...I suppose you can classify me as being from a working class, my parents never got much of an education in any skill set."

Applicant Signature: elf signature.png

Approval Signature: (I'll fill this out when your character is approved.)

Appearance: human soldier.jpg

Full Name: Terrell Chahine

Alias(s): Figment

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: I need to really know why you want to be a mercenary. It will determine your cut and if I'll accept you. (Interview, have fun with this one! I'd like more than two paragraphs.)

Your Gift: Are you able to drop a mans trousers with a wink? Summon birds with your singing? Dance like a professional?(Is there something unique to you? It does not have to be battle related. Optional)

Class: Rogue

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: He uses only a few items, these being a rapier, two knives and a crossbow. He prefers to strike from the shadows, lying in wait for the perfect moment to attack where he will then ambush his victim and then disappear into the night.

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY: Illusion magic

Good or Evil?: Evil

Strengths: What are you good at? (Should be obvious. Listed. 1. strong. 2 brave. 3. etc...)

Weaknesses: What do you suck at? (One weakness per strength)

Personality: You're not gonna start bawling on the battlefield are you?(What's your character like?)

Likes: Do you have little hobbies? Mine involves lingerie...(What does your Character like? OPTIONAL)

Dislikes: What's your bane? (What does your Character dislike? OPTIONAL)

Biography: Any more fancy things to share? (Personal history, OPTIONAL)

Family: Do you come from a family of riches or something like a... worker group? (If any, SKIP if you addressed them in the History list.)

Friends: Any pals that you can think of? (If any, OPTIONAL)

Enemies: Anyone that I may need to worry about?(If any, likely from history or biography, OPTIONAL)

Status: You're not another noble are you? (Rich, poor, soldier, peasant, noble, OPTIONAL)

Applicant Signature: (You can just copy the Character's name here, but I like to use Fontmeme to create a fancy font.)

Approval Signature: (I'll fill this out when your character is approved.)
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maybe something out of this world
Appearance: IMG-20190124-WA0039.jpg
I'm 182 cm high, fairly muscular and with just the right amount of scars to make me look even better

Full Name: My name ist Cecil

Alias(s): Raven or The painter in red


Gender: Male

Most of the time straight but if my job requires it I would be even Bisexual

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: That is not a tough question, I need a stable job, one where I can fulfill my my hobby and my goals... And one where I can leave this damn city.

Money is also a very good point and what is better then traveling the world, meeting new people, leaving one or two new masterpieces...

Your Gift: I can be very charming and I have never seen anyone as stealthy as me... I also have very nimble hands

Class: You could call me a Rouge or maybe an assassin

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: I love to fight with my trusted crossbow, from high ground shooting down, or sliding past my enemys with my two knives slitting their throuts

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY:

Good or Evil?: I am very good at being evil but even I have my honor and somethings are just a no go for me

Strengths: 1. Stealthy
2. Agile (I can climb nearly anything and jumping from roof to roof is no problem for me)
3. Good looks
4. Strong relationships with the underground and with nobility, spanning from blackmail to favors

Weaknesses: 1. Weak, you shouldn't believe that I will fight anyone man to man
2. I love shiny and it can distract me
3. And I may take things that technically don't belong to me

Personality: I don't have problem with blood or killing, I even love it, you can make so many perfect drawings out of it, a scenery of blood and flesh, a perfect picture, the essence of life... I'm sorry, I got distracted.

Likes: "Painting", painting and I never say no to a good book

Dislikes: people who break their word or betray their own, cowards and dogs

Biography: grew up as an orphan, never had much food or other things and couldn't fight the other kids to get more, so I started to steal, got caught several times, got punished, got better, I became so good that I never got caught again. I became older, stole more and started to kill, first to protect myself, then out of fun, during that time I became a strong friend of the underground, drug dealer, other thiefs, smuggler, you name it and I know at least one or two.

After a while some noble wanted some other noble killed and so I did, some paid me right away, other owed me favors and if they refused to pay, let's say they suddenly died.

At the tender age of 22, I started my own "business" thiefs, thugs and assassins like me, the Birds of the night, well, it didn't go well, some got greedy, others were just to unstable, in the end they killed each other, couldn't say I was sad or something, they made a perfect picture.


Friends: some smugglers that already left for Vian, maybe a Duke who I worked quiet often for, he just couldn't keep his pants up and I needed to take care of the mess he created.

Enemies: the Guards, widows, everyone I blackmailed, some of the higher groups that I stole from

Status: I am more or less rich but my gold is not really golden

Applicant Signature:

Approval Signature:

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Fanfic Kitty

“Well, sugar, I must admit, you are just a peach. I couldn’t compare.”
This girl is the perfect mix of her parents, if she knew them.
She got her father’s coppery skin tone and thick black hair, while she picked up her mother’s pointed ears and green eyes.
She keeps her hair pulled back into a ponytail, with the front bangs left loose out of said ponytail, and she also leaves a little piece of her hair to hang beside her face. This piece of hair is a bit of culture that leaked into her through her adoptive mothers. It’s essentially a little brass rod slipped over the hair and kept in place with a really complex hair knot.
Typically she isn’t dressed extravagantly. Leather armor over a muted green tunic, a dull gray cloak, leather climbing boots, and a bag to carry all her goods. Aside from that, when has a red bandanna that she keeps tied loosely around her neck so she can pull it over her nose when doing her thieving. Thus hiding most of her face.
Full Name: Bridget. That’s really it.

Alias(s): “Honestly, I probably should get myself a professional name.”

Age: ”Oh, sweetie! I’m 23. Just a baby by elf standards.”

Gender: “Well, this could be a more complex question to certain people, you know. But, if you must know, I’m quite a lady.”

Orientation: “Hohoho! Interested in such things, are you? Well, a proper lady never reveals her sexual preferences.”
She’s Bi.

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?:
“Well, my oh my, I didn’t know I was being interviewed! I would have put on my good cloak. I might have even bought some shoes for the occasion. Well, if you must know, it’s the adventure of course! The intrigue of exploring the world around us, the discoveries to be made!
... also I like money.”
It’s pretty clear that she’s at least giving half-truths, if not full blown lying. Her real motivations will show up with time, I’m sure.

Your Gift: “Put me in a kitchen with some ingredients and I’ll whip up a wonderful peach cobbler in about an hour. Isn’t that something?”
Bridget has a couple talents that she would call “useless” in most situations. These include;
  • Baking
  • Dancing with no music
  • Imitating accents

Class: “My tongue does tend to waggle quite a bit, doesn’t it? Though, that has nothin’ to do with my profession. I’m a Rogue, if you must know.”

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: “Well, if you’re that curious, I can show you my arsenal.”
Curved short sword
This curved short sword is actually probably the cheapest weapon she has. It’s made of iron, the handle and pommel are made of ivory, and it’s just honestly a last resort. She keeps it sharp though, and at her hip at all times.
Hidden Blade
With a guard made of leather and a fancy spring mechanism, this foot long blade can be kept concealed until the trigger is activated, at which point the blade springs out and can be used as a weapon. She tends to pair this with her short sword for dual wielding action. She shored out a lot of totally legitimately obtained money to commission a smith to make this thing.
Throwing knives
Her main squeeze, Bridget is a master of throwing knives. Can hit a bullseye from thirty feet away. Get out of range when she starts throwing.
Preferred Magic Sorcerers only:
“Well, I’m part Sun Elf, so I’m sure there’s magic in here somewhere, but I haven’t quite found it yet.”

Good or Evil?: “... In my travels, I’ve found that the world isn’t quite so black and white.”

Strengths: “Oooooh, now we’re getting to the good stuff.”
1. Parkour
2. Stealth
3. Evading the authorities
4. General thievery
5. Ranged combat

Weaknesses: ”haha... hahaha...”
1. Melee is definitely not her strong suit.
2. Despite the carefree attitude, she gets stressed out easily, which can make her work a little sloppy.
3. Absolutely CANNOT ignore suffering animals. She will pout and whine about a hungry puppy she saw in the street for DAYS.

Personality: “Why, I’m just an absolute sweetheart, aren’t I?”
Given her “southern belle” accent that’s she’s pretty well known to possess, you’d think she was a proper country lady, all prim and pristine. You could not be the furthest from the truth.
Bridget is a young woman with a silver tongue and a honeyed voice. She knows how to manipulate people to do what she wants, and she does it good.
You come at her with sass she will return it sevenfold. You tell her to go fuck herself, she will ask if you’d like to watch and call you a kinky bitch as she walks away.
The whole cheery, sassy attitude is just a cover-up for her real problem- no, no, no to the kleptomania, I’m talking about
CRIPPLING SELF-LOATHING. Seriously, she really needs to work this out.

Likes: “Oooooh, lingerie? Can I help you put it on?”
  • Animals. As previously mentioned, she just loves animals and cannot ignore one in pain. And gods help you if she catches you abusing a kitten.
  • Fruit. Her favorite is definitely peaches, but she’ll take all fruits.
  • Occasionally, if you happen to wake up early, she can be found praying to the gods, asking that they keep her parents safe while she’s gone. Though if you asked her about it, she would vehemently deny it.

Dislikes: “... Getting mighty personal now, huh?”
  • Thunderstorms. She is absolutely petrified when the thunder starts rolling. Especially if it’s at night. No sleep for wee Bridget.
  • Large, open spaces. There’s no cover! Nowhere to hide!
  • “Proper lady” things, like makeup, and dresses, and all that hoity-toity crap.

History: “Lady, I was raised by two lesbian conwomen in the back of a covered wagon after they found me on the side of the road. I don’t know how much else I can tell you.”

Biography: ”Once again, I have no idea who my real parents are, or where they are, or if they’re even alive. I really don’t have much else to say... can we talk about something else?”

Family: “I mean, my moms are pretty much the closest thing I have to family.”

Friends: “No such thing as friends in my line of work, sweetie. Temporary allies, maybe.”

Enemies: “Hmmm... Not that I know of.”

Status: She laughs for five minutes straight. That’s it.

Emotional Status: ”Isn’t it obvious? I’m just as plucky as can be.”

Love Interest: “Why, no. Why ever could you be asking? For ‘a friend’, perhaps?” She winks.

Applicant Signature: “.... Ugh, fine.”
It honestly looks more like a scribble than an actual word.

Approval Signature:

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New Member
Appearance: 1573080990797.png
(image credit))
Dark skinned human with bright green eyes. Stands at 5'7" with an average build.

Full Name: Contessa Dusker

Alias(s): Pigeon or Pidge

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Orientation: Gray Ace (I got to know you first before anything happens)

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: I want to be out there to help. Yeah I could go to the local church but that doesn't get me out and about. I'm not one to sit around and wait on someone else. I like to move and travel. I'm what they call a wandering soul.
Going to different places means I gain knowledge and experience. That knowledge is useful and things I can document in my journal and tell in my stories. Having experience means I'm less likely to be killed. It's ideal and a win-win for whoever wants to pay me.
I'm also interested to become a mercenary because being a healer can be so boring, and I don't make a lot of money. Going out, I may even find a few new herbs or flowers to use in salves or antitoxins.

Your Gift: I have a knack for weaponizing spoons, or so I'm told.
My true talent lies within creating potions and salves to help or to hurt. This might also translate into cooking, but I've only had my family to judge that.

Class: Rogue archetype

Preferred Weapon/Fighting:
Distance, give me bows or crossbows. In close combat I have a pair of wristblades.

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY: N/A

Good or Evil?: Neutral, but I lean towards good.

Slight of hand (street magic mostly)
Very VERY blunt (lacks social empathy)

Personality: "I've been discribed as being very 'mom-like'. I think that means I take care of you, but I'm strict as well...?" She's the quintessential den mother, who's not afraid to tell her 'children' when they're messing up. Once she considers you a friend, she is fiercely loyal...but earning back the trust once lost is nigh impossible.
She's also very knowledgeable in all things and likes to share that knowledge when she can.

Likes: Leaning, reading, cooking, writing in her journal and performing

Dislikes: People who think they're the best without merit, closed minded people, also she doesn't like being dirty,

Biography: She keeps tight lipped about her past. But some highlights:
Born into privilege, she left home when she started to come into dating age. She even scared some suitors off
She used to be in a performance troup with friends known as Mouse, Kitten, and cousin Sparrow

Family: The Dusker family is fairly well off, but it's not something she telegraphs often. She's an only child but has many female cousins and one male cousin known as Vadin.

Friends: Kitten and Mouse Friends from her old performance troupe

Enemies: None

Status: Noble

Applicant Signature:
Approval Signature:
(I'll fill this out when your character is approved.)
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Ten Thousand Club
4GO_Nepgear.pngFull Name: Sabrina Newell

Alias(s): None

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: Honestly, I could use the money. Plus it sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

Your Gift: Love advice duh! Also singing, Piano and cooking,

Class: Magi

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: I don't use weapons.........unless my broom counts!

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY: Um.....I don't know. I just do whatever comes to mind. Not sure if I have a preferred.

Good or Evil?: I'm good of course!

Strengths: Clever Don't underestimate me.

Weaknesses: People tell me I can be oblivious.

Personality: Sabrina is a bubbly and eccentric girl who almost always has a smile on her face. Always looking to have fun. Sabrina is mostly oblivious to the atmosphere of the room, resulting in her being unpredictable. Because of her lax attitude and childish antics, many people view her as simple-minded. Ironically, Sabrina is actually quite talented. She can also be quite devious and underhanded. Sabrina is obsessed with anything that has to with love, professing herself as a “love detective” and giving relationship advice to others despite having never had a boyfriend before.

Likes: Romance Novels, Cooking, singing, piano, balls parties, Having fun

Dislikes: Spiders, snakes, thunder and lightning, being bored

Biography: Oh there isn't anything really interesting about me just your average girl wanting to be a mercenary.

Family: Do you really need to poke into my business?

Friends: I have a few but I wouldn't say I'm very close to them. They're so boring.

Enemies: Nope! Luckily I do not have the problem.

Status: Again I feel this kind of invasive!

Applicant Signature:

Approval Signature:
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Sana Natsuko

A Wandering Name
Appearance: Sana Mercenary.png(Source: Disgaea 2 - Red Mage)

Full Name: Sana Natsuko, but just Sana is fine

Alias(s): Some stupid mercenaries had the nerve to call me 'The Demons Blessing'! Right after I helped those good for nothing idiots as well.

Age: I am 19

Gender: Female

Orientation: I am straight! Why would you even need this!?

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: Well I have been a mercenary for a while now, helping out on jobs where people needed a helping hand from the backline. But the reason I became a mercenary in the first place was to help people, I was saved by a mercenary party while they were on their adventure and then I decided I wanted to help people too, but as of late its become hard to find groups that need a healer. Most of the groups contained previous comrades of mine, so I am sure they were being honest.

Your Gift: I have a strong affinity for change magic, hence my ability to help out the team with support through magic.

Class: I used to fight weaponless because I was usually in the backlines, but after an... unfortunate encounter with some thieves that managed to slip through the muscle-for-brains who were supposed to be keeping them at bay. I decided to take up a dagger.

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: My skill with a knife is average level at best, I intended to only take it up for self defence so I hope you guys can actually understand that leaving me to deal with 3 other enemies by my self because you think I can use magic to kill them all, wont work and that you should stop being such a stupid idiot and leaving me to deal with problems I can't handle! Sorry... I was just getting memories from another group I had been with.

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY: If you hadn't guessed it by now, its change magic, I can support with healing magic mostly, but I also have a few other ways of protecting like barriers and altering a few elements of the battle field. I also have developed a few ways of defending myself and being a bit offensive, but of course its not the magics purpose so I am still quite helpless in a fight.

Good or Evil?: What kind of stupid question is this... Of course I fight for good, only idiots would fight for evil.

Strengths: Well of course my first strength would be my magic, but I already said that so.

  • Quick thinker: Since most of the teammates I have are literal uneducated monkeys, I have adapted to becoming quick at thinking in a fight, whether it comes from using the environment around me, to noticing small details that I can abuse, I usually find a way to achieve my goal.
  • Honorable: I have took many jobs, that within a minute of being in the group I just want out of there... But in the end, a job is a job and I plan to get it done one way or another. However this also means I will use any tactic in a battle to win, whether its blinding my opponent or using sneak attacks, because in a job like this. Its them or you.
  • Some knowledge in herbology: Well I accept that most my support relies on my magic, so to compensate for that I also learned a bit of herbology to help me make medicine from herbs to help outside of battle.
  • Cares a lot for her allies and friends: Of course, in the end they are my group and fellow comrades. Its only natural as the healer I care for them and make sure they don't get hurt, what do I seem like to you a demo- ...Don't answer that.

Weaknesses: Of course everyone has their weaknesses, mine are
  • Terrible at fighting: When it comes down to it, my place on the battle field is helping the group win. However I will in most cases never run out and fight an enemy, whether its head on or with my group because I have just enough skill to defend myself and post a threat, anyone with actual knowledge of swordplay and skill could easily outmatch me within seconds
  • Sharp tongue: Now I don't agree with this, but I have been told by quite a lot of my comrades that I am too rude, but how can I not be when you jump in like an idiot to an obvious ambush and get the entire group in danger, I don't care about all this 'Oh, but we made it out alive'. You're alive because they happened to mess up not because we succeeded you absolute idiotic moron!
  • Tends to be a bit too trusting of people: Well I don't see any reason to doubt them, as long as they are in my group, they are my comrades and I should give my comrades all of my trust should I not?
  • Can't share her feelings: Now I never understood this one, I always thought I made my feelings perfectly clear... (She's Tsun)

Personality: What am I like? Well I think I am kind and helpful, I like to try and help in battles and out. Is there really anything else you need to know? "Sana is brutal when it comes to commenting on peoples downfalls and tends to come off as hating everyone for every little thing they do... But she is just really bad at giving constructive advice, what everyone else considers her 'punishment lecture' she tends to see it as normal advice. She would also comment on what people do well, but she is scared that if she gives them too much praise they will get ahead of themselves and do something stupid, so she doesn't give any advice at all. The few people who complimented her ended up getting a face full of insults and other remarks making them immediately stop and avoid speaking to her at all in fear that they made her hate them... But of course she was just trying to be modest and deny their compliments, but she did it in the completely wrong way and probably still doesn't understand that most of her previous comrades are terrified of grouping up with her".

Likes: Hobbies? Well I tend to enjoy looking at plants and different herbs, as well making medicine

Dislikes: I can not stand! Insects... Oh insects... I once had to go explore a temple in a small forest and it was horrible! There was flies and bugs everywhere! Then when we finally reached that stupid temple! Full of massive spiderwebs covered with spiders... Worst job I have ever took

Biography: My history isn't all that interesting, grew up with my parents. Dad ended up disappearing off somewhere, good riddance, he was a horrible farther anyway, my mum died in a raider attack on our village, where the mercenary group stopped them and managed to save me and few other of the villagers. I was 16 when the attack happened and I stayed in the village for about 2 years helping out with the jobs that were needed to be done and studied herbology in my spare time, until I finally decided to become a mercenary, thus my adventure began I guess?

Family: My family weren't rich or anything, but we weren't poor. We were just... a normal family I guess

Friends: Of course, I have quite a few connections with the people in my old groups (None of them were friends)

Enemies: None that I can think of, nor must they be of concern (Quite a few from her previous groups who she considers friends)

Status: I am just a mercenary, nothing more, nothing less

Applicant Signature:

Approval Signature:

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Appearance: Killer-0.png Source: Dishonored 2

Full Name: Tezira Kale (Kah-lay)

Alias(s): The wanted posters called me "Blood Countess." Honestly, I think it's a terrible name, just call me Tezira.

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Orientation: Trust me, it wouldn't matter who I like. Nobody would sleep with me. Straight.

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: I ask you: why not? There's gold, reliable teammates I hope, and fun! (Ahem! An infamous bandit group want her head after she assassinated their leader, and she just found this as an opportunity to escape their search.)

Your Gift: If there's anyone you need dead, I can do it. Security and location don't matter. I will kill my target, no matter what. I can do it silently or chaotically, depending on what you want.

Class: I'm a blade for hire; an assassin

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: I have my trusty old knife. Perfect for "clean" kills and agile combat. I also have a load of poison darts... I can't shoot them, I just stab people with them.

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY:

Good or Evil?:
What I've done is no sin. I consider my actions justifiable. (Quite evil)


1. Stealth. My boots make virtually no noise at all, and by the time anyone finds the dead target, I am long gone. I mean, aside from that one time...

2. Agility. I can kill my targets and escape as fast as a guard can turn a circle.

3. I am an opportunist. I prey on any weakness shown by my target and use it to kill them most of the time.

Weaknesses: And why would I tell you that?

1. Can't aim a ranged weapon for her life.

2. If things don't go her way, she will usually get very, VERY, pissed.

3. She has an unsatiable lust for revenge, and is very impatient. The only reason she gets away in assassination jobs is because she kills the guards that "take too long."

Personality: I will admit, I am quite a sadist. But don't worry, hon! It's only for those who wronged me, so as long as you don't cross me, we're all good! And don't ask about my face. The cloth stays on. (That's all she's willing to tell. Tezira will do anything for personal gain, and is a hypocrite, considering she is just using this as a way to escape a bandit group. Whoever she kills, she does in the most desecrating way possible, stringing their mutilated corpses for all to see.)

Likes: I like my job, which I suppose is going to just be a side-job now. As for hobbies, I find myself researching alchemy, despite not understanding a single thing.

Dislikes: Traitors, filthy animals like one certain mob boss, cowards who can only stay at the backlines and shoot sharp sticks. One other thing; I hate losing my pay.

Biography: You want to know my past? Piss off. (Tezira's father was a loyal man in a bandit clan. They were a loving family of four, made of her parents and an older sister. She doesn't know why, but during a family celebration, the clan's chief barged in and killed her parents. Her sister escaped, but Tezira, who was 26 years old at the time, was captured by the chief. She was abused, her face lacerated and burnt and disfigured so much that you couldn't even tell who she was. After 9 years, the base was raided by another bandit clan, and her cage was broken free by a stray explosion. Tezira would stealth her way out, evading both clans and running to the streets. Fortunately for Tezira, she did not run into a perverted scoundrel, but a skinny man with brains. He took her in, and tested her. Then, he gave her a target, allowing her to prove her ability as an assassin. Her skills improved, and her handler who never gave his name threw her contracts left and right. Tezira wrapped her face in cloth and made a name for herself. She figured that this was her new life, and what was before was all in the past. When she found out her sister started an investigation into the Blood Countess' murders, Tezira did something different, and went after the evidence instead of killing Maya. Maya would note this change, and come to an unsupported conclusion, but the investigation came to a halt. A year later, a familiar name came up. It was the bandit chief, and she remembered the rage, the grief. Tezira took the contract, which would become her last. She would tear the chief apart, not even minding stealth. She put his mutilated body on display, and fled from the pursuing bandits. Now, Tezira has found a way to escape from her pursuers for good.)

Family: Gone. They're all gone. Nobody's holding me back (aside from her sister, Maya, who tried tracking her down in a desperate attempt to help her. She is now investigating on her own, but has to lay low due to the bandits).

Friends: There's my handler, who gave me the contracts... Never learned his name, but he's a good man.

Enemies: Lots of bandits.

Status: I used to be the daughter of a noble, but those times have long since passed.

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Let me know if there's anything I need to change or improve.


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Artisan of the Absurd
Appearance: Rat is a moon elf. She stands at 6’08”, and peers down at people with her icy grey eyes. Her hair, jet black at the roots and fading to moonlight grey/white at the tips, is long and wild with trinkets, beads, and leather strips braided into it seemingly at random. Four simple iron earrings decorate the edge of each ear and a small iron chain earring hangs from each ear lobe. Numerous large scars mark her arms, legs, and body, and a tattoo of “sponsorship” circles her left bicep. Her general beefiness is a shock to most, expecting a more traditionally svelte elven figure.

Full Name: “Rat.” She scowls before eventually continuing. “Ratlynn Black.”
Alias(es): “Rat the Barbarian. Rat the Feral. Rat the Beast. Don’t call me those.” There is a substantial pause. “Please.”
Age: “34. Maybe 35.”
Gender: “I am a woman. Female.”
Orientation: “I… do not know?” - Rat has never really had the chance to explore this part of herself, but she is bisexual.

Why do You Want to be a Mercenary?: Rat shifts uncomfortably at the question, for the first time showing anything other than towering strength to the interviewer. She crosses her arms and her face is concerned, almost worried, as she responds. “I am lost. I just… I was let go from my last job, and I do not know anything about this area. I am hungry, I need food. I have nowhere to go and no one to ask for help. And I… want to leave Balthora. I am done here. I can fight, and well. I do not need much pay, just enough for food and water.” She pauses to look down at her knives and her current attire. “Perhaps new knives and some armour. Please.” She does not bend down, or kneel, or clasp her hands together, but her eyes, for the briefest moment, show a well of sadness and poverty. “Please.”

Your Gift: “I am quiet. I am obedient. I can carry heavy things. Use me as you wish.”

Class: “Warrior.” She looks at her hand, flexing it into a fist. “Fighter.”
Preferred Weapon/Fighting: “Knife. Or my hands. Loud or quiet, whatever works.” - Rat has developed impressive hand-to-hand and knife fighting skills from her life as a gladiator slave. She is adept at improvising both weapons and moves, and is not afraid or ashamed of fighting dirty. Biting, aiming for sensitive areas, exploiting injuries, all is fair when your life is on the line. She can also sneak up on unsuspecting folk to deal with them quietly if need be.
Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY: “No magic.” - Although she’s a moon elf, Rat has never been taught to use magic and currently has no magical ability.

Good or Evil: Her eyes open wide for a moment. “I… Good. I am good.” - Despite what she has been forced to do while a slave, she remains a good person at heart. However, she is troubled by the things she has done.
  1. Physically very strong
  2. Can take a good deal of punishment
  3. Moving about quietly
  4. Negotiating, though mostly through intimidation
  5. Good memory
  1. Ingrained obedience to humans
  2. Distrust of humans and any persons of authority or higher social standing
  3. Has trouble ignoring food
  4. Mostly illiterate
  5. Lack of social skills
Personality: “I am… quiet? Loyal. I am not sure, I have not thought about myself like this before.” - Rat is not a gentle giant, but while her ferocious fighting can make her appear animalistic and vicious, she is not cruel. She will fight tooth and nail to survive, but will not revel in the pain or suffering of others, especially those on the lower rungs of society - she is deeply distraught at the number of downtrodden souls she has had to kill. A nobleman walking into something or stubbing their toe has elicited a quiet chuckle, but she’s not yet had the chance to see one truly suffer to find out how she reacts. Not that she hasn’t thought about it. Such thoughts have thus far left her feeling conflicted.
She was never given the chance to be book-smart, and her harsh upbringing has made her pragmatic and a stark realist, with fleeting moments of timid emotion and weakness only when alone or with those she trusts. Despite her strength Rat has always acted subservient to humans, having learned early that any deviance from such would invoke swift and terrible retribution. Her obedience has kept her out of trouble more than once, and the times it hasn’t? Well, at least she can take a punch.

Likes: Rat stays silent, arms crossed as her eyes scan the interviewer for any sign of betrayal or ill-will. - Small critters like rats, mice, and spiders; sweet treats and drinks; quiet relaxation; mulled wine; the moon and the night.
Dislikes: Rat’s eyes narrow. The interviewer regrets asking, shuffling uncomfortably under her icy gaze. - Loud noises; abandoned buildings; ghosts and the paranormal; scratchy blankets; statues; the nobility; Ardanor, or “Arda’s Love.”

Biography: “I was a… fighter. Now I am here. I earned my freedom.” The interviewer tentatively asks for clarification or more details, but is met with a glare that could freeze the sun itself. “I earned. My freedom.
As a small child Rat was stolen away from her mother by Balthoran slavers, knowing that a moon elf slave would net them a pretty penny. Smuggled back to the mega-city kingdom, she was sold through the black market to various owners throughout her childhood, used mostly as a status symbol for desperate middle-class humans looking to break into the upper echelons of society. Given the name Rat by her second or third master - she doesn’t remember exactly which - she was put to work cleaning, or doing housework, or carrying things.
Servant. Help. Ward. She was given many titles by her masters while in the company of others, but behind closed doors they made sure she knew what she was. Slave. Worthless. Nothing. Any disobedience or substandard performance was met with harsh punishment, and she learned her place quickly. Humans were to be obeyed, no matter how much you may hate or distrust them. And so she did, working diligently and without complaint as she was passed and sold from master to master.
Eventually the prestige of having a moon elf slave waned, and her masters came from less and less social standing. Finally, in her teens she was sold to a gentleman for use in underground bloodfighting, a supposedly illegal sport that pitted those in the truest dregs of society against each other in bloody scrapes, usually to the death. Her owner was pleased to see her win her first fight against an elderly, half-crazed homeless man. Rat was in no place to be traumatised, at least outwardly, so she could only keep fighting at his behest.
She grew, and as she grew taller she also grew stronger, honed by the bloody spectacle of the profession chosen for her. She earned her master a lot of money. It must have been a lot of money, because he did not punish her quite so often any more. The fights kept coming and she kept winning, taking no joy in each victory other than living to see another day. The thought of losing on purpose had crossed her mind more times that she could count, seemingly the only way out of her situation, and the only way to stop killing the poor degenerates she was put up against. But she didn’t. Perhaps it was a kind of vile bloodlust. Perhaps it was cowardice. Rat cried herself to sleep often, trying to figure out the answer.
She wasn’t traded between masters nearly as much any more, her worth in the arena making her a valuable commodity for the person who owned her. As she got stronger, her opponents did too. She was set up against former soldiers fallen from grace or sanity, orc brigands captured and brought to Balthora. And more and more she noticed her opponents were under the influence of “Arda’s Love”, that Ardanor stuff she had heard her owners speaking of. It made them stronger and faster, more deadly. As much as she could, she kept up with them until she started getting beaten more savagely in her fights. Her current owner decided it was time to have her start taking it as well, just when she needed, to even up the odds and ensure she kept winning. Ever the dutiful slave, she did so.
Over the course of almost twenty years in the fighting pits she fought many humans, whom she pitied. More than a few orcs, too. Only three elves came up against her during her time fighting, but she felt a special sting of guilt as she killed them as well. All the while she cursed herself and the world for what she was forced to do, right up until she earned her freedom.
Her master, a grubby human man called Dennick, was drunk, or high, or something. Either way he didn’t lock her shed securely, and the door cracked open to let a sliver of moonlight spread across the floor and the other slaves she was kept with. It was all the invitation many of the others needed, as they scrambled over one another to get out into the night. But Rat, ever conflicted between obedience and her dreams of freedom, hesitated. She clutched her hands to her chest, standing before the door, half or her mind willing to flee and half urging her to stay.
She heard Dennick stomping toward the door, and tears welled in her eyes. The door opened in slow motion, Dennick’s grim, gnarled face twisted with rage as he looked at the nearly-empty room. Her fist connected with his jaw. Her other caught his nose. Then she was atop him, hands tight around his neck as he struggled in vain against her. She was sobbing. She was screaming.
As Dennick’s struggling weakened she leapt from him and sprinted off into the dark. Hearing his rasping coughs behind her, she ran and ran, taking any side road she came across in an attempt to put distance and confusion between herself and her owner and her life. After what felt like hours of haphazard fleeing, she collapsed in a corner and cried herself fitfully to sleep.
She had no idea where she was when she awoke. She was afraid, and hungry. She stole a couple of knives from a stall just for defense. Completely unsure of where to go or what to do, it was by pure chance that she happened upon a poster advertising a mercenary company, the Light Lotus. The main draw, aside from pay and food, was travel to Vian. Home of her people. And, most importantly, a place that was not Balthora. Rat didn’t know what would be expected of her if she took this job, but she was in no place to ask. This was an offer she couldn’t afford to pass up.
Family: “I don’t know. No.” - Moon elves, but who they are is unknown to Rat.
Friends: “No.”
Enemies: “...No.” - Dennick, previous master.
Status: Rat looks down at herself for a moment. “This is all I have.” - Poor. Definitely poor.

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Appearance: f43698916fd73bd84322d2ad03bfdd29.jpg
I certainly wouldn't call myself ugly, or let anyone else call me ugly. Now i can't say im tall though, 5'3, so don't mention it.

Full Name: Atlanta "what ever your last name is"

Alias(s): Call me The Reaper.

Age: Thats a rude question. 23

Gender: I'll let you take a guess. First one wont count. Female

Orientation: I'm professional so I'll do what i have to do. But I really do love myself some ladies. Lesbian

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: Do i really need a reason? Maybe I just really like to kill. Not like i have anything else going for me.

Your Gift: Who else do you know that can swing a Sythe that weighs as much as they do with perfect percision and grace... I also have a knack for dancing if you really must know. Particularly ribbon and aerial dancing.

Class: Warrior I suppose.

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: Well i have my trusted Sythe. I could hold my own with out it, I'm a dirty fighter though.

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY: Ha! Mage types are too squishy.

Good or Evil?: Guess it depends on which side of the sythe you're on. Though i personally wouldn't call myself evil, some of my ex's might.

Strengths: What am I not good at?
Stronger than you might imagine for someone her size.
She's quick on her feet and quite limber

High Stamina Wink wink, nudge nudge. Say no more.

Weaknesses: Nothing.
Not the best at reading or writing since she never formally learned how to.
cocky attitude that gets her in trouble
Can be a bit dense and stubborn to say the least

Personality: I'll be who ever you want me to be. I'm a freak in the sheets and a freak in the streets. That's how that saying goes, right?
Okay, okay. I'm stong willed, brave, passionate... All that good stuff.

Atlanta is a bit egotistical but has shown compassion to those who are weak though she'll never admit it. Considers herself to be a Robin hood of murder. She murders the powerful to free the weak but when it comes to her job her morality can be thrown out the window faster than you can tell her the amount of money.
She is definitely passionate though, about her work and about dance. As well as a passionate lover, probably. She's a major flirt with the ladies. While not known to be loyal in her love affairs she is loyal to those who hold her respect.

Likes: Damn, i might like to see that.
Well I like to dance, I'm pretty good at it even. Ladies, love the ladies. Alcohol, the stronger the better. I can't pass up a home made hot meal either.

Dislikes: Um, being bossed around. I hate, hate, hate the cold. sNOw thank you. And those things... With all the legs... And the fangs.... spiders.

Biography: I'd rather not talk about it...
Just know, it's very dark and brooding. Serious stuff. Would make you cry.

Born of nobility life was great for the most part. She learned dance and would hit on the maids. Her life was perfect till one day her homosexual behaviour was captured by her not so accepting family and she was kicked out. Dumped onto the road with nothing. She was alone, cold, and hungry. Untill a man found her. This man was a mercenary like she is now. At first she didn't trust him but as time went on he really grew on her. He took her in, trained her, and treated her like a daughter. About a year ago she started trying to make a life of her own, and now she's here.

Family: Dead to me.

Friends: Not so much any more. I'm starting fresh

Enemies: probably too many.

Status: Um.. Peasant? At least now...

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Appearance: I'm green, very green and tall as you can see... 6'10" and eyes that are too much of a yellow. I shaved both sides of my head to sport my dreadlike haircut. Quite large eyebrows and protunding tusks
Taneega Shyima.png
Full Name: The name is Taneega Shima

Alias(s): Just call me Taneega, it's fine.

Age: I think 23 is fine.

Gender: Female.

Orientation: I dont really care either.

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: First thing first, i need subjects to test my new weaponry batch and i need money to create even more wonders. So what I thought was, if i'm a mercenary i can get both money and test subjects.

Your Gift: Mother always said that i was a very weird child, juryrigging my way out of problems. I dont call it juryrigging, i call it skills, but being honest i'm really good with engineering and makeshifting. And getting into trouble and fights, but i dont think that is a gift.

Class: You see a big, green and furious female with a towering weapon in her hand, what would you do? Nothing. I'm what they call an Engineer, i've engineered this wonderful cannon with scraps and some old things that mom had. My Archetype is Marksman.

Preferred Weapon/Fighting: How do i fight? If i can shoot, i shoot. If i can't, i throw they like javelins into oblivion. If i can't reach them, i throw something. I use my armory, that is a big, heavy cannon fueled by Ardanor; a gun with a long-barreled rifle fueled by Ardanor; and my fists.

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY:

Good or Evil?:
Good tilting to neutral.

Strengths: Do you not see? Shooting and punching, and they say i punch very hard.

Half-Orungalo: Benefitting from her hybrid nature, Taneega has a unmeasured force.
Juryrigger: She really can build things from scraps. Improvise, adapt, overcome.
Toughness: This absolute unit of a half-orungalo can resist damage.
Skilled Marksman: Befitting her expertise in weapons, she can shoot with a high percentage of hitting the bullseye.


Foreign: The problem in being a tall green beast is that you're a lamp and they act as moth... attacking moth.
Combat Monster: Do you ever seen me fighting? Self-control when fighting? Forget about that, i go full blinding red rage.
Uncouth: Acts impulsively, reacts excessively to any perceived provocation, and tends to do whatever pops into her head regardless of the consequences.

Personality: I will show the world the wonders i've made and kick every single arse in the engineers clan, metaphorically and physically.

Likes: Hobbies? I like my guns, so i keep em very polished and clean. A good sweet snack is likeable.

Dislikes: Rust, too much noise, and irritating people.

Biography: Being daughter of the two of the nicest people in the world is cool and all but, even with using my fathers anvil and forge i can't do everything. I ended up getting involved with the engineers clan, first day wasnt so ... but they became more and more radical about me being with them. The social pressure, the problems with Garreth, everything caused my expulsion. They didn't gave back my schematics and all, but all that crap wasnt complete so... but i've seen something similar to my schematics in use.
I've invested too much money on the clan and now banned, i had nothing, so i started doing what my father did. But that wasn't enough to create something new, even with two or more jobs, i needed more money and test subjects.

Family: My father was a blacksmith, my mother used to work on the taverns. But i know they arent my biological parents...

Friends: Nopitty nop

Enemies: Enemies? Well, there is that case about that other engineer... he lost his arm, wasnt my fault but... i think he hates me. I warned about trying to use my prototype gun, he didn't listened. Probably every single engineer in the clan.

Status: ... No.

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Viper Actual

Ask me about my tourniquet fetish.
Merc Herisa Portrait.png

Full Name: "Herisa Daelith Taendarr of Joten."

Alias(s): "None that I know of. Ogran might know a few."
Age: "35."
Gender: "Female..."
Orientation: "Heterosexual."
Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: "On my own I have five years of experience working as a mercenary. With my partner, Ogran, we have a combined fifteen years of experience. Mercenary work is our lifeblood and you won't find any other two mercenaries better than us this side of the Raging Sea."
Your Gift: "I can read people's lips. My hearing is also very attuned, making it easy to catch whispers in the wind. I also know a thing or two about woodwork and how to craft traps- for animals and enemies alike."
Class: "I am trained as a Ranger."
Preferred Weapon/Fighting: "Bow and arrows from afar. Elven short sword up close. As for unarmed combat I know a thing or two."
Good or Evil?: "There's no such thing as 'good' or 'evil'. We all make good deeds and bad mistakes. My sins are no greater than yours."
Strengths: "Archery. Hunting. Survival. Persuasion. Stealth."
Weaknesses: "Working with others besides Ogran. Melee combat. Stubborn. Being social. Difficult to relax."
Personality: "I am a professional. You can rely on me on and off the battlefield and while I'm not overly fond of spending hours on drinking and uttering empty words you can still entrust me. Especially when it comes to difficult tasks. You'll also note that I'm close with Ogran. It's a long story."
Likes: "Archery. Hunting. Mercenary work. Money."
Dislikes: "Boring contracts. Drinking. Pompous people and royals. Magical users."
Biography: "I was born in Joten. As the daughter of Alveten politicians I was expected to inherit great power. Thing is, I was born without magic. At best I can make a fluttering candle light in the palm of my hand. Because of this I was disavowed and sent away. I don't know if my family hoped for me to die or walk my own path, either way I found my bearings when a Voralian Ranger took me in and trained me in the ways of the Ranger. I then set out to make my own history and eventually I found my way out here as mercenary where I met my partner- Ogran. We've worked together ever since and where I go he goes and vice versa."
Family: "I hail from the Taendarr family though I wouldn't consider them as relatives."
Friends: "Ogran."
Enemies: "I'm sure there are. Most end up with an arrow or two in their chest. Mercenary work is dirty work."
Status: "Like you I am a mercenary."

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Merc Ogran Portrait.png

Full Name: "Ogran, Son of None."
Alias(s): "Ogran the Hammer. Ogran Shieldbreaker. Ogran Skullcrusher. The list goes on."
Age: "33."
Gender: "..."
Orientation: "No."
Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: "If you need to ask me this I don't think you've taken a good look at me. If Herisa haven't already told you we have fifteen years of experience working as mercenaries together. Working on my own I have three years of experience."
Your Gift: "I know a thing about smithing and armoring. Comes in handy for repairing my own gear."
Class: "I'm a soldier or, if you like, a warrior."
Preferred Weapon/Fighting: "Longsword. Broadsword. Hatchet. I can fight with most melee weaponry. Just keep those bows away from me."
Good or Evil?: "I don't understand this question. Coin is coin, it's nothing personal."
Strengths: "Strong. Melee combat. Alternate means of persuasion."
Weaknesses: "Ranged combat. My armor makes me slow. Talking with people."
Personality: "I'm good with weapons and good at fighting. Fighting is in my blood. In a way fighting makes me feel...calm. Outside of combat I don't always feel comfortable. Talking with people, especially people that has never touched a weapon in their life, is difficult. I don't trust them."
Likes: "Weapons. Money. Fighting."
Dislikes: "Talking. Idiots. Talking idiots."
Biography: "Born in Balthara. Abandoned on the streets. I was adopted by a Captain with the City Watch who taught me how to fight. I liked it. Eventually I set out to make career as a soldier. Being a footman is boring. Pay is shit too. Went private and started working as a caravan guard. Dangerous work and good money. I met Herisa during one of those missions. First Elf I had ever met. Didn't take long to realize that we were both working towards common goals and, well, two is better than one. We've been working as partners ever since."
Family: "None."
Friends: "Herisa. A couple of guardsmen back home."
Enemies: "I can get you a list."
Status: "Mercenary."

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Senior Member
Nathaniel Klaus

Blessed Envoy of El Shiggurath's Will

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Role: Berserker

Personality: A man plagued by the most negative things in his life, Nathan Klaus is a follower of El Shiggurath and it shows. Nervous and plagued by thoughts not his own, Nathan has not adjusted to El Shiggurath's near-constant presence very well. He sorta hates himself and his decisions to be entirely honest.

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?: Well mannered yet also a bit coarse, Nathan aims for his goal and will deal with each obstacle in its order efficiently and methodically until it's done. His efficiency comes from his paranoia, his anxiety making it so he never leaves a loose end, believing if he does, it will come back to haunt him. Despite his mistrust and paranoia, Nathan finds human interaction easy and almost pleasant as any normal person is a far cry from the warped minions of the warped god he serves. He's experienced so much that would break a lesser man that he now considers his own imagination the source of his greatest fears.
Nathan just wants a good adventure with some good combat, good rewards and good times. Combat is a good time for him.
An adrenaline junkie of sorts, Nathan is looking for something to raise his heart rate, difficult situations are what he wants, so dont disappoint.
He also sorta wants to improve his social skills.

- What could be has more influence over Nathaniel than what actually is.

Despite all his many issues and detractors, Nathan has a good sense of humor, a pleasant face and a sharp intellect which only makes his numerous flaws even more pronounced. He tests his friends and allies, despises his enemies and is near apathetic about bystanders, Nathan would be barely worth getting to know if his ability wasn't so useful. He knows this and hates it.
More than anything however, Nathan is strong, very strong. His mind and body are pillars to rely on in times of strife as his life is strife.

Self-improvement is something he strives for yet finds increasingly difficult. Perhaps his new Mercenary companions will help him with this issue. Or perhaps they will push him further into the depths of his fear.



210 lbs

Chaotic Neutral

History: Born to poor parents in a poor city, Nathan has struggled for most of his time alive. His parents died early on in his life and left Nathan with but one gift; The gift of comedy. His parents were the sort that always looked ahead with a smile on their face and a quip on their tongue. Didn't help a whole lot when they were torched by a dragon demanding tribute of the settlement.

Barely surviving the encounter, Nathan was taken in by a schooling house in the countryside at the ripe age of 10 years old. The boy was then slowly and ineffectually indoctrinated into a hidden cult working from within the academy for the desires of El Shiggurath. The cult wasn't very good at its cultish endeavors however and ended up simply traumatizing Nathan. Well, traumatizing him and awakening a connection with an ancient powerful Cult weapon known as The Burning axe of Cee Fore; An exploding two-handed throwing axe that always reappears upon the wielder's person. 10 years later and Nathan was a full-blown cultist without a cult, as the lessons they'd taught about not trusting anyone had stuck quite well with the lad; He'd turned them over to the local authorities the moment he saw a good chance to do so. Even if the cult had taken him in, they'd still brainwashed and tortured the poor boy and he had NOT forgetten that as he grew older.

Once the cult was effectively dismantled, the former cultist began to wander the lands dismantling institutions hed consider as "bad" in his own judgment. He didn't know if itd been the voice in the back of his head or his own twisted desire pushing him to these actions but he did know that he had to keep moving, forward and onward, with the same attitude as his parents, albeit a little more paranoid and violent. Finding mercenary work was probably one of the most important moments in the wanderer's life as he found a community and source of voices whose opinions and desires differed from the dark voice growling from the recesses of his brain. He likes it to be honest.


"Oh GOd the NighT!"

"This cult is severely lacking in creepy looking old dudes inspector, and I don't like it."

"Give em the ole one, two, three, four, five, etc. etc. etc."

"Oh great, another dance number... " *pulls out axe*

Equipment: A powerful two-handed ax, a shortsword, a whetstone, several scrolls of unknown purpose, heavy armor of unknown origin
  • WARAXE of Devastation/The Burning Axe of Cee Fore: If thrown will come back to owner, explodes on contact with target.
    Tldr: Tediore axe


-The bearer of his Will

Nathan is an unknowing instrument of El Shiggurath and often receives aid from the eldritch being when he passively obeys it's voice. This blessing will cause things to turn in Nathan's favor. Most of the time (95%) this aid, however, is just assisting in minor things such as obtaining food Nathan likes or winning a coin toss or avoiding some sort of fine. The penalty of this ability is horrifying nightmares and shapes on the edges of his vision when he becomes drowsy which is most of the time due to the nightmares.


Nathan would be considered a master of the war ax if anybody thought saying Axmaster was as cool as Swordmaster.
Fights with an extremely aggressive style getting up close and beating the shit out of his opponents with arms like steel rods encased in platinum. Punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing are all good as Nathan being his usual savage self will rip the throat of an enemy right from their neck if its convenient. Overall Nathan relies on all his equipment working together so he can get in close and smash his enemies.
He loves his axe though and loves using it, so in open battlefield combat he is utterly in his element.


Nathan is weirdly good at getting jobs with potential enemies and makes an excellent inside man.


Durability- Nathan is durable, very much so, like freakishly so, like creepily so. Like he's the type to get stabbed 15 times in the chest and walk away chuckling. Well, that's an exaggeration, It would hurt like a bitch and Nathan would most certainly cry and go into the fetal position for a bit. But eventually, he'd be able to get up and stumble off in search of a healer. As he has done so on multiple occasions. Nathan knows when its time to give in and he definitely knows when its time to play dead.

Intelligence: Nathan is actually quite smart, his paranoia and unreasonableness often obscure that fact however. His intelligence is actually one of his best traits, he just doesn't realize this.

Determination: Nathan has a will of utmost iron.


Schizophrenia: "Is it really schizophrenia if some of the stuff I sees actually exist? Do they actually exist? What were we talking about again? Oh god no please not him I don't wanna talk about or to him or anything please just don't don't mention him please stop where the hell did HE go this isn't fun no way its not this is not fun this was never fun I can't see i cant see holy shit I can't breathe I can't see oh my god help m"

Overly cautious: Nathan has serious trust issues which he hides due to his trust issues.

Hope: Nathan is obsessed with it and is constantly looking for some new source of it for himself.

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Just trying my best

I am not concerned about looks, but I would consider myself charming. Although I stand at a meager 5'8 and have an insubstantial amount of muscles, I make up for my lack of physical strength in charm. I'm usually adorned in simple outfits (canvas shirt, brown slacks, working boots, etc.), because, well, that's all I have.

Full Name:
Fenris Arvid Freyr Baltin James Van Ernst, a mouthful, I know. For convenience it's just Fenris Van Ernst

Many call me Ris, but I've also been referred to as Slimy Cheater and Damn Magician. Although my favorite has to be Poison Faerie.

27, still young!


Pansexual, as long as I find them attractive in one way or another.

Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?:
You see I've been in a bit of a pit in terms of employment, and while I certainly have no experience being a mercenary, I think I'll be a useful enough to earn my place in the journey to the new world.

Your Gift:
I'm a showman, I can dance, sing, act, tell stories, play multiple instruments, a jack of all trades in terms of performing arts.

Class: Magi or Bard to put it simply.

Preferred Weapon/Fighting:
While I've never killed someone with it before, I'm rather familiar with a rapier. That and good ol' fist fighting, I may not throw very hard punches, but I rarely get hit. When I fight there's a lot of fancy acrobatics, witty insults, and dramatic effects, it's a whole show.

Preferred Magic ADEPTS ONLY:
Displays and Illusions of course! I use it to add flare to my performances and also to distract or scare my enemies. It gives me an advantage in fights and makes it easier for me to cheat in games. Some call it playing dirty, but I call it an unexpected strategy.

Good or Evil?: Good, but not the boring kind, I don't mind a little trouble.

+ Quick: I'm swift on my feet, able to dodge, sprint, or react rather quickly.

+ Social: I am a man of the people, in some shape or form. I can read their emotions, see tells of when they're lying, or convince them of anything I want.

+ Fearless: Though I might not be the biggest man or the wisest man, I have no fear of what this world holds. Not death, nor blood, nor creepy crawly insects, my only fear is abandonment.

+ Deceptive: Lying, I'm good at lying, but I haven't lied on here! I'm honest to my employers, for the most part. I can lie right to someone's face and they wouldn't be able to tell, I like to think of it as real world acting.

+ Sleight of Hand: It's a form of magic, where if you don't watch close enough you could end up losing some valuables.

- Physically Weak: I'm not the strongest, I'll admit that. I can't lift as much as others and I get sick rather easily, but every hero has a few flaws.

- Bad Reputation: Okay, so maybe I'm a bit of a cheat when it comes to games, and yes, I may have conned quite a few people, but I'm sure most of them don't remember me! (Most of them do remember him) Oh and then there was that whole fiasco with that bastard Florence and the nobles... let's just say I'm not allowed near any fancy upper class people, or their guards.

- Wilderness: I'm proud to say that I'm a city boy, never spent too much time out in the wilderness, so I won't be of much use there.

- Alcoholic: I don't have a problem! It's just a bad habit, plus I can handle my drink, so it's not a big deal.

- Forgetful: Some things will stay with me til the day I die, others disappear in a few minutes, I've never had a very good memory.

"Me? Bawling? Never! Despite my appearance, I am no coward."

Ris is a loud and vibrant guy, constantly cracking jokes and poking fun, he loves having company. Being a social butterfly fuels him to be fearless, he'll make fun of anyone. Angry guy twice his size? Call him a meathead and insult his mom. Very elegant lady of high court? Impersonate her voice and mock her mannerisms. Even when he's on his knees with a knife held to his throat, he'll die laughing at his own joke. The gist is that he does not know when to shut up and as a result, he isn't intimidated by anything.

But he is still very conservative when it comes to his personal life. He doesn't like showing anyone how things affect him and what he's really feeling. He's never cried, or shown any type of negative emotion, in front of anyone outside his family. Trust is hard to achieve with Ris. It takes a lot of time and reaffirmation of the relationship to let him show a sliver of what's really going on inside his head.

+ Music: It always lifts the mood and everyone has a tune that they enjoy

+ Gambling: I always win!

+ Mead: Although I adore all types of alcohol, mead holds a special place in my heart.

- Tobacco: Tried it once and never again.

- Bad Conmen: If you're going to trick someone out of their money, at least be good at it!

- Mushrooms: I'll eat anything you offer me, except for mushrooms.

"As wild and fantastical as my past is, I'm afraid it's a story for another time."

Ris was born to a single mother living on the streets of the capital city. She was a street performer that used Illusions to gain an audience, but would sell her body on the side if business wasn't going so good, Ris was a result of one of these nights. Unlike his siblings who had been given up for adoption, his mother began hearing stories of children being abused and exploited in the facilities. Feeling guilty having put her other children in that situation, she decided to keep Ris and teach him all that she knows.

She taught him magic, acrobatics, instruments, manipulation, she gave all that she could, and it was like that for a while. It wasn't until his 15th birthday that things went wrong. His mother had been caught pickpocketing a traveling noble. She was dragged to the dungeons by the guards, yelling and fighting as she went, but she knew she wouldn't make it back, so before her cries would become lost, she screamed out to him, "Ris! The Golden Chrysanthemum! The barman! He's your father! Donar! Donar's your father!"

And he never saw her after that.

Ris, being the clever boy he is, tracked down a tavern called The Golden Chrysanthemum. He barged in and asked for the barman, Donar, saying he knew him. The man behind the bar, scowled, "You're not gonna get any free drinks here, son. Go across town, maybe one of the brothels will take ya."

Ris scoffed. "You're my dad, you dumb fuck."

The man froze. "Your Jasmine's son?"

Confused, Ris replied, "What? No!"





"Rosette? No, you got green eyes. Oh, Susane!"

"Asirra! Asirra's her name!"

Donar paused. "Asirra? I've never- Oh. Magic Asirra. What a woman. What happened to her?"

"Got caught."

"Ah, a shame." A moment of silence passed. "So, ya want a drink?"

Ris ended up accepting and worked there for the next 6 years, entertaining guests, waiting tables, breaking up bar fights, and got really close to his father. Then he was offered to perform for nobles as a jester of sorts. He wanted to decline, preferring the simpler life, but Donar was having none of it. "None of my children have become what you have, so you're not gonna go wasting your talents on this poor shack." And with that off he went.

Ris had a rather successful career entertaining the higher class people, even made a few friends along the way. He was given plenty of gold, free meals, enough praise to make the manliest of men blush, hell, some days he got lucky, bedded some of the ladies. But this all came to a halt once Florence Erdan entered the scene. They began as friends, two young men with immense skill in a variety of things. Then playful rivals. They were both favorites of the crowd, it was only natural. Then, well.. lovers.

Ris and Florence just clicked. They both had poor childhoods, they'd both lost family members, they were both adept with magic. It was like a thunderstorm of romance. So much action and experience and love. Intense, but showstopping. They dance together with passion, sang their hearts out on an open stage, and shared deep secrets that they'd take with them to the grave. Ris trusted Florence with his life, he saw himself 20 years in the future, maybe with kids, living together in the new world.

That was until Florence betrayed him. He had poisoned one of the nobles and blamed it entirely on Ris, saying that he'd been planning this for months and that it was revenge for his mother. Ris, of course, denied such a thing, but they weren't having any of it. He got thrown into the dungeons, awaiting his execution, but seeing as how he's alive, Ris managed to escape and vowed to one day take revenge.

That was 2 years ago. Now Ris survives solely on stealing and cheating people out of their money. Last he heard of Florence, he'd made it to the royal palace, not that he's still hung up on him or anything.

Asirra James, Mother: She taught him magic and took care of him as best she could, he misses her greatly.

Donar Van Ernst, Father: He didn't expect to have a child, and while his parenting tactics were a little unorthodox, Ris still loves him.

Probably a lot more half siblings he's never met.

None I can think of.

Florence Erdan, former lover: I'll strangle the bastard and punch him repeatedly in his pretty little face!

A lot of pissed off nobles and victims of my tricks.

Peasant, I suppose, but I used to work for the nobles.

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Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
Full Name:
White demon
Her actual age is just over a year but due to her specie having a highly rapid growth rate her body is around the human age of 18
Amia is one of the Nalasii, the result of pregnant Basilisks birthing in their human form. The result is an intelligent hybrid creature with the mind of a human, but the body of an animal. First appearing thousands of years ago during the Thyeronic insurrection, the Nalasii were originally used as a form of weapon against the Dragons, albeit indirectly by targeting key allies, like the people of soon to be Frostburne. They were extremely successful, driving entire clans of men extinct, as a result they soon became more like war dogs and pets of war mongers instead of people. The Nalasii were finally stopped after the Dragons defeated the Basilisks, driving them to the far western borders of Vian. The Nalasii were separated from their ancestral creators, the Basilisks, and forced to reside in the Barrens of Eondal. For millennia they have lived there, struggling to survive in the unforgiving deserts, becoming more and more animal than person. Long thought to be extinct, the Nalasii have been forgotten by man and disregarded by the Dragons. However, recent stories of frontier caravans being attacked by odd human-like creatures have sparked interest from the Vian Natives. The Master of Wuld himself had ordered for these creatures to be investigated and captured at all costs. No one has successfully captured one, but the rumors of the Nalasii have prompted many bold and idiotic fools to seek them out.
In addition the Nalasii have very distinct sounds that they make
(heres what they sound like)
Why Do You Want to be a Mercenary?:
enhanced strength-
Amia exhibits enhanced physical strength and durability due to the enhanced density of her muscles, mostly in her tail which reaches to 3-4 meters long from where it is connected to her, though her kind still has similar strength in her body. in addition with the ability to climb walls and ceilings she has the strength to hold her self up for hours at a time. Able to lift triple her weight or more.
superhuman speed-
Amia's species has superhuman speed able to reach up to 150 mph in a full hard sprint.
enhanced senses-
Amia shows unmatched senses such as vision, hearing, and smell, in addition she has a long tongue (3 feet) that she seems to be able to use as another sensor much like a snake.
hypnotic vision-
Aia's species seem to be able to hypnotize there prey via extended eye contact.
hypno eyes are very rarely seen for the fact that Aia doesn't know how to use them at all the most they do is immobilize her target so she can eat them.
Mastery of Power:
strength, speed-
these abilities are mostly master cause they are normal for her species though her being young for her species she doesn't fully understand her own strength and capabilities. Her hypnotic vision being her least known power having only begun to unlock it
strength- Amia can at most lift a fully sized carriage up with her tail and throw it, break through brick wall and materials weaker than 4 inch metal walls
speed- Amia has a max speed of 150 mph at a full dead sprint and can sustain that speed for a little before she tires out, the lower the speeds the longer she can run.
hypnotic eyes- her limit with this ability is she doesn't understand how to use it at all so if it is used its used by accident
her age would be the biggest limit of her abilities. not having any other of her kind around leaving her to learn about her abilities on her own. The fact that she is an animal in the first place is difficult. making it unable for her to go out on her own as well as learn the human language on her own.
Advanced hunting instincts-
Amia's species seem to have enhanced hunting instincts. able to expertly hunt down her prey no matter what it is and strike with precision and expertise of vital organs
Good or Evil?:
hunting, Tracking, finding trouble
Socializing, learning more complex things like language and how to act human
Curious, wild, Animalistic. These are the most used words when describing Amia's personality. Amia is a very curious being, most likely from seeing this new part of the world though her curiosity comes from her instincts to learn all she can about her environment around her and how best to fit into the places around here. Many say wild cause she is quite literally an animal and not a person, many even refer to her as a dog cause the way she acts. Always sniffing around to see what is what, often very cuddly an wanting of attention from people she is familiar with. Seeming to attach or imprint her self to a person for the lack of an elder of her own species to guide her. the most basic all around explanation for her though is Animalistic. Very driven by her instincts to eat, and learn despite her young age which is also plainly seen in her physique. a mouth that's filled with fangs, strong legs and tail for running and fighting as well as climbing and other uses. Enhanced senses to use for hunting, if anything Amia is an animal, just one that's smart enough to learn how to be human and fit in.
learning, pleasing those she likes, finding new things
bad smells, people who threaten her "family"
Amia was separated from her family not long after birth due to hunters trying to capture her and her parents. As far as she knows her parents are dead, leaving her alone to roam the world. She quickly learned how to hide and sneak around the empty desserts of home though her one fault was that she had no elder to teach her to stay away from everyone else. Due to this she started finding groups of travelers and "attacking them" so to speak. Scaring them off then raiding there carriages and things with curiosity.
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