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@Trektek I have a second OC, Swee, that goes along with Mercy that I plan to write soon. Would it be too late if I submit her character sheet in a few days?


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And we are live



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Nothing that truly needs to be filled, but if you wish to make some sort of fighter/tank type character. Right now the group has a half dragon/mage, a army mage, an army recruit, two thieves , two magical pirates, a mermaid nurse, and a harpy


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Is there a church of some kind in this universe that has a high standing? If so, would it be possible for me to make either a high priest of sort who is able to give buffs (or something to others) through prayer along with gaining strength in doings so (different verses, obviously)


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Oh yes. Thousands of years ago there was The Great Demon War where the Demons tried to Conquer/Destroy the world led by an evil God. But they were defeated and sealed away in another realm.


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I would say the Series and Merefolk would have a tense relationship although it wouldn't be hostile , just tense to where merefolk would avoid them and serines would be mildly hostile if they see one of them alone.

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