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Futuristic Light in a Lonely Galaxy CS

Fishman Lord

(CS is subject to possible change, please stick to human and near-human characters for now)
Appearance: Image or description. Remember, with genetic engineering and augmentation, many groups of human descendants may have green skin, new eye colors, extra limbs, and a vast variety of other cosmetic and physical differences ranging from minor to drastic.
Personality: A few sentences at least. Are they quick to anger, are they calm, what are their likes and dislikes, all that stuff.
Backstory: Where were they born? Were they born on the ship or did they join it later on? Did they grow up in a hyper-advanced posthuman technological utopia or were they born in some planet that had regressed to medieval tech and redisovered advanced tech because of the ship's visit? If it was their decision, why'd they choose to join the ship's crew?
Crew role: Are they a diplomat? A scientist? Do they help the AIs run the ship? What is their job on the ship?
Skills: What useful skills do they have that can help them and the ship's crew?
Other: Anything else that doesn't fit into the other categories.


Fishman, could you give me a few more options as a crew role? What would be interesting or important for the ship? Would a researcher be welcome ?

Fishman Lord

Fishman, could you give me a few more options as a crew role? What would be interesting or important for the ship? Would a researcher be welcome ?
Researchers would be very welcome. What kind of researcher would they be? An archaeologist? An anthropologist? An astronomer? A biologist? Something else? Other roles that would be wanted would be diplomats, soldiers, engineers, doctors, programmers, pilots, as well as other roles.


Researchers would be very welcome. What kind of researcher would they be? An archaeologist? An anthropologist? An astronomer? A biologist? Something else? Other roles that would be wanted would be diplomats, soldiers, engineers, doctors, programmers, pilots, as well as other roles.

I'm a researcher myself, but it would be really complicated to fit my field inside a spaceship, lol. And also, I'm not sure if I could keep up with the knowledge about it, but maybe an anthropologist would be really interesting. If you have something in mind I would appreciate as well!

Fishman Lord

I'm a researcher myself, but it would be really complicated to fit my field inside a spaceship, lol. And also, I'm not sure if I could keep up with the knowledge about it, but maybe an anthropologist would be really interesting. If you have something in mind I would appreciate as well!
An anthropologist would be very interesting, seeing the very diverse and varied branches of humanity, AIs, enhanced animals, and aliens all over the galaxy. I would actually recommend anthropologist, since they'd be in the field a lot and get to interact a lot with local cultures.

Fishman Lord

Name: Fiternugo Isak Sampyti Uukislan (The second name is his primary name, Isak)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Isak is about 6'5". He is white, not in a traditional racial sense but actually pure milky white. His eyes are an almost neon pink. His hair is short and pitch black, contrasting with his white skin. He has a slightly small nose and an average mouth with lips of average thickness. One ear has been replaced by a cybernetic ear, allowing the ship's AIs to communicate with him more easily and for greatly enhanced hearing. He has a moderate build.

Personality: Isak is friendly enough. However, he only really likes talking to people who are already his friends, and is a little more awkward around strangers and acquaintances. If you share some interests and are nice to him, he'll eventually be your friend, although it might be a bit of a struggle. He absolutely hates having information he already knows being repeated at him and will get visuslly annoyed if you try to instruct or tell him about something he already knows.

Backstory: Isak was born on one of the countless frontier colonies. His colony was relatively new, only about 700 years old. It was called Mukirimar and was mostly inhabited by the Iskinda Uki species, who shared the common trait of pure white skin and black hair, as well as neon-colored eyes. They had engineered themselves this way for religious purposes originally, however they abandoned their religion about a hundred years into the colony's existence and so the traits continued through the gene pool with no real purpose except aesthetics. The Mukrimar colony was mid-tech, being largely utopian and allowing its citizens to do what they pleased within the confines of the law, but tens of millenia behind many parts of the Inner Expanse. The Iskinda Uki established a few colonies in nearby systems, but they were independent and not part of some larger coalition. Isak grew up on Mukirimar, living in a gigantic colony complex containing everything he could ever need. However, he always felt bored by being confined to a single system. He always wanted more. He spent most of his education studying the hugely vast and diverse history of Earthkind. He always wished he could go see these amazing worlds and histories for himself, but the interstellar ships that occasionally passed through were often full AI-ships or didn't want or need new crew. That finally changed when the Star Maker made a quick 3-month stop around Mukirimar. His great knowledge of Expanse history and more importantly his cultural knowledge made him useful to the adventurers who ran the ship, and so on its next departure Isak was one of the people in cryosleep aboard the Star Maker as it pushed its way towards the next star.

Crew role: Isak is mostly a historian aboard the Star Maker, recording the local histories and cultures which often span thousands of years. Because of his knowledge in cultures and such, he is also one of the ship's negotiators/diplomats/traders.

Skills: Isak has a huge knowledge of history. He is a fairly good negotiator/diplomat as well, although he doesn't particularly enjoy it. He can barter and work with traders and merchants, and knows how to get a good price. He can fight if needed, although ground combat is very different than it used to be a hundred and fifty thousand years ago and combat is often carried out in more subtle or automated ways.​
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Casualy coming your way, stand by.
Name: Voulshtar Len Lettli ( Common Name: Lettli )

Gender: Svessian Male

--Appearance: The Svessi are commonly described by the other guests of the Starmaker as a cross between an insectoid, a bird, and a humanoid; as any member of his species, Lettli shares the base traits of a semi-rigid pseudo-exoskeleton covering the majority of the body, sharp, four-fingered hands and feet, rigid, almost unmoving lips that make the pronounciation of b, m, and p sounds nearly impossible, and big, wide irises almost seeming to glow against the pitch dark globe of their bigger and slightly elongated eyes.
Len also shares the pale-white scale color that is most predominant in his species, but lacks the facial "headtallons", semi-flexible skin extensions used to redirect and irradiate heat that could be mistaken for a human haircut, or even a beard, altough only male svessians develop headtallons in the jaw and mouth areas. Instead, his white scalpel is smooth; this is quite a rare occurance amongst the Svessi. His irises appear to glow with a blueish taint, wich matches quite well with the natural pale-blue of his jaw.

For clothing, Len ususaly prefers to keep the undergarment of the MCS (Mechanical Counterpressure Suit) on, probably as a sign of pride that he doesnt have enough balls to admit (his mother always told him that women love astronauts, so it kind of sank in) . On top of that he puts the decorative robes of the Voulshtar family, keeping his head covered in a hood of classic Vayr desing: large, but well cradled to the head, addourned with white stripes and, no matter what, always matching the colour of the eyes.


As his species chose to come aboard the Starmaker for a prolongued period as active crew, he had been exposed to pressures and responsibilities, both technical and ethical, since his very birth. Svessians take their education seriously, and his's was centered on keeping harmony with the limited size of the ship and the contant diversity of the crew no matter the cost. He absorved enough of that education not to get in trouble with the AI's, but not much more.
Prideful almost to a fault, he has gone to great lenghts before to prove his skills and (self-entitled) virtues, and even with his elevated position of agency as a commanding officer of the Starmaker's escort fleet, his ambitions didnt die down completely. While calm and calculated, as any captain has to be, he can be easy to anger if his abilities are put to question too bluntly.

Strangely enough, despite being actively questioned by the AI's of the ship multiple times, he ended up developing some strong links to them and keeps active communication with them, altough only trough very non-invasive cibernetics. Like a typical Svessian, he has a natural distrust for automated systems and will find a way to take manual control of a vessel if he knows it's viable to do so.
Also like most svessians, he is dutiful and takes the hardships of his task aboard the starship with tireless zeal, and has his guilty pleasures that more than once left his comrades very much freaked out. The Svessi have many excentric methods of stress relief, after all. He did go to one of the infamous "Svessian Rave Parties" once or twice so far, which may or may not have resulted in a child or two.... no one knows.

--Backstory: Len hails from one of five svessian families that volunteered to join the Starmaker upon it's arrival.
The Svessi of Vaycherslav System have a substantialy long history dating about 5 thousand years since their arrival to it's single habitable planet, the arid planet Vayr, under desperate conditions. The reasons have been lost to time and tragedy, but their colony ship landed under such traumatic conditions that only a fraction of the settlers onboard survived what was most likely a genuine crash.
The accident destroyed all, if not most, of the equipment, and they had lost virtualy all records of their origins in the event. Many Vayrian archeologists commented that most who look back at this period of their history consider it nothing less than a miracle that they managed to find biological compatibility with their new planet's ecosystem and survive, altough some suggested that they might have recieved their marking traits specificaly to survive in Vayr, and that was their saving bless. Perhaps they simply forgot that detail after so many millenia.

Despite this setback which trew his people back to extremely low stages of civilization, and despite wars, calamities and continuing tragedy, Len's race managed to get all the way back to K-1.4 by the time the Starmaker arrived. As an agreement to acquire information about nieghbouring stars from the Starmaker's travels, five voluteering families with prodigious legacies in the multiple sciences emigrated to the ship to travel by it's (in)side during it's future journeys.

Lettli himself was actualy born in the Starmaker, as the five guest families aboard have been with the ship for many "ship-decades" ( time spent aboard the ship while not in cryosleep ) by now. He shares very little of his homeworld's history, and was never realy interested in it, much to his family's disapointment.

--Crew role: Astromilitary officer. He was recently promoted from Wingmaster of the 50th Fighter Drone Wing to Captain of Watchtower-class Frigate "Hailed Scimitar", and reserve Captain of Shieldmaiden-class Frigate "Frost Towel".

Skills: His training and practical experience with spaceship operations and maintenance is extensive. From his time inside the Starmaker, both as a civilian and a navy commander, he also has formal specialization in Computer Engineering for Cyberwarfare Defense, Astromilitary Logistics, AI Interactions and Xenodiplomacy, altough he effectively only learned enough about this last course to know the "four commandments of first contact":
Dont shoot the aliens,
Dont touch unidentified organisms or put your face close to them,
Dont try to tell a joke to the aliens,
Dont shoot the fucking aliens.

Dont expect him to do anything else right if left alone with new aliens.


Casualy coming your way, stand by.
I'm a researcher myself, but it would be really complicated to fit my field inside a spaceship, lol. And also, I'm not sure if I could keep up with the knowledge about it, but maybe an anthropologist would be really interesting. If you have something in mind I would appreciate as well!

You know, xenoanthropology always struck me as a very time-consuming job, that probably takes generations to complete. How do you see it?


Murphy was an optimist.
Name : K'tharazhanaa V'nyr N'see (Kthara)

Gender : Male

Race : ZeeValkniriseer'eere (Valknir)

The Valknir are recent additions to the tally of sentient beings, and there is much debate over their origins. The most popular being that they are a 'seeded' race that was abandoned by their creator. The obvious links to old Terran big cats tend to support this idea, though in depth genetic studies are on-going. Whatever their origins, the Valknir have been in existence long enough that they are now effectively their own species, far removed from their initial stock.

Appearance : Kthara.jpg

Personality : On duty, Kthara is a consummate professional, doing his best to discharge any duties and responsibilities assigned to him. Off duty, he is generally friendly and curious, especially about the customs of other races. He is, like all Valknir, sensitive to matters of honor, though as one of the newer generation, he is less likely to call for an honor duel than some of the older Valknir. If gravely insulted however, or the honor of the Valknir in general is impugned, he will not hesitate to challenge his attacker to a duel. He has never declared vilknarma (blood feud/debt), and would have to be severely provoked to do so. When alone, he enjoys playing a silthar (Valknir lap harp).

Bio : Kthara is the product of a mixed phenotype mating. He inherited his 'stalker' mother's smaller size, and his 'runner' father's stamina and coloration. He received a certain degree of teasing over his smaller stature, which escalated as he grew older. Unfortunately for his tormentors, Kthara inherited his mother's cunning as well as her smaller size, and coupled with a 'runners' stamina, he became a skilled combatant. He didn't win all his challenges, but he would always manage to gain the respect of his opponents, even when he lost, and by the time he was old enough to choose his lifepath, no one bothered the 'runt' except in good natured teasing. Joining the military after completing his primary education, Kthara finally came up against a limit he could not overcome. He just could not keep up with regular 'runners' in the open field. Rather than let this defeat him, Kthara applied to, and was accepted by, the Specialist Corps. The Specialist Corps provided small security units to the various diplomatic missions that the Valknir supported, though there were always rumors about 'other' missions. Kthara's smaller size proved quite useful for shipboard actions, was well as work on some of the smaller races space stations. When the Valknir were re-introduced to the galaxy beyond the few races they had contact with, Kthara was chosen to be one of the brave adventurers to travel into the greater unknown. When the Star Maker passed through the Valkah system, Kthara eagerly boarded to begin his journey.

Crew role : Diplomatic security specialist. Also acts as a shuttle/fighter pilot.(When AI is not the right choice for the job.)

Skills : Armed and unarmed combat specialist. Extensively trained for station and shipboard actions. Excellent pilot(for a non-AI) thanks to heightened reflexes. Also an amateur Xenologist who enjoys learning all he can about other races and cultures.


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Name: Taermor'Krin (Krin is a title, Taermor his name.)

Gender: Male

Karugan have a tough, dark, heat resistant armour of chitin over their exoskeleton. Unfortunately, no one knows what they look like underneath, as it is their custom to wear it at nearly all times. The closest anyone would get would be to watch them take the lower part of their mask off to eat.
As they are very heat resistant, Karugan are not afraid of putting limbs into the flames of their forges. In fact, the signature weapon of a Krin would be something akin to a flamethrower, as it poses no danger to them. However, they do not carry them around the Star Maker for safety reasons.
Personality: Straightforward, honest, and easygoing, it's hard to not get along with him. He loves to practice smithing with an authentic Karugan forge, though he is far from any mastery. He is loyal to those he calls friends, and to that end, he is friendly to everyone he meets onboard the Star Maker.

Backstory: Karugan are genetically altered humans, having changed drastically over nearly a thousand years they have been around. Karugan were designed to be a kind of exterminators, protecting colonies from hostile wildlife. Now, they are employed as security guards, soldiers, and escorts to explorers. They have a preference to equipment made from the metals their forges temper.

Taermor was raised in the company of other Karugans that signed on to assist the Star Maker, working as simple escorts for any expeditions led into new planets, and as security. He had not known any other place as home, so in his mind the Star Maker is the only place for him. As such, he has made every effort to help out wherever he can.

Crew Role: His title "Krin" means torch. It is a rank of command over other Karugan soldiers.
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Name: Alexandrus Benedictus Maximus

Gender: Male Hominum Melioris

Appearance: at first glance, most of the Hominum Melioris look exactly like an ancestor human. But a closer look you can see some small differences related to bio-enhancement. Most of his body has some minor but significant upgrades regarding movement, sight, and strength, not just as genetic but also through electronic implants. Alexandrus is tall and muscular for a common scientist, he has short black hair and deep hazel eyes, looking at him is like facing the beauty aesthetic perfection that sought from the humans of before.

Personality: Alex is usually calm. Most of the time his tone voice reinforces the fact that he considers himself a better species than the others around him. Since he was born to be a researcher, he relegates himself to the logic itself and rarely acts based on emotion, but that doesn’t remove the fact that he is always smiling.

Backstory: The Hominum Melioris call themselves as the closest species of humans from the first explorer's thousands of years ago. Going back to the roots of the civilization itself was a way to form and recreate the idea of a better sapiens. Considered one of the most advanced civilizations, regarding technology and genetics improvements, the Hominum Melioris usually prefer to dominate other species trough diplomacy and espionage. Although they do hold a powerful but small army, few battles were commanded or started by them.

Crew role: Alex is an anthropologist, one of the most renowned from Primus Earth, possessing a truly and unique knowledge of Old Earth, he wants to find other traces from the firsts space pilgrims.

Skills: Alexandrus, as much of all the others Hominum Melioris males has military and diplomatic training.

Other: All the Hominum Melioris that are selected to be part of space explorations, have longer life spam. Usually, they can live up to 150 years thanks to the genetic improvements, and some say that a few can live longer than that.

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Name: Maerioc Skyston (Likes to be called Lord of Skytown)
Gender: Male

Personality: He is a pain. A child. You ask him a question you generally wont like his first few answers. However he still likes to help and is always there when needed. However if you 'want a hand' with some minor task, you are best of asking anyone else. Thanks to his 'superior' intellect he can be quite pretentious and condescending too, which is all the more annoying considering his childish attitude.
Backstory: He was born in a backwater planet that had long in its past decided that AI were demonic. While they are generally past that now they still view them with distrust and try to avoid them at all costs. This meant that all vehicles needed to be controlled manually, a role he grew to love. While the planet was far from primitive it was certainly not as advanced as the core worlds, largely due to its lack of AI assistance. Having all jobs completed by humans slowed the process but also meant that everyone on the planet had a job and were given all they could be given to help them complete it as swiftly as possible.
Crew role: Scientist/Researcher. His role is to find uses for objects and expand the value and usage of their knowledge and materials
Skills: He is very smart and has an augment to increase his brain function. Allowing to think and act faster. This allows his conscious (and subconscious) to act almost as fast as a computer. While this does not actually increase his knowledge, his intelligence is almost on the level of a basic AI.
He is also not to bad dealing with combat in the field and is adept at piloting ships, often choosing to take over from the AI instead of being 'ferried around'. While this is certainly a less efficient way to fly, he can often pull manoeuvres and tricks that the AI generally can't.
Other: His biological age is about 27.
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