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Multiple Settings lib's multifandom & original plot search

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One Time Luck

What's up? I'm lib (she/her or they/them) and I'm looking for people to RP with. I've on-and-off roleplayed since I was a kid but only started doing more longform, private RPing with friends in the past few years.

  • I'm good with onsite DMs or discord for rping!​
  • I'm primarily an OC writer. I do have a handful of CCs I feel comfortable playing, feel free to ask me who I can write if I don't specify.​
  • I don't prioritize romance but I'm open to writing it. I like every gender combo for pairings (including NB characters) though I'm the least experienced with MxM. I'm okay with OCxOC and CanonxOC, but CCxCC depends on the pair for me. I'm tentatively okay with crossover pairs too.​
  • My timezone is EST! My schedule is sporadic, but when I'm very into the RP I can go up to multiple posts per day. I might miss out on a few days here and there, but this does not mean that I have ghosted you or abandoned the RP.​
  • I'd consider myself a literate writer. I prefer to write in third person past tense. I tend to stick to a couple paragraphs on average, but I will match you if you go longer. I don't write purple prose, but I do like introspection and setting the scene.​
  • I like talking OOC! It keeps my investment up and I love throwing ideas back and forth, talking about our characters, and what sort of story beats and twists we can come up with.​
  • If I use face claims or stuff like picrew, I use them temporarily for a basic visual idea of how the character looks. When I have time, I draw my characters.​

  • I don't have many of these lol​
  • I'm 20, so I would prefer to RP with people older than 18 (if you're an older 17 it's whatever). I don't write smut I just feel more comfortable with people closer to my age.
  • I'd like to write with people who can do one to three paragraphs if necessary, people who write longer are fine too. If you're struggling to write something long that's fine, I'd rather we move the scene along than have to think of filler sentences.​
  • I don't mind writing more characters and steering things along, but be open to picking up more than just your main if it starts getting overwhelming​
  • For ghosting, I don't care too much if you want to dip. If you lose interest, just send me a quick goodbye so I know that things are done with. I like this stuff to be fun and stress-free, you don't need to tell me why if you don't want to.​

🖐- means that I only write OCs in this verse.
👊- means that I only write CCs in this verse.
👌 - means that I can do either!

Bolded are ones I'm very into. I don't remember a couple of these too well so I might have to brush up pre-RP, but here's the stuff I'm interested in right now. I have preexisting OCs for some of these but I don't mind making new ones. You can also ask me if I'm interested in other stuff, but I will say as a warning I tend to mostly get into anime/manga, I don't have much interest in live action. If you have AU ideas feel free to share them as well.

  • 👌 SOUL EATER - Crona
  • 👊 UNDERTALE/DELTARUNE (??) - UT!Asgore and maybeee Susie?
  • 👌 FIRE EMBLEM: THREE HOUSES - Byleth (any gender)

Some of these I thought of with characters in mind, some of them are just original settings to drop into that are vague enough to be built on more during RP or planning. I'm also happy to hear any plot hooks you have if you think it can go well with any of these!

The Walls Have Ears. (low power/street-tier heroes and villains, modern day)

In an age of spandex-clad heroes who can send kaijus flying with one hit, one would assume information no longer holds much power. If you thought that, you'd be wrong. The average Superman cannot use his mighty strength to bust through the complicated intel network that today's supervillains operate behind. But where there's crime, a hero will always rise to meet it - even if they aren't the ones saving the day with flash and gusto.​
Intelligence, charisma, money, connections... If you had all those, you might be able to consider yourself a successful businessman. But for superpowered masterminds, such things are a trifle. Corporations kneel to those who pull the strings, who choose to stand behind CEOs with empty power who can represent them. These things happen with mundanely evil rich people, too, but a certain line is crossed when you choose to use your abilities for evil. That's just the basics, what makes people choose to put on the mask. And people of all kinds do so - to beat back muggers, to protect cities, to protect the world itself. But here, what we do is help those above ourselves. Your ego-fueled, arrogant masterminds aren't going to be thinking of the ants that crawl out of their buildings with their files, their plans, and every bit of blackmail they have. No, no, of course not. They hire exterminators for that.​
That's just what life is like when you're not at the top. But these heroes still strive as much as their building-breaking counterparts, and the villains who chase after them do so with the same determination as the big shots that hired them. Welcome to the streets of New Astro City - enjoy your stay.​

Exile of the Deserts. (no magic, all-human fantasy)
Red dunes, an overbearing sun overhead, and a land crawling with deadly beasts. A sprawling kingdom that rules over the nomadic tribes and the peasant settlements that are littered across the desert. Within the land of Dennou, might makes right, much to the displeasure of the weak who are trampled underfoot. Teaching children to fight before they're taught anything else, Dennou is a martial culture at its heart and is almost always benefitting from constant sieges and war campaigns. Yet the kingdom has its own strife, its own inequalities, that torment those who are not at the top. The weak - elderly folks, women, the physically 'imperfect', to say a few - are constantly beaten back if they dare to revolt and rise against the strength-first world they live in. But they can and will fight back, and a revolution is beginning to rise on the outskirts of the Kingdom and carve its way inward.​
There are those who inspire such a revolution, defending the weak and defying the shackles that the so-called strong try to impose. One such woman is unknown by name - but has made herself known as a black knight on golden wyvernback, a one-woman army slayer who always escapes capture. She is known to the guardsmen who try to chase her down as the Exile... leading one to wonder where she could have come from, and what has given her such infamy amongst the royal military. Perhaps your path will cross with hers. Perhaps it won't. Either way, it seems as if there's a great deal of mystery surrounding this woman, and a great many people want to find out what it is...​

Chasing Moonlight. (middle fantasy, 100% cozy)

On the outskirts of the snowy mountains, far away where grand adventures are held, lies a humble town called Stalia. Folks from all walks of life seem to have stumbled upon the quaint little village, seeking respite and comfort. But people come and go, chasing after their own dreams and leaving Stalia as a pitstop. Heroes have no time to stay, nor do the villains that chase after them. Stalia has a certain charm to it, however, that may make leaving harder than it seems for those who don't have anything better to do.​
One such traveler hasn't left in years.​
Ashio Tsukiri was a name once known to many. A legendary tournament fighter - someone who made swordsmanship into art, inspiration. A champion, an entertainer, someone who captivated and pulled in an audience like no other. But that was in the past, and a life like that now feels more like a fleeting dream. Now all that remains is a man with nothing left to chase after but the echoes of his old emotions. All his sword is put to use for is defending the quiet snow-covered town, fighting back wicked beasts and wicked men. Yet he doesn't do it for good - he just desperately wishes to mimic the passion he once had in his swordplay. But nothing lasts forever, and so this morose swordsman stays as a haunt of the town taverns, wondering when he'll be able to capture a part of himself that seems lost forever.​


I'm willing to give most things a shot but I do have some settings/genres I really don't like. Overly high fantasy, "realistic" mundane RP with no theme, zombie apocalypses, or 'lazy' urban fantasy that shoves mythical creatures and magic into an otherwise identical-to-our-Earth setting is straight out for me. Anything else is fair game.
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Hi there! Are you still looking for a Fire Emblem rp? I would love to brainstorm and see what we could come up with for that universe! :)


Megalomaniac Reshiram
Hi! Are you up for a Pokémon rp? I'm really well versed in the Pokémon games, so I think we could make something really interesting. Maybe go in depth in something that's not thoroughly explained in the games?


One Time Luck
Hi! Are you up for a Pokémon rp? I'm really well versed in the Pokémon games, so I think we could make something really interesting. Maybe go in depth in something that's not thoroughly explained in the games?
Yeah sure! Mind messaging me so we can talk about any ideas we have?


New Member
Hey! I'm new to this site but I've been writing for a long time, and I'd love to RP with you if you're still looking for people :) I'm interested in the Jujutsu Kaisen RP!

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