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Multiple Settings Liberty or Death (Alternative History Interest Check)

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Action, Adventure, AU, Historical

Mr. Cowboy

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Is this still open?

EDIT: If this is, I have thoughts of producing an Irish character that's Catholic, has fought in the Spanish Civil War (if it happened) and is a cavalryman. I also contemplate producing a Frenchman that fought in the Great War and is now visiting relatives in America.
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Since there has been no reply in the roleplay thread for a long time it is with heavy heart that I announce this group roleplay canceled. I apologize if I had in any shape or form failed as a GM. To be honest I had high hopes for this story but now I believe it won’t work as part of a large group effort. Take care everyone and again I’m sorry. Even with this setback I‘m going to try to roleplay stories in this alternative history scenario though one on one threads.

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Sorry it failed, I was kinda waiting for more replies before having Karl do more than drinking beer in the background lol

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