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Nation Building Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - A Low Fantasy Revolution NRP


ゆうじん A
One of the things that I was always interested in was the numerous aspects and movements that partook in the Russian Revolution. From the Communist Reds, the Tsarist Whites, and Anarchist Blacks to the various nationalist movements and opportunists who tried to carve out a bit of Russia. Thus, the idea I have for this RP is a fictional, low fantasy NRP based on the Russian Revolution. It would focus more on the rural/less populous areas that were more recently colonized (last several decades) by the Empire. This would allow everyone to have a bit more liberty without have to worry too much about the main war. This RP will focus on this regional conflict, which focuses more on the countryside in the early parts of the Revolution. That doesn't mean that you won't be fighting brutal battles in large cities, but that will be something you build up to. Your character will start off as a small local military officer, politician, party representative, or whatever else you can think of.

If you're interested, then PM me the following filled out. This RP will not be first come, first serve. I'm looking for solid RPing and for people not to treat this as if it were only a game, meaning... I will frown upon min-maxing especially if it makes no sense for your faction. Also, I will not accept too many people so that I can keep up as the GM. Feel free to ask questions or if you have comments/suggestions then talk to me!



Part 1

What kind of character/faction do you have in mind? Has your character been a loyal Captain of the Emperor's Army? Perhaps, a political officer of the Communists who has been organizing rallies for the last decade? Or maybe, you're just an opportunistic mercenary... trying to pull off a Von Ungern. I want details and solid background lore here! Since this is low fantasy, feel free to be creative. I've left a lot of things somewhat vague for good reason.

Part 2

You have 15 points to distribute among all these stats

Leadership: (This will dictate how effective your character will be in general)

Command: (This effects how effective your NCOs, junior officers, and/or subordinates are. You can't be everywhere, so you need people to organize/oversee things on your behalf.)

Loyalty: (This effects how many, effective and loyal your grunt, comrades, normal people under you are in the beginning.)

Population: (Self explanatory. How many people will be under your "control" at the start. I say "control" because if you have low loyalty for example, then most of the people in the settlement that you start off in might not really be that willing to follow your orders.)

Reputation: (How likable/trustworthy/charismatic your faction as a whole is.)

Equipment: (What kind of supplies, weapons, and etc you have and in what quantity.)

Education: (Largely applies to how many skilled people/officers your faction starts off with and the general level of intelligence of your faction. A score of 0 would be saying that pretty much everyone in the faction is illiterate and can barely count to how many fingers that they have left.)

Part 3

Diplomatic Relations - Assign points, but they have to equal to zero. Thus, you can have a +2 with the Emperor, but you need to place -2 total relations elsewhere as well.

Your character likely has some history with a faction. This can be beneficial, but also be harmful since the various movements in the war will form various alliances and take certain actions that will impact the RP. In fact, certain movements may even fracture due to internal conflict. But to start off, you can bet that having a pro-Emperor character/faction will have you favorably seen by other conservative movements, but expect hostility from the communists and perhaps the socialists too. These overall relations can shift throughout the RP, and you can be neutral. However, by taking a side, you will start the RP out with a bonus thanks to your friends. As they say, a friend to all is a friend to none.

White Movement (Conservative, Pro-Monarchy)
Red Movement (Socialist, Communist)
Black Movement (Anarchist, Nationalist)


GaiaOnline Ex-Patriot
This sounds pretty neat! I would be curious to see how it works, as I've never played in a Nation Building RP before, or even know really how one could play in it. I would want to lead a peasant revolution under the Red Movement, centered around a charasmatic recently freed serf, leading a horde of uneducated, un-loyal, former slaves!!! Do you have maybe any resources on how to RP in a Nation Building styled RP? Or a good RP, which I could use to look as an example?


ゆうじん A
Hmm, if I can get 3 dedicated people, then I'll be willing to get this properly up and started. Also @SkankingDevil , welcome to the NRP section! It's relatively straight forward. Typically, you RP as your "nation's" or group's leader(s), and through your words and ideas for the group, I as the GM, provide some results. So, you would typically RP as your leader and let's say you want to have your group explore the area a bit. You could RP out a scene where you have a small meeting with your scouts, talking about plans and ideas that you want them to follow. For a good example, check out this old RP:

"Lost Continent: Flight From Muurdaan" (BeckonCall's FNB!)

I think you'll have a decent idea of what its like after reading a page or two.


If you are interested, then please PM me your application.


New Member
Anarchists are not nationalists.

So I don’t know where the idea of the black army of Russia or the machnochina of Ukraine are viewed as “nationalists” outside of far right entryist groups such as the so called “national anarchsits” and far right groups in Ukraine attempting to claim the mahknochina as their own, when they would have been enemies.

As for the mention of Antifa... antifa includes anarchists, communists, socialists, social Democrat’s and in Russia some weird nationalists who are centrist in political orientation.


Adventurous Dreamer
>Black movement (Anarchist, Nationalist)
Antifascist didn't existed back then because fascism didn't existed yet.They are often confused for Anarchist cause of the similarity with the black flag of Anarchy.

Also is right to say that the anarchists were not nationalists not back then and neither now.

In eastern Ukraine at the time of the Russian revolution there were a faction of nationalists however but they opposed the anarchists.Later they have been part of the civil war.

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