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Hello and welcome to my search thread. I am Shroud (well that's my username at least), 26 years old and like many of you looking for roleplay partners. Hmmm best to get to the information part quickly so we can get to the good stuff right?


About me:
- I write in third person past tense
- I write between 2 - 4 paragraphs depending on time, inspiration and situation taking place in the story.
- I try to reply often but real life has me replying rather sporadically. There are times I can reply every day while other times I can only reply once or twice a week.
- I prefer LGBT+ pairings to MxF
- I love OOC talk. You can chat with me about characters, plot, the weather or vent about life, etc... I'm open to it all.
- I use realistic, anime and realistic art face claims so you can just say which type you prefer to use and we will use those.

About you:
- are willing to mirror my reply length
- can reply at least twice a week
- are LGBT+ friendly
- follow RPN rules
- are willing to plan and plot with me, don't leave all the work to me and I promise I won't do that either.
- can write posts that can be understood and try to avoid obvious grammar and punctuation mistakes.


Okay, there we go. That part is done now and we can move to the fun stuff!

Themes I like: (in no particular order)
  • Crime​
  • Drama​
  • Romance​
  • Mystery​
  • Psychological​
  • Horror​
  • Supernatural​
  • Historical (not historically accurate, I'm only interested in a made up historical setting)​
  • Modern​
  • Fantasy (not the too outrageous fantasy)​
  • And more​

Pairings I like: (there are more but those are a few I could think of without making an endless list lol, also in no specific order)

  • Vampire x vampire​
  • Vampire x vampire hunter​
  • Vampire x vampire (maker)​
  • Vampire x first human​
  • Vampire x werewolf​
  • Witch x witch​
  • Witch x demon​
  • Witch x human​
  • Rivals​
  • Criminal consultant x detective​
  • Criminal consultant x assistant​
  • Criminal consultant x criminal mastermind​

Other interests:
  • Reincarnation into a new world (kind of like isekai)​
  • Revenge​
  • Enemies/rivals to lovers​
  • Cursed/breaking curses​
  • Romance with obstacles​
  • Reborn​
  • Etc...​


And here are a couple of characters I already have but I can come up with more and like I mentioned before I can use realistic, anime or realistic art face claims so those can be switched depending on your preferences. I can also provide more information about existing characters or again, make entirely new ones:
Name: Sabrina Locke
Nickname: Brin
Age: 18
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Species: presumed human
Main personality traits:
+ adventurous
+ protective
+ independent
+ clever
- stubborn
- impulsive
- vengeful
- possessive

Role: she is looking for proof that witches exist and hopes to find a way to be able to do magic herself. Her obsession with magic started with a letter and pendant she received when her mother died. She is trying to prove that her mother wasn't insane but secretly fears she was and Brin could have inherited her insanity.

Possible themes: supernatural, drama, romance, mystery, psychological

Possible pairings:
- a witch trying to prevent her from finding proof
- a witch trying to get Brin to join her
- human best friend
- human with the same obsession with magic
- demon or fallen angel that used to know her mother



Name: Shey Morton
Nickname: N/A
Age: 24
Gender: male
Sexuality: homosexual
Species: human

Main personality traits:
+ clever
+ observant
+ determined
+ adventurous
- blunt
- impulsive
- arrogant
- obsessive

Role: a Sherlock type of character. He occasionally consults with the police because of his connections. Shey occasionally takes on other jobs besides consulting but once he gets what he came for he quits without much of a warning.

Possible themes: crime, psychological, drama, romance, mystery

Possible pairings:
- a rival consultant
- criminal mastermind (something like a Sherlock x Moriarty pairing just with our own characters and plot)
- live in assistant or best friend
- homicide detective (can also be a different type of detective)




Name: Wyatt Sterling
Nickname: people just call him Sterling, Wyatt or in rare cases Wy
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Sexuality: pansexual
Species: vampire

Main personality traits:
+ clever
+ intuitive
+ protective
+ perceptive
- selfish
- possessive
- cunning/crafty
- vindictive

Role: undecided

Possible themes: supernatural, psychological, drama, romance, horror, historical, modern

Possible pairings:
- a rival vampire
- vampire hunter
- servant or Rook (a human bound to a vampire by blood, they have an extended lifespan, heightened abilities and in exchange protect the vampire during the day when they sleep.)
- the vampire that turned him
- werewolf
- the first human he would bite to become a full vampire.



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It's more like k dramas (and other Asian dramas like Japanese, Chinese and Thai)

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