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Multiple Settings 🐙🌈 LF RP partners! Mostly nonfandom, romance, f/f, drama, fantasy, character focused | (OPEN) (+SAMPLES)


...guac will do
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Hello hello! I'm halcyon/guac. she/her. I’m your typical college student that likes to write! I've been roleplaying for 5-6 years now mostly through video games and writing for as long as I know. I've been lurking around until I knew I had more free time. Really excited to get to know you! I have a profile post with my basic information about myself regarding time, posts, etc. for future reference. That is straight up copy-pasted here, so no need to check. I'm pretty flexible regarding themes, settings, and characters, but have compiled some of them below. Please send me a message if you're interested!

About Me​

Partners 18+ please!

As a roleplayer, I enjoy getting really deep into characters and figuring out how they think while writing them. I like realistic, fleshed out characters that are typically morally gray. I'm not really a fandom roleplayer, so I'm not looking for that atm, sorry!

🗲 Prefer 1 on 1. I really like to explore characters in-depth, and I just feel like I can't really get into the nitty gritty with a party.
🗲 If romance heavy, prefer F/F. I can do M/F but learn towards F/F.
🗲 Prefer Discord. Definitely not non-negotiable, but I'm horrible at formatting here and I like being able to type from mobile comfortably if I'm on the go. At the end of the day I can do either.
🗲 PST time zone. I'm usually around, but even more around on Discord. I'm a night owl!
🗲 Not really fandom heavy. I can write it, but usually try to stick to my own characters and settings.
🗲 Replies around once a day, but usually much more. This can fluctuate greatly depending on how I am with classes, work, etc. Sometimes I can get into the flow and can RP post by post all day. Sometimes I won't reply for a couple of days. If I know I'm going to disappear for a bit, I'll let you know, and expect the same from you. One thing I am used to is RP 'sessions' - set times where we sit down and get a lot of posts in for a few hours. If this is something you'd be comfortable doing, please tell me! That's a massive plus as it's the format I'm most used to.
🗲 I like writing around characters rather than heavy worldbuilding. Obviously the setting is important, but I'm not always in the mood to get super deep into world lore or the niche details unless our RP goes on for a long time and I deem it worthy of both of our time. Let's start simpler!
🗲 My posts will usually be formatted consistently and I try to use correct grammar/capitalization, and would like to expect the same from you. I'm not going to go batshit if you forget a period or something but I would prefer a literate partner! do hope to write with people with decently structured posts for my small brain to follow along ^^
🗲 Okay with both smaller posts (100-250 words) and big typical forum RP posts. I'm more comfy with the former because I'm used to the text maximums in video games, but I'm down for anything! Feel free to let me know what you prefer and I'd be happy to accommodate until I get into my own groove.
🗲 Typically grittier themes. Morally dubious/mature themes are extremely common when it comes to my writing. If this isn't your thing, proceed at your own risk!
🗲 OOC chatter totally okay! I love doodling characters, talking hypotheticals, sharing dumb shit, or just talking about anything at all!

RP Starters​

I do have a couple characters I already have made and developed and would love to bring into another RP. If any of these interest you, please let me know outright and I'd be happy to send you art references/character sheets. I also love excuses to make new characters, so that's great too!

🗲 MAUDE. A cocky, rowdy and flirty ex-pirate with a penchant for danger and quite the stories to go alongside it. Tags; cult themes. Already existing backstory. Typically medieval. Violence. Character sheet/art available. LGBTQ. Female. (Update: Currently not really looking for more RP with this character, though it's not impossible. If she really piques your interest, ask!)
🗲 EDELWEISS. A seemingly brooding, quiet knight elf roaming the outskirts of her homeland to protect it from afar after some mishaps within her community. Socially inept. Endearingly ?? awkward. Tags; low/high fantasy. Violence. Trauma. Character sheet/art available. Muscles <3. LGBTQ. Female.

Desired settings:
🗲 Western
🗲 High/low fantasy
🗲 Medieval

Tropes/themes/tips I enjoy but definitely aren't required:
🗲 Opposites attract
🗲 Romance heavy!
🗲 Overarching plot
🗲 Masked characters!!
🗲 Strong dialogue, teasing
🗲 Hyperfeminine characters/hypermasculine characters

Super happy to make up a new character or setting. Please let me know if you have any other questions and this will likely be updated as time goes on <3. Looking forward to it!! Below I've left some writing samples so you can see what you're getting yourself into.

Every soul in Liyue knew that there wasn’t a sea untraversed or a sky unseen by Beidou and her crew.
The captain of the Crux reaped the rewards of her extensive travels even when she wasn’t docked at the city, tales of her trophies dispersing like schools of fish throughout business firms and humble homes alike — an endless river that seemed to meander from its original telling each time it was uttered. Magnificent tales of heroism and spoils routinely submerged the crew, countless stories trickling throughout Liyue to be repeated fortnights after battles had long met their finale. It was all thanks to the fearless head that stood at the bow of their ship, soaking it all in with pride that fit snug on its bearer — nothing less, nothing more.
Archons knew how the woman managed to stay even remotely sensible or grounded — more so, considering how she practically breathed ocean currents and dined on fresh seafoam — she luxuriated in the glowing satisfaction that accompanied finding treasure, whether it was tangible or not. Such an intense emotion usually took the form of something she could really only explain as heat. A warm glow that wasn’t quite ferocious enough to be red. A yellow, a gold, something akin to the desert’s parchment that was dull, yet spread through the body in a tide that was impossible to ignore. There was nothing like the opulent promise of glittering mora, or buckets full of praise from the people she cared about — the people she protected. When the Crux’s leader put her mind to something, she was confident that she would one day curl her fingers around her prize.
Beidou was only aware of one exception.
The seafarer was perched atop the Alcor’s upper taffrail, her torso strained so that her feet were to the helm and chest facing the ocean. It gleamed with little scraps of the moon that caught the peaks of each ripple, so plentiful and bright that it lit the jut of Beidou’s cheekbones. Its beauty was breathtaking and one Beidou was content with admiring nightly without tiring. Such notions of appreciation pricked at the corner of her mind only when this said exception surfaced amongst her other mindless thoughts. How could it not, when the porcelain glimmer of the moon waned in comparison to Liyue’s Tianquan of the Qixing?

Maude works her jaw, flipping constantly between reading the letter for the umpteenth time and scanning the woman’s no face. “…’Kay.” She taps her feet, thinking as her back meets the doorway with a dull umph, nose scrunching slightly at her inner dilemma. “Okay. Fuck. Gods. That fucker… Doesn’t even put down my name, probably forgot it, for old times sake…” She shakes her head, obscenities pouring from her lips quietly as she seems to come to a conclusion. “Fine. Call me Maude. Come in, Your Royal Highness, and we’ll talk. No caviar or buttery lobster or whatever the fuck you’re used to —“ her eyes flit to the letter once more, before she continues, “but it’ll do.” She steps aside impatiently, revealing a surprisingly decently kept apartment. Auburn walls framed a few random sitting areas and a slightly dingy kitchen, as well as a dark couch with a messily thrown aside blanket decorating its arms.
"What, your sunny personality?" Maude manages a laugh at that. "Nah. If it means anything, the whole 'lesbian ice queen' jig y'have going on is cute, except for when it's fucking irritating. That had to be charming back in your caviar palace. It wasn't?" She shakes her head, now trying to raise her hand to spin Athena underneath. "Caught me, like, a decade younger? I would've been smitten. Followed you around like a pup. Now I'm old and bitter and angry. My back hurts all the time." A shit eating smile once again graces her lips.
Maude watches the performance quietly — no matter how many times she listened to him play, she was never bored — before she feels two eyes boring into her. She turns to meet Athena’s gaze, then manages a more playful smirk, stepping forward silently. She dips into a bow, like one a gentleman would perform before leading a dance (God knows where she learned that), then offers a slender hand towards her, raising a brow as if to goad her into taking it. “Care for a dance, your highness?” she mouths quietly, trying not to laugh, side eyeing Paz who is clearly not tuned in to his surroundings.
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Hi! The Pirate one has interested me I thought the character sounded fun and interesting and I would love to know more!

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