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Help LF: Open Requests and F2U codes


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Hi, I’m looking for either someone who currently has requests open, or has a code already available. Either way, it’ll need to adhere to the following requirements.


Type: General Roleplay Seeking

Contents: Small “About Me”, rules, fandoms, muses, writing samples, and ocs (preferrably just pictures with a link to ToyHouse)

Aesthetic: Grunge, horror/slasher, found footage/ARG, purple, rabbits || (optional) blood, knives || images can be provided upon request

Misc. Requirements: Mobile-friendly

Go wild with add-ons like scroll boxes or tabs. Can provide music, but its entirely optional! Size doesn’t matter either, as long as it has what I need and can be viewed on mobile :)


Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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