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Peace is a lie, There is only Passion

I've been writing for awhile and have occasionally returned to this site to glean further inspiration/motivation during times of intense writers block. I'm a huge fan of antagonists and villains. As such, I find myself drawn to the darker side of a plot or story, especially when the most evil of characters has that one moment or that one small redeeming quality that generates conflict in the mind of the reader.

I'm going to start this thread and add to it as time goes on. I only have one plot at the time of this post, but plan on adding more. Please PM me if any of the plots I've mentioned interest you, or if you have a unique idea of your own!

Things I'm looking for
-Detailed replies. I want to know the mind and personality of your character! There's no minimum requirement.
-Accuracy and proper grammar. You don't need to be an English major, but be able to construct proper sentences.
-If you're losing interest or want to quit, I'm not going to be offended. Just communicate and let me know.

Okay then! Let's get right to it.

The Disciple

You are a biologically engineered clone. An amalgamation of desired traits and genetics that make you a deadly combatant and master hunter. You serve at the whim of the bio-mechanical scientist who created you, Dr. Cog. A psychopathic genius whose goal appears to be pushing the boundary of humanity into the next step of evolution, whatever that may be. The Chinese government harbors you and the doctor on the condition that he upgrades PLA soldiers with genetic and bio-mechanical upgrades. They also provide him with certain categories of living people for which he conducts unrestricted, sometimes heinous experiments. Western nations that fear the doctor consistently harass and attempt to disrupt his work, hence why you were created.

You are a thinking, feeling, living being. Your first memory that is your own is you waking up inside of a large enclosed cylinder, with the doctor studying you. However, you occasionally have troubling flashbacks that you feel are the memories of someone else. You've been encouraged to express these experiences as they occur, so as to evaluate your mental integrity. Your body of flesh is matched in superiority only by the robotic enhancements you've been installed with. While this may make you extremely powerful and borderline invincible, you may experience what the doctor has labelled a "Naturality Crisis" that involves an extreme temporary breakdown of mental health to include panic attacks, schizophrenia, and depression. Initially, you feel close to the doctor as he is the closest thing you have to a father figure. Indeed, he's the only source of human interaction made available to you up until now. Likewise, you are the only source of human interaction he's been made company to for several years. Aside from that, you have the companionship of two highly functioning A.I's named IONA and DARNELL who are programmed for lab defense and medical surgery, respectively.

As stated previously, the western nations of Great Britain, Australia, and the United States have condemned China for their harboring of Dr. Cog and for allowing him to conduct unrestrictive experiments for the benefit of the PLA.

Advanced western intelligence revealed Dr. Cogs latest, most ambitious plot yet: The Comoros islands in Africa. These islands host hundreds of thousands of poor, but genetically diverse, people. The people are useful to Dr. Cog in a way that has not been revealed at this time. But it is clear the Comoros people are very important.
The Chinese dispatched a carrier strike group to the Indian Ocean full of Cog's robotic army and enhanced PLA soldiers in preparation for the occupation of Comoros. However The strike group has been met head on by the Australian Royal Navy who has blockaded the Comoros islands. You've been tasked to infiltrate and find a weakness in the blockade so that the Chinese strike group may fight their way through. This is where your story begins

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