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Fandom LF Long-time partner; OCxCanon, Multi-Fandom, Doubling

Sub Genres
  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Anime
  4. AU
  5. Dystopian
  6. Foreign
  7. Harry Potter
  8. Historical
  9. LGTBQ
  10. Magical
  11. Meta
  12. Multiverse
  13. Mystery
  14. Naruto Universe
  15. Platonic
  16. Realistic
  17. Romance
  18. School
  19. Slice of Life
  20. Super Powers
  21. Supernatural


OOF having multiple partners takes a lot out of me and then rip when it doesn't work out, so I thought I'd cut back by focusing my time and energy on one person instead! and mayhap find a new friend? :')

I've been rping for a couple years on/off. My writing style is semi literate to novella when I'm not dealing with writers block ๐Ÿ’€. I try to be at least 100-1000+ words or match my partners length. The response length may vary regardless though since it depends what I'm writing.. I do best when I have a lot to respond to! Overall, I'm looking for someone who's doesn't mind a casual rp relationship. Please dm if you're interested <3

โ—Please note, I'm more interested in long-term partners and will stop in the midst of one-time rps once I find someone! This doesn't mean I'm open to all rps or interested in multiple partners. Though you're free to send me some ideas if its a fandom I'm interested in (see below). Thank you~โ—

  • I can make time on the weekends or one weekday. Response time may vary from the same day or a week or so later. I will let you know if I need more time. my timezone is Mountain c:
  • she/her pronouns
  • bias towards cute anime girls
  • an acearo that dabbles in romance and COMPLETE ocxcanon trash
  • likes characters to suffer, gimme dat suspense
  • sucks at writing fight scenes...or maybe I just never tried? ๐Ÿค”

My RP Interests
  • OcxOC
  • OcxCanon
  • Ships
  • Headcanons
  • Crossover (depends)
  • Female OCs
  • MxF, FxF
  • 3rd person style
  • Doubling (only 1 extra including the one I'm doing...but I can also do multiple minor side characters if they don't have a lot of dialogue)

General Requirements
  • Age 21+ (I do not feel comfortable rping with minors or age gap relationships)
  • AU Friendly (college AU, modern AU, etc)
  • OC Friendly
  • Multiple Fandom Friendly (I don't like using only one fandom so please be knowledgeable in some of the others I've listed below!)
  • Hiatus friendly
  • We vibe for getting on page with similar interests and ideas
  • Willing to RP here (until things go well then we can move to discord)

RP Requirements
  • 100-1000+ words
  • Plot storm before starting
  • Character profiles (either on toyhouse or google docs)
  • No Controlling my character's actions (this has happened on multiple occasions, and its my biggest pet peeve :'D)
  • No Godmodding or Metagaming
  • I'm not against nsfw but I wont do it with someone I don't know. wont deny being a pervert tho ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ™ˆ
  • I try to stay in character for canon as best I can, so please do the same!

Subject to change or switch between favorites

Overall rating is based on my general lore understanding. The higher it is the more experienced I am with the world setting. "RP Canon Specialty" are characters that I'm most comfortable rping with, though I'm also capable of adapting with anyone!

๐Ÿ’— - Yes
โ“- Maybe
โŒ - Not interested in

Obey me ๐Ÿ’—
4/5 Lore Understanding
**Played since release and on the latest lesson. Although it doesn't seem like lore goes too deep, I rated 4 since story isn't finished and there might be more lore added later.

RP Canon Specialty:
All Demon Brothers

Kingdom Hearts โ“
5/5 Lore Understanding
**I've been a fan since 12 years ago and still going, and I can do more characters listed! the only thing that trips me up is the time travel lol

RP Canon Specialty:
Master Xehanort +Young Xehanort
SoD Ansem

2/5 Lore Understanding
**Have not finished the game yet but I enjoy the concept. Currently up to heavensward, but I'm also lame and looked at stormblood/shadowbringer spoilers. Haven't checked out endwalker yet.. maybe one day I will play all of it properly :'D

RP Canon Specialty:

My Hero Academia ๐Ÿ’—
3/5 Lore Understanding
**Watched everything up to season 4! With a couple of spoilers I got from manga (I dont read the manga though). Only rating with 3 since I haven't started season 5 yet, and watched one movie. Can also do more that's not listed!

RP Canon Specialty:
All Might
Tomura Shigaraki

Marvel โŒ
2/5 Lore Understanding
**Yes, I shamelessly watch the movies only LOL and sometimes the multiverse is a little confusing, but overall I'm good focusing on one section of the plot instead. Like, Thor specific or Doctor Strange specific.

RP Canon Specialty:

DC Comics โŒ
3/5 Lore Understanding
**Doesn't seem to have much of a complicated multiverse but still prefer focusing on one plot like Marvel. Have a slight bias towards batman :')

Canon Specialty:

Stardew Valley โ“
3/5 Lore Understanding
**I don't know much besides the surface stuff shared in dialogue. I'm also SVE friendly! And able to adapt to multiple characters not listed~

Canon Specialty:
Lance (SVE)
Victor (SVE)

Genshin Impact ๐Ÿ’—
4/5 Lore Understanding
**played since release...although kind of on hiatus because gameplay is getting bleh. I still catch up on things through videos or theory conspiracies. Rating 4 since the story itself isn't complete. Can do multiple characters!

Specializes in:

Harry Potter โ“
4/5 Lore Understanding
**A series I've grown up with so its nothing new. Although I haven't brushed up on anything in particular, it's easy to get back into it. I also know a bit about Fantastic beasts as well!

RP Canon Specialty:

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden ๐Ÿ’—
**Another long time series that I still have a grudge over sob. Rating 4 since I skipped some filler and side plot movies. Don't have any specific characters! Slight bias towards Akatsuki ๐Ÿ˜ณ

RP Canon Specialty:

Skyrim โŒ
4/5 Lore understanding
**Even if I haven't picked it up in a long time, I'm still verrry much obsessed with the world building for the TES series. I also know Oblivion too but I prefer Skyrim :') Lore rating is either 4 or 5 because some things I've forgotten over the years. Willing to do more characters if I'm given a refresher though. Cicero is just my personal favorite

RP Canon Specialty:

Dragon Age โŒ
3/5 Lore Understanding
**Played through origins to inquisition. Giving a 3 rating because politics go brrrrr.

RP Canon Specialty:

Rune Factory ๐Ÿ’—
Lore Understanding 3/5
**Played all of the series including rf5! it's safe to say as a veteran, lore is hit or miss lol so it really depends which game we're rping in. Could probably rp as any character really!

RP Canon Specialty:

Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons โŒ
Lore Understanding 4/5
**The game setting is pretty straightforward, so I think I have a basic grasp of it all. I am currently more interested in story of seasons, and a bit of old harvest moon and Animal parade!

RP Canon Specialty:
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