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Multiple Settings lf long-term partners! (m/m only, original, closed for now!)

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tired queer
Hiya! Thanks for taking the time out to check out my thread. I'm pretty new to this site still, so I'm kind of learning the ropes and I just ask that you bear with me for the moment, haha.

quick info / about me |
☽ You can call me Exo, or really any nickname is fine! I'm a 22 year old guy (he/him), and I've been roleplaying for close to 10 years by now.
☽ I write in a literate style with multiple paragraphs to a post usually (not less than 3 is typical) and in third person past-tense. I prefer partners who write in a similar way, but I can be flexible! The only thing I don't personally do or like is script-based RP.
☽ I basically only do m/m, as pretty much all my characters are male.
☽ My favorite genres are fantasy/adventure, and I love long stories and slow burn! Slice of life is fun too, but I prefer twists or angst or drama when it comes to that. Conflict is my best friend when it comes to pretty much any story, haha. Romantic or platonic plots are fine for either of these, too!
I love OOC chatter, and I'd love to make friends out of this! I'm totally willing to dish my Discord out to anyone who wants to talk. Straight-up RP is fine, but I love it when I get to know my partner.​
☽ I'm an artist! I would love to make friends with other artists, so even if you aren't interested in roleplay, send me your art so I can look at it uwu. I also draw most of my muses, but I'm okay with faceclaims or text descriptions if you're okay with my weeb-y anime style LMAO​
rules / other stuff |
☽ I really like dark themes, so please communicate with me what is okay and not okay for you. I'm fully willing to be flexible when it comes to your lines and hard no's. I want you to be comfortable and having as much fun as I am!​
☽ I can consistently put out a reply a day, and I would like my partner to be able to at least reply once a week. Longer is fine, feel free to let me know if you're busy!​
☽ If you don't reply for a few weeks and haven't let me know that you will eventually, I'll assume you aren't interested and move on. Shit happens, people lose interest, and that's fine!​
☽ Please don't hassle me for a reply if it's been a few days. More than likely I just got too busy to focus on RP for a bit, and I'll do my best to communicate that. I get kind of stressed out if people start dogging me for something, and it'll honestly make me avoid it.​
plot hooks / characters |
{ Zane }​
{ tw smoking, drug abuse, mental illness, self-harm }​

Between the dry humor and self-deprecation, the chain smoking and general lack of self control and restraint, the wild attitude and disregard for his own safety, Zane has brief bouts of self-awareness. He can tell that something is actually, deeply wrong with him, and he knows that no amount of denial or make-believe will erase it.

Even if he can’t hide that from himself, though, he’ll try his damnedest to hide it from anyone else.​
{ Thierry }
{ tw mental illness, suicidal ideation }

Some children are afraid of the dark, or a make-believe monster in their closet, and most children grow out of these fears. Thierry is so petrified of other people that he cannot speak, and has been this way his entire life.
After bouncing through school districts due to severe bullying, he returns to his home town for one last year of high school. He has made a promise to himself that if he can make and keep a single friend for the entire school year, he won’t end his life after graduating.​
{ Kallias }​
{ tw slavery, violence }​

Once a noble, then a slave, finally a fugitive. After killing his master, Kallias runs for the docks in hopes to find a way onto a ship. He has high hopes to arrive on a new land and start a new life, free of the ties that bound him to his homeland.

Of course, not everything goes quite to plan. He is discovered quickly by the crew, brought before the Captain to be dealt with, and there he realizes his mistake: he has boarded a pirate ship.​
{ Merikh }​
{ tw death }​
The woods are known by the locals to be cursed, but they aren’t sure by what. They’ve made up fables to scare their children away from the edge of the forest, and the teenagers who are dumb enough to brave the thick foliage and dead trees often come sprinting out, screaming. None of them can say for sure what really goes on there, but they’ll swear to visitors and newcomers that whatever lives there is to be feared and avoided.​

Any other plot or pairing is okay! I'm willing to do pretty much anything anyone throws at me besides my pre-mades. I'd love to hear whatever you've got, and I'll probably add a list of stuff I'm interested in sometime soon. :D
Thank you again! Feel free to leave a message asking any questions, and feel free to DM me if you're interested!

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