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    My name's Glinda, I'm over eighteen and prefer any to partner to be also. I love Disney, musicals, art, and theatre. I have been roleplaying for around seven or eight years and range 1-3 paragraphs for a reply, sometimes more, never less. I prefe not to RP in the forums. I could try by private message though. I prefer my main character to be female, and will do FxM or FxF relationships. I'm fine with any amount of gore, but only do fade to black, no smut.

    The catch is, I really only do fandom RPs. Every time I've tried to do something else, it fizzles very quickly, so I prefer looking for people in shared fandoms. I play canon character, you certainly don't have to.

    I love:
    Most musicals. Sweeney Todd, Chicago(Desperately want RoxiexVelma), Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Rent, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Wicked, Les Miserables, and a heck of a lot more.
    Disney, especially Frozen, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. ElsaxM or F oc, MoanaxAriel, Always looking for MaleficentxEvil Queen RPs as well.
    The Addams Family. I'll always play Morticia!
    Anything Alice in Wonderland based.
    The Wizard of Oz, any stylizing
    Maybe Once Upon a Time. I've had a lot of OUaT RPs though, so it'd have to catch my interest. I really only play as Regina. SwanQueen is life.

    Feel free to drop a reply or a message! :D
  2. Only fandom RPs? Is this a dream? I'd love to RP with you.
  3. Awesome! What are you looking for in specific? :)
  4. Do you only do the above?
  5. Those are what I'm most familiar with. However, you can ask about others (I don't know any anime) or I can do AUs/multi fandom/etc.
  6. Yes, I'm quite familiar with it. I'd need a really good plot to RP it though because I've rped it so much. I'm most prone to RPing Tasha.
  7. Natasha Romanoff, I tend to shorten her name.
  8. Ah... ok. Know any CWVERSE?
  9. I don't... Believe so.
  10. ... Have you RPed any Guardians of the Galaxy before?
  11. I've not. I wasn't as interested in it to learn any characters from it.
  12. Sorry. :/
  13. OMG are you the partner I've been looking for ? *^* //shot''

    I'm a huge fan of Disney and Musicals as well as dark comedy movies ( addams family / dark shadows / what we do in the shadows / etc ))

    I'd be really interested in doing some Wizard of Oz / Wicked inspired rps, especially something around the lines of Elphaba interacting with a Jinjur OC as a way to explore Elphaba's idealistics revolution in oppositon to a more "hands on" take on the movement. Or something along the lines of novel Elphaba and Nessa intreacting a bit more could be fun as well.. and, I'm not sure if you're into it but Gelphie too ♡

    But I'd also love to do SwanQueen or this Disney MaleficentxEvil Queen ( a ship has never gotten my attention more quickly than this one ) ..

    Anyway let me know if you're interested in doing something ! (:
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    Umm... I'm interested in everything you just said. Anything Addams Family, and I I do love dark Disney. I'd die for Gelphie, especially if Glinda is helping under the table during the revolution... Instead of the two parting ways.

    SwanQueen is always fun to me, but if you're interested in other plots, it's something I've done several times, so I'd rather move on to something else.

    And hell yes to Mal/Evil Queen RPs. I love playing as Maleficent, and haven't gotten to in awhile.

    I'm up to anything though! Let me know!
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  15. I boop, and @Callistis are you still interested? :)
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  16. If you ever become more interested in RPing Marvel hit me up.
  17. Of course, will do!
  18. I’d love to do beauty and the beast
  19. @Chan
    Lovely! Send me a message so we can talk it over?

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