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Leveling Guide for Robotech: Broadsword


Kaerri's Man. =)
Looking for what to do when your character goes up a level? Here is what to do. =)

With each and every new experience level, go to your Character Sheet and Reply to it with these well-earned additions:

1. Roll 1d6 for hit points, rerolling results of 1.

1a. Using the d20 colors I've provided in Shop Talk, give me a color you want me to roll for your character's Hit Points (d6). Or now that we have a Dice Roller, roll a d6! =)

2. Add bonuses your character receives from Hand to Hand skill/MECT piloting (i.e. extra attacks per round).

3. Add all skill bonuses (each percentage-based skill usually gains somewhere between +2% and +5% every time you gain a level of experience).

4. You may select one additional skill from your O.C.C.s "Other O.C.C. Skill" list. Be sure to add any percentage bonuses provided.

4a. You may select not to choose a skill to hold it for later (or maybe you just can't decide right now; that's fine). If so, please write "Undecided" in that skill slot on your character sheet.

4b. Remember, I have taken the cap off of class restrictions and as long as your character qualifies for said skill, it's yours. I.e. You want Cooking (Professional Quality) or Medical Doctor? Great! You'll need those prerequisite skills first. If the skill doesn't have prerequisites, it's yours within reason (meaning, if it's not to be found in the 2nd Edition Robotech books, you'll have to run it by me).

5. You may add 1 point to any single Attribute every time your character increases in level. No single Attribute may ever gain more than 3 points using this method. You may not choose the same Attribute you selected on your previously-gained experience level (so, at 2nd level, choose any). This prevents PCs from raising one Attribute too quickly (probably P.P. or I.Q.). This also allows PCs to heighten Attributes that are difficult or seemingly impossible to improve (like I.Q., M.E., M.A., and P.B.).

5a. Also a reminder - when you list that point on your character, I will need you to put it on your character sheet so I know where that point came from (Example: Say, Lt. Toph Kirin wants to raise her Mental Endurance Attribute from 15 to 16. She may write under Attributes, "M.E. 16: +1 bonus vs. Psychic Attack and Insanity. (1 bonus point added at level x)." If at 4th level and beyond, she wanted to raise her M.E. again, she would just update that message. Alternatively she may just Reply to her character sheet with her level advancement choice. =)

6. Replenish your Action Point pool with the following formula: 5 + (Character level / 2 rounding down). Remember that Action Points cannot be saved from previous levels. Spend them wisely! Example: A character raises to 3rd level of experience. Erase whatever total the character had and replace it with 6 Action Points. See Shop Talk in the Technopolis section for further details concerning Action Points.

5a. Bonus Action Points carry over to the next level. Bonus Action Points also get spent last (you cannot spend them until you have exhausted your level-related supply). Also, if you have Bonus Action Points, please keep them recorded separately (preferably beside or under your current Action Point total. Say, "Bonus Action Points: 2/2").

Congratulations on your new level. Enjoy the rewards you've earned! =)
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