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If I'm too much, just hit me with a newspaper
Hi, I'm Zeph! I'm she/her, mid-20s RPer in the UK (GMT), with a full-time job and 13 years experience of creative writing!

I'm looking for a long-term roleplay partner(s) who share a passion for world-building, character development and crafting complex and beautiful stories. Usually I go for female characters, but I could be persuaded to double. I also prefer to RP OCs, but I'm open to playing them in canon settings!

I've put some very basic, very loose plots and characters below. I'm open to playing them both romantic and platonic, apart from the one that is quite clearly romantic haha

It’s a cat and mouse game. He’s a secret agent, and she’s one of the bad guys – but they have a history. When the agency gets a tip that a deal is going down between a foreign power and a domestic terrorist group, he knows there’s only one person making that deal. She’s infuriatingly good at getting away, but then the unexpected happens – she turns up on his doorstep, needing help. She thought she could play both sides, but now they’ve turned on her, and she needs help to stop them both.

This could be real life or modern magic; it’d be cool either way!
Espionage, enemies to friends/lovers, action

A long time ago, Muse A was brutally murdered in the attic of a grand old house, their soul left to wander the halls of the house for the rest of eternity. One day, Muse B moves into the long-abandoned house. Muse B was left a big inheritance and wanted to turn the big house into an art studio/gallery or some such, grateful for the peace and quiet away from the rush of urban life. As they begin to renovate the house, they run into resistance from Muse A, who Is both scared of and intrigued by Muse B. Will they learn to get along, or will it end in tears?
Ghosts, slice of life, cutesy, platonic/romantic, low stakes

Muse C is cursed to live an immortal life, but unable to feel love for anyone save their truest love. Walking the earth for decades, unable to form a meaningful connection, they’ve settled into the knowledge that their truest love may have already passed them by. That is, until Muse D gets a job at the same bookstore as Muse C. Muse D begins to thaw Muse C’s heart, but is struck with a curse of their own; if they should fall in love with anyone who is not their truest love, then that person shall surely die. Muse D leaves a trail of tragedies in their past, and has learned to guard their heart.
Romance, slice of life, angst

Muse F and Muse G wake up, the morning after a very drunken one-night-stand, to find that the world has literally ended while they were sleeping it off. As the knowledge sinks in that they need to find a way to survive together, it’s only now that they start getting to know each other. And boy, do they have some differences.
Apocalypse, dystopian, action, adventure, platonic/romantic, conflama

If you have any plots you want to play out too, please hit me up. I love high fantasy I'm just kind of crap at coming up with 1 x 1 plots for them, so if you have any RP ideas for that then please DM me :)

Just a few quick conditions:
- 18+; since I'm in my 20s, I prefer to RP with people close to my age.
- If you like rigid structure and posting schedules, we probably won't click
- Anything goes (obviously while complying with RPN's guidelines)
- Must be fully literate, and prepared to write multi-paragraph posts when necessary. I prefer free-form depending on the flow of the action (combat, dialogue etc. might require snappier posts), but I'd like to RP with someone who can conjure a scene :)
(I'm usually online 8am-11pm GMT most days)

Come say hi! ^-^
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