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I suppose I'm back. Hello again.
I had to think about it for a bit, but I guess I can take one more partner. Forewarning, though: I have some niche interests and I tend to be rather picky about the RP's I pick up. I blame my finicky muse >.>

A bit about me and what to expect:
-I'm old and because of it I prefer my partners to be around my same age. 18 is the absolute minimum.
-Although I'm online daily replies will depend on my muse. It can be anywhere from multiple posts daily to only a few a month. That being said, I am looking for something long-term.
-My posts can average anywhere from 300-400 words up to 1000+ (the higher range is rare). I ask that you at least attempt to match my word count as we should both be driving the story forward.
-I am ghost friendly. If you need to ditch for any reason then just do it. I understand that life happens. I'm mentally ill so may very well be prone to do the same.
-If you are looking for something heavy on the worldbuilding or plotting then I'm not really your best choice in partners. I am TERRIBLE at coming up with ideas and plots beyond a basic premise in which to throw characters together.
-Although I'm not looking for plot heavy RP I'm not really into slice of life either. There needs to be more to it in order to keep me interested.
-As a fair warning I love exploring philosophical and social themes through my writing. This may or may not include mature and/or triggering themes for some. If you have any triggers then I kindly ask that you make me aware of them beforehand. (Oh, and I don't necessarily endorse any awful ideas my characters may uphold.)
-I am capable of playing either male or female characters. While I am open to both romantic and platonic plots, for romantic plots I am only interested in MxF or FxF at this time.

Genres and other things:
-Historical: This is my absolute favourite. I am willing to play in nearly any time period, provided I know at least basic facts about it. My absolute favourites are ancient Rome (especially the late Roman Empire) and pretty much any modern history. I especially love settings dealing with themes such as political intrigue, wars, etc. I have a current craving for something revolving around the French Resistance of WW II. There's also some more obscure events/settings I'd love to explore although I know I'm unlikely to get much of an audience for them.
-Modern: I will be honest. This one is a lot trickier for me to get into. Usually to catch my interest there needs to be some sort of fantasy or sci-fi element involved. I have been approached about it before so I'll point it out here: under no circumstances will I play out supernatural romances. It's not my thing. Dystopias, culture shock from being in a foreign country, or ideological disputes are some ideas I could potentially explore in a modern setting. Organized crime might also be an option, but this one I'm much more picky about.
-Fantasy/sci-fi: Any fantasy or sci-fi that involves complex worldbuilding is a no-no. I just don't feel comfortable putting all that effort into a RP that may not even make it past the first few pages. That being said, I much prefer urban/modern fantasy settings. Think things like superheroes, mutants, modern wizards and witches, etc. Another current craving of mine, which crosses over into the historical genre, is something about mutants being utilized as weapons during WW II.
-Fandoms: I'll just say straight up that I do not follow pop culture very closely, thus most of the fandoms I know and have interest in RPing are at least a few years old now. I feel like it would take up a lot of space to list them here so if you would like to consider the possibility of a fandom RP then please ask! Do keep in mind that I am strictly OC x OC. This is non-negotiable.

Apologies for the long-winded and possibly hard to read text here. I am not a coder and could not figure out how to say this all in fewer words. If you are still attentive, though, then feel free to PM me!

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