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Fandom Let’s RP Danganronpa!

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Anime, Horror, LGTBQ, Romance


Byakuya Kisser
I’m back from a loooooong break from RPing with a new passion: Danganronpa!

I don’t have anything specific in mind other than the partner must be 16+ and able to write semi-lit to lit. Romance (m/m or f/f) is preferred but not required! I would also prefer it stay within the DR universe, either before, during, or after the KGs. I LOVE angst, and if you don’t, I’m probably not the right partner for you. I also like fluff, so we can do that, but I much prefer angst!

I will play almost any character, but my favorites are Byakuya, Nagito, and Kokichi!

(Please forgive me if this is missing stuff or is formatted incorrectly, I haven’t been on here in literally five years LMAO)

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