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Multiple Settings Let's go through the apocalypse together [Semi-Advanced Partner-Search]

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s h a r d s

New Member
| s h a r d s ' p a r t n e r s e a r c h |

I am craving some post-apocalyptic worlds right now, hence this thread.
- I'm female.
- I'm 23.
- I'm scandinavian and in time-zone GMT+1, however my sleep schedule is so fucked up that it doesn't really matter.
- Been roleplaying for about 13 years, with pauses.
- Currently unemployed which means that I have a lot of spare time on my hands.
- I prefer MxF but can be persuaded into MxM if it makes sense with the plot.
- I don't like preset pairings. I feel like it takes away some freedom when I'm creating my characters, so no "vampire x human" kind of stuff.

Please be 18+. -
Put thought into your posts. You don't have to make your replies crazy long as long as theres thought behind it. Although, please no one-liners. -
I enjoy roleplays that touch on some more mature subjects(nothing sexual obviously) such as violence and death, drugs and alcohol, etc. Please be okay with this before messaging me. -
Don't be afraid to take charge of the story once in a while. If you find it a bit dull, add something to spice it up. You don't have to tell me everything. I like to be surprised once in a while. ;) -
I won't be mad if you can't but I'd like for you to be able to play both genders. -
No anime faceclaims, please. -


I have no real opinion regarding what kind of apocalypse we're doing so if you have a great idea or even a generic idea, I'm all ears. I generally like things with zombies, though. :))))

Also, I'm open to other ideas as well. So please share everything you got!

I can't figure out what else to say so I'll toss the ball to you now. If you think we'll be a good match shoot a PM my way and let's talk about it!


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