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Multiple Settings Let's Create Worlds [Detailed, Lit, Advanced]


illa ignis
An Impossible Search
Hey everyone. I'm Fyralis, Fy for short. I’m on an impossible search and I'm so pleased that you’ve clicked on my ad. Let me tell you, finding a compatible RP partner is no easy business as I’m sure many of you know! I might be new to RPN, but I’ve been doing written roleplay for over seven years. I’ve scoured the internet in search of someone whose writing values and standards would align with mine, and perhaps that person is you. Please lord, let it be you so that I can stop looking. Anyway, I’ll try not to let this get too long-winded and cut straight to the point. In this ad, you’ll find everything you need to know about me and what I’m looking for. If you feel as though we’d be a good match, just PM me.

That Little Bit About Me
- I’m 23 and based in central time. My life keeps me pretty busy, so my post frequency ranges from daily to a couple times a week. Just depends. I'll keep you updated, though.

- I'm communicative. I will not ghost you or leave you wondering where I went. If I'm not interested, we'll talk about it. I hope you'd do the same! I love being in communication with my partner via Discord or Google Chat, for things like updates/plotting. Oh, plotting, I love ya so much. Seriously, I will get lost in plotting so fast. Too fast. But I’ll get into that later.

- OOC! I enjoy getting to know my partners through OOC, but I leave that entirely up to the comfort of my partner. I've been friends with some and strictly writing partners with others.

The More Important Bit About Me (AKA, About My Writing)
- I am a detailed, literate writer. I don’t do one-liners or tiny posts. My post length is usually about 3-5 paragraphs long, depending on the setting, my partner, and what’s going on. I write any gender and any pairing. I’ve been playing a lot of males recently though and would really like a break from that. However, I’m a big fan of doubling/creating multiple characters. I'm sure we can incorporate what we both want.

- I love creating intricate, beautiful worlds and forming dynamic, multi-dimensional characters to go with them. Most of the time, that means diving into a lot of plotting. I can plot all day long, and it’s something that’s important to me. I’m not into flat, basic worlds or perfect characters who have no real personality. Give me a richly lush world of intrigue or despair, give me characters with motives, flaws, and history. If we write together, I’m committed to creating written life with you. I want to do that beautifully.

Also, if you’ve made it this far and want to PM me, please include your favorite song so I know you’ve read this! :captaincat:

What I’m Looking For
So, now you know how I am as a writer. If you’re still interested, this is what I’m looking for in you. I know this list might seem exhaustive, but it's only fair to you that you know exactly what I'm searching for. I'm picky, but I won't waste your time or lead you on.

- 20+. I’m 23, and I know that a lot of RPers will even do 18+, but I really can’t. I know, I know. But this is a firm rule. I like to explore mature themes, and I’m only comfortable doing that with those over the age of 20.
- Detailed. I’m looking for someone who is not interested in one liners or tiny posts. Ideally, you are just as passionate as I am about creating lovely worlds and characters.
- Literate. Please, please have a strong handle on English and grammar. I get that everyone makes typos but there's a limit.
- Comfortable with mature themes. I’m not asking for a totally messy RP, but I do like exploring mature themes. This is why requirement number 1 is so important.
- Committed to creating dynamic characters and a detailed world.
- Interested in multiple characters. This one's important!
- Comfortable writing any gender. Few things annoy me as much as those who contact me declaring that they will only write female roles. Seriously, and I don't mean this in a rude way, please don’t even message me if that’s you.

In addition to this, please read the sections that are about me and my writing. Do you think your interests align with mine? Are we compatible? I sure hope so.

Genre Babble/Plot Chat
The fun stuff! I enjoy most genres but my favorites are dystopian, science fiction, post apocalyptic (give me a good viral zombie outbreak and I’m there), and fantasy. Seriously, any type of fantasy. I’m down for mythological creatures in modern Paris, or a wholly new world based off of ancient Rome. I can get excited about most genres, except slice of life. Sorry if that’s your thing, but slice of life is not for me. As far as fandoms go, the only one I’m interested in is Harry Potter. I’d want to make original characters however, and would prefer to be in the post-Harry time period. I am a sucker for romance and enjoy interweaving it in some way. It’s the perfect seasoning, but it’s not the whole meal.

I only have one available plot template prepared which I can share upon request. It’s about a virus that creates zombies, and the setting is in a post-apocalyptic America.

Still With Me?
Congrats on making it all the way through this post. I know I said I'd keep it short but welp, here we are. If you've read through this and feel like we'd be a good fit, please PM with some info about yourself, your writing interests, and a writing sample if you have one. Please don't contact me with one sentence because I really do want to know more about you! Happy haunting, babes and ghouls! :ghostuvu:

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