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Let's Be Space Pirates!

Nenma Takashi

Terribly Terrible
We are but humble workers aboard the Valhalla a space craft transporting important cargo. We are told they are priceless jewels and artifacts along with some resources like metals and fuel. While in the far reaches of space at least a six month journey ahead of us we prepare to rest for the night again. As a crew of 300 we can afford to be relaxed as our ship isn't very complex. All is fine until our alarms begin to go off and off into the distance we spot a ship armed with cannons and Halos. As we all know Halos are mechs that can be piloted by virtually anyone due to the Angelic system. That feeds info into the pilots head like the mech was their own body. Not everyone can pilot one as the information can overload the brain and cause seizures or in most cases death. Even those who can withstand them cannot pilot them for too long otherwise they suffer the same fates.

Anyway I'm getting off track of course we are a small ship with no means of fighting back save a few turrets. The likes of which are quickly taken out by the Halos and we are soon boarded by these Space Pirates. They are the Red Devils and it turns out we weren't transporting jewels and metals but Halos. Just before we can get to the bottom of this both ours and the Red Devils ships are attacked by the Exemt. An Alien race who see humans as lower beings it seems if we want to live we must help these space pirates fight off the Exemt or die trying.

For this rp I have no problem with it if you wish to either start as a member of the Red Devils or a member of the Valhalla.

A few things I feel the need to explain.

Halos- Like I said they are mechs that anyone could pilot as long as they can handle the vast amount of data. The amount of data various from Halo to Halo depending on how complex the machine is. A basic Halo with a simple gun and melee weapon would be easy. A custom Halo with built in attachments and tons of upgrades would require a strong body and mind to pilot.

Angelic System- The Angelic System is what helps any random Joe pilot the Halos by hooking someone up to the Halo via a small needle inserted into the back of the neck the system feeds the pilot info on the mech. With this info the pilot can move the mech as if it was their own body. As I stated before the huge amount of data can cause seizures in people or cause death. So can prolonged use of the Angelic System and because of how dangerous it is the system is banned in all regions of space. The Angelic System and Halos are now only used by Space Pirates and Outlaws.

Wingman- The legal version of a Halo a Wingman doesn't possess the Angelic System and thus won't overload the pilots brain with data. Although that means in order to pilot a Wingman one must actually learn how control them. Despite this it also means they can fight for far longer than any Halo pilot since they don't have to worry about the seizures or death that come from the Angelic System.

Federation of Space Law- Basically the police and military of space for Humanity they govern all of the territory owned by Humanity. Of course they only use Wingmen and will typically arrest anyone using or in possession of a Halo as they are banned in all regions.

Exemt- An Alien race that sees humans as mere monkeys that got a slight upgrade. You'd be hard pressed to find one that actually likes humans their hatred for them dates back to when they first landed on earth and Humans went into a panic. Their overreaction left a bad impression and it didn't help that they shot down the Exemt's ship as well. Since then the Exemt's and humans have been at war.


A Man Literally Too Angry To Die
I'll join in, and I have a question, do halos look like wingmen from the outside?
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A Man Literally Too Angry To Die
ok, thank you also, how big are they? are there any other alien races? and how technologically advanced are we?

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