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Fantasy Let's be adventurers! (Currently Closed)

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Zipper Man

Just gonna start by mentioning that this roleplay is taking a lot of inspiration from anime, particular shounen shows like One Piece. So if you aren't a fan of that sort of thing, this roleplay probably isn't for you.

Anyway, the plot is relatively simple. It takes places in a world called Dokkanon where most people are born with some kind of supernatural ability. These abilities vary a lot from person to person and can be anything from something really powerful, like fire or water manipulation, to at least situationally useful things, like being able to absorb kinetic energy or having super strong legs, to pretty useless, like moving at superspeed while performing household chores or being able to control bananas. However, people need to perform a 'payment' of varying degrees of seriousness after each use of their ability, be it drinking beer, breaking their own fingers, baking a cake, etc.

Anyway, this has resulted in something of a caste system forming, with those with powerful abilities on the top and those with weaker ones at the bottom. This, in turn, naturally leads to some of those on the bottom of society's totem pole turning to a life as adventures in the hopes of finding the legendary land of Oz, a place rumored to be the home of a god that can grant any wish.

And there's where our characters would come in. In other words, we'd play as a group of adventurers who, for one reason or other, is looking for Oz so that they can get a wish granted. Anybody interested?
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Zipper Man

Alright, that's about as many people I feel an rp like this can handle and as such I'm no longer gonna accept any more people for the time being.

Also, I'll get all the threads up when I get back from work tomorrow.

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