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Fandom let us indulge in a world of fantasy ✧ otome, genshin, others. ✧「 oc & canon ;; doubling 」

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let us indulge in a world of fantasy.
hello, name is Summer, it’s not my real name of course, but the moniker i prefer to be called by. i’m not going to talk a lot about myself so as to not bore you. anyways, i work as a nurse among all this COVID-19 chaos, a front liner. i also want to highlight that because my life tends to be a bit hectic, i’ll only be accepting a certain amount of people (perhaps 4 or 5). so, my apologies in advance if I politely decline your request, i don't wish to be overwhelmed. please understand. if interested, please do read my guidelines rules below (i’ll try to keep them concise), there’s no password, but, please do show that you have read them. i also want to highlight when you message me, please send me a proper introduction. otherwise, i will not respond, first impressions are important. also, please don’t feel intimidated, i’m a pretty chill and relaxed person, even if my rules seem strict.

reply time (to the ic roleplay thread) will tend to be sporadic, ranging from a few days to approximately two weeks. ooc response will be more frequent.
i will write m/f for my end, super cool with all pairings though, and whatever you'd like for yourself.
feel free to send a follow up message. if you haven't heard from me in over a week or so, i'm pretty forgetful at times. but, please be patient with me.
communication is key ! please communicate with me if you will take a while, need a break etc. i'm also ghost-friendly.
i don’t have many limits & enjoy exploring a variety of topics and genres. let me know what topics you feel comfortable with roleplaying, i'm pretty open and don't judge. please note: i will not do anything that is not allowed on rpnation.

i double only (my oc x canon/your oc x canon). i will do my best to keep your chosen love interest in character so please do the same as well.
for writing quality, please have proper format. proper grammar & spelling is expected ! the occasional typo and such is fine ! but no text chat etc.

i tend to write about 500 ~ 700 per side (up to more if i’m really into the thread). please don’t feel pressured to keep writing the same amount as me, i welcome it, but i do ask that you write a minimum of 500 ~ 600 per side. i don’t want to send a 500+ word count response per each side, only to receive a few sentences in return. i promise you i will lose motivation to reply.
i am also cool with AUs & what not !! as a side note, i don’t do harems, ploy & triangles !!
only prefer to roleplay with those 18 and older <: thank you.

i roleplay via forum PM's. i have discord as well which i'm open to for ooc talk.
i adore discussing our pairings, any plots and headcanons are always welcome. please indulge me in this regard ! it’s easy to burn out if you’re the only one discussing and talking ideas. so please contribute. ♥

please just private message me, i want to keep the thread clean so no need to post <:

list of fandoms. all characters listed are ones i prefer to write against with bold being my preferred choice.
tears of themis
— marius von hagen, artem wing, others

genshin impact
— zhongli, gorou, xiao, diluc, thoma, childe, kazuha, itto, others

persona 5
— akira & ren (protaganist), others

cardcaptor sakura
— yue

— lio fiotia

— sesshomaru

say "i love you"
— yamato kurosawa, others

attack on titan
— levi ackerman, others

the great ace attorney chronicles
— barok van zieks, ryunosuke naruhodo, kazuma asogi, others

thank you for reading, looking to make some new friends ;; have a fantastic day.
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