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Hello, everyone, and welcome to my little space! I go by the name Jenny, or whatever you wish to call me. I am twenty-five, so, therefore, I want my partners to be twenty years and above. I am a chatty person; I love to talk about the most random things, so keep that in mind when contacting me. ( Of course, if you are uncomfortable, tell me, and I won't OOC as much.) I have a job with odd hours and days when they want me to be there, but my minimum hours at this job is 14 hours.

I have been role-playing for so long; most of it was in my mother tongue, but hopefully, my English is good enough for people here. I used to write all types of things; I used to have this enormous chain of characters in their world that I built when I was fifteen. So, writing is a big thing to me; it helps me escape my life. •Tell me a little bit about yourself when you contact me.•

Gaming is one of the things I also DEEPLY enjoy; I'll tell you all about how I cried my eyes out while playing rdr2 and how I wouldn't say I like half of the bosses in Elden ring. So if you also enjoy gaming, that would be a big plus!

Okay, we got that out of the way, then let us move to other things. I enjoy a lot of themes, especially darker ones, so this is a trigger warning. I believe that I won't write fluff all the time. So when you contact me, keep in mind that I write dark things and enjoy them more. Again, since we got that out of the way, let us move to some rules, I believe.

  • As I said before, please be 20+. I don't feel comfortable with someone who just turned 18 since you are still a child in my eyes.​
  • Half if not all my characters are LGBTQA+, so be okay with that.​
  • At least two paragraphs, please. I don't like or accept one line in any way.​
  • Please, for the love of me, help me plot. Don't throw everything on me.​
  • I'm sorry, but I cannot deal with strictly submissive characters.​

Okay, when it comes to plots, I am open to a lot, but what I am craving right now has *** next to them!! The bold is the character I am craving to write, but I can change it for a good plot.

Vampire x Human.

Hunter x Monster.

***Mafia boss x undercover cop.

***Bodyguard x Mafia boss.

Prince x Guard.

*******Enemies to lover. ( please yes.)

***Hardcore angst. ( I want to cry, okay.)

I, in general, love stories that would make us on edge; let's do something that would keep us thinking about what could come next. I promise I'm not dumb; this is just what my brain could think of while I am at work. As I said, I am open to almost anything, so don't be shy to throw anything at me.

I can't wait to hear from you! Send me a PM if you are interested!! Have a lovely day.

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