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the bad kid your parents warned you about

Hey there, nerd.
I’m a male college student from the UK. I study art and english language (the subject.) I’m a comic book and film lover and have five years of experience. For reference, i have the personality of tulio from el dorado.

I am the ceo of cliché roleplays. lots of people love ‘em and I am here to provide!

Let me lay down some ground rules straight off the bat:

-I have quite a chaotic reply schedule but I try to reply 2-3 times a day
-I don’t expect you to write much as I do write 3-4 paragraphs or 2-3 big paragraphs. 200-250 words. Just no one liners. I need something to work with.
-I only play male
-I like to make separate pm’s for OOC
-I am ghost friendly! (It can be hard to tell someone you’re not interested)
-when you dm me it has to include the word doll or I will not reply
-I only do M// and MxF pairings
-I don’t do fandoms as I don’t really have enough experience playing any canon characters
-I love angst and no themes are off limits!

-if/when you dm me please tell me of any triggers or themes you want to stay away from!
-I only rp on rp nation
-I only rp on pms
-I only do romance within rps

Bold = characters I would like to play

{Plots/ideas I’m craving}

{prince(ess) x captor}
bad boy x bad girl/boy
bad boy x good girl/boy
{demon x angel}
{bully x victim}
satanist x demon
{cop x criminal}
{civilian x criminal}
x victim
stalker x stalker

{dysfunctional relationships}
opposites attract
Arranged marriage
{seven deadly sins}
{satanic rituals}

plots based on songs (more will be added soon):

“toss your dirty shoes in my washing machine heart”
muse a is the school slut. they were tired of being treated like a weak helpless child so they took it into their own hands. sleeping with any boy for any reason. they got bullied for this but they held strong. muse b is the school bad boy and has heard rumours of muse a but has never actually met them. they meet outside of school and form a relationship with muse b not knowing who they really are. muse a has never been treated like an equal by a boy before and has never been loved for who they really are until muse b comes along.
they have fun like teenagers should do. what’ll happen when muse b finds out muse a’s reputation?
{i’m open for this to be m// or mxf}

pm me or drop a message down below and tell me if you’re interested in any of the plots/themes/ideas!
also do not be alarmed if I delete your comment after a while! I like to keep things tidy!
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