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Fandom Let’s goooooooooo{craving: p5}

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Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Pokemon, Romance


I love her lack of energy!Go girl!give us nothing!

Straight to the point, baby!

About me + Rules

You can call me Fritz or Ritz, I am a 17 year old female. I’m still in high school along with having a part-time job. I have a tendency to disappear and reappear (for a few days), I come back often enough though. I do tend to read things and then forget to respond, don’t be afraid to contact me if I disappear for like a 2 weeks! I type like a crackhead! I got stupid monkey brain! I love drawing and my stupid ocs. I try to draw my ocs and I also like drawing my partners ocs! I also adore fangirling with my partners. My current obsession is Persona 5!

I may be new here but I’m not new to roleplaying, I was doing cringy animu rps during elementary school along with some not PG stuff,,so I have experience along with tons of horrible flashback. But I’m always ready to improve.

I have a discord but I rarely use it haha, if you want it just let me know. I like doing things in pms but threads are fine!

Read this, fool
New rule, just pm me lmao i hate cleaning
Love me some oc/canon (+ doubling), willing to do ocxoc, but I’m iffy with canonxcanon, it all depends tbh
Okay with m//, f// and het pairings
I really like romance rps eeee
I like playing tons of characters/side characters haha.
3rd person only please, thank you mwah
No one liners! A paragraph is decent enough.
Don’t bump the thread/pm every hour, I have bad issues with that got stalked because of it one time lololol
If I’m gone for a week go ahead and shoot me a message!
Don’t steal my art! Unless it’s gift at that point it’s yours.
Lemme chat with you,,lemme talk (ooc chatt)
Text talk/smooth brain talk is allowed in ooc but not in the rp (unless they’re textin’ or somethin’)
Speaking of that I speak a lot of monkey nonsense in ooc (aka slang) sooo,,sorry.
There’s probably more but I am brain dead hehe.

yea the thing you skipped the rules to read you ain’t slick

Current Cravings

Side note!! I’d love to incorporate AUs and themes within these rps (maybe expect Friday the 13th and Space Channel 5-).

I got a general craving for fluff/romance rn so,,,hmu

Persona 5 (Royal)
Game makes me feel happy, love the style and everything-
Mostly looking for a noncanon or loosely canon story, I’m down for either ocxoc or canonxoc
If you play Akechi or Ryoji for me,,,you’ll have my heart

Danganronpa (1 to v3)
5 years ago I was absolutely obsessed with this series, I’ve cosplayed 4 characters from it, bought a ps vita just to play sdr2 and, was there for when v3 was datamined and all spoilers were released. I haven’t touched the game or fandom since then, mostly because the dr community on insta was VILE. But now I want to dust off my old writing chops.
NOTE: I’m a little picky with this one. I am not looking for canonxcanon, I’m more so searching for canonxoc (doubling). We can plot a none killing game AU or something else idk.

Animal Crossing New Horizon
Okay,,,hear me out-
I’ve been playing since day 1 and I am obsessed!!!!
We can humanize the animals, I’d kinda prefer it idk though(I’ve actually been drawing islander ginjkas, I’d love to share btw). We can both be the representative (maybe two siblings coming to the island together?) or one of us can be the representative and the other is a islander? I.don’t.know!!! I have animal crossing brain rot!! Would love to discuss different ideas in pms, this is more of a chill slice of life thing just like the game! Also if you want to double or whatever I’m willing to try tripling or even harem for this. If we both do it for each other of course. Could be cute ngl.

Space Channel 5
Do any of you know what this is? Do Space Channel 5 fans still exist? I know the VR game came out but,,,
Anyway, what I want to do with this is a OC-canon mix, if you want to do doubling then that’s fine with me! I have three ocs I’m going to use along with some canon I want to play : ) I have a plot in mind with my ocs, if you want your character in it then I have no problem putting it in.

Friday the 13th (but the game)
I’ve never watched a single Friday the 13th movie but I’m familiar with the lore up until Jason X because,,gross. No, I don’t wanna rp them trying to find their way out. I want to focus on the aftermath and the mentality of the survivors. How will they go back into society after going through that? Discovering the corpses of their friends while a supernatural freak is after their blood. Now after surviving this they’re being branded as crazy (kinda like how Tommy was in the Tommy tapes along with the canon). Also want to put Tommy in this. I’ll explain in more detail within pm!
This is strictly a canon rp, romance can be a side plot but not the main objective.

Other fandoms, not craving but 75% willing to do!

Fire Emblem Three Houses/Awakening
(Lowest of keys craving 3Houses)
Kingdom Hearts(100% willing)
PKMN Sword and Shield
Demon Slayer

Convince me:
BNHA (I’m not caught up at all so something non canon would be nice ^^)

Ask abt oc-only(original) rps

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I love her lack of energy!Go girl!give us nothing!
Changed the title, cause the new label is pretty much gone aaaaAAAAA

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