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Fantasy ♞Legends of Leohain♞ (Medieval High Fantasy - OOC -CLOSED)



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This is our on site OOC for those who cannot use the Discord

* * *
Legends of Leohain is a medieval high fantasy roleplay set on the continent of Leohain, the current plotline follows our characters after high king Kester declares war on mages in the country of Anan, tensions in the other kingdoms quickly rise as Kester pushes the other kingdoms to adopt his new laws. Some crumple and obey, Locking up and executing the mages that live in their kingdoms and strongholds. Others refuse and become safe havens for mages.
Our characters must choose who they will side with and fight to protect the freedom of mages, and their right to practice magic, or to snuff it out for good.

* * *

OOC Rules
1. Keep OOC drama out of here, please
2. Be polite, nobody likes a bully.
3. all RPN rules apply, obviously.
4. If you have an idea for lore, a new species, a settlement, or anything of that sort go over it with me or my co-author DovahBeat DovahBeat We are happy to answer your questions and give feedback
5. dont pester others to post, you may ask once or twice but no more than that

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