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Fandom legend of zelda: breath of the wild

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of the stars
hey!! so this is my first time ever creating a fandom partner search but i am completely obsessed with botw (and hyrule warriors: age of calamity!) at the moment and would LOVE to roleplay it with someone. im currently interested in playing my boy link with literally any other character you want? we'd have to discuss more if interested because i don't see him with many romantic pairings but im down to discuss! anyhow, a little bit about me and what i like from my partner:

- please talk to me ooc! this is strictly required because i cannot get into a roleplay if i don't feel like we're vibing.
- please include two or more paragraphs in third person for each reply. as always, quality over quantity but i will lose interest if i continuously get short replies.

i can't think of anything else to include at the moment so shoot over a message if you're interested!!


"No one steals my flerken cat!"
Hey, Astralis!
I'm quite obsessed with BotW as well! Wanna try play something? If you have any plot in mind, just let me know =D


be sapphic, do crime
Hello, I am so quite obsessed with botw/aoc at the moment and would love to discuss plot/characters/pairings with you, if you wouldn't mind! I think we'd get along well over some ooc conversation!

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