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Fandom Legend of Zelda: After the Calamity


It was a peaceful day in the land of Hyrule, something that the people still weren't taking for granted even now nearly two years after the Calamity. After the defeat of Calamity Ganon the people of the land had worked effortlessly on rebuilding the land. Towns, stables, the castle, all of the building projects still underway but we're wrapping up. The most important building being Hyrule Castle, the beacon of Hyrule having taken the most damage in the Calamity, since that's where the source of the monster known as Ganon had started his attack. But the castle was almost back to 100% percent. The only real thing that was majorly different was the four pillars beside the castle that the malice of Ganon had pulsed from. But Purah and Robbie assured everyone that they were dormant and we're of no threat.

All in all the Calamity had been handled with very well. Since the tiny guardian Terreko came back from the future to warn them of the events. Though that didn't mean losses didn't happen. Homes, friends, family... The monster hoardes we're great. And the malice that followed Terreko, adding to that of the already existing calamity of the land, didn't help as it made monsters stronger and more of them in general. Even to this day monster still lingered through the land, but no where near as strong or in the numbers that had been in the war.

"Heeya!" A young man, dressed in a pure white and gold armor that covered from his neck all the way down to his feet. It was made of rare metals, that of guardians but purified and strengthened, so the armor was as strong of that of a guardian, but almost weightless. A golden crown sat on his head, not moving as the wooden sword swung from side to side, him jumping around and slashing at his target, using the sheild, known as the Hylian Shield, which was rewarded to the most prestigious knights of the kingdom.

Which who else would be worthy of the reward other than the Princesses personal knight Link. Who was in the middle of a sparing session with a little girl. The child only 8 years old, but was able to keep up with the 19 year old. Holding a wooden spear in her hands, using it's body to block the man's blows, and thrusted the spear at him every chance she could. But, though she was good for some one her age, she still wasn't a match for the greatest knight in all the world. So in the midst of her swing, Link parried the simple thrust of the stick, with his shield, sending the practice spear flying and the wooden blade placed itself next to the girls neck.

"Good job Malon." He said to the girl, a thin line of sweat on his forehead as he lowered the sword, playing it in the ground and hugging the girl, his daughter, "You're getting better everyday." He praised the girl patting the top of the girls head, who giggled.

"Thanks Papa." The girl said returning the hug and looked up at him with her sapphire blue eyes. Her blond hair soaked with sweat, as this was much more of a work out to her young body than to the knights. She herself wasn't cladded in such armour of that of her father. But she had a silver breast plate to protect herself, guantlets, and a tiara (that had a magical yellow gem on it the protected from electricity). She wore a deep blue dress with white leggings, and brown leather boots aside from her armor. Armour for protection, but her mother made sure she was always looking lady like.

"I think we earned our lunch today." Link laughed as her lifted the girl up in one arm, sitting the little princess on her shoulders and started to walk forward.

"Ah!" She yelped, balancing herself, her armor clanking a bit as she did so, "Papa... I'm not a little girl anymore, I can walk!" She protested, but this fell on deaf ears as Link walked inside the castle, leaving the training grounds, all the knights left standing in awe at the battle they had just witnessed

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Princess Zelda smiled as she watched her husband and daughter train together from a balcony. She was getting pretty good to be honest and Zelda thought soon she could even beat Link but that would be a while. Zelda had a lot of work to do but she could make time for her family and that was what she was going to do. She then walked downstairs to meet them and the knights bowed to her as she walked past. A lot of people looking up to her was pretty overwhelming at times but Zelda had managed to deal with the pressure and it wasn't like she did not want to be princess.

She was not the fun parent which was fine by her since she knew her duty. A part of her wondered what Malon would grow up to be, more like her mother or father? Either way Zelda hoped that she would be happy and find her purpose whatever it may be.

"You look hungry Link," Zelda remarked with a smirk as she met him and Malon in the castle, "I'd say you both earned a big lunch." She walked to Link and gave him a kiss on the cheek and then smiled at her daughter, "Malon did you kick his butt?" Zelda wished she could join them but being princess again required her to be inside the castle all day and she did not enjoy that.

"Come, lets get you guys some food," Zelda said and walked to the kitchen. One of the chefs looked up and bowed at the three, "what would you three like for lunch?" Zelda glanced at Link and Malon waiting for their answers since the chef knew what she was going to have.

A messenger hurried into the kitchen as he was out of breath. "They slaughtered everyone....the guards let me in to warn you of their attack."

"Who?" Zelda asked rating an eyebrow at him.

"The Yiga clan...they said to tell Princess Zelda and Link that their lives are short," the messenger said.

Zelda crossed her arms and had a thinking expression on her face and nodded, "thank you for bringing us the news...you may go now." The messenger nodded and exited.


As they walked into the castle Link sat his daughter down to walk. They were also bowed to as they walked through the halls, as they were the king and princess. The girl gave off a childish giggle as she started o walk beside her dad, taking his hand in hers as they walked down the hallway, making their way to the dining hall. They weren't sure if they would see Zelda as she was the queen over the castle so she was quite busy a lot of the time, though they new the queen did sacrfice a lot to spend as much time with them as she did. So the two were well accustomed to having lunch by themselves. Heck they weren't even aware that she had watched their sparring session! But Zelda did end up joining them, which neither of them were opposed to.

Link gave a smiling hearing her say it looked like they both deserved a big lunch, if there was anything the king loved more than his family it was food. He returned the kiss by giving her one on the cheek as well, "I think we did! After a good workout like that a good meal has to be in order!" He said with a joke, smiling still seeing her go to their daughter and kissing her head. Which the girl did happily accepted the kiss on the head, she loved any sort of affection tha she got from her mom and dad, ad it was extra special from her mom since she was always super busy.

"I tried but hes too good!" She said with a small bow to her mom, as she had been trained to do so. It was weird for the girl having to be so formal at anytime Most of her life she grew up on a farm with her father and sister, but when the calamity came, and though it was brief, monsters and guardians had destroyed a good bit of Hyrule and sadly her family was apart of the casualties and it was sad ad something the girl struggled with even now years after the calamity. She was a little girl when it had happened but it was still fresh in her mind as if it had happened last week. Thankfully she had learned how to deal with it over the years, but when she was young she had a lot of sleepless nights unless she her mom or dad slept with her. But from farm girl to princes was quite the change. It was probably one of the reasons she got along with her dad so well since he seemed so... Not royalty. He was knight first, so he wasn't afraid to get dirty or get rough. Her mom on the other hand... she seemed like a flower. She was lovely and beautiful, ad she loved her mom for who she was and knew her mom wasn't afraid to fight if the need would arise, but she seemed so fragile at the same time.

But that didnt stop her from slipping her spare hand into her moms hand and smile up at her happily as they went to the kitchen. Where they were greeted by the chef and asked what they wanted. Now Malon was known for having a big sweet tooth and all the staff knew the girl was to be limited on her sweets for a day, as a little girl she would make herself sick from constantly eating them. Now a days it wasn't quite a bad... But her parents still kept a eye on how much sweets the girl ate.

"I will have my usual." Link said to the chef, which his usual was a eat and vegetable skewer, well two of them. It was a simple yet healthy meal and it didnt take to long to make or eat.

"Hm...I want veggie rice balls and warm milk!" Malon said, being a bit more fancy then her dad with her meal choice. But then the message came about the yiga clan which made the girl roll her eyes. If anything it was really annoying at this point to the girl, as they got a message like every other day. As a girl it scared her, but she was confidant that she could take on the Yiga clan herself. Now adays the Yiga Clan was just a few remaining soldiers who still sided with Ganon for some reason. But with Master Koga helping in the war against Ganon him and most of the clan left and rejoin the sheikah and was currently helping rebuild Hyrule. So the few true Yiga left were minor pest at best.

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"As you wish your majestys," the royal chef said as he began making their food not really bothered by the Yiga clan at all since they were small. Getting employed again was great since he cooked for Zelda when she was a little girl and he had to say that he was quite4 proud of the young woman for all that she did and also the young man that saved Hyrule. The chef was glad to have Link as their king and knew that he and Zelda loved each other and especially the newest edition to the family Malon. First the chef made the two their vegetable skewers and handed it to them. Then he made veggie rice rolls for Malon and prepared warm milk.

"Thanks Eldwin," Zelda smiled always treating the people in her kingdom as people. She always made it a point to be kind to others and hoped she was a good queen in the people's eyes. She also hoped her daughter thought she was a good queen and always modeled kindness and taught her to be kind to everyone. Yeah she was a little fragile but she would fight for Hyrule if there was no other option. But luckily Ganon was defeated and the Calamity ended so she would not have to fight anymore.

Eldwin gave a bowl of veggie rice rolls to Malon and handed he the warm milk. He would usually give sweets to the girl if she asked and Link and Zelda were not there. But they were and Eldwin ran out of sweets today because he gave them to his grandson and granddaughter who were about Malon's age. "So how are things if I may ask my queen and king?" he asked and turned to them.

"Well I am busy trying to get Hyrule back on its feet," Zelda explained, "it is taking a while but I think I can do it...even if it means losing some sleep." Zelda had a lot of responsibility to take care of but Link often would help her with public appearances and he would watch over Malon. She loved Link and Malon more than anything and they understood that she had a duty to do but she felt guilty for not being able to see them more even though Link had told her that they understood that she was busy and did not mind. The two were a very famous couple all over Hyrule and their public appearances were always appreciated by people. Zelda knew that this lifestyle was still a little weird for Malon since she grew up on a farm but her and Link were always there for her and tried to get her comfortable with it.

After this Zelda would have to leave to go do some work for probably the whole day. She hoped Link and Malon could find something to do in the meantime while she handled things, maybe she could could see them again this week if she was lucky. Eldwin nodded knowing the queen was always busy, "Your father would be proud of you Zelda...and its a shame he did not get to meet his son in law and granddaughter." Zelda nodded but she did not want this to be about her so she glanced to Malon, "I think her parents would be proud of her...she will become a knight like Link one day and save hyrule someday." Zelda gave Malon another kiss on the forehead. Zelda knew that Malon would be a hero someday but that day might be a while. But she was so proud of her and Link.


"Uh hey why does the princess get her meal before you king?" Link asked, 100% joking about that, as he didn't mind that his daughter go her meal first and probably would also joke if Zelda got hers second. He wanted to make sure his family got what they wanted first before he got anything... Though food was a touchy subject for the knight made king as he was known for his love of food all across the kingdom and the other kingdoms. He had eaten all sorts of different foods from the different races, heck he had even eaten through straight rock as the Goron champion offered him was essentially lave and rocks... and he lived! Though he probably wouldn't ever let his daughter try to eat something like that or until she was old as he was. If she was learning how to fight like him there was no doubt in his mind, she'd learn to eat like him as well.

Malon gave a sheepish giggle as she took her rice balls and warm milk and childishly blew a raspberry at her dad as she looked up at the chef, "Thank you Mr. Eldwin, I'm sure these will taste great like everything else you make!" She said before attempting to scurry off to the dining room, not really bummed out at not getting a treat as she hadn't asked for one and there was always later! Link, seeing the girl being so kind to the staff brought a smile to Link's face. She had defiantly picked up on her mother's kindness and some of the manners. She defiantly wasn't ready for the ball room dances (Which wasn't really a problem since they had been a bit too busy to throw a dinner party). But the girl used her 'please and thank yous' when they were needed and was a kind soul. Which that wasn't saying Link wasn't nice and kind to people. But Zelda defiantly was the one who picked up on the social ques and figured out what needed to be said and what needed not to be said quicker than Link did, and that's what Malon had picked up from the Queen.

"Well, I'm trying to help out the best I can do dear." Link said to her, which he was in his own way. While Zelda was dealing with the book work and what not he was getting the next line of knights ready for some on field work. The kingdom wasn't in any particular lack of knights, but Link had his own goals for some groups of knights. Sadly, even though Calamity Ganon had seemingly defeated, monsters were still about and causing trouble. They weren't as many as there had been during the calamity, but they were still there and terrorizing citizens. Then there were the special monsters that held the natural elements to them (The fire, ice, and electric) and on rare occasions the malice monsters that required more work to get rid of. Purah and Robbie had said that the reason there was an evil Terrako was from malice that traveled through time with the good one, and that malice super charged certain monsters. So, the need for capable fighters was still present. So, while there were the knights that protected the kingdom, Link trained a special group of knights, handpicked by him, to train and sent out to help the different villages and protect supply trails. Sadly, the knights in the group were a handful and usually had some sort of special edge about them. Like one young knight named Volvagia (or Vol for short), who was a talented lance user, had a natural affinity with fire and could summon it and e=imbue his lance with the element on demand. Then the other knights had something like that so it set them apart. Link wished there were more soldiers he could trust to do that. But if they weren't capable to defeat those monsters then he would simply be sending them off on suicide missions.

But even with that training Link was clearly the least busy of the two so he happily took the extra time to look after their daughter. He knew once the rebuilding of Hyrule finished up she would have a little bit of more time to spend with them as a family. But until then Zelda had both of their support, patience, and understanding. And the two would defiantly would find something to do, weather it was more training or going to market to get Malon some sweets (Link trying to score some extra good dad points) or something like that.

Links demeanor did drop a tiny bit at the mention of Zelda's father, his father-in-law. The king was a great man who had survived the calamity but had gotten sick a year later and ended up passing. Link knew the king would have loved his granddaughter if they would have gotten to meet. But sadly the two never had the chance to do so. But he did raise it once more as the chef talked about the future of the girl, "She'll defiantly be ready but hopefully we've had enough saving of hyrule." He said as Malon was kissed before she went to the dining room to eat her lunch.

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"Really like her mother," Eldwin smiled at Malon and then to Link and Zelda, "also has a big appetite like her father...thats a good thing to have when you are training so you aren't as exhausted."

Zelda knew that Link was doing the best he could to help but running a kingdom was not a part of his skill set as fighting for her and being able to eat many different foods. Zelda was quite picky when it came to food, she would refuse to eat straight up rock and lave. "I know you are honey and you are a great help," Zelda said to Link, "your knights will be a great help in handing the left over monsters." Zelda gave a kiss to Link on the cheek hopefully showing that she was thankful for his effort and she was not intending to have Hyrule fall again since she did not think that she could handle another failure from herself. she was still a little hard on herself. Malon being polite to Eldwin warmed Zelda's heart since that was what she had always taught her.

The queen was probably the most important person in Hyrule and of course she would host dinner parties, Zelda being a fan of fancy parties. She was the one to plead with Link to have them since she knew he was not a fan of them and she respected his opinion. The food was what would motivate him and the parties had really good food mostly, well Eldwin would make sure to feed the king if he did not like anything. Malon was going to have to get used to the dances that the Hyrulian family had held for ages and Zelda was not worried, as long as she could play nice around the rich then it was good.

There was some monster hunting to do and Zelda was not going to doubt her husband and his knights to take care of it. She did not even think about it and she was probably already late for a meeting which was not great but her royal advisors understood. "I got to go," Zelda said to Link, "can you guys find something to do?" Zelda cared about her family and knew that waiting for her was no the most fun thing but they were amazing. There were tons of things to do in the kingdom and they could go to a Market and buy sweets or maybe train up some more but she doubted Malon wanted to train more and more. Zelda didn't know how long this meeting would take and if she could even join them again today. Zelda kissed Link goodbye and then walked to the dinning room to give Malon a kiss on the cheek, "I have to go...i'll try to see you and dad later but while I am gone be a good girl ok? Remember your manners." With that Zelda hurried off to her meeting hoping she did not miss any important details.

"Well my king are you going to take Princess Malon to the market today?" Eldwin asked while cleaning the counter, "it is a nice day and especially since I heard they are having a sale." The old man knew that Link would like that, even though he was king and had a lot of money everyone liked a deal. The chef knew his love for food was great since he ate a lot of stuff. He was wondering if he should give Malon some sweets now or later in the day when she was back and Link was looking over his knights. The knights especially Volvagia were a handful to deal with but he knew Link could handle it. Those men respected Link highly and they took the oath to the royal Hyrulian family so Eldwin imagined that they would not have a problem.

Robbie was one of the people at the meeting Zelda was having because she trusted him with Shiekah research and have previously worked with him. Hopefully they could stop the rest of the guardians and the rest of the monsters that were a big threat to supply routes. It was really dangerous for merchants nowadays and Link had his work cut out for him all right.


"Both of our best features." Link said with a head nod as he watched his wife's meal be made in front of them. He smiled when he was kissed on the cheek, not opposed to any affection that he received from his wife. It was a part of being married, showing each other how much you care for each other. So, he returned a kiss back to the queen's cheek. He was glad that she was pleased with his little team of knights, and he did hope and suspect that one day Malon would be a part of the team. Though she didn't have any ties to the elemental powers... he sensed magic power from the girl. Not that he had any natural magical powers and if he wanted to use magic, he had to use rods, though the Master sword also let off mystical are beams when he was feeling tip top. But that came from the sword itself and nothing from him. But from hanging around and helping with the training of the knights he got the same feeling from Malon as he did from the magic knights. And if she was magic, she didn't show anything right now, but she would unlock her powers in her own time, just like Zelda had to unlock her powers.

It was true link defiantly wasn't one for parties and ballrooms, but he would attend them since the two important females in his life were crazy for them. Malon loved everything about the parties they would throw from time to time, getting all dressed up, eating plenty of yummy food (and sweets), dancing, and getting to meet new people. Link usually sat on the throne, ate food, or just kind of awkwardly stood around while everyone talked. Zelda was the political one and he was the fighter, they complimented each other like that. She stayed at the castle and dealt with the problems there and he took care of the monster hunts. Which it was usually at those moment s that Malon was along, but she was usual busy with her studies, which the girl had made great strides in that front in the few years they had all been together. She could read and write fluently, math was no problem for her, but it was history that she really struggled with. And it wasn't like the girl didn't know it was important to know about history, as it was the knowledge of their history that saved them from a total destruction in the Calamity, though they needed some future insight to win at the end of the day. But it got to be really boring to the girl.

"Yeah, we always do." Link said to his wife as she kissed him goodbye so she could go get ready for her. Which they did, which usually did involve going to the village. The people were always pleased to see the royal family, it gave Malon a bit more relaxed exercise in as she could play with kids her age. Then there were the sweets that the girl and her dad ate, which those were usually kept secret about as it probably wasn't a good fathering technique to pump your child with sugar, but he wasn't too concerned about that as it was something he liked to do with her, but he was positive Zelda probably wouldn't approve. "We'll see you later Zelda!" He called out as the princess left to say goodbye to their daughter.

"Aw... Ok Mama." She said, wiping her chin and jumped off her seat and hugged her mom's leg. She knew her Mama was really busy, but she really wished the Queen was a little less busy so she could go to the market with her and her dad to the marketplace. Maybe play ball with her and the village children, though she had a sneaking suspicion that the lady wouldn't be very good at it. But it would still be nice to have her there. Malon was aware her mom was very busy and soon they would be able to spend more time together... She just it was sooner rather than later. "I'll be and good girl and mind my manners." She promised letting go of her mom and giving the queen and quick curtsey before going back to her meal.

"Yeah, we'll go to the marketplace today... and yes, I know about the sale today. With the change of the season coming up soon they're trying to get the extra food sold so they don't go wasted. They'll have them cooked up in so many different foods..." He said, salivating a bit thinking of all the delicious smells and foods he'd eat that day, and the sweets that Malon would get. "But depending on what has managed to crawl by the force, I might be taking Malon on her first hunt today." He said admitting thinking about his daughter and how far she had come with using a lance. He figured if there were a few bogoblins were there he figured it would be good for the girl to put what's she had learned to use. But if it was anything else he would leave it to the knights to handle them. "But if you have any sweets for my little princess, it would probably be good to give them to her when we get back and I happen to be distracted." Link said winking at the chef. Link was no fool, he knew the 'special' relationship his daughter and the chef had. You only find a half-eaten cookie next to the girl who was fast asleep from a sugar crash a number of times before you caught on to what was happening.

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"Of course my king," Eldwin smiled at Link mentioning his special relationship with Malon, oh how the chef was fond of the little girl and how she reminded him of his dead daughter. That was forever ago but during the calamity his little daughter Talon was killed in the destruction of Hyrule castle the first time. He remembered it all and it was painful but Malon reminded him of her. Anyway the chef had to prepare food for the dinner tonight since it was another dinner party that Zelda was hosting since the woman was fond of them and little Malon was too.

The market outside of Hyrule was packed with adventurers and many civilians. Zoras, Gorons, and hyrulians were all at the market together in harmony. However when Link and Malon would pass by the people would pay their respects by bowing to them. One vendor glanced at Link and excitedly glanced to his wife who pulled out a cooler of juicy meat that she put out on plates on their stand hoping the king would make them rich. They knew he loved foods and that they would use it to make some money from him, maybe rip him off if they could get away with it. The two were sneaky and often ripped off their customers much to the annoyance of Zelda and the Hyrulian guard who wished they would stop and play fair. A Hyrulian guard stopped at their stand to make sure they would play nice today.

"Now, Meedo and Braith," the guard would lean his elbow against their stand, "you both ought to play nice and not rip off anyone or else I could have your license to sell here revoked." Meedo pouted and did not want his license to sell here be revoked since it was profitable. There have been complaints against him and his wife over the past months Hyrule was rebuilding and so it was expected that something would be done about it. Braith sighed and nodded as she put a hand on her husband's shoulder.

A Moblin managed to get inside the gate and started to kill people which was only one before a guard came to stop it but the Moblin knocked the guard off balance. It locked eyes with Malon who was far away from the gate but could still probably make out the figure. Several Bobogoblins broke in and the guard was overwhelmed as it was trying to fight off the horde and the Moblin. More guards rushed to the gates to defend it and keep the monsters from pushing up but it was clear they needed their king to help since he was a great fighter and maybe his knights too. The moblin was killing guards left and right and pushed further although the guards did manage to kill some Bobogoblins.

People were screaming and going into a panic because of the monsters and the market was soon a pit of hysteria with people wanting to get away from the monsters. It seemed like a coordinated attack but maybe they just wanted to pillage and kill. Either way Zelda was not going to let some monsters destroy Hyrule and she knew that she had to do something. It was not fighting, no Zelda was more a political figure and Link was a fighter and they did compliment each other. She called off the meeting since she saw fighting happening from looking out a window and Link could probably handle it but Zelda didn't want to seem like she did not care about the attack. It was about time they did something about these attacks and Zelda knew what she was going to send her husband and his men to do, attack their camp.


After eating lunch with his daughter, he did have her get dressed in some more casual type clothing. Ditching her armor the girl did put on an outfit that was very similar to her mother's blue outfit when they went on outings. But instead of being blue, her outfit was red and gold in color. She brushed her hair back, her hair wasn't super long so there wasn't a lot she could do with it past just brush it back and put in a butterfly hair clip to keep it from blowing up. But she did keep a lance with her at all times, as her dad had conditioned her to always have a weapon on her. A sword probably would have been easier to carry around, but the girl preferred to use a lance! Of course, there were reasons for that mind you. She was good with the lance, but there was also another reason that she probably wouldn't tell her parents, a boy she really liked also used a lance as his weapon. So it gave them something in common. Of course, nothing would ever come from this little crush as the boy was almost 10 years older than her and he probably didn't even know she had a crush on him.

As they walked around the market Link made sure to have his hand holding one of Malons as they entered the marketplace. Not that he didn't trust that his daughter was in the marketplace, or that someone would try to take her (even if they did she would probably try to kick their butts anyways). But it was the responsible thing to do and it was nice to have the little girl's hand in his. Plus she also kept him in check and stopped him from going to every food stand in the market area, which he had done many times... His love for food was well known in all the kingdom. But after a minute he did let her go off and play, taking the silver spear from the girl so no one would accidentally lose an eye. Which the girl did go and start to play with the village kids while Link went to the different food stands. Sadly for Meedo and Braith, he didn't even bother with their stand. He may have loved food but he also loved justice and supporting a crocked stand would have been the opposite of that. But he did eat his heart out at the other food stands, making sure to get food for Malon as well. Not as much as he ate, but if she was going to eat sweets she was going to eat normal food as well. The girl didn't complain as all the food was good. And nothing against their royal chef... But the village food just had some flair to it that couldn't be beaten. The girl drank soup, ate fish, and finished with sweets.

But sadly their trip was cut short by the cries of the distressed villagers as Moblins made their way through the gates. Which earned an eye roll from Link. He figured the noise and smells from the village had attracted them. But this also meant his hand-picked knights let some of the monsters slip by. That either meant there were a lot of monsters and some just escaped, or his fire knight had spaced out and they snuck by him. But this may have been a blessing in disguise and he looked down at the redhead beside him.

"Ok Princess." He said and handed her the lance, "I think it's time for you to put your training to use!" He said with a smile, "These guys are the lowest and easiest monsters there are, other than keese. But they should be no match for you!"

Malon looked at her father in disbelief as she held the lance. He was actually letting her fight monsters? She had begged him to go on the hunts with the other knights, but both he and her mom had said she was too young and not experienced enough t go out on those. To be fair the knights did end up fighting a lot of monsters and a lot of them were a lot stronger than the weaklings before them. Like Moblins, Lynels, and other monsters. But the girl smirked and nodded her head excitedly.

"Do not fear good people! Your princess is here!" The girl cheered rushing at the first bogoblins first, thrusting her sear clean through the monster and it swiftly turned black and crumbled into dust. She then swung her spear, slicing the second one across the chest and it died. Then finally she threw her spear at the last one, nailing it in the head and her lance fell to the ground. She quickly picked it up and looked at the Moblin right in its glowing green eyes. This one was a little bit bigger than the bogoblins but she figured she could handle it. The large red monster raised its huge club and smashed it down. Malon held her spear up, blocking the blow and push back, making the monster stumble. She took the chance and thrust her spear multiple times at the monster's chest, making the beast howl out in anger. Malon smirked and went for a death blow, but the monster grabbed her by her foot and threw her across the road.

"Malon!"Link said concerned grabbing his sword, but it was stuck in its hilt, but he went forward trying to get his sword out. Malon grabbed her spear, planning on killing the monster quickly. She thought she was down and not out. But looking up as the Moblin lifted its club up once more the girl gasped as her eyes went wide.

No, not now! The girl thought as her vision went dim and it only returned to be black and white. She was no longer in the marketplace but in the old ranch from when she was a toddler. The barn house is on fire, and the cattle and cuccos run around in a panic. Looking up she saw her mother and that she was holding the lady's hand as they tried to run. The woman, though in black and white, Malon knew had the same kind of red hair that she had. She wore a dress that was covered in dirt and soot from the fire. Sadly the memory was like a picture that had been outside to face the elements and a lot of it faded over the years. That probably annoyed the girl most about her problem, which doctors had diagnosed as PTSD, that it wasn't even clear anymore. When she was younger she remembered seeing other people there, her dad, grandpa, cousins, and other people. But now it was just her and her mom, whos face was blank now. They ran for their lives as monsters marched through their farm. But sadly her mom fell over a rock and she told the girl to run. And after a few seconds the girl listened, running into the forest. Brushing through bushes and low hanging branches reapeating Mommy over and over again.

Link in the other hand was not in the girls timeless memory and he was watching as the moster started to bring its club bown and he was to far to shield his daughter and his sword would not come out of its sheth so he couldn't use the energy beam to save her. "MALON!" He cried out hoping to pull the girl out of her transe.

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Cloud had only recently heard of the market attack since he had been stalled by a servant of the castle. He quickly rushed outside holding his big claymore jolting with electricity and was confident that Volvagia and the other would join him soon or they should. Cloud was almost always at odds with Volvagia because of their different personalities and ages and Link knew this so he had always made sure they had conversations that did not involve fighting. He guessed Queen Zelda was going to do something about this attack since it was not like her to do nothing about stuff. Either way Link was going to be mad at Cloud and the knights for not responding right away and Cloud knew they all deserved it for being so stupid and spaced out.

He saw something that disturbed him, a Moblin about to kill the princess and her seemingly in some sort of trance. He could not let the Moblin kill her and so he ran at the Moblin holding his Claymore straight with electricity jolting from it and yelled as he impaled the creature shattering it to dust, his emerald eyes were full of rage but it was at himself for letting the royal family be at risk and the Moblin for trying to kill royalty. He glanced at Link who seemed to have trouble getting his sword out and turned back to the other monsters holding his claymore ready to fight and defend the kingdom. "My king, I apologize for this...please forgive us," Cloud said as he killed a bobogoblin and slammed hhis claymore on the ground creating an electric shock that knocked some of the monsters off their feet. He assumed that the market would have to be closed since the smell of fresh food did draw in unwanted visitors. At least a Lionel did not appear yet.

The Hyrulian guard was focused on repairing the gate and closing it off from the monsters although it was hard. It seemed like the smell of food was too much so the monsters kept rushing in. "Its the food that draws them in," a guard captain explained to his unit, "so we need to get rid of the meat on the stands." Albus frowned at his captain at getting rid of good meat and he knew the king would be upset too. "But the meat is so good," Albus complained to the captain who scoffed. "Are you not loyal to Hyrule now?" The captain asked, "you might as well join the monsters if you think that way." Albus shook his head not wanting to be on the end of Cloud's Claymore or Link's master sword. He sighed and ran to the stands going to dispose of the foods with some other guards and were met with some bobogoblins which were dispatched by one of Link's knights named Ardith. She charged at a moblin with her sword cutting the monster in half as it turned into dust.

Ardith had an affinity with the water element so she could summon water to with her trident to knock back enemies or she could easily defeat fire monsters. She was of Zora descent and because of that was a great swimmer. Link could count on her to handle the fire monsters and do any swimming if they needed to do anything underwater. Although she was pretty young but not as young as Volvagia and she was not as skilled as the others but she had her own usefulness like swimming and taking care of fire charged monsters. Ardith had her sword fly out of her hand by a black moblin and she fell back to the ground but she was not out of the game yet. The black Moblin raised its club to finish her off but Ardith managed to roll and grab her trident and block it. The fish looking female then swept the Moblin's leg and knocked it down and stabbed in in the head killing it.

Ardith was the only Zora on the team but the other did not discriminate against her for being different. In fact Queen Zelda had an alliance with the prince because of Link and him being needed by the Zora. Ardith was happy to help Link out with forming his knights and she wore royal armor like the other knights and since she was the same shape of a Hyrulian the armor fit nicely. However she was distracted beforehand and would likely get a yelling from Cloud or Link for it.

Albus discarded the food items in the market with haste much to his distaste so the monsters would stop coming. He also saved some for himself and his family.


Seeing the claymore go into the Moblin and the electricity shocking the foul monster was probably the greatest moment of relief Link had ever felt in his entire life. He quickly rushed past Cloud and the monster, which started to fall forward, and grabbed his daughter and rolled away from the monster. Which landed right where Malon had been frozen before turning black and and exploded into ash. Link looked back to see the oldest of his royal guard standing there. The king tugged at his sword hilt one more time and finally his sword came out, which it was not the fabled Master Sword but a Ancient sword. It's neon blue blade made from ancient technology it was probably the sharpest sword, besides the master sword, in all of Hyrule. Link didn't really carry the Master Sword, not wanting to abuse the power of the weapon, and only brought it out when he went on the monster hunts, since that usually meant there was a really dangerous monster. But other then that he carried the Techno Blade, as Robbie called it. Though the king would be having words with the researcher since he almost lost his daughter to the blades failure to come out.

At the moment Link gave a somber nod to Cloud. Sadly for him and the rest of guards would be scolded for letting monsters get this close to the town. But for now they needed to get rid of the monsters. Though he himself wouldn't be doing much fighting since he had a 8 year old clinging to him with tears falling down her face. So when not only Cloud but Ardith was there to help out he was pleased. Then to make things better he saw a Sheikah man balancing on the wall. This man was named Roy. He was a member of the Sheikah tribe, so he wore the traditional Sheikah robes instead of armour and had neatly brushed back white hair. Two daggers in hand the man jumped down and started to take care of bogoblins on his own.

"Everyone get away from the gate!" The man ordered everyone as he started to make hand signals and suddenly light blue clones of the man appeared. Some of them helped him in taking care of the monsters while others helped get people away. The Sheikah man was used to doing recon missions, staying in the shadows, and just doing things without anyone knowing. But thankfully he knew his way around a battle field as well. But as he took care of the little goblins the roar of a much bigger monster could be heard.

Through the broken walls a black Moblin pulsing with Malice energy was walking up to the town and seeing this Link started to sweat a little. A monster that strong was a problem when it was on its own. But with 4/5 of his guard busy with the other monsters it could be dicey.

"Cloud, take care of that thing!" Link ordered the knight as he started to help mop up some of the monsters in the town, taking care of them with one hit a piece, but still didn't dare get into a huge fight with his daughter with in his arm. But before Cloud could get there something came flying out of the forest area behind the monster. The final, and youngest, member of the guard came literally flying out of the woods. A paraglider strapped to his armor, and since he had the affinity of fire he was able to use the heat to cause his own updraft. He flew high in the air before pulling the paraglider in close to his body and fell onto the monster, stabbing the monster with his lance, causing the beast to start blazing in fire, and it let out a loud roar and the knight Volvagia jumped off the monster.

The teen had normally dark red hair flew like like embers at the moment as his fire powers burned, his eyes as glowing red as he held his spear. The boys armer flew orange as it got super hot. And his lance itself was a special weapon, it's base/handle looking like glowing lava rock and it's tip a bright orange color as well.

Sadly for Volvagia the Malice Moblin shook off the stab and turned to face the teen. "Come at me pig nose!" The teen spat, and Link just nodded his head for Cloud to go and help the teen.

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"Woah ten points for the entrance!" Ardith said as she stabbed a Bobogoblin in the chest with her sword killing it. She had seen Volvagia with his amazing entrance and wondered where he had been...Link would be pissed at them for not arriving sooner and Zelda would not be happy about this little fiasco but Link was more of a worry to her since Zelda was not a fighter. Plus Link not being able to use his sword was a worry and they would have to speak with Robbie or someone. The Zora did not exactly know a lot about Link's sword but she did know that he would need a new one or else they would be not successful.

Cloud sighed at the flashy entrance and raised his claymore and charged at the malice moblin striking him with electricity knocking it back into a tree. "Where did you come from?" Cloud asked the teen, "never mind lets finish this..." The Black Moblin got up and roared at the males as it charged at them with the intent of murder. Cloud raised his claymore again but the Black Moblin swung its club at the claymore knocking it out of his hands and kicking Cloud back into one of the stands.

Ardith watched this happen and was going to rush to Cloud and Volvagia's aid but was hit in the side by a bobogoblin knocking her off balance. Luckily it was just a club so it did wound her badly but it still hurt. "Agh! Roy can you help Cloud and Volvagia?!" Ardith yelled while she slashed at the Bobogoblin with her sword in an attempt to get him away from her.

If Link was mad then Zelda was PISSED. The woman couldn't believe what happened out there and especially that Malon was with Link. Zelda wanted to go out there and protect her daughter and husband. "No market for a while and you make sure of it," Zelda ordered one of her royal advisors, "not until we are sure we can fight those monsters." The royal advisor nodded and quickly hurried down the hallway.

Zelda was not sure how this would make Hyrule kingdom look in front of the other kingdoms but surely they would understand right? They were almost done rebuilding the kingdom to its full power and she was working on restoring the political power that the kingdom had. She was not sure how fighting really played out but she really hoped that Link and his knights could;d pull through and defeat the monsters. Afterwards she had a feeling that she would have to look after Malon for a bit which was great but she did a lot of boring stuff nowadays that Malon would hate. But she would be willing to do that if that meant Malon would be safe.

"My queen, should we close down Hyrule for the day after this?" One of the guard captains asked and Zelda nodded, "make sure no one can get in unless they are approved by Link or me." The captain nodded and hurried outside.


Link was obviously not very pleased with the current situation, which "not very pleased" was putting it lightly. But he would be having words with his royal guard about it later. But he did quietly wonder if this sudden hoard of monsters had something to do with the threat that the remaining Yiga Clan members had sent. But they would get answers later, for now they had to stop the monsters from destroying the town. Which the king, using his enhanced ancient tec sword was taking down monsters in single blows. Though he couldn't really do a whole lot will Malon on her arms. But the monsters that dared to get close found themselves facing a swift death.

Roy, the Sheikah man, nodded his head to the order and in a flash was by Cloud and Vols side. He lunged at a bogoblin and used his knife to slay the beast. But a blue energy misted off the monster and formed into a clone of Roy and they started to take the rest of the monsters, making more clones off of each other. And soon it was to the point where each of the royal guard had a clone helping them fight and even some were starting to help the villagers and rebuild the town. So it wasn't hard to believe that soon all the monsters were slain and the rebuilding of the town was taking place.

Link had all of his royal guard lined up, accept for Roy since he wasn't really the fighter of the group and had been on a totally separate mission. He had just happened to be there when the monsters attacked. At this point Malon was back to herself but Link left her with Roy as he spoke to the Royal Guard.

"I have no idea what happened." He said to them, "I don't have any idea how my most trusted knights could have let a hoard of monsters this size slip by! But now is not the place or time to talk about it. I want you all to return to the castle immediately. We will discuss this further there." He said with a sigh rubbing his eyes, "But Cloud I have to thank you for saving Malon... If it wasn't for you I don't know what would have happened to my daughter." He said looking at the man, assuring him silently that his punishment wouldn't be as great

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"Of course my king," Cloud said and looked down in respect and shame for not responding earlier about the situation. He was not sure what was going to happen in the future but he was sure that now he was going to be on guard and actually respond. He wasn't sure what Link would do to the others but he hoped that it wasn't too bad because Volvalgia was just a teenager and did not deserve a bad one. He wasn't to worried about the Zora though since she seemed to be tough and ready to handle anything that came her way.

Cloud was glad his punishment wasn't too bad but he rather take one for the team. The man just knew that they had to do better next time...somehow they would do better but the punishment would teach them to be better the hard way. Well hopefully the queen was alright and the others like Robbie and Purah. Although Robbie might be in hot water after what happened with Link's sword.

"Hope you feel better Malon," Cloud said to the girl and walked off to the castle and glanced back at Volvagia, "kid you coming?" Ardith was ashamed of herself but she was not going to let it get her down. The Zora quietly walked back to the castle not saying a word to anyone as she watched the builders rebuild the town and the guards trying to establish control again over the panicking people. This was not a good look for Zelda at all...the other kingdoms could think Hyrule is weak from this attack.

The guards were rebuilding the gate and this time they made it stronger with new materials that Zelda had ordered and now the monsters should have a harder time getting in. But of course those Yiga clan members are sneaky and this could be their plan but it did not work clearly and made them stronger.


Zelda didn't know what happened. She just sat there on her throne confused and probably angry when she learned what happened. The queen was not a fighter and had no experience in war so she had no idea what to do. That was Link's job to figure out while she worked on the political side of things which was really busy and she had no time to worry about such matters but it was important. "No dinner party tonight," Zelda announced to her court, "we need to focus on rebuilding Hyrule to its former strength and even stronger."

The court seemed to agree and waited for the king to return and see what he had to say. His voice was important to and he would be the deciding factor for war since he was good at out naturally.


Link sighed as he watched the royal guard leaving the town. He didn't like the idea of having to punish his royal guards as he knew each of them were qualified to be there and when a blunder as big as this happened it wasn't something she could simply ignore. This handful knights was suppose to be the best in the entire kingdom and should be able to handle anything. If Link sent them out to guard a town they should be able to do it and if he sent them to hold back and army of monsters they should be able to do that as easily as guarding a town.

Of course Link wasn't concerned about the major kingdoms of the other nations seeing this as a sign of weakness. Revali, Mipha, Urbosa, Daruk, and him had fought side by side in the war and knew they understood little skirmishes like this were bound to happen. Until they could find the source of the malice and what was making the monsters come back over and over again it was just something they would have to deal with. But it was the local Lords and rich Hylians that had Link worried. He may not have understood all the politics that came with royalty, but he knew Zelda did and was concern about those Lords trying to pull strings and trying to over throw her. Not that it would happen in their life time of course. Him and Zelda had saved the land of Hyrule from Calamity Ganon and everyone knew it would be a hard near impossible fight to prove her and Link weren't willing to do whatever they could for the castle. But that didn't mean the local Lords wouldn't try to make things as difficult as possible.

"I will sir." Malon said looking down ashamed that she had a episode right in the middle of all of this. Clearly she wore that heavy knowing that if she hadn't then she could have helped her dad fight the monsters and her dad could have actually fought instead of needing to protect her. She did wish she could get over the whole PTSD thing... But it was definitely easier said then done. But then she saw Vol walk by when Cloud called him and broke away from her dad and grabbed his hand, "Hey Vol!" She said, dispite the wreckage around them, the events that just unfolded, and the fact the knight was in trouble, the princess gave the boy a smile and stood on her tippy toes, "Um... So for the ball tonight. I don't have a knight to escort me, would you be willing to go with me?" She asked with a beaming smile.

"Oh um... I'm honored princess Malon. But the king may have other plans for me tonight." He said darting his eyes at the king briefly, "But if he okays it then sure." He said to the girl, oblivious that the princess kind of had a crush on him. At every party she asked him to be her escort, if she needed to go somewhere she requested he be apart of the team of knights that took her there, and any other chance she could get him to be near here. Of course the teen was like 9 years older than her as well so it's not like it would work out and the fact Vol was Links Knight and was usually out on missions.

"Well and I'll have to talk to the queen." Link said walking over and lifted the girl onto his shoulder, "This attack has probably spooked her and she's gonna want to cancel the ball. But I'll assure her that things will be ok. Besides I think I know the punishment of the royal guard for tonight." He said looking at Vol, "You are dismissed." He said and the teen bowed and walked back towards the castle, "Ok let's go talk to mom."

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Like battling politics was cutthroat and and Zelda knew that the lords would try to overthrow her now. They didn't like her and Link because of their age and would use this chance to try and pull the floor from under her but she wasn't going to let that happen. Zelda was pacing around her and Link's room trying to think of what to do next and gad to picture what the lords would plan to do. She might have to have a ball to not show weakness and act proper for the lords. She was truly concerned and she felt like it would be hard to play firm and not scared. But she was scared for her family and herself.

Burying it all away Zelda walked out of the royal chambers and knew only Link could tell that she was scared. Maybe Malon could tell too but she was determined to be strong in front of her husband and daughter. But maybe Malon could learn that even the powerful queen Zelda could be scared, royalty was just an act and Zelda made sure to show Malon the real Zelda who was prone to making mistakes and being human. She thought of the time all three of them were at the village buying things in disguise so people would not bother them. She remembered playing a fishing mini game with Malon and that made her smile. If only they could do that again...

Zelda spotted her husband and daughter and hurried over to them and hugged them both then retracted, "Oh thank Hylia you both are alright....what exactly happened?" Zelda questioned them with a worried tone of voice. She was fidgeting with the threads of her dress nervously and looked down at the floor fearing the worst. She wanted nothing to happen to her daughter or husband. She didn't want to fail all over again and let down everyone. Link knew how she worried and that it would take convincing to assure her even him the man she loved.

She was sure that Malon wanted her to host the ball so she could dance with her crush which Zelda found cute and adorable. But Zelda was spooked and did not want to but Link could convince her because he knew how to calm her down. One of the few people that Zelda relaxed around. Would Malon think differently about her if she showed her fear and unsureness? No she knew Malon loved her even if she showed weakness.

After this Zelda was going to speak with Robbie about this malice problem. She might have to go researching again just like in the past but the thing was that she was not too good at fighting and the Yiga Clan was still out there. Maybe she could convince Link to bring her along on his missions but she doubted he would want to risk her getting hurt but Zelda was determined to do anything for Hyrule. Even if it meant learning how to use a sword and failing miserably at it. Maybe she would ask Cloud for lessons later on.


"Remember Mamas probably gonna be a bit shaken up with what happened. So just stay calm, ok?" Link asked his daughter, pulling her off his shoulder and sitting the girl on the ground, helping her get steady to her feet. He wasn't to keen on leaving the girls side after a flashback, Incase she flew into another one and the fact they made the girl unbalanced for a bit. So he gently grabbed her arm and lead her into the throne room. With one look on his wife's face the king knew his wife had been worry about it. "Yes yes we're fine." Link assured her as Malon slipped out of his grasp and ran up and hugged Zelda. The girl wouldn't usually demand attention like so... But she was having a rough time.

"It was my fault..." She grummbled in her mother's dress, getting a eye roll from Link.

"It wasn't your fault." Link sighed walking up and sat his hand on the child's head, "There's a few people to blame... But basically the monsters got past the royal guard and we're attracted to the food in the town." Link explained and did briefly go over Malons PTSD problem, figuring she should know about it. "But the Royal guard is rebuilding the town, and with Roy's help it should be a quick fix." He assured her, "So the ball should be able to go off without a hitch!" Link said before Zelda could suggest canceling it.

"Oh um... Could Vol be my escort for that?!" Malon asked suddenly in a much better mood

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Zelda nodded and did have knowledge about Malon's PTSD and frankly it just seemed like bad luck. She hugged her daughter back and nodded with Link, "He's right Malon, this is not your fault since a lot of parties were involved." She heaved a sigh knowing she should have canceled the market today but she still went along with it because Link and Malon liked it. Zelda looked at her husband with smile as he talked about the ball before she could say anything, classic Link.

"Alright alright," Zelda crossed her arms, "but you need to back me up against the lords who will come." Zelda was of course going to invite the lords of Hyrule since they were going to say stuff about her if she didn't. Politics was a game about survival and Zelda knew this since she was a little girl, even if there weren't any fighting it was still nasty. She knew Link was the shinning example of them doing everything they can for Hyrule and she wanted the lords to see him and know it. The queen smiled when Malon asked about Vol and nodded turning to Link.

"he can right Link?" Zelda asked and raised an eyebrow wondering if Link could just punish him after. She wasn’t going to deny her daughter a dance of her life just because of something Vol failed to do. Link could do whatever he wanted because it is his group of knights but Zelda hoped he wasn’t too mad.

“I’ll prep,” Eldwin called out overhearing them and went to command his kitchen of chiefs to make some food. The food was from all over Hyrule and a mix of spices were put into the meat and vegetables.

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