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Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Faction Thread!

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A Nation Building Roleplay.


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Faction status thread for Beckoncall's FNB "Legacy of Atlantis" -- post your character/faction/manpower descriptions here!


His Majesty Henry VIII
Atlantean Reclaimers

Resources: Wealth 10, rubber 3, bulbs 3, wax 2, salt 5, marble 8, iron (renewable), coal (renewable), steel (renewable), coral (renewable), stone (renewable) obsidian (renewable), starnathite (joint renewable), chalice of fate, influence 13/13.
Constructs: 26 greaters, 2 g. golems, 10 l. golems.
Jewel(s) of Divinity: Earth.

FC513 is an artificer that was put in charge of many other Reclaimer constructs and sealed away with an earth jewel of divinity before the Atlantean Empire fell for an unknown purpose. Dormant until the portal to the Secret Sea of the Golden Grotto activated, they then reawakened from their slumber, ignorant of much that had once been clear. Equipped with an ancient Atlantean shield to protect themselves and everything they hold dear, they wield a emerald enchanted warhammer of sundering in their battles for answers. Almost indistinguishable from other Fathom constructs, they cut and polish their head's long mana crystal protrusions as a landlubber organic of ages past would perhaps trim and wax a beard so that they may stand apart to allies and friends.
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Faction LeaderWiuhomarch Urchadainn was born on auspicious tides, to a family of plenty. His father, a mormaer of great repute always in close proximity to the rí ruirech himself and his mother, a princess of great beauty and grace. Sadly though, despite her good breeding and poise she was as fate demanded a simple salann vif or "salt wife" that is a woman who was captured in some unfortunate sack and made to bear children for her captor. Although as per law Wiuhomarch was entitled the same inheritance his other brothers, all sixteen of them, would of right be expected to claim, he was not immune to the rather contemptuous attitude his family and the nobility at large had towards him. Like all the other males of his caste, Wiuhomarch was trained in the art of war as soon as he was able. In this he showed great prowess, beaming across the great ocean atop his mount and practicing the fine art of sticking inanimate objects with the pointy end of his lance. Soon thereafter, he would accompany his illustrious father in numerous campaigns of conquest and pillage, collecting riches and claiming salt wives of his own until desperate circumstances prompted his exodus to new frontiers. Wiuhomarch is more often than not dressed the same as his loyal elite retainers, although his armor does posses some unique heraldry, a personal coat-of-arms that he adopted upon leaving his old life behind. Featured quite prominently in it is the ancestral sword of his house Freagarthach, "The Whisperer" a unique wavy weapon that he stole before departing, said to have been forged by the gods themselves with the ability to pierce any armor made my man or mer.
Customs & ReligionThe Pelagians unlike perhaps the other nether races have never quite been able to constitute themselves into a single body politic. Not for a lack of trying, indeed numerous attempts at empire have been made in the past, all with varying degrees of failure. It would seem that the peoples of the deep water loathe the word centralization. Numerous petty mormaers or "sea lords" dot the Pelagian heartlands, each with their own shifting loyalties and longstanding animosities. Of the many independent rulers of this shattered realm none were as powerful or indeed as feared as the rí ruirech or "overking" a title that was at least as per its mythical origins earned rather than inherited. In recent years however the title and the realm that came along with it was passed down the generations, albeit with an element of election whereby the most prominent vassal mormaers would choose a successor from among their persons to don the ceremonial robes and wield the slat na rígheor "rod of kingship" the primary symbol of a Pelagian king's legitimate authority and a popular symbol in familial heraldry.
  • Nobility & The Caste System:The caste system and its pressures on Pelagian society are quite apparent to behold, each individual by virtue of their birth is assigned a particular purpose in life. Any deviation from this preordained purpose can result in harsh reprisals from society at large. The highest rung on the pyramid is held by the priesthood, their mastery of the letters and their closeness to the gods via ritual and mysticism makes them highly respected members of Pelagian society, so much so that no member of a lower caste may gaze directly upon their majesty. Thus they are often draped head to fin in robes made from algae or seaweed dyed in a cornucopia of splendid colors, leaving only the slits of the eyes bare. Next in line are the láech which literally translates to warrior or hero, they are the ruling nobility of Pelagian society, bred from birth to be fierce in the field of battle. Those born into more affluent houses are taught from the moment they are able, to ride the Hippocampi until it is almost second nature to them. The bond between rider and mount is great indeed and it is not unusual to spot graves dedicated to loyal mounts right next to the plots reserved for their master. The third rung in this system was reserved for traders and skilled artisans, indeed all Pelagians involved in some sort of commerce would most probably be a member of said cast, although they were never outright persecuted the members of the upper casts view their kind with much disdain. For one, greed was widely held to be a moral evil and one that was usually associated with the trading classes. Secondly, those in the upper castes were more than a little perturbed by the growing material prosperity of the trading classes without them having even a shred of the good breeding they possessed. Finally, at the bottom of this pyramid lay the geàrrach, the word itself has been at different times translated as "excrement" or a "diseased body", the etymological derivation of the word perhaps gives us a sense of the way in which Pelagian society views the geàrrach. Burdened with the task of menial labor until the day they die, the geàrrach have grown thicker scales and bulkier bodies, loosing much of the color and splendor associated with the average Pelagian. This is possibly due to the living conditions they must endure, huddled under dark cavernous structures at the lowest possible depths of the ocean. Some members of the nobility consider their kind to be abominations and an affront to the gods and do not hesitate in having some culled arbitrarily.
  • Religion:The Pelagian faith unlike its political structure is really quite an organised and powerful force, commanding respect from even the most notorious warlords in the region. This wasn't always so, being polytheistic in nature meant that the veneration of a particular minor deity and the customs and traditions that went along with it were bound to vary from place to place. Destruction of temples and holy orders dedicated to a god deemed unfavorable to the monarch's cause were routine and plenty. Adultery and hedonism ran rampant as moral and philosophical teachings regarding the right way of doing things were cherry-picked as the situation demanded. It was only under the reign of the twelfth rí ruirech, a period of uncharacteristic peace and prosperity, that a council of twenty grand priests reconstituted the faith, rigidifying the existing cast system and canonizing a set of eight true gods and goddesses who's worship was standardized and encouraged. Although the overkingship would fall within the next decade, the changes made by the council of twenty continued to affect the religious lives of Pelagians ever since. None were as affected as the geàrrach however for the council barred them from entering any temple or institution maintained by the faith, effectively excommunicating them from a religion they had adhered to for a millennia. While lay members of the clergy were technically required to preach to the geàrrach this was rarely if ever done, leaving them to adopt numerous primitive and cultic practices ranging from ancestor worship to by far the most prevalent, the cult of Aboleth. A semi-organised religious phenomenon that centered around the worship of the ancient Aboleth and it's successor races, it's practice was of course considered extremely heretical and its adherents slaughtered but the lower casts continued the practice in large numbers albeit in secret.
  • Marriage & Descent:Pelagian society follows a patrilineal kinship system and is heavily patriarchal in nature with women occupying few if any positions of authority. The geàrrach are a slight exception to the rule as they are required by law to have polyandrous unions and thus trace descent through the female line. Men are allowed to take multiple women as wives, although certain restrictions are placed on the exact number in accordance with class. All children born out of a legitimate union have equal rights to the father's inheritance, excluding females who are entitled to only 1/3 of what is claimed by the nearest male descendant. Marriage is considered to be civic matter, not a religious one and thus does not require a priest to officiate it, although some in the nobility prefer that they do. Traditionally, all that was required to have a marriage be legally binding was a show of force, whereby a man or a group of men were to kidnap women from the nearest settlement or tribe and wed them in a short ceremony. In time of course this changed, at least among the upper castes who arranged marriages in advance while continuing to retain a mock 'chase the bride' ceremony.
Goals & AmbitionsThe succession laws of Pelagian society were quite archaic in that it almost encouraged fratricide upon the death of the father, in order to secure a larger portion of the inheritance. This of course often resulted in those quite low in the line of succession setting up adventuring parties and travelling to rival courts with hopes of eventually pressing their claims, or even conquering smaller realms for themselves. Those that did not flee were then embroiled in years of intrigue or outright conflict that resulted only in death and destruction. Wiuhomarch, quite aware of his position chose the former option financing an expedition to new uncharted lands with hopes of great wealth and plunder, enough hopefully to reclaim the inheritance unjustly taken from him.
Faction Demographics
Unskilled Workers 1 x 25 = 25
Skilled Workers2 x 21 = 42
Hunters2 x 21 = 42
Priests 6 x 6 = 36
Pelagian Elite 5 x 15 = 75
Hippocampi Cavalry 8 x 10 = 80
Jewel of Divinity - Blood
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One Thousand Club
The Polypals

Leader: The Primus - The Primus is the name and title of the leader of the Polypals. The title directly descends from the first and oldest Polypal, the Primogenitor who's memories and genes have been selectively passed on in an unbroken line. While all Polyps are distantly related to each other, the Primus was specifically selected by the past Primus to rule and carry the wisdom and genes of the Primogenitor. Thus, the Primus serves as a political and "spiritual" leader of the Polypals for the Primogenitor is considered the "creator" of the species and all are made in it's image. There is nothing greater to the Polypals than their own creation and survival.

Race Description: The Polypals are a collectivist species that seeks the best tools to continue their race's survival. In fact, one of the most respected beings of the Polypals are the Aboleths for they have been around since before time. Subsequently, one theory about the origins of the Polypals is that they are distantly related to the Aboleths since Polypals seem to have the ability to control bodies though through a non-psionic manner. Another theory is that the Primogenitor had consumed an Aboleth and developed these abilities. There are a few theories floating. However, the truth is not certain as not ALL the memories of the Primogenitor were passed on for one reason or another. Regardless, the Polypals aggressively seek means to improve themselves and better adapt to the times so that they will continue to survive through the ages. Gods rise and fall, Empires expand and fracture, but there is one constant law in this world. Only the fittest survive and the Polypals will do all that they can to become the fittest in this age and the ages to come.

This rather straight edged view of the purpose of life makes the Polypals (or at least the Primus) see the Alliance as foolish, but the Alliance offers a wide marketplace of ideas and other delectable things. If something is done that does not contribute to survival, then it is a waste of time, energy and effort for the Polypals. Consequently, elder/ancient races who have survived through at least a few ages are afforded some respect, and particularly interest for it is abundantly clear to them that they have SOMETHING valuable or unique that enabled them to survive for so long though it may be possible it is a fluke or random chance. That is the general view of the Infesters and Mimics of the Polypals.

The Tendrils are intentionally given less memories and more space to develop more of their own personalities, partially due to their lesser intellectual and physical capabilities, but also due to the fact that they are used as metaphorical tendrils, probes and test dummies for new ideas. After all, once in a while they happen to serendipitously come across something amazing that the Polypals were not aware of before. Thus, like little children, they listen to their parents and accomplish what they are told but are given some autonomy to make mistakes and experiment. Like children... they also seem to never tire and have abundant energy.

Goals and Ambitions - The Polypals have come because many others have come. This rush of migration and colonization exposes many new ideas, discoveries, tools, species, and delicious traits. Though Polypals are seen as parasites, that doesn't mean that some sort of symbiotic relationship can't be established despite the perception that others may have of the Polypals. Let the others treasure the past and bask in lost glory, trivial honor, false faith and sentimental value. The Polypals will glide forward to the future through the ruins of failure and pick the "gems" along the way.

Faction Demographics - Alliance
200 Tendrils (100)
20 Mimics (80)
20 Infesters (120)

Wealth: 3
-Starting: 1
-Alliance Member: 2


Astral Jewel

Awakened Infesters: The Composer (Engineer), The Barber (Surgeon), The Elementalist (Chemist), The Mouth (Diplomat), The Colorful One (Artist), The Magical One (Artificer), The Maw (Tactician), The Brood Mother (Intelligence Officer), The Gourmand (Fantastic Stabler), The Elder (Historian)
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Alive? Alive.
0) Starting Wealth: 1

1) Your character: Thoe Yashde, mantis shrimp.
Stoic as they get, Thoe shares a sense of cold bloodness with most mantis shrimps, disregarding petty matters like curtsies or long-standing vendettas, being highly practical and down to Earth instead. Their beliefs that every species belong to the ocean one way or another keeps her from killing everything on sight 24/7, or allowing others to do so. This might have developed on a sense of curiosity out of boredom. She's one of the "mace punch" shrimps, a four feet tall warrior and leader on the tribe, whose tasks is assumed to be to protect them from outwardly threats.

2) Info about your faction:
Habitants of the sandy shallows and coral reefs, it's been some time since groups of mantis shrimps ditched living at their lonesome to form small communities of their own. Mostly working their way through force, each "tribe" is fiercely independent, looking first and foremost for what would benefit them, and on how to secure their place on an ever changing ecosystem. They still have developed a way to communicate in "common" with other species, even if just in a very high register, mostly because of their belief system...

Beliefs: They believe there a balance in all things. Overhunting leads to extinction of species, and those gone being replaced by stronger, more dangerous ones; Underhunting leads to overpopulation. They have a place as does any other creature in the ocean, and to ask more or less than that is to look for trouble. If they can help keep this balance, they will strive to do so. They see the Alliance as a glorified version of this problem, or as a way to cheat the established order. If time goes on, however, and the Alliance ends up becoming the established order... They will most likely change their mind on it, and join.

Organization and physical traits: They are, still, voracious predators, and only the mace-hands (with a pair of appendages like heavily mineralized clubs) have the trademark 22-caliber bullet-punch. The lesser shrimps have claw arms that slash and grab prey. Their leadership system is loosely based on "whoever is most fit to be in front at the time being" which may involve several hours of in-fighting until one can stand as a victor, or any of the fighters falling in place after the leader passed away. This tend to not be much of an issue as tribes tend to be so small that agreements are made before they end up endangering everyone else by killing each other. Being a mishmash of variations of the same species, the skilled workers have to direct the (way smaller) unskilled workers to do most anything than needs doing, with no formal organization established on the matter.
They all possess an amazing vision (from deep ultraviolet to polarized light), and have a secret language based on colors they weave with their hands. They play-fight in their spare time, and the non-fighter ones make do with their appendages to make intricate engravings on the coral caverns they live in, but most tend to not stray from the shallows' area too much.

3) Goals and Ambitions: Settle down, secure the longevity of the tribe, make sure the ecosystem stays the same for as long as it can, in that order.

4) Faction Demographics: (200 Manpower to spend)
40 Unskilled workers (20 points total)
20 Skilled workers (20 points total)
15 Skilled warriors with gear (45 points total)
23 "Mace punch" warriors (115 points total)

5) A Jewel of Divinity: Earth Jewel
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Minority of One

Race: Scyphon
Racial Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Racial Summary: A matriarchal merfolk variant which have a strong affinity with jellyfish and other gelatinous aquatic creatures.

Ruler: Shirvein Umnath (female)
Ruler's Title: Crone
Gender: Female
Age: 261

Jewel of Divinity: Nature
Colony (Enclave) Name: Mirith
Colony Biome: Kelp Forest

Racial Details​
  • While scyphon share an affinity with jellyfish, physically speaking they are closely comparable to the more common varieties of merfolk. They have tails in place of legs, and can breath both air and water. In terms of length scyphons average between seven to eight feet, with females typically being larger and more muscular than males. Common skin colors for them include: slate blue, cerulean, sage green, and shark grey; with their tail scales and fins usually being a shade or two darker than their flesh. Their average lifespan is between 70 to 85 years.

    The most distinguishing trait of scyphon is their immunity/invulnerability to jellyfish stings and poisons, which allows them to safely cohabitate with one another.

    Reproduction: Oviparous. Females select a male to copulate (internally fertilize) with. Once fertilized, the egg is immediately layed, and then carried to the enclave nursery by the male. Most females develop a single egg annually, but regular sexual arousal and intimacy with a male greatly increases female egg production.

    After hatching male and female "whelps" are separated to prevent the generally larger females from bullying or killing the males. Even with this precaution deaths in the nursery are not uncommon, as violence between whelps regularly erupts. Enclave nurseries are attended by adolescent scyphon (between 11 to 14 years of age) until the whelps reach adolescence and begin their four year servitude for the enclave's adults.

    Diet: Carnivorous. Staple foods include: anchovies, sardines, mackerel, swordfish, grouper, snapper, octopus, squid, crab, lobster, shrimp, oysters, clams, and conch. Jellyfish consumption is forbidden.

    Habitat: The preferred depth range for an enclave is between 100 to 300 meters. Besides being home to the scyphon, enclaves are populated by hundreds (often thousands) of jellyfish, most of which ceaselessly glow with a dazzling pink bioluminescence. Because of this enclave sites are selected for their water conditions, proximity to resources, and defensibility as opposed to seclusion.

    Scyphon Enclave

Manpower & Assets​
Alliance Member ~ 300 starting points
4 Witches
1 Master Artisan, Builder
1 Master Artisan, Engineer
2 Emissaries
12 Outswimmers
14 Battle Sisters
32 Harpooners
19 Man O'Wars (post #52)
39 Artisans
3 Ballistas

Casualties/Losses: 3 Harpooners & 1 Man O'War (post #73)

Influence: 9/9

Morale: Good
(post #89)

Wealth: 4
4 starting
+ 1 for gold mining

Crown of the Occult (Crone Shirvein)

Sustainable Resources
- Wax
- Rubber
- Lubricant
- Crab
- Wood
- Kelp-frond rope
- leopard octopus venom/tonics

Collected Resources
- Titanium, 3 units
- mithril ignots, 3 units
- Silver, 1 unit
- black silver, 1 unit (trade with pat)
- Geomutanite, 1 unit = a highly magical transmuting mineral was found by sheer chance. not much -- this substance has been known to convert lesser materials into far greater counterparts. (one use only) post #45
- gold jewelry, 3 units
- great supply of animal bones
- Turtle bones, 4 units
- Tultle shells, 4 units
- ancient wine bottles, 2 units
- chest of black and blood pearls

Buildings & Territories
- Ironclad barracks
- crab farm

Notable Scyphon​
Shirvein Umnath
Gender: Female
Age: 261
Role: Colony Crone

Summary: A fierce, canny, and vain ancient sorceress (witches extend their lives through tendril vampirism) who is excited to depart Daelnadu—her enclave of birth—to found an enclave of her own. But great opportunities often come with great risks. As the leader, any and all enclave failures will be Shirvein's to bear. And she understands that too many failures, or even one major one, will invite a revolt from her witches. Such is the life of a scyphon crone.

Jodas Shauth
Gender: Male
Age: 96
Role: Viscous Witch
Appearance Notes: Dull sea green flesh with a matching but darker tail, average merfolk build, bushy eyebrows, bald, wide-mouthed, prominent and round chin, glittering aquamarine eyes.

Summary: As one of only four colony witches, including the crone, Jodas is one of the most vital members of his fledgling scyphon society. But however powerful he may be or grow to be, he will always remain a male. And influential females regularly remind him of that.

Glaemna Sivael
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Role: Crone's Sister (Battle Sister Champion)
Appearance Notes: Cold grey flesh, powerfully built, tightly braided hair, deep blue eyes.

Summary: Glaemna was handpicked by Shirvein to lead the colony's battle sisters.
When she served as a battle sister in her previous enclave, it was rare for Glaemna not to be the most courageous, deadly, and combat-intelligent scyphon on any given day.

• Mernea Loluth
Gender: Female
Age: 46
Role: Master Artisan (Builder)
Appearance Notes: sky blue flesh with dark blue tail, long and lean build, feathered black and silver hair, green eyes

Summary: Mernea wasn't excited to leave the comfort of her former enclave, but the idea of being the lead builder on a new enclave – one near the fabled city of Atlantis – does offer her some comfort.

Other Witches: Ethash (female), & Naveath (female)

Emissaries: Shalmel (female), & Jeipha (female)

Chief Outswimmers: Idirna

Enclave Relations​
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World-Weaver and servant to the most-holy PC

The Vythan Republic
Your Character - Asterion "Astor" Syrenis

As his name suggests, Astor is descended from one of the old siren bloodlines that were among the first settlers of the Vythan reefs. For the most part he has served in a clerical role within his local government, owing his higher rank to an easy charm and winning smile more than any grand deeds of service. Everyone in mer culture seems to know that there is a supernatural colouring to the effect siren children give off to others that may not be fair but they're always so disarming about that most seem happy to let it slide.

One deed that does set Astor apart from his peers: Despite his lack of personal prestige, Astor has long been a patron of the arts and cultural scholar. He has published essays and treaties on an array of subjects and made himself a reputation as a polymath with potential in his home city. Yet one subject he always comes back to is Atlantis, to the point that he has begun to challenge the leading experts in Vythan.

So it was with a youthful eagerness that Astor put himself forward as a candidate to go on this expedition to form a foothold colony on Atlantis' supposed doorstep. And it was with great horror he was told he would instead be leading it and all the responsibilities that entailed.

Faction Info - The Vythan Republic
A relatively young faction. The Vythan Republic is located in the bright and summery waters of the Vythan Reefs from which the republic takes its name. Made up of a collection of allied city states, each claiming a level of autonomy from each other except for the collective laws and agreements made among the representatives each city sends to the "Lagoon Council".

After years of rivalry and sporadic warring as independent cities the now mostly United republic has entered a new renaissance, setting its eyes to the outside world and embracing the concept of globalism. Unsurprisingly then they embraced the idea of joining the growing Atlantean Alliance, eager to put their hands to shaping the future and to gain together what could not be gained alone.

Goals and ambitions
Astor's official task is to form a foothold colony for the Vythan Republic and to prove their worth and standing within the alliance. The NAA has appointed him a diplomat, to help smooth any tensions between the other members and promote further unity.

Privately he is jumping at the chance to uncover the secrets of Atlantis.

Demographics -
The Vythan population is mostly made of of merfolk, its lands mostly encompassing the warm and shallower waters mixed with 'dry lagoons' where the merfolk easily thrive.

Citizens (unskilled workers) - An average merfolk and citizen of the republic. They lack ant skills and resources to mark them out and have come on this expedition as basic labourers to make something of themselves.

Guilded Citizens (skilled workers) - Often older merfolk. These citizens are those that have proven their skill in a craft. They hold licences to play their trade as part of a guild and to take apprentices so long as they might provide for them.

Soldiers (spearman) - The rank and file soldiers of the republic. These citizen soldiers are trained to fight in light armour and with spears in squads of 10, often working in concert with other squadrons. A half cohort has been sent as a security force by the republic.

Nautilus Guardsmen "Naughts" (Armour clads) - Named for the shell shaped pauldron they wear on their right shoulder. These veteran soldiers are more experienced and have deemed themselves suitable for higher training and to be trusted with superior equipment. Within the cohorts they serve as squad sergeants and body guards to officers.

Magos councillor (mage) - The centre of magical learning in the republic. The magos of the Wanderwine Sanctum have historically stayed out of the past political conflicts the Vythan cities, dedicating themselves to the pursuit of knowledge and the higher arts. Yet many question their claims of neutrality, as the republic's current structure seems to mimic the power balance of the inner sanctum to an uncanny degree.

Tide Readers (Priests) - The priests of the pure tide seem to fly in the face of the Vythan Republic as it stands. In a culture that found its strength in uniformity and logistical organisation, they are a scattering of religions that worship the mercurial gods of the tides that cling to the old ways. Yet many find comfort in them and their archaic brand of ancestral worship. Their blessings hold great weight to many merfolk leaders and many more would argue their influence helps keep the sanctum in check. That is why it was decreed that an equal sized contingent would accompany the magos of the colony.

Population list:
60 unskilled workers (60pts)
20 skilled workers (40pts)
45 spear warriors (90pts)
10 Armour Clads (40pts)
5 Mages
5 Priests (70pts joint with mages)

Wealth: 4

Tear: Air

Alliance Member


Mister Zero

1) Leader
Uleanar - Supreme Sage of the Secret Sea Dragonhold: Uleanar, as befitting his position is that largest and most impressive of his Cluster. Like all Draconis, he climbed his way up from the spawning pits of the Kith, receiving rewards of improvements that steadily upgraded his mind and body. Even a normal Kith is a grand achievement for the Cult were once humanoids bound to Surface before the Time of Ice. They have never forgotten their former weakness and teach that even to be a mere Kith is a gift. Better still that one may rise up and grow more powerful and impressive should they serve the Cult well in its everlasting journey to achieving True Dragonhood. He is contemplative and cares for his Cluster though always wary of his subordinate Enshrined that might seek to surpass and supplant him as master of the expedition. Generally though, internal politics are not violent and more just a show of power and prowess with one's personal enhancements. As Supreme Sage he is entitled to the more rare and obscure supplies first. Admittedly he seeks like any good Cluster leader to improve the whole and expand their numbers. The Atlanteans left behind things that could advance the cause of the Cult greatly.


2) Species
The Draconis are an odd species for they are entirely engineered with the use of biomancy, alchemy and body modification. Those with long memories will know that at one time, they were not a species at all but humanoids that were dwellers upon the Surface. When the Time of Ice came, these humanoids scattered into many groups. The one that chose to flee into the waters were known as the Cult of the True Dragon. The Cult were an extremist alchemist movement the idolized the Great Dragons of the Surface even though they have long since passed into story. So it was that the Cult used pillaged all supplies they could from others and performed the Great Turning, rendering all who dared into reptilian beings who could breathe water and dwell in it. All who could follow, did so and these reptiles took up the name Draconis for themselves.

The Draconis did not cease in their personal evolution once changed. They have grown larger and more intelligent in the many years that have come and gone. They do not view menial labor as something to avoid but revel in the opportunity to train their bodies and press them to greater extremes. Life is a challenge to be surpassed. Even simple jobs are treated with an odd delight as if to test themselves. This is born out of their culture and fatih. The Cult of the True Dragon now is both government and guiding philosophy. Alchemy is the dominant science and magic utilized in their workings due to its reliability and capacity for mass use even by non-alchemists. It has lead to the creation of a three tier society.

All Draconis are born in the Spawning Pools, either from a clone vat or born of natural procreation that has created an egg. Being paranoid in their own survival, the Draconis ensured they could birth young themselves as eggs in case another great calamity drives them into exodus. The Kith are the lowest tier yet all are strong and intelligent, tested for aptitudes and taught various skills to make them useful in various tasks. It is hear the culture of competition begins for those who excel supremely when the time for Uplifting comes are tapped for evolution into Elevated. The Elevated are guardians and warriors as much as the overseers of the Kith. While a Draconis may be arrogant towards other races, all of their kind are precious to them. Each is a piece of the greater design in motion to achieve True Dragonhood.

Elevated compete just as much as their lesser kindred. Those who excel are rewarded, growing larger and more intelligent still as they are modified. This allows them to eventually be considered for another Uplifting as a member of the Enshrined. This is the ruling tier of Draconis society. They are the largest and most impressive. Often enough each has learned alchemcy and body modification as well to better further support their society even as they reign over it. They function as well as the masters of the Cult, jockeying for positions and resources to pursue their portion of the greater design of the faith. All are unified in their belief in achieve true draconic forms so that they may reign as the true masters of this world. The day when all draconis are Uplifted to their final evolution so that Dragon might roam this world again.

Most species find the Draconis a bit condescending and arrogant. The view others often as lesser but are not so foolish as to underestimate them. They simply enjoy reminding others of their superior bodies and minds at times. They tend to build vast fortress laboratories referred to as Dragonholds. The holds are highly modular and intended to protect the spawning pools and living spaces of a Draconis Cluster. Various Pods form a Cluster, generally built around jobs groups and labor tasks that help keep the Cluster a functional, growing and expanding society. Each Pod generally is lead by a single Enrshined who is a specialist in the field or work. This helps them to apprentice the Elevated and Kith under their command to spread knowledge and continue to give the community a strong knowledge base in case something should happen to the Enshrined. The Draconis have a healthy belief in redundant knowledge and find hoarding knowledge an appalling practice. It is one of the easiest ways to provoke them into hostility, denying them access to knowledge they have not yet added to their own archives. They are more reluctant to share it with 'lesser' beings but that is more out of patronizing belief they'll hurt themselves with it.


3) Goals and Ambitions
Ulearnar views this as an opportunity for the Draconis to find new techniques and materials to use in the experiments of the Cult. His own Cluster was sent specifically for this purpose with the support of the Dragon Sage himself, master of the entire Cult and the greatest living alchemist in their society. The Kelp Forest of the north serves as a zone to conceal their Dragonhold and experiments. They wish to open trade with the others here, viewing conflict is wasteful often that burns resources that should go towards their growth and evolution as a society. It has not stopped them, but they will prefer to try to talk first in their efforts initially unless talk proves pointless. Then they will move to the next logical response.

4) Faction Demographics
The Kith -- 3 points -- there are no unskilled workers in the faction, and these are more skilled than most. They can fight in a pinch, especially if trained/drilled as part of their work.

Elevated -- 5 points -- Elite warriors, may also do work if trained/drilled to do so -- they have been modified above the Kith to have armor, bladed edges, and a more vicious bite, which may be venomous.

Enshrined -- 7 Points -- these are your alchemist/bioengineers but also your best fighters. They have multiple enhancements and each one has the specialty of a V-skilled worker. we'll develop what your magic does/means.

You have no access to priests or unskilled workers but the troops you have are versatile regarding roles as they see being able to do everything as an advantage.

The Kith (3) x 27 = 81
Elevated (5) x 14 = 70
Enshrined (7) x 7 = 49 (3 Magic Users among them)

Total = 200

Pods of the Secret Sea Cluster
-Metallurgy (1 Enshrined, 2 Elevated, 3 Kith)
-Glass Makers (1 Enshrined, 2 Elevated, 4 Kith)
-Herbalist (1 Enshrined, 2 Elevated, 4 Kith)
-Recon (1 Enshrined, 2 Elevated, 4 Kith, 18 Greater Stalker-fish)
-Military (1 Enshrined, 2 Elevated, 4 Kith)
-Construction (1 Ensrhined, 2 Elevated, 4 Kith)
-Provisioning (1 Enshrined, 2 Elevated, 4 Kith)

5) Blood Gem

Wealth: 1
Morale: Fair

-Building Material Surplus
-Joined Road Network

-Stalker-fish (food)
-Sea-cows (food)
-Sandstone (7 Units)
-Titanium (2 Units)
-Lithium (1 Unit)
-Silver (3 Units)
-Fine Quartz (4 Units)

-Light-globe Fruit
-Construction Fronds
-Golden Bittersweet
-Shocking NIghtshade
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