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Left 40k Dead Reboot(Closed)

Elekta Kount

Da Warboss

(Art Cred: Left-40k-Dead)
"To each of us falls a task, and all the Emperor requires of us Guardsmen is that we stand the line, and we die fighting. It is what we do best - we die standing."
– General Sturnn of the Imperial Guard
So this is a reboot of an idea that is literally based off this one picture and the fact that Warhammer 40000: Space Marine was free on humble bundle.
Premise is simple: A group of guardsmen are stranded in a currently isolated position(perhaps after an ambush by a Nurgle Fleet) but they are not alone. They find themselves surrounded by an infection that seem to have turned the vast majority of their dead forces into an undead, Nurgle force. Now they need to fight their way past these hordes not just to survive, but maybe even get to the bottom of the cause.
As you can tell, pretty simple, BUT, this is a SOLEY IMPERAL GUARD rp, meaning no space marines, orks, or the like. Just the good o'l fashion guard + lasgun + fix bayonets.
Of course, the Imperium being as big as it is, we got opportunities to be playing a sorts of characters. Yes, Abhumans also welcome, meaning Ogryns and ratlings, as well as different regiments, from the Mordian Iron Guard to Catachan Devils all the way down to the Savlar Chem Dogs, all of which will have regimental attributes(not to mention, we're just all going to be getting along swell).
There will also be a list of necessary roles specialists, each with their own set of specialist skill set that I will be determine.
Current necessary roles are:

  • Commissar(Who probably will also be my Co-GM) - These men and women enforce morale over the rank-and-file troops with an iron fist and the occasional summary execution. Fortunately, the latter is reserved for Comrades and not other PCs. At least, not without good reason.
  • Tech-priest Enginseer - Enginseers wade into battle clad in thick armour, tending to the machine spirits of the Imperial Guard’s many war machines. Gets the most Aptitudes and is able to get his hands on some of the most effective gear the game has to offer before it even starts, so one can make a fair case for this buckethead being the most powerful of the bunch (though the Psyker might mutter some words of dissent into his non-existent beard once he's made it through the first couple of sessions).
  • Medic- Soldiers of the Imperial Guard who have been specially trained in combat medicine and are responsible for providing first response and front line medical care to their fellow Guardsmen on the battlefield. They are trained as combat medics, fighting chirurgeons equally at home with a medi-kit as they are with a Lasgun.
Current Specialists include(Though may be limited):

  • Weapon Specialist - The “average” Guardsman, these men and women perfect the use of the lasgun or other weapons, bringing death to the enemies of the Imperium.
    [*]Heavy Gunner - Big, strong, and tough, these Guardsmen wield any heavy weapons that are given to the Squad.
    [*]Operator - A bit less leery of the strange technology that the Imperial Guard often employs than their compatriots, these Guardsmen are often entrusted with piloting the Squad’s transport or other vehicles.
    [*]Brawler - A melee fighter, for players who are sick of being told Guardsmen can only beat Fire Warriors in close combat.
    [*]Breacher - An explosives specialist, the recommended class for black Scottish cyclopes. Seriously, they even paraphrased the demoman right under the word "Breacher" on the class page. Great for blowing up any-and-everything.
    [*]Field Chirurgeon - When keeping your squad mates "alive" simply won't cut it, Field Chirurgeons are soldiers who are meant to keep men fighting. Not quite as medically skillful as a true medic, but better than trying to tape your own arm back on
    [*]Scout - Guardsmen who navigate dangerous terrain, operate where they can't be seen, and act as... well, scouts.
    [*]Sharpshooter - Snipers without being Ratlings, Sharpshooters are masters of fighting at extreme ranges.
    [*]Heavy Weapons Team Leader-In charge with making sure that heavy bolter is pointed in the right direction. Has access to a heavy weapons team.
    [*]Sanctioned Psyker - Feared by their enemies and allies alike, the Psykers of the Imperium are capable of bending the roiling power of the Warp to their will - until that power breaks them.
    [*]Ministorum Priest - Bringing the light of the God-Emperor to the battlefield, Ministorum Priests inspire the troops around them, not just with their preaching, but by fighting their foes with their massive Evicerator chainswords.

Also, this is more of a casual thing for me, it may or may not take off, and I'm fine with it.
If we get enough people intreasted, ill put up a CS sheet.
May the Emperor protecc!

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Alright, finally back from a job interview. Alright so...I'm glad that we've got tech priests. Though I am curious, instead of an enginseer, could I go secutor? If not, that's fine, just wanted to ask.


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Interesting, I always wanted to bring in Krieg bois with some serious dakka. I demand a Baneblade charge at some point.


Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
The only time dice rolling has helped me, is when I utterly broke tech-use in black crusade...at easy difficulty, I had my target number was 100+. I literally couldn't fail, unless I rolled a crit fail.


Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
I'm currently looking through dark heresy books right now. If we get this running, I'll probably message you if that's fine, see what is and isn't cool to have.


Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
I do so love only war.

"For the emperors light guides me, and becomes the very flames I call down upon his foes. Through his divine guidance I smite the foul xenos in the name of humanity"
I've always kept a wide berth between me and psykers in the tabletop. Just takes one bad roll, and all of a sudden you've got a daemon trying to eat you...or y'know, other things if it's slaanesh.


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I've always kept a wide berth between me and psykers in the tabletop. Just takes one bad roll, and all of a sudden you've got a daemon trying to eat you...or y'know, other things if it's slaanesh.
I don't have this problem. Mainly because I play Tau.

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