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Realistic or Modern 𝐋𝐀𝐙𝐀𝐑𝐔𝐒 𝐂𝐈𝐓𝐘 ; 𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑖𝑑𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑠.


birth of venus

𝘥𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘴𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘺 𝘮𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘦𝘴?
Below is the character sheet. Please fill out each section, remove the parenthesis, and let us know if there's any questions! As we've said before, you can basically go buck wild with your characters. and we're hoping to see a wide gamut of diversity and creativity. Please don't feel restricted to the species we have listed so far, any supernatural species from any culture is fair game (and if you have any worries, ask us about what's okay to do!). And please be mindful writing about cultures you're not familiar with and do your research. Refer to the lore thread to read up about each different species.

As a reminder, character applications are not first come first served. At the moment, the character limit is two per applicant. Thanks!

age: (18 or older only, unless you specifically ask us first.)
date of birth:
place of birth:

skin: (color, texture, etc.)
distinguishing features:
face claim: (encouraged. real fcs only. i know a lot of these characters will be monstrous/wont look entirely human. if you'd like to use a fc as a kind of "base" and explain what's different about them, [for example: "fc is xyz but my character abc has scales on their skin and sharp teeth."] that is totally cool! go wild.)

positive traits (4+):
negative traits (4+):
likes (4+):
dislikes (4+):

species: (please be sure to include if they are a part of a subspecies.)
relevant information: (for example: if they are a vampire or werewolf, were they turned, when, etc.)
powers: (for any species that has powers, be sure to clarify them here.)
extra: (whatever other information about what makes them special goes here.)

background: (for characters such as vampires that are much older than normal humans, you don't have to give us a fully fleshed out timeline of their history. tell us what you think is important.)
relationships (family, friends, dating, etc):

CHARACTERS ; DUE DATE: September 19th.
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final girl

❝ - ᴡᴇ ᴀʟʟ ɢᴏ ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ sᴏᴍᴇᴛɪᴍᴇs. ❞
ROMAN REDUX: he's the same manwhore but slightly more unhinged and self-indulgent. don't @ him he's a whole mess.​


  • req.


    * n.name(s)
    Rome, to a few. "The Most Iconic Motherfucker Out of All of Them" to Venus. "Dusty Ass" to Delilah only. He's open to anything and finds the more... ehm... creative monikers amusing.
    * d.o.b.
    It gets a little foggy before year zero. Let's just say he was born before Christ. Yes, Roman is somewhere around 2200 years old. Appears to be mid-twenties. Doesn't tend to care about keeping track of years anymore... not when they're seemingly endless.
    * p.o.b.
    Roma, Italia. The cosmopolitan heart of the Roman Republic.
    * gender
    Cismale, he/him/his pronouns.
    * sexuality
    Pansexual and very indulgent about it. His romantic inclinations extend to just about everything, though it's usually only puddle deep and fleeting. The man has never truly been in love with anybody and he's not entirely sure how he'd be able to handle it if he was. I suppose you could say lust is his critical sin.
    * alignment
    True Neutral edging on Chaotic Neutral.
    * race/ethnicity
    Half Roman, Half Greek.





    * height
    * weight
    175 lbs. Roman has a defined, somewhat toned form - but he isn't hulking like his father. In fact, he can be described as a bit lean.
    * distinguishing feature(s)
    He has a very old tattoo on his upper right pec, a faded little thing that symbolizes his status as a slave in the ancient world. While Roman freemen and the upper class were typically devoid of tattoos, they were often used to separate the classless from the common man. It's an ancient Latin paternal family name, three letters - "Q.T.S", followed by the roman numeral for eight shrouded within a laurel, "VIII". Perhaps it wouldn't be as distinguishable a feature if the man actually wore a shirt every once in a while. Maybe a few very faint scars about the arms, neck and torso; the harsh effects of knifeplay from combat and... other more intimate situations.
    * hair
    Middle parted, very thick and dark. Hangs down just to his jawline. Maybe slightly curled in some parts?
    * eyes
    Hazel. Golden brown mixed with flecks of emerald green set under an intense browline. Slight hollows under them that become more noticeable the longer he goes between feeds.
    * skin
    Smooth, imperfection-less, but hard as stone. He's either extremely pale when he needs a good feed or slightly olive-toned.
    * wardrobe
    A fine collection of dark-colored boots, jackets and leather or denim pants. Occasionally he may get a bit fancy with it and get slightly more dressy. A few examples include something like this, this and this. He values comfort above all, so it's not entirely rare to find him hardly clothed at all - or at least half-assedly clothed. Lots of stacked rings on his fingers. Bougie, dangly earrings always in at least one ear. A constant staple of his wardrobe is a moonstone rosary about the neck, most often as part of a layered necklace type of deal. It's functional as well as aesthetic.





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𝗌𝗁𝖾 𝗐𝖺𝗂𝗍𝗌, 𝗌𝖾𝖾𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗀, 𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗈𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀…


”The greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.”

  • requisite.

    full name

    Delilah Rue Blackwell


    67 years old






    October, 23rd




    Drugs & Potions dealer






    A deep dark brown that’s usually mistaken as black. Delilah has 4b textured hair that she’s always styling. Her curls are bouncy and naturally shiny, but she currently has it styled in short faux locs with curly ends.


    The same color as her hair, they’re an intense, dark brown that are oftentimes mistaken as black. They bleed into pure black, including the whites of her eyes, when she’s a large amount of power.


    Warm brown with red undertones. her skin is soft and blemish free thanks to her magical skincare routine.


    5’6 / 137lbs


    A mix of y2k, cyberghetto, and street wear. She typically enjoys wearing crop tops or little to cover her upper half, paired with baggy pants or jackets. Delilah enjoys wearing body jewelry like belly chains, rings, and large earrings.

    Dis. Features

    Her smile, she has two gold teeth on the right side of her mouth. Her canines and nails are sharper than normal as well. She also has a septum piercing.

    face claim


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birth of venus

𝘥𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘴𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘺 𝘮𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘦𝘴?

  • cleo.

    ❝tear you apart.❞


    black dresses


    cleo ambrose


    mid 20s in appearance, 1100+ years in actuality.


    cis female




    somewhere in the early 900s; she usually celebrates in october.


    south gyeongsang, korea.


    east asian; specifically korean.

nine lives

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birth of venus

𝘥𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘴𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘺 𝘮𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘦𝘴?


# vampire

# placeholder

♡coded by uxie♡

  • bell.

    ❝fuck around and find out.❞


    by mgk ft. corpse.


    bellamy ambrose


    mid 20s in appearance, 1100+ years in actuality.


    cis male




    somewhere in the early 900s; bellamy doesn't care to remember.


    south gyeongsang, korea.


    east asian; specifically korean.

nine lives

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𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘢 𝘤𝘰𝘳𝘱𝘴𝘦, 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘢 𝘷𝘪𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘮
history tw: drugs, alcohol, manipulation, & shitty father.

  • Nightmare

    Fallon Monroe
    Falpal [Jasper only], Monroe.
    21 years old.
    November 1st.
    ciswoman [she/her]
    Bisexual Biromantic
    bartender & college student.
    witch; cursing illusionist
coded by natasha.
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c'est la vie


# demon witch

# Lee Min-Young

♡coded by uxie♡


# siren hybrid

# Park Jimin

♡coded by uxie♡



Devour me? I'll eat you alive.

the siren

Kim Rosa


Faustus Kim Candorosa

nicknames & aliases

Kim Rosa
Man O' War
Sea Slug

age & gender

25, male



date of birth

March 28th, Aries-Libra cusp (of Rebirth)

place of birth

on the ship, the Adamastor, stationed off the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico


Portuguese / Korean


Isaac Dunbar




Ruffles, grains of blonde and brunette. Sometimes one of the other. Semi-thick texture, feels of velvet. May change colors, often styled but can be messy. When he's truly flustered it turns pink.


Fickle eyes transition between drowning brown or drawn in blue. Pupils may constrict, and sclera may change. May wear contacts.


Smooth skin tan as sand. Athletic build, body of a dancer. Lips bowed to shoot, tones of rose and coral. Smells most often of incense and saltwater. Vigorous lightweight, graceful movements, vibrant steps, elegant strides. He has a back tattoo. And his tail when in the water looks like this


5'9" / 180cm


132-148 lbs.

distinguishing features

He's all around handsome and beautiful and usually receives comments on his expressive looks, physique, and well, his butt.


Faust has a wardrobe of styles, clothes, and accessories. From casual, chic, dress, costumes, and some things wild, you could see him in a business suit one day and a sweater and jeans the next few hours. It really depends on how he feels and what the occasion if there are any. But if one had to be chosen, he usually has the apparel of a semi-dressed pirate or sailor. He will try to go barefooted where he can, but otherwise wears boots in preference and can and will wear heels, usually heeled boots that go over or up to your knees. He wears earrings, and multiple accessories; he dresses up for every occasion. He will also wear makeup, not as often at home or just casually chilling. I have 2 Pinterest boards of his aesthetic/wardrobe/etc XX

face claim

Park Jimin



Faustus shares the kindred spirit of your well imagined pirate. He has no moral conflicts about stealing, feels borders are lines he can cross if he's not caught, and that a rule or more are meant to be broken -so long as they aren't your mom's rules. Other than family values, such things like legalities and morals are trivial and more like pieces in a game, strings for him to pull and tamper with. Faustus is open in relating to others in family matters, but it’s not a guarantee of anything more than a shared value.

He's a confident flirt, playful and curious about the world, exploring it ready to ride whatever waves come his way. He encourages others to feed into these thrills but may just as much advise getting familiar with the waters and the people you might encounter. He's adaptive to most situations, learning to tread and channel the flow of conversations and action. He is social and intelligent, and a wearer of many faces and tongues. He isn’t above lying, but he surprisingly prefers being honest if he can, otherwise weaving his words in a way that doesn’t quite deliver a bold lie. If it does no harm to him, he is mostly truthful, if not a snarky and genuine sugar gremlin. But information is different, and should be paid for.

While he vibes well with all sorts of people, he can get overwhelmed, eliciting unpredictable responses when losing his composure. His curiosity and habit to simply take things that are of interest to him get him into trouble, and he can’t always charm his way out of consequence. He is amicable but he doesn't trust or open up easily. He feels like he has a stigma attached to him and that's all others ever see. He uses this to his advantage, and it doesn't really help his case that he is a playful flirt too, while he’s come to tolerate it, even feed off it, it’d be nice to be seen as something more. Although flirting is only his way of being playful (off the clock), no one would know if Faust was genuinely interested in someone as he acts on whims in social situations, and his interests can change like the weather. Especially among the fog of being one of his customers, he can be difficult to read, though the avid broker is aware he’s more than what he appears. He was taught to dislike humans, and still holds the view that they are a pest and a fodder for creatures like himself. Addressing negative emotions in a healthy way and talking to others are something he could work on as he tends to repress these, either with a drug (that truly helps) or by jumping to some distraction, person, or interest. Deeper thoughts remain in his own abyss.

He's something of a businessman, and he will take opportunities from gangs, mafia, and whomever as long as he gets something in return; but he is also someone who generally does things for fun and this is where a little chaos can arise. He is confident and capable in taking care of himself, and so the threat of wars between groups he is not even a part of don’t frighten him the way it might a law abiding civilian. Like the murders, it’s the way of this life in Lazarus City. He’s alright with taking a beaten every once in a job if all is met with success (payment) or something fun was taken out of it. He is not alright with being fucked over, and he has the spite of a tiger. He’s also not above violence or creative tortures, and of the few times he gets to embrace it without consequence, he embraces it fully. This is especially true when he is truly in fear.


chaotic neutral or true neutral


fun, genuine, amicable, adaptable, resourceful, clever, charismatic


manipulative, fickle, amoral, spiteful, crafty, sadistic, snarky


hot cocoa before bed, sex, neck kisses, shopping, dressing up/well, flowers, gardens, culture, music, fashion, festivities, dancing, drinking, singing, games, motorcycles, cuddling, maraschino cherries, strawberries, cactus fruit, rollercoasters, surfing, the beach/ocean, manatees


bums, cars, black tea, the cold, being alone, being manipulated, pills, food abuse, mothers being disrespected, muggy weather, strong chemical orders (like chlorine, bleach), wire, guns


restricted/caged (removal of freedom), rollercoasters, harm to his parents, a past experience


night terrors, insomnia, mood swings,* body memories*




Kim Rosa is a hybrid; half siren and quarter warlock, demon from his father and mother’s sides respectively. He identifies as a siren x warlock, as the family is unaware of Hwi’s demonic blood, including herself.

relevant information & powers

As mostly siren, he has an allure to him. Of course, it’s easier to resist when you find out what he is, but that doesn’t negate the property. Even his voice, by his mother’s half, entices the willful, an exceedingly fine working lure when put to song.
He is incredibly fast, strong, and nimble in the water and can dive deeper than any human could if he wanted to, gills allow him to breathe where humans need oxygen tanks. He can manipulate the currents of water in his immediate area.

He does not have to change form when he hits the water, and his siren physiological traits can appear when he wants them to. These being gills on the sides of his neck, longer nails or talons, sharp teeth, changed eyes, and naturally a tail that makes you think “mermaid.”

From his mother’s side he can do *some* magic, and he does have the basic universal perks of a witch hybrid; magical intuition, charms and curses, and apothecary, but are less powerful and adept than a full or half-breed witch. He can “move things with his mind” but only small things he’d be able to pick up himself physically. What’s more, is that for him to be able to learn magic and spells he doesn’t already, is that he must be able to see the spell / magic to imitate or emulate it. Only retaining it after he has practiced it enough, often requiring the magic he would learn to be demonstrated for him over and over again. And this is for only magics he can see some kind of reaction to. For example, if a witch were to cast some magic or knowledge another where she could translate something she previously could not, Faust could not learn the spell, because other than maybe a fancy light, he cannot see anything happening. It is also incredibly difficult for him to be able to do spells like “fireballs” or “lightning.” Often his frustration does him in to where he ends up never learning these kinds of spells at all no matter how many months he might have put in for the one spell. However, he is somewhat grasped an affinity to spells that involve water or the sea, a theme if you will and likely in application to being half siren, and are stronger when he is at sea.

Chlorine, bleach, possibly other chemicals, oil, & tar - being coated or exposed to these harms and irritates him more than if he were a human. Prolonged exposure causes difficulty in breathing and makes him nauseated. It may suffocate him if there is no ventilation and will kill him if he is mostly covered in it and has not yet removed it after long exposure.

Copper - copper can act as a restraint and dampener if wearing it. Where it's worn it weakens physical strength. Copper bracelets would have to be removed by someone else if tight. If copper oxidizes it loses its effect, so if he was to remain in these restraints they would need to be changed out over time.

Mortality – He can die from the way humans can, though his body is naturally stronger and more flexible than theirs, he still dies to things like being impaled with a spear or bullets.

Demonic Weaknesses – the weaknesses demons have do not affect Faust as greatly as it does them. He cannot be trapped, summoned, or banished as demons are, but intact religious artifacts are a cause of discomfort and irritability and even inspires a hatred if its use and presence is not involved in the business of being sold, etc. He cannot teleport nor possess others.




trigger warnings - mentions cannibalism
Faust's father, Martim Candorosa, came from off the southern coasts of Portugal. Like the stories we hear about sirens, much of his life was raised around luring sailors from their ships to their watery deaths. Bonus points if they could cause the whole ship to wreck. Martim's colony were warlike and territorial, they also devoured humans and sometimes consumed their enemies. This cannibalism can occur in their early stages of life, as when some siblings are born, they will devour their brother or sister for extra nutrients. After early development, such cannibalism fades, no longer a problem for the colony. It was regarded as something natural, and the butt of jokes. Your mom probably told you once or twice she wished your sister had eaten you (instead of you eating her).

Martim would grow bored of his life in the colony, where his soul always seemed to yearn for adventure. Eventually he would put this ambition into reality, leaving his colony like a legend; having manipulated a ship's crew to throw half of itself overboard and the other half worship his word as their new captain. A few sirens from the colony would also join him, and they would set off, travelling around the shores of Africa. Much of their small adventures were that of your fantasy pirate crew. They raided, they pillaged, they all had booty- even some of the human members though their treasure trove rarely met half the size of their siren mates. Sea monsters and other creatures that would fall into their path would sanction battle.

Faust's mother, Hwi Kim, lived around the coasts and waterways of Korea. A sea demon and witch, her being was often misconceived between a sorceress, a siren, a demon, a legendary or mythical creature, and it didn’t help that she neither denied or confirmed these terms. She was someone capable of sorcery and appeared as a beautiful woman, or with her lower half of her body as a sea serpent. Originally, she was sought to help with miracle remedies and advice for things that seemed otherwise impossible, despite truly being a demon sorceress. You could hear her beautiful voice, reaching out for those who needed her magic and wisdom. She often helped these wanderers regardless of status. It was respectful, and expected, to be thanked or compensated in some way for her services. It was believed she would eat or drown rude and disrespectful visitors. Some believed she had her own sanctuary like abode, decorated with all the thanks she received, and others said that she could appear to you in any body of water.

There came a time where a maiden girl asked for her help regarding the illness of a prince she loved, and Hwi told her what she needed to do. The girl left without thanking her, and Hwi called back to ask if she was forgetting something- giving her the chance to offer a simple "thank you." The girl remembered leaving her scarf, retrieved it without thanking her again and carried on. This left a sour taste in Hwi's mouth, and it would bite the girl later. The absence of thanks was not only taken offensively, but affected the girl's scarf, as if a magical rule had been broken and punishment would be due later. The prince would be healed as per the girl following through with Hwi's instructions. A battle would take place shortly after where the prince became wounded, the girl ran to his aid and tried to blot a serious wound with the scarf. But where the scarf touched only seemed to worsen and open the wound more, subsequently killing him. Overcome with emotion the girl set out and found Hwi again and asked how this could happen, and if there was some other way to bring him back. Hwi explained that this was a result of her poor manners the first time she visited.

Hwi treated the girl like a confused teenager, where normally she would have drowned or eaten rude visitors. She instead comforted her for this misfortune. It may have been because at this time she was also carrying a child of her own. After being comforted enough to where she could think and leaving without a way to bring back her love, the girl was still enraged, blamed Hwi and convinced the prince's clan that she bewitched her scarf. She would lead a hunting party to Hwi's domain, and the magical elder would now be known as an evil sorceress, faulted for the consequences of a girl travelling under her advice. Initially shocked, she would evade attacks while her place was being invaded and damaged, and one warrior would slash her belly and child. Knowing what the wound has done, wide eyed and now enraged herself, she “transformed” (appeared) into a leviathan like creature cementing herself as an evil sorceress. The hunting party would fall, and this would be the last time any human would see Hwi and live, sparing the girl, cursing her to always hear her deceased love's voice. Hwi left, and after terrorizing the coast on her way out, left Korea.

Martim and Hwi would meet on the Sea of Japan. Hwi and Martim went toe to toe as pirate crew and “sea serpent”; Martim here on one of his adventures, Hwi here to find Seiryu and a certain magical item. When Martim's ship began to collapse on itself, Hwi lifted her façade having realized that Martim and some members of the ship were sirens. She offered to fix the ship in return with helping her take Seiryu's pearl. Martim called her bluff, where Hwi responded making the ship repaired just enough to continue floating. The terms were accepted and when it was all said and done; there were some deceased members, a sad looking ship, an angry sea, and Seiryu's pearl in Hwi's hands reflecting two wicked grins.

With Hwi, Martim found he didn't need the extra help, and so letting go of his crew mates was fine by him as they went to steal their own ships and minions for their own adventures. A comical, snarky romance and partnership developed between these two. And the next important adventure happens in the middle of the Atlantic.

The City of Atlantis was formidable, not unlike the raid on Seiryu's palace in Japan, and while some souvenirs and treasures were looted, they also brought upon themselves some issues of the magical kind and barely got out with their lives. Hwi could not do much more even in her own prowess besides determine the life expectancy of the ship before it would simply quit moving. This prompted a "where do you want to retire" as Hwi also revealed she was with child. Fun fact, the reason she was after Seiryu's pearl was so that she could use it's magic to conceive and carry children again where her attack in Korea had nulled her ability to produce children. In the end they settled their boat off the Florida Keys and started making a home out of it and the things they have looted and loot in the future. Martim making trips to the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico for food, supplies, and more loot. Guess the adventure never really retires.


trigger warnings - none
Before they were even born, Martim had already warned Hwi of the nature of his colony's young. So, when baby Faust ate his brother while they were away, it upset Hwi, but she was able to come to terms with it and it did not affect her love for Faust. But she does not appreciate the cannibalistic jokes. Don't get on her Sorcerer side.

As a kid who always had to be woken up, and then struggle to still get out of bed, he was awarded a familial nickname of "Sea Slug."

In his early childhood, Faust was taught everything from swimming, using his voice, to helping mom and pop carve their latest victims for future dinners. From fish to homosapiens, the Candorosa's meals would range from sushi, grilled fish, skewers of shrimp, crustaceans, seaweed, rice, and different styles of cooking and preparing a human being. Hwi enforced a table etiquette and a family dining setting. She was the teaching hand of manners and respect. Martim could have done without the manners, but enjoyed the family time, taking it as opportunity to tell them of his adventures in the Gulf and Caribbean and Faust of adventures they had before he was born. These stories filled Faust with dreams of adventure and the grandeur of being a pirate (like father like son), and generated little games like buried treasure, rough housing, and reenactments of Seiryu's pearl, City of Atlantis, etc. His parents taught him how to use the resources the ocean floor and its life offers. As well as what trinkets and items the humans seem to throw away or misplace in the sea- or the accessories they have when they drown them. At ten, Faust started going with his father on expeditions in the Gulf and Caribbean. The stuff of dreams. Martim bestowed upon him his bident at age twelve and taught him how to use it.

Hwi often tried to gauge her son's sorcery through trial and error, little tests. It appeared he could emulate her, parroting her own small uses of magic, but could never do something of his own creativity. There seems to be some necessary element of reflecting, imitating another magic user. Hwi used to be frustrated by this as was Faust who tried to make it look like he could do magic by pretending and coming up with tricks. He never really fooled his parents, but they found the effort endearing.

The art of war, defending territory was something lectured and attempted to be passed onto him. But its importance seemed to lack, being it was just the three of them, and Hwi's magic combined with the Pearl conveniently kept their ship-house obscured so they hardly had any of this kind of trouble. Though Martim always preached about being aware. As the pearl's magic is being used, it shrinks.

Faust was not around other children of any kind and was living a sheltered life. They had no way of sailing or were too concerned about their relatively young child interacting with a whole other populous of sirens. But something's got to give, and as time grew and his parents adapted, they also found themselves integrating with humankind and their jobs. And Faust was admitted to middle school. Hwi always checked on him every day using a cell phone when she figured out how to use it. She didn't really understand the sorcery behind it at the time but caught on enough to be able to call him.

Despite checking in on him, he went through his fair share of bullying early on. It had been painstakingly drilled into Faust to never reveal what he is to these humans. He was to act as a human himself, not a siren. Even if everything seemed safe, it would not be if they got lazy in guising what they are. So, this often led to him tolerating being bullied, which continued the bullying. He often made excuses for them, since they are human, they cannot be better anyhow. Like the girl from his mother's past. It also made him feel that much more satisfied about having to eat such a deplorable species. Lunch was packed for him every day. And there were some occasions when unknowing bullies didn't realize they sometimes consumed ground up human when they took it from him. Even while he truly didn't care for them, he did always want to please someone or anyone, have some semblance of a friend or just someone to interact with. This started a level of people-pleasing and attention seeking, used to having his parents’ attention almost all the time.

Faust showed interest for acting and dancing, participated in school plays, track and field, dance lessons, and talent shows. Already a good swimmer, it was evident he would be someone multi-faceted and this sprouted jealousy among other students if not some awe. His natural beauty also created stars truck moments between students and teachers, and this also annoyed onlookers. Here is this boy seemingly out of nowhere, quiet, and never in a fight, talented, there's got to be something wrong with him! He cannot be so perfect, as were most of the student body's thoughts. Anything wrong he did do was zoned in on, by bullies or a new face in the mix. He was popular and unpopular at the same time. In the name of appeasing people and bullies he became a doormat, with some exceptions.

In the last months of his middle school, he began acting "weird." This was really just him stalking students, a natural predatory instinct he was having and acting on. Sometimes his nails or teeth grew, or his eyes changed, spooking his would-be victims, but there never being a serious issue as the school put it (one girl broke her arm, but he claimed she ran into the fence), dismissed it as childish shenanigans and at worst punished him with detention. For the remainder of his Middle school year and following summer he was more irritable and became less of a people pleaser. When anything was brought up around his behavior student to student, he claimed he had an illness.


trigger warnings - mentions sexual abuse & harrassment, rape, and recovery
The previous summer, time was heavily invested in tempering his urges to hunt and control his predatory instincts. He was also entering that teenage angsty period, desiring independence, being a brat, putting to practice the wit of his parents combined, and then usually apologizing later. Though sometimes he incurred the wrath of a Spartan Siren or the spells of a Sorceress. The mood swings and social pressures, struggle was real. He coped by being that guy in the hoodie with his earphones in, still pursuing his interests, but hardly giving other people the time of his day. This didn't solve everything, and he would still have to deal with people who believed they could bully him or do what he did in Middle School and tolerate them. For homecomings, it was not hard for him to find a date at all, attractive and a good dancer. He continued to participate in the events and clubs he had in middle school.

Faust was starting to suffer in academics. Human history was not always interesting, he bullshitted any writing he had to do, but he was interested in Biology. Faust could do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division- but anything beyond that and he would just stare at his worksheet. Who is going to use any of this math anyways!? A combination of thinking low of humans and how he shouldn't have to learn their junk, and certain he would find a ship and voyage out like his parents did in the old days convinced him he didn't need to apply effort. The "cool kids" who didn't do their work and condescended their school and education also encouraged this attitude in Faust. This kind of behavior didn't fly with dad or mom, and he would be violently convinced to change his attitude. Unsurprisingly their arguments were like modern day parents, with the added "We are better than humans, and you don't care about grading lower with their rejects." Followed with long conversations about how times were different, and he would have to start adapting and get a job to hide among people.

Times were changing indeed, and he was remaining just as confused. Still, he ended up catching onto a few things. Watching people flirt and manipulate and knowing his own aura and species' allure, he started conning the wooed into helping him or even straight up do his work for him. He also started using this to make his bullies uncomfortable around him, flirting with them and acting coy. And while they still messed with him from time to time, Faust could feel the intimidation, and it made him grin. A's were A's, Martim had his suspicions, but Faust's wordplay had gotten better having two teachers. And his parents couldn't seem to prove whether or not he was actually studying or if he had done what Martim would do. "I wouldn't do it all the time though." And this was learned the hard way.

Thinking nothing of it, he continued flaunting his siren ability. It began to get problematic as any time he wasn't in class, at least one person was stalking him. It started out amusing, but then became annoying, especially since Faust wasn't trying to bring anyone home with him. In the locker rooms he was used to glances, staring, and flustered expressions. But it escalated to brushing against him for a feel, and then touching. He often pushed these advances away and scolded them. They trying to call it joking and playing around or blame him for their advances because of how he acted. Unsure if they had a point, he started trying to mute his flagrant flirting. But issues still pursued after. A couple of times females, and males, would stride up and sit in his lap (which he didn't mind, he had seen this behavior and assumes it's a normal friendly gesture of some kind, it doesn't bother him) and after some time grab him inappropriately which he responded by shoving them off. Later peaks of being uncomfortable in a situation resulted in him slashing someone across the face, tearing their eye, and another's neck, who almost died. School started feeling unsafe and he was concerned about explaining everything to his parents, since they had already kind of warned him and he basically had said "fuck you." He convinced himself he could sort it out on his own. Being a siren, this was just a part of it, he thinks. One of these school days, on his way home, two armed robbers held him at gun point. He didn't have the chance to weasel out with charms, nor use his abilities, and so just gave them what they wanted; phone, valuables, wallet, and hoped they would let him go. They raped him before he was allowed to leave, and he staggered home.

When he got home his mom asked him why he was so late. He gave a stout "sorry," took a glass and started filling it with rum from his father's decanter and sat on the floor. This was off to Hwi, sparing him from a scolding about getting into his dad's alcohol, she sees something's wrong. When Martim walks in he almost gets through his growl before Hwi hushes him. There was silence for a half an hour, the couple then trying to make small talk between themselves which evolved into how their days went. Seemingly all is normal again besides Faust on the floor drinking and having gotten another glass. He's opened his mouth several times to try explaining himself but couldn't bring himself to actually speak about it. And he passes out before ever getting to.

Hwi seeing Faust sleeping looks at Martim and then walks over to him (Faust). She hesitates on it, but then tries to see what is wrong using her magic. She got a snippet before immediately stopping her connection. She didn't know how to deal with that. She had never thought that was possible, not for them, sirens, who kill people without a second thought. They were the apex predators. Martim can see she saw something, and that it spooked her, and he received the classic, "I'll tell you tomorrow."

When tomorrow came, Hwi had gone out before Martim or Faust woke up. Maybe it was to find the perpetrators, or maybe it was to figure out how to help her son. She didn't even know where to begin. She was convinced Martim wasn't prepared for this, he would probably be like her, finding a siren to be a victim like that as ridiculous, impossible. She had wanted to believe she could do it with magic, or on her own, but she knew she couldn't and that something like this was fragile. The kind of source she had to find, was somewhere among this human filth. After some interesting attempts and frustration with people and technology, she found that the best answer she could come across would be a small booklet with sixty pages in it. Leaving out all the credits, it was probably more like fifty. Maybe she owed this find to a man who suggested it to her and where to get it, coming upon her during one of her breakdowns. Why he helped her, a total stranger, no idea, but she promised he would be the only human she wouldn't eat or drown. She doubted its effectiveness, but a mother with hardly any wiser of what to do, went with it.

While Hwi was out in town, Faust put himself in a warm bath with lots of bubbles and incense everywhere -because who doesn't like things that smell good and a bubble bath? Martim knocked and walked into his son's room with hands in his pockets. He looked like he was dressed for work, but if that was true Faust suspected he should have already left.
Martim, "Hey, thought you'd still be in bed Sea Slug, you usually sleep in late." Faust was playing with one of their many treasures that lined the shelves wrapped around the tub. This one a large pearl-like gem, but other than glowing and ringing, it was nothing magical like Seiryu's pearl. He offered his father a quick glance before going back to focusing on the toy, "Hey, ... going to work?"

"Nope, took the day off." Martim didn't say anything about how Faust had been in here for a couple hours. Martim knew because he had also been up earlier than normal, burdened by worry. But Hwi had been making obvious gestures since last night that kind overbearing, war-dad wasn't the way to be handling whatever this was, and he was trying to follow the cues. Ah look, a dad having learned something. Mentioning how long Faust had been hauled up in his open bath seemed like the wrong move, even though he was pretty sure long periods in all those bubbles were bad for siren scales.
"Well, I just wanted to be here if you need me," he rocked on his heels. This big buff guy who looked like a mix between a Portuguese football player and a burly ship captain, "I'm downstairs if you want anything, think I'll make Eagle Spread with Oysters." There's this weird air between them. Channeling radio waves that the other was trying to intercept but at the same time not wanting to send the wrong signals. Martim turns on his heel but before leaving he calls back, "Oh, if you want anything, but the rum." This cracks a grin from Faust, and Martim feels an inner 'score' as he closes the door. Then a second later he hears Faust call from the other side of the wooden wall, "Can we have shrimp etouffe!?" Martim yelling back a "Yeah!" as he descends the stairs. He scoffs as he recalls how his family often says it's the only dish he can make killer without Hwi's help.

Later that night, Hwi had returned after reading the booklet, the booklet hidden in one of her pockets. While there had been a difference in the air, father and son had managed to fill the day with some casual games and more pirate stories. Martim looked to his wife in greeting, and somewhat expectedly. Hwi would tell Martim later that what it is, is something Faust must feel comfortable telling them himself. Martim felt somewhat cheated by this; his wife got to know because of sorcery, and he may not be perfect, but he was a damn good father and husband, so he felt. His frustration was understood by Hwi, and later in the month after Faust having several off-moments, episodes, and night terrors; Martim had enough trying to wait it out.

One night terror, Martim asked, again, what was wrong where Faust, again, could not talk about it. Hwi tried to console Faust, saying that was okay, though clearly pained and wondering if this was what she needed to be doing. Martim calmly explained he would not be leaving until he understood what was going on and what was affecting Faust so horribly. He even made several guesses, bullying? Fell in love with a human? Hwi tried to shoo him away, but it almost created a very bad fight between them. And it slipped in the open, to Faust, that Hwi had an idea of what happened (as Martim mentioned this, in complaint that he couldn't know what was wrong or help everyone move forward). Discourse and tension was further added to their family dynamic, Faust upset that his mother had used her magic to see in his head, he would demand to know how much she knew. And Martim again demanding to know. Hwi trying to reign in two men and explain again she is trying to do what she thinks is best for everyone. It was a very hyper-active argument that evolved into yelling, storming about, and throwing and breaking things. The family was hurting.

Early next morning, pieces of broken glass and splinters of wood decorate the furniture and floors. The three of them are sitting in a circle across from each other. Make up has ran, cheeks have been puffed, and the mugs are mean. It's a few hours of more harsh words, but eventually Faust is exhausted, really, they were all getting to that point. Faust stretched his upper body over his crossed legs, face to the floor, and he plainly states what the trauma is. This is so beyond Martim that in his surprise he laughs. Hwi silent with a horrified expression, even knowing it already, and at her husband's response. Faust then recounts the event in detail, stunning his father in silence too. Martim feels as Hwi did when she first found out, and he rises, pacing and going on about how that couldn't have happened. Amid the ramble Faust asked if it happened because he is a Siren (his fault). Hwi finds her voice again and she profusely preaches it's not his fault, it was about control. More pointedly at his father, he asks if he can still be a man. And Martim in raw thought responded, "This- This does not make you any less of a man (male). It's just, new to me..."

Faust and his family with Hwi's booklet did what they were capable of in helping Faust. Much of Martim’s teachings in combat etc. from previous times where he had taken it lightly, were taken more seriously this go around. Faust's family, the Kim Candorosas, have come closer together, though do not always know how to help Faust. There is an understanding they try, just as there is an understanding they could never know exactly what Faust goes through or went through. He still experiences complications (nightmares, etc.) but has healed enough he can function on a day-to-day basis as opposed to being locked in his room. He has also retained his flirtatious personality, actively trying to convince himself that he wasn't the reason it happened, and he doesn’t need to change himself to avoid that act.


trigger warnings - mentions drugs, prostitution
Martim is the first to learn of a city where they no longer have to blend in with human filth but can walk freely as they are from a fellow non-human co-worker. Granted, there would still be humans among them, but it was a potluck of species and opportunity. Not a one of them cared to stay where they were and adventurers as they are, collectively eager to see something new, an advertised Las Vegas or Beverly Hills of their world, the discussion was an overwhelming agreement to move. The move was laborious, not willing to part with their collections and treasures, only leaving behind their beloved ship that had been their home for so long, The Adamastor.

Their jobs in Florida had imbued the parents with knowledge of business pertinent in how they began making their living in Lazarus. They earned their second household through selling and bartering with some of their treasures. All newbies to the city were an interest, sure, but this family with uniquely acquired artefacts, talents, and alignment truly attracted some attention from various clients.

Here, college was an option, but as far as they found it, not necessary. Coming from the Keys where they’d enforced good standing in school, such a opened freedom, not having to bend to a façade he didn’t choose, was more than a breath of fresh air. Though dangerous in more ways than one, this city was a playground for Faustus, a land for him to explore and experiment. He had no qualms expressing and amusing himself with different jobs, that didn’t require a college degree (as unfortunately some did). From street performer, barista, grocery clerk, and cat burglar he’s garnered a repertoire of charismatic job handling and swift loss of interest. A few months and he tried something new, almost always leaving his previous choice without any hurt feelings given his charm. Nothing was personal. Including the experiments with many wanton relationships he built and dissipated in whims. Some people were kept as contacts, useful in some manner. And some people were kept in mind, having remained interesting even at the test of time. It is possible some relationships have been and or are genuine (this is open to plot upon acceptance). And many acquaintances were pocketed as mutual benefactors, business partners.

Silver Crest Boulevard was famous for night life, and Faust was one of its many consumers. Among his outings, he was caught to a club like a moth to light. Something he hadn’t been aware of in Florida, people showing off their bodies and having money thrown at them. Admittedly, some may have failed to mask their discomfort, in which he wondered why they were on stage at all to begin with. But others pulled it off like a runway model. Confident, loving it, the various patrons throwing different amounts of money, they interactions between consumer and worker. The way it appeared the ones with the real power and fun, were the ones shamelessly parting with their linens, not the one with fuck all money leaving their wallets.

Excited, he figures this is the job for him, if not at least one to try out. He’s hired thanks to his looks, species, talents, and personality. And he makes friends with most of his peers at his workplace. Versatile and juggling him in different apparatuses of the club so as not to risk losing him to burnout; he acts as either host, go-go dancer, burlesque, or stripper shift by shift and schedule. He became a favored name to ask and look for, “Kim Rosa.” After several months of this, he learned he could essentially make money from sharing a bed or other such services. Skeptical at first, he played around with the idea like he played around with past relationships. And some time after he opened up to selective prostitution.

Silver Crest was also generally a great place to learn about others and important shit about Lazarus city, including its mafias, gangs, and insider tea. Among the gangs, or if you needed something a little more illegal and during illegal dealings, he is referred to as "Man O' War." He found information broking to be another one of his fancies, and information was so much more valuable to people, it seemed, than money. They almost went hand in hand. Among his occupations, he would make deals and pass along information. He even dips into being a middleman between client and distributor/supplier, etc. Even a man as colorful and vibrant as he may be, he knew how to keep a low profile when conducting business like handoffs and say, drug deals. Whether it was good or bad for the client’s consumption was not his concern. He isn’t against murder either, but it’s seldom on his reputation or what he’d be hired for, he’d like to have possible customers versus remove them. Of course, he also eats and disdains humans, but they are not excluded from his services and rarely catch his disdain on the surface.

The living he’s made encouraged him to move out when he started his hustles that are illegal on paper. His parents were not against his professions, illegal or not, but the fact of the matter was it was time for the young man to be on his own. He started in a studio apartment, and later earned the ascension of a nice condo and a small beach house for his personal living area. He pays to keep the condo’s residency under a fake name, and he uses it as a place to quickly rest between work, as well as for certain services. Other fundings are towards drugs that help him with his ailments, apart from shopping sprees of clothes and accessories, and more.

He has likely made friends that share his same values and ideas, or are not one track minded. Open for plotting.





"Kiwi" Kim Hwi

By her friends she is called "Kiwi," but Hwi is Faust's mother. She runs an Inn while also working on making a line of traditional East Asian clothing, no longer able to use her time to mother her son, and not always in the company of her husband, who makes many ventures outside Lazarus to bring back treasure and fufill his pirate habits. While he may not live with her naymore, they do visit each other, and are very close. She is aware of his career choices.




an orchid mantis, he cannot hear her speak nor can she speak, except maybe to witches and half breed witches, her name is Venus.

place of residence

he lives in a small beach house on Lazarus City's beach.

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𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘤𝘳𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯? 𝘱𝘰𝘨.


fair folk.

fae are terrific; they beget terror.

  • requisite.

    name given

    Irene "The Herbalist" Deorcopse


    Appears 23 years old / immortal






    march 1st










    A platinum blonde that reflects an almost-ethereal light. Irene has fine-textured hair, slightly wavy and styled to fall just beneath her collarbones; light curls that fall over themselves just beyond a divine visage. Kept shiny and silken through the usage of natural remedies.


    A sky blue reminiscent of her birthstone. They increase in vividity towards both the pupil and iris, but they are otherwise quite pale. Almond-shaped and enhanced by softly-angled brows; framed by dark blonde lashes and a subtle brown pigmentation.


    Pale ivory with cool undertones and an unblemished texture. Slight freckles dust her cheeks, collarbones, and extremities.


    5’8” & 144 lbs


    Feminine and light-hued. An odd amalgamation between the light academia and cottage-core aesthetic; open trench coats paired with a form-fitting bodice. Bared skin seems to be of no issue to her.

    dis. features

    Delicate and iridescent dragonfly wings, with a span of eight feet when spread. However, they are often hidden -- magically retracted into her shoulder blades -- in order to blend in with the mundane folk. Although she can fly with them, they are inefficient in the confined space of the city.


    Irene speaks in a manner reminiscent of her station: gentle, eloquent, and with the subtle lilt of someone who knows that their station is above yours. Fae-like.

    face claim


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bad ending

𝘮𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘱 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘴𝘰 𝘵𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩.


"the decisions of our past are the architects of our present."


Reno Constantine — real name: Yu Ji-Ha.

Reno, NoNo, Connie.

lost count; "BITCH YOU THOUGHT."; appears to be 28 years old, vessel is well over 100.

cis-male; he/him

pansexual, panromantic.

date of birth:
april 12th.

place of birth:
Gyeonggi, Joseon. (now known as Korea.) (vessel's)

appears to be korean.


hair: black with a subtle wave, often gone unstyled and scruffy. seldom does he brush it out of his face.

eyes: monolidded with a missing left eye (a stark white prosthetic in replacement) and a dark brown right eye, dark circles unmistakable; the demon abuses the body, often going days without sleep—and when sleep is present, it is improper.

skin: a light olive color with sporadic scars that have accumulated over the years.

Height: 6’3”, towering over most.

Weight: 185 lbs.

distinguishing features: most notably is the missing eye accompanied by arms riddled with sporadic tattoos. dark hair contrasts light, olive skin.

Wardrobe: while his style is all over the place, reno often favors a dark color palette over most.

face claim: DPR Ian, aka Christian Yu.


An unabashedly selfish man, Reno isn't the most magnetic of people; quick to take advantage of others and manipulate those for his own benefit, he does it with little conscience. He is a force to be reckoned with, well-versed in mischief and chaos, further swallowing material possessions and the emotions of others like a black hole -- a constantly starved vacuum of all things in his wake. With a sharp tongue and quick wit, Reno can be seen as a charismatic soul; however, his cruelty is unmatched -- an aggressor when he wants or needs to be, Reno isn't hesitant when it comes to violence.

Driven by money and power, greedy and painfully aware of it, reno's means of getting what he wants knows no bounds. A man sarcastic and blase, mocking others and indifferent in the face of danger, Reno's actions are reckless -- further indicative of behaviors he's long exhibited. Some would call him a magnet for danger, others would claim that he's the one for cause, but that is a secret he'll never tell.

An insatiable drug addict, Reno is no stranger to his own drug-driven hunger. Itching for his next fix, Reno searches for his next solution; often coming back to one drug in particular: Graveyard Dust. There is one thing for certain: that he would drop you if there was even the slightest suggestion of quitting. Addiction runs deep, something long connected to this vessel, yet the soul beneath it all fights to crawl its wait out; though, he always manages to push it back.

He seeks the weak, those easily influenced.

Neither hesitant nor afraid to befriend others with the intention of using someone, Reno is by no means a good man. Often emotionally draining others, when he no longer has use of them, he is quick to discard -- unable to form strong bonds (though there are a few that have weaseled their way into his heart -- if that's what you could call it), unless there is a promise for future prospects. With Reno, no one quite knows what they will get with him: be it a friendly facade or his true, malevolent nature, the man is a wild card not many can quite figure out.

Yet, underneath the exterior is the face of a man broken: he's begun to feel the effects of abusing this vessel for far too long -- actions have consequences and he knows it. It's only a matter of time before he accepts it. Beneath lies a soul invested, fighting to take his body back and nearly winning—after excruciating years, maybe this time it will happen.


chaotic evil.


intelligent, charming, witty, dauntless.


manipulative, crass, chaotic, addiction-prone


drugs, alcohol, money, power, candlelit rooms, mochi donuts, cats.


birds (particularly ravens), overly emotional people, deer (why are they built like that), pumpkin spice scented things.


losing power over the vessel's soul, no longer being able to possess the bodies of others, losing the close friends they've made, maggots.


no vision in the left eye, a slight limp from prior injuries.


species: demon.
relevant information: the possessed vessel of a human.
powers: increased regeneration of health (though this is not quick, it is a long process that often hurts during it.), demonic magic that is often gone unused.


Rose from the ashes did the demon wake from slumber, seeking those most vulnerable—endless tricks and lies, promises often twisted. Ruthless as they were, they pitied humans and their selfishness but found advantages far beyond the planes. Yu Ji-Ha, unfortunately, had become victim to treachery. Never the face of exceptional talents, nary the receiver of praise: Ji-Ha is the expression of the unextraordinary; the bearer of less-than average, seldom a memorable figure. A man who struggled to stay afloat, yet continued to work endlessly for the benefit of his daughter; actions were often overlooked, being a man poor as he was, never quite had its advantages. Left and right, abused by the system, words stung—as did the cruelty of actions dealt upon him; days come endlessly as he wishes for vengeance. And he'd gotten it.

It was the last straw, how a man could easily be thrown out of his employment, ravaged by waste unabashedly thrown unto him. He had nothing, resorted to scrounging for scraps, lying and cheating his way around for the sake of a daughter who deserved better. No longer could he support her and in desperation and times of turmoil, one would be willing to do anything. Falling into the grips of crime, claws digging far into his skin, slowly chipping away at the man he used to be.

A deal, one most terrifying: in his desperation was he approached by an entity clad in darkness; whispers took advantage of his weaknesses. As the moon illuminated the pathways, shining between the density of trees, darkness dropped like a guillotine. With promises of wealth and power, Ji-Ha was given only a taste of what he could've had, grasping onto it like a leech. Power and its engulfing rage was all-encompassing: he wanted more and the demon promised it, preying on Ji-Ha's desires.

"And may they bear witness to cruelty."

His daughter was the first to witness the slow decline of who Ji-Ha once was. A man whose life relied primarily on the bouts of his daughter had become a man whose drive was power and to have everything in his wake: to swallow it whole, rid most of resources, and to take it all. It started with his first enemy, a man who bore cruelty into his skin, going as far as to carve something into his back--an unfortunate end met by mysterious circumstances. Or what should have been mysterious; Ji-Ah's daughter had witnessed it, the cruel murder of a man who'd wronged him. It was safe to say that Ji-Ah couldn't turn back. Not now.

The taste of power, his greed further squeezing into him, Ji-Ah with the promise of all, allowed the demon to enter. What he had not known was that the demon meant all of him. His mind, his soul, his life; ripped away of who he once was, the life he lived, the daughter he worked tirelessly to protect. There was no remorse, only the sound of shattering glass, pained screams, and silence. Silence.

Silence couldn't cover the pain. How it felt like bugs crawled through his veins and fire was at his fingertips; how the feeling in his throat meddled with his affair with air; heat rose and fell in his body, sweat lining sheets and seeping into flooring.

And upon opening his eyes, while Ji-Ha could see all--he no longer held any control.

Reno found himself falling into the grips of Lazarus City, fighting back years of torment within his own body. The demon always found a way to fight it back, but Ji-Ha seldom sat back and watched as his body went through hell. With gritted teeth does the demon fight back the words of a man whose soul, although broken, chooses to hang on. He hides this fact, turns away when he can; he'd rather die than let someone else know that he's become weaker.

he'd witnessed the death of his daughter, never able to truly stick to her side; the demon had let him see her one last time.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.


by bad ending.

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𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘴 . . .







full name










appears to be black

  • ruinosus.

    you are a church of broken glass, you are haunted like every other holy thing.

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tw; this bio will include mentions of gore, violence, painful transformations, drug/alcohol usage, hunting animals, implied child abuse and murder. I do my best not to be overly dramatic or graphic with my descriptions, but please proceed with caution anyway if you believe these topics may bother you.​

  • Despicable

    Jasper Pierce.
    Jazz, Jazzy.
    24 years old.
    October 30th | New Jersey.
    Cis Man (He/Him).
    Bouncer / Pit Fighter.
    Human-Harpy Hyrbid.
coded by natasha.

The art used in the history section was commissioned from typho0v0 for my use. Please do not steal or use it.

(Aka anything that didn't fit in the coding)

Race/Ethnicity: White Boy™. Probably mixed European descent.
Faceclaim: Cameron Monaghan.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Voiceclaim: Young Samuel Drake from the Uncharted franchise.
Playlist: x

- Has a Californian/Flemish Giant rabbit cross he calls Juice (get it, because she's juicy) that he requisitioned from a neglectful owner. Not unusual at all to see her out with him on a harness or tucked under his arm. She's the size of a small dog.
- He’s a walking shitpost.
- Has convinced one or two people he can lay eggs.
- Bit of a flirt, especially with women.

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