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Realistic or Modern Layover of the Living Dead | Plane Crash/Zombie Apocalypse Survival [CLOSED]

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    Things were going fine before the apocalypse...then the dead came back and the plane fell from the sky. Stuck in the wilderness with strangers and the reanimated, how are you going to survive?





code by butterfly aubade! the credit for some reason didn't appear and i didn't notice til now; the code is beautiful!

No one knew the apocalypse was coming. In the films, sometimes they do; sometimes the government is keeping it under wraps, other times they've already sectioned off a quarantine zone to keep the zombie virus from spreading. This time, though, it came out of nowhere; all people knew was that there was a nasty cold going around and that was that. They continued on as they always had. In one moment, things were fine, and the next, the plane was falling out of the sky.

LAYOVER OF THE LIVING DEAD is a hybrid plane crash and zombie apocalypse survival group that begins at the very start of the apocalypse, where all the characters are passengers on a plane that's doomed to crash. It focuses on everyday people, from families going on vacation to a business man going to a meeting to a retail worker visiting friends, dealing with a sudden and dangerous situation. After the plane crashes in the middle of a national park, they have to decide- along with the strangers they're with -how to handle the cards they've been dealt and how they're going to make it through the coming days.

The specifics of the zombie virus are a mystery. How does it spread? Do people change instantly? Where did it come from? Is there a cure? All these questions are left up to the characters to answer. Roles, meanwhile, are only suggestions; no character has to fit a role that has been suggested, and characters can fill the same niche when it comes to skills. Characters will be accepted based on how well they work with the group.

If you have questions or want to show interest, please comment below! There is going to be a spoiler below this part of the post that has the character sheet in it. Feel free to fill it out and send it to me over PM; once characters are accepted, they can be put into the (eventual) character thread.

Scout: The Scout is exactly what they sound like. They go out and scout ahead, as well as get supplies and other things. They likely are quick on their feet and able to think out of the box when it comes to getting into places and around obstacles.
Brawn: The Brawn, of course, is the muscle of the group. They aren't quick like the scout, and they aren't the idea man. Their value lies in the fact they are strong and willing to use that to their advantage.
Sharpshooter: The Sharpshooter knows how to use a gun and, theoretically, use it well. Whether they were a hunter, police officer, or just learned how, they can handle themselves well when it comes to this sort of weaponry. Of course, their use depends on whether or not you have a gun in the first place.
Survivalist: The Survivalist knows a lot about, well, survival. Rationing, scrapping together shelter, how to survive the elements, things like that are in their wheelhouse. They're the sort of person that would know what a 'bug out bag' is.
Medic: While the Survivalist might have quick and dirty solutions to keep someone alive, the Medic knows all about medicine, injuries, illnesses, etc. Maybe they were a nurse, or part of emergency medical services. They know their way around disinfecting a wound and taking care of the concussed.
Vehicle Expert: Some people can't drive. Those people aren't the Vehicle Expert. This person can drive a car! Maybe a small plane! A submarine may be pushing it, but surely they could figure it out. They probably also know how to fix up a ride and get it functional.
Criminal: The Criminal has been on the wrong side of the law. Whether they've been caught or not is a different story. They have skills like hotwiring a car, getting past security measures, and lockpicking, all of which have the potential to be extremely useful. They also have the lack of morals to do all that.
Brain: The Brain is the idea man. Maybe a scientist. Maybe a strategist. Maybe just a book worm. It doesn't matter. They're smart, and they use that to help the group fix issues. Sometimes it pays to use clever solutions rather than brute force ones.

This roleplay is not first come first serve. I request that sheets be sent to me over PM and I'm willing to talk to people about their sheets and how to fix them. Only after acceptance should they be posted to the character thread.
9 people will be accepted, and the roles are not mandatory. Instead, they are just suggestions as to things your character could be based around. Characters that are too similar will not be accepted into the roleplay.
Players will be allowed 2 characters each upon being accepted to the roleplay.
In this roleplay, we are not looking for overly prepared characters like members of the military. We're looking for just people; former retail workers, actors, etc. While characters can have skills that may benefit them, macho military men have less of a chance of being accepted.
The usual rules apply: no godmodding, power playing, etc; please be realistic when it comes to things like injuries, supplies, things such as.
Homophobia/transphobia/racism/etc will not be tolerated.
There WILL be a discord for people to talk and plan, just since it is easier to keep things organized. You can join without discord, and there will be an onsite OOC, but discord is very encouraged.
This roleplay is for those who can write 2 paragraphs or more. Quality is values over quantity, but be sure to give people something to reply to.
There will be no posting order, but please be able to reply once a week. If something comes up, let me know, I will be understanding. Life comes first, and this rule is to prevent ghosting stalling the roleplay.
Be polite ooc and engage with other players. Characters can be rude to each other, players shouldn't be.
Real life FCs and descriptions preferred

Character sheet is in spoiler below.

(Former) Profession:
Clothing Style:
Drive (Pre-Apocalypse):
Drive (Apocalypse):
Personality: (At least 3 positive, 3 negative)
Health: (disabilities & such; please be respectful)
Skills: (Please do not go overboard; can be things like knows how to use a gun, lockpicking, survival knowledge, medical knowledge, etc. Feel free to get creative)
On-Hand Items: (please be realistic; things characters would bring on the plane)
Intercharacter Relationships: (To be filled out post-acceptance; for future and past relationships. Characters CAN know each other prior to the apocalypse, but most should be strangers)

Character Thread: Onsite character thread
Lore Thread: Onsite Lore
OOC Thread/Discord: Onsite OOC, Discord (not up currently, will be in Onsite OOC first post when made)
IC Thread: Onsite IC
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👀 idk if i can join tbh but if i have time for it i will def be making some kind of character!! considering a bookish kinda fella but we'll see if i stick with that uvu


Local Plant Enthusiast
you know i am so ready for this lovely lookin' idea !!!
I sure do know, happy to have you on board 😌
👀 idk if i can join tbh but if i have time for it i will def be making some kind of character!! considering a bookish kinda fella but we'll see if i stick with that uvu
Of course, appreciate the support anyway haha
u know im in! i am but a leech and ur rps are fresh juicy blood 🙌
Great comparison, thank you peyton 🙌
Ah, I am new to the whole roleplaying on this website thing but I would love to join!
Of course! Thank you for being interested! : )
looks hot
thank god thats about the highest compliment I can receive

And just like I told other folks, feel free to work on characters and send them to me when you like! I haven't had a chance to look over what I've received quite yet but I'm hoping to sometime today


Local Plant Enthusiast
would be happy to join if you're still accepting!
Hi! I'm still accepting sheets; we haven't gotten too many yet and I haven't gotten a chance to look the ones sent in yet so there aren't any acceptances yet. So! Still open and would be happy to have you : )


Local Plant Enthusiast
Little delay on the official CS thread, but still open, so feel free to send sheets my way. No set date for when sheets should be sent to me by but will likely have one soon! 😌


Local Plant Enthusiast
You mentioned sending character sheets to you in other posts in the thread. Is that on a different thread, DMs, or somewhere else.
DMs! I think I dropped it somewhere in the original post, but since this isn't first come first serve I prefer characters to be sent to me privately first

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