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Resource Laura's coding workshop, accepting requests!

Should you make more codes if you have time, and probably make nmf codes?

  • Yes, the codes are great even for a beginner, som!

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Yes. The codes are beautiful

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Maybe, the codes don't show up for some reason on my device/computer

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  • Maybe, the codes are really hard for a beginner like you som

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  • No, the codes won't show up, they are really hard to code, and they're really messy for crying out!!

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  • Make nmf if you get a laptop

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Sombra. Lover

Former coder and tour guide for RpN
Boys and girls, welcome to the workshop!
Step right up, don't be shy,
Witness coding stuff like you've never seen before!
Brought to you by smartladyproductions (A.K.A.: my workshop name)

Sorry for the blood and ink reference, but welcome to my workshop! Come take a seat and watch me code or try to code for the first time! You might be asking about the request part, don't worry, here are a few rules:

Rules for requests and codes:
no mature pictures
Mature picture goes against the site rules, and my browser will probably crash at the sight:P

Put website names for pictures, drawings, etc in spoilers
For your information, I would love for you to put your website mentions in spoilers as to not take up your post and to make the request a bit cleaner. Same goes for pictures, drawing, and other stuff.

Is there a closing time for requests?
Unfortunately, yes. Those days will be on my birthday, (August 1), holidays, school hours,and sick days. Other times I will say.

Is there a waiting list?

How many people are for the list?
For the list, five people are pending, three are coding (I'm coding for them), and a separate list with the thread mark, mention, and code for the completed list

Does the list have closing days like requests?
Yes, when a list is full, requests are closed at the moment. But, that doesn't mean requests are closed, put a request up, and put the word pending in your post, that way after a spot is open, I'll fill you in

How can I tell if my post has a problem? Why am I denied?
You might be asking this question at the start, don't worry, all these questions come with reasons. The way I can tell if a post doesn't have any complex info, if it has mature pics, or if the post skeleton is out of whack is by looking at the request. If your denied, I'll say it, and give you a pm with your request and the problems with it. You can either reject saying the request or try again, but edit the last request that I put in the dms, don't put a new post.
Absolutely no taking codes without putting credit (what I like to call: coding vandalism)
Pls pls pls pls pls!! Do not take codes and take them as your own, pls give credit! If a code is taken without credit, I will report the code and give a nasty pm to you and will ask you to edit accordingly to add my mention. And to make sure this doesn't happen, a credit code is always added, do not take it down!

Are codes free?
You betcha! Codes are absolutely free, but paid codes will come later... Very very far away...

Can I do codes on my own, give credit, and sell them?
Unfortunately, that's what's called in my opinion, code stealing. It's when you take a code, give credit for it, and sell it for your own, even with changing colors, sizes, or changing it altogether. That's why the credit code is there.

But, how can I sell them for my own, but I'm still giving credit?
Tell me which code you want to code yourself and say (Reserve sell code: so and so) so I can put a reserve post on the code so you can sell them as your own, but you will need to give credit. Color changing is a MUST, otherwise as stated in the last code, it's code stealing.

Can I use these codes as what they are supposed to be, like Cs, ics, oocs, interest checks, and placeholders?
Yes! Just put the code in your post, and tell me what your going to use it as

Are the codes that you have coded but they were from sox, ayama, and other people up for sale?
No, these codes are not my codes.these codes are codes I'm trying out so they can see if there's a probl m and the code doesn't show up. And these codes are codes I'm trying out so I can get the hang of typing for a long time and coding.

Will there be nmf (not mobile friendly) code So?
To be honest, no, these codes will make my already broken browser go nuts!
But, later, when I get a small laptop, I might get nmf codes, but that won't be for a long time.

Some of these questions are questions that I asked and answered, some are question that y'all have asked. If you see a question with a mention, that's your question and a point for question shout outs.

Why are you doing this if you don't have any experience with bbcoding!?
Well, I wanted to start and sell! These codes are first time codes and I wanted to put some ideas up for shop!
That's all the questions and rules, if you made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS ... This post is getting really long! 😞

Now for request skeletons, you can post your own skeleton, there are no required things for skeletons, but as said in the request rules, give me complex info but not complex as saying
Size: soandso px
Just state whether big, edium, or small and the color you want, same goes :_-_ with pictures, but no devianart pictures (deviantart doesn't support my browser anymore ;-; )

And that's the end of this introduction, WHEW... My hands are very tired...
Now requests will be closed for first time and will be opened back up April first, April fools!!

Codes will be posted between 3:00 - 4:00 central us time everyday (except Sundays, need to take breaks time to time 😁)

Waiting list:
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Sombra. Lover

Former coder and tour guide for RpN
Coding is delayed since... I have no idea where to start. I Will research how to do this and try to get google docs (which apparently I can't get cause my kindle doesn't have it) but, I Will try to get sample codes up. Stay tuned...

Sombra. Lover

Former coder and tour guide for RpN
Code requests are now open! Just put a requests down below and ill put you on my waiting list on the intro :)


Unlucky Member
Hey @Sombra. Lover I have never requested coding before so please forgive me if I don't do it right. I would love to see your design and creativity for my character. Should I put the details here or in a message?


"Alea iacta est"
You're not disturbing me, I've been through worse, ill add you to my list. ^^
Thank you so much!! I am not sure about what is exactly necessary. I hope you don't mind if I ask you so clarification, because damn, I am so lost hahah I am still trying to get around RPN.

Sombra. Lover

Former coder and tour guide for RpN
Thank you so much!! I am not sure about what is exactly necessary. I hope you don't mind if I ask you so clarification, because damn, I am so lost hahah I am still trying to get around RPN.
Some things I looking for
Pictures should go in spoilers
Dont be to specific, I will size it up to make it look like a painted picture to a Sam thumbnail.
Drawings of your own can be added as well

Its not much, but it'll do for me ^^

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