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Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds?
"You're safe here, dreamer. We are the music makers."​

Looking for partners:

Hey, it's Han! I hope you all are safe and are doing alright during these strange uncertain times. I know something that helps me feel better is to find a role-play to write with someone! And my characters are looking a bit lonely, I think some social interaction could do them some good even if I can't.

So I'm going split this up into two parts. The first part will be characters featured on my profile who are mostly compatible in fantasy, medieval, adventure and slice of life type settings.Their relationships can be romantic or platonic (with the exceptions of a select few) and I'll have specific ideas that I would love to roleplay with them. I have up to 16 characters so if no one here tickles your fancy, you can check out my profile for more! I'm mostly looking for 1x1s right now, but might be convinced for a small group of players (3 max) under the right setting.

The second part are going to be some plots not related to the current characters I have listed in my profile. This could be either old plots I've revamped or ideas that I've been dying to do! They usually involve a small cast of character, so I'm looking for someone who enjoys playing multiple characters. Most of them will also be geared towards 1x1 unless there's two people who enjoy the same plot and don't mind being in a small group (again, no more than 3 players per roleplay).

Part 1: Character Oriented Plots
Last Updated: 1/31/2021

Sirvanaco Galandel | Sun Elf | Adult | Sorcerer
A professor at an arcane academy, an advisor to the king, and a powerful sorcerer seeking normalcy.

Romantic Dynamics (MxM)
༶ Idealist Royal x Realistic Right Hand
༶ Tired Parent Energy x Equally Tired Parent Energy
༶ "Imma go Kick Ass" x "Kay, be back for dinner"
༶ Endearing Brat x The Tired Mom Friend
༶ Sorcerer x Sorcerer

Platonic Dynamics
༶ Patient!Tall + Hurt!Small
༶ Wise & Mysterious Tall + Curious Energy Bundle
༶ Smol!Apprentice + Sorcerer

Olthuros Viamaro | Half Elf | Young Adult | Bard
A gentle minstrel, a disgraced son and an eager historian travels the world in search of lost stories to retell.

Romantic Dynamics (MxM or MxNon-B)
༶ Innocent!Happy x Moody!Protecc
༶ Serious x Bubbly
༶ Big Scary x The One Person Scary Tolerates
༶ Endearing Brat x The Tired Mom Friend
༶ Ray of Sunshine x Brat with a Heart of Gold
༶ Hurt!Aggressive x Patient!Sweetie
༶ Chaotic Evil x Neutral Good
༶ Bard x Paladin
༶ Bard x Rogue

Platonic Dynamics
༶ Sweet Pea + Sweet Pea

Ariock of Caessia | Wolfman | Elder | Paladin
A seasoned warrior, a grieving father and a wandering soul seeking one final retribution.

Platonic Dynamics
༶ Hurt!Tall + Patient!Small
༶ Smol!Squire + Knight
༶ Smol!Royal + Knight
༶ Serious + Bubbly
༶ Sweet Pea + "Touch this child and I'll roll you like sushi"
༶ Adventuring Party + Team Dad

Ariella Sagewood | Wood Elf | Child | Alchemist
An escaped slave, an alchemist in training and a sweet soul promises to fulfill a spirit's dying wish.

Platonic Dynamics
༶ Protective!Scary + Scaredy Cat
༶ Sweet Pea + "Touch this child and I'll roll you like sushi"
༶ Hurt!Aggressive + Patient!Sweetie
༶ Redeemed Villain + The One Thing stopping doomsday
༶ "I'm Scared!" + "I'm Not!"
༶ Smol!Apprentice + Mage/Sorcerer/Wizard

Abdessi of Karth | Human | Young Adult | Healer
A priestess, a courageous soul and a goddess' beloved chosen flees her homeland in search of a prophesied hero to save her people from exile.

Romantic Dynamics (Any Gender)
༶ Reckless Badass x Annoyed But Also Impressed By It
༶ Tired Parent Energy x Equally Tired Parent Energy
༶ Bold!Optimist x Reclusive!Pessimist
༶ Endearing Brat x The Tired Mom Friend
༶ Chosen One x Fated Enemy
༶ Priestess x Warrior
༶ Priestess x Dark!Warrior
༶ Priestess x Royal

Roland the Red| Human | Young Adult | Prince
A runaway prince, a charming outlaw and a wild soul carrying an enchanted warhorn lays down his crown to free his sister from treacherous scoundrels in the south.

Romantic Dynamics (MxM or MxF)
༶ Chaotic Softie x Chaos Enabler
༶ Reckless Badass x Annoyed But Also Impressed By It
༶ Ray of Sunshine x Brat with a Heart of Gold
༶ Passive Aggressive Sasster x Equally Passive Aggressive Sasster
༶ Rogue x Rogue
༶ Prince x Peasant
༶ Prince x Bounty Hunter

Platonic Dynamics
༶ Soft!Younger Sibling + Hardened!Older Sibling
༶ Hurt!Smol + Patient!Tall
༶ "I'm Scared!" + "I'm Not!"

Part 2: Story Oriented Plots
Last Updated: 1/28/21

The Windsor Awakening
1940s | Noir | Mafia

Short Description: “An exiled king arranges a team of misfits to rescue a gifted little girl from a fascist regime, who is planning to use her strange powers to resurrect their dead leader.”

Main Character Size: 3-6
Player Size: 2 (Each would play 2-3 OCs) or 3 (Each would play 1-2 OCs)
Notes: This is an old prompt, so it can be easily adjust. You can find the notes I had from it previously here: Windsor Awakening Google Doc
Preferences: I can play the child as well as a few members of the team!

Han's Character Ideas (Open for Anyone to Use)
- A curvy blues house singer involved with some shady characters
- A cowardly turncoat whose secretly a supernatural
- A smooth talking mobster seeking infamy
- A nationalist wide-eyed and hopeful towards a free country
- A crusty old sea captain or war veteran out for one last adventure
- A crooked PI looking for the next scoop

The small country of Ghanivia has just closed a bloody chapter in their history - a civil war between their centuries old monarchy and a fledging multiple party union. With the throws of war behind them now, the winning monarchy finally sought to rebuild this small sovereign state back to its former glory. But that was before a radical fascist party known as The Black Mamba seized control when Ghanivia was still recovering from war. Their leader Josef Windsor is a cruel and ruthless man who, after overseeing the assassination the the royal family, plans to initial the construction of a new republic where his fascist ideas can grow and fester.

Medical institutes are established to 'rehabilitate' those who cannot conform. Prison camps are on the rise. Fascist tabloids spin rumors to blind the public to the true sinister nature of the Black Mamba. Those who openly speak of the monarchy are executed. Those who cannot conform are condemned as criminals.

On this war path, Ghanivia will become a totalitarian state. But only a year after the Black Mamba’s rise to power, rumors have began to spread of a child from a backwater mountain town who is said to possess the fire of life and is believed to have the power to bring the dead back to the land of the living. And now, she's been captured by the Black Mamba, who intend to bring the assassinated Josef Windsor back to life so that the Supreme Chancellor can solidify their hold permanently.

The country's sole surviving monarch, who now runs an underground gambling ring to fund an uprising against the dictatorship, assembles a team of outcasts (mercenaries, criminals, spies, ex-military, supporters, etc.) to find the girl before the deed can be done. The task is simple. Smuggle the child out of the country and, in the process, ensure that one of the country’s most bloodthirsty dictator stays six feet under.
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*Would you mind giving me more details about the different beastfolk and fae races?
*What do you look for in a RP partner?
*What types of characters do you play?


Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds?
*Would you mind giving me more details about the different beastfolk and fae races?
*What do you look for in a RP partner?
*What types of characters do you play?

Would you mind giving me more details about the different beastfolk and fae races: Of course! Beastfolk: Are you familiar with the Argonians/Khajiits from the Elder Scrolls. Or the Dragonborn from DnD? They are something very close to that -- bascially they're a race of hybrids of men and animals! Wolfmen, Lynxkin, and Foxkinn are as they're described though they can come in many natural colors. Minotaurs are similar in Greek Mythology. And Scalesmen are basically humanoid lizards/dragons minus the fire breath and the wings. Scalesmen can be pretty diverse too, ranging from snake-like, lizard-like, dragon-like, even like that of turtles of crocodiles. With the beastfolk, you can get pretty creative! Fae they are a little different from what you might think of faries. They aren't small like traditional faries, but they are among one of the smaller races. Pixies are the smallest and their wings resemble that of buterflies. Nymphs don't possess wings, but are more connected to the elements: namely earth, wind and water. Druids are a mixture of trees and humans and are far more illusive -- they don't posses wings either. Sprites have wings shaped similar to dragonflies and appear more like elves than they do people. If you're interested in RP, then I'd be happy to expand on this in PMs.
What do you look for in a RP partner: Essentially, someone whose invested and enjoys building up character relationships! I'm all about quality over quantity, so don't feel like you HAVE to write a certain amount, just as long as the amount you have moves the story and the characters forward. So long as we're both having fun, that's all I can really ask.
What types of characters do you play: I play any character of any race, age, sexuality and creed. I also don't mind playing one character or multiple characters. And as for romance vs platonic, I love both equally! Long story short, I'm down for anything!

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If you're still looking for partners, I'd love to figure something out with you! ^^


Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds?
Bump! (Two slots have opened up and I've added a current craving + plot ideas section)


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Are you still open to partners, because I am in love with your characters already and I would love to do a 1x1 with you staring them.


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Oh my gosh, your characters are all so interesting !! I would absolutely love to rp with you if you're still looking for partners!!

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