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Realistic or Modern Lasting Light (Still open & accepting!)

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will turn your insides into your outsides
heya ! im interested in a medic role ! :]
we aren't using any particular CS format, so feel free to write one up that covers the basics. and add in as much detail as you feel comfortable doing. Check out the existing character sheets for reference


The Guy
Just giving this a final bump before we get started in the next few days. Anyone interested in joining feel free to message me and/or join the discord. People can still join after we start though, won't be closing that off just yet. :]


The Guy

Though the roleplay has started, people are welcome to join as we go along. :]

The link to the IC thread if anyone wants to peek before joining.



The Guy
sweet. i'll try to post up my cs by tomorrow.
edit: that's alright with me, too.
Sorry for the mix-up, my own fault for not checking before I opened my mouth. lol

Anywho, I reserved the role for you. Feel free to join the discord server if you like, though it's not required.

And with that all Medic roles are filled.

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