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Realistic or Modern Lasting Light Character Sheet's



The Guy
As far as the sheets themselves go, at least cover the basics. Name, Age, Personality, History, Role, Group, Former Occupation etc. Links to offsite sheets are fine and there's no rule on coding so do as much or as little as you like.

Highschool Leader 1/1 This person is in charge of the new group. They weren't in charge back in Knox, but with those people being dead, and the people still alive in need of guidance, they've stepped up to make the tough decisions. This person makes the final call on anything that effects the entire group.

Highschool Second-In-Command 1/1 The Second-In-Command was either elected by the rest of the group or asked to be the second by the current leader. This person is someone who helps the leader keep the place running and make sure everyone is doing what they're meant to.

Highschool Medics 1/2 Those people with any kind of medical training or knowledge that can be used to help anyone sick or injured. There are a total of three medics.

Highschool Scavengers 1/3 This is the team of people who go out into the world to find whatever they can to bring back. There are a total of ten scavengers.

Highschool Member 0/~ The normal members of the group. This is a bit of a broad term and these people can be doing any number of tasks/jobs to help the group overall with whatever skills they have.

Hospital Council Members 1/3 The group put together a council pretty early on after arriving here in an attempt to keep everything fair and allow for debate on the major issues. Typically they go by majority rules in votes, there's a total of five members at any given time. Three of the five have been members since the group arrived here, the other two took over at some point in the past year for previous members.

Hospital Medics 2/2 Those people with any kind of medical training or knowledge that can be used to help anyone sick or injured. There are a total of five medics.

Hospital Scavengers 1/3 This is the team of people who go out into the world to find whatever they can to bring back. There are a total of sixteen scavengers.

Hospital Member 2/~ The normal members of the group. This is a bit of a broad term and these people can be doing any number of tasks/jobs to help the group overall with whatever skills they have. They can help with the garden, work security, be a part of handling the armory etc.

Loner 2/3 Loners are the people who aren't living with a group. This is either forced or by choice, some just don't know the groups are out there and some refuse to join them. (If you make a loner they either A. must join one of the groups eventually or B. visit/trade with one of the said groups on occasion. Or maybe have family/friends/enemies in one of them. I'm up for options here but don't want anyone left out in the end.)

Below are some tabs of free to use NPC's. Mostly it's just visual aid for those wanting a face to the name or not knowing who an NPC is and such. Anyone can control them and have their characters interact with them for any purposes. You're even free to build on/create backstory for them. For now I'll keep their sheet's a bit blank though but more than happy to add to them. Also, no killing them off without permission. And don't get to attached, all NPC's are expendable long term. ;]

  • Howard 'Howie' Russell

    Hospital Scavenger

    º º code by ditto º º

    Sandra Gutiérrez

    Hospital Member

    º º code by ditto º º

    David Collinger

    Hospital Councilman

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the one and only

NAME Nari Machizuki
NICKNAME Nar, Miss Zuki
AGE 28
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
Mechanical Engineer
HAVEN High School
Second in Command

"Use the right tool.
Get a bigger hammer."​

GENERAL APPEARANCE 5'3" 125 lbs. Nari
often has dyed hair. Brown eyes. Fairly
muscular build but not athletic, due
to employment.

BODY MODIFICATIONS Full sleeve on her
right arm. Tattoo down her left leg.
Numerous piercing's on her ears. Nose stud.

PERSONALITY Vibrant and outgoing. Nair is not one to shy away from new people, nor is she quiet about her ideals or her beliefs. She will stand up for what she believes it's right, even if it isn't the group consensus.
EXTRA Nari has deep beliefs in Shinto and struggles with what the kami are asking of her.

Nari was born in Tokyo,Japan to two loving parents who instilled a deep sense of beliefs and harmony within her. At the age of eight her mother passed away after losing the fight with cancer. Nari was heartbroken, naturally, but understood that there is always reason and cause within the universe. After this she lived with her aunt as her father struggled with the loss of his wife and knowing just how to raise his daughter alone. Over time they became estranged.

She graduated high school early and accepted scholarships to MIT and earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation she had always intended on returning home to Tokyo however she'd grown to love the new country she'd live within for nearly a decade of her life. She applied and was granted a work VISA and moved several states away from Massachusetts to Indiana where she was hired on at an up coming high tech company developing a 'take home kit' for car conversions. The project's goals were lofty, their timeline seemed impossible and while these red flags were something Nari had noted, the concept of it all was what made her accept the position of Project Manager. Her and her team worked for months of various models and concepts; some ridiculous side projects resulting in far worse for the environment modelled vehicles with coal furnaces and steam engines, but these always lightened the mood and helped reflect that the task at hand: how to we help the every day joe convert their favorite gasoline guzzling car to something that is efficient for the earth's future?

Nari never had the opportunity to find this out, after several months working for the company they suddenly announced bankruptcy and layoff their entire staff. All of the company shares she and the other staff members were given as sign on bonuses and payments into their retirement plans gone. Not only did this leave Nari nearly without any funds but also in a position where her VISA would lapse and she would have to return to Japan. She searched endlessly for any kind of employment that would still find herself time to work on the company's project and found herself seated across from the principal of Knox Highschool, answering interview questions and shaking his hand. Never did she think she would be a high school shop teacher but yet this decision turned out to save her life.

© pasta
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Dustin Levitt

Nicknames: Dusty
Age: 40
Height: 5'11"
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: A full beard and creases from age and stress.
Face Claim: Antony Starr

Haven: Hospital
Role: Member. He helps to keep the peace and tries to be useful in any other way that he can.

Strengths: Cordial, reliable, decisive, courageous, attentive, firearms training, basic survival skills, basic handyman skills

Weaknesses: Obsessive, obedient/authoritarian, domineering, meddlesome, his son Tyler (and anyone else he might have become attached to)

Other Personality: Dustin has clung to his friendly demeanor while the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. In stressful situations, his police training kicks in and he's capable of maintaining a level enough head. It's those other times when he might slip: blowing up when he's bottled things for too long or when something really gets under his skin, or getting hooked on a person or a thing until it poisons his perspective or he becomes an unbearable thorn in their side. The way he speaks and holds himself may sometimes suggest an easygoing attitude, but it belies a preference for rigidity and order, something that most at the hospital has probably discovered by this point.

Bio: Dustin grew up as a good ol' boy in Indiana. Boys' Scouts and baseball were the trademarks of his youth. He earned good grades. There was the one time as a sixteen-year-old when he got his car stuck in a ditch after being convinced to go to a party and drink, but his parents hardly had to fuss with him. He was the good egg compared to their younger boy. He enrolled in the police academy as soon as he was eligible.

He married young and they had a boy when he was twenty-two. It was a good marriage for those next few years until, at twenty-six, his affair with another man was discovered by his wife. As the word spread in the community, Dustin made out like he had been misled and retreated back into the closet, managing to spare himself some of the heat at the expense of the other man, something he still regrets to this day. Awaiting for the divorce to go through had been torturous, and the moment he was free, he fled the small minds and the shackles of an ex and a kid who he couldn't bear to look in the eyes.

At least for a time. He had moved to Seattle where he lived out the years as a patrol officer and gradually learned to become more comfortable with himself. Most of his attempts at intimacy proved to be unsuccessful: one-night stands where he tried to develop attachments, and a string of exes, one being bad enough that he slashed the tires of the man's new lover, earning himself a restraining order in the process.

He fell in love with another who, after some convincing, agreed to uproot his own life to also go to Indiana. Dustin decided he wanted to get to know his son and make up for leaving him. The teen furiously rejected every attempt.

And then, about two months in, the zombies happened. While he would give anything to return to the way the world was before, he supposes the blessing is that he now has a relationship with his son, however shaky it may be, even if it did cost him his boyfriend.

They arrived at Memorial Hospital within a month of it becoming a community. Ever since, he's done his part to keep it stable.
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Tyler Bennett

Nicknames: Usually goes by Tyler, but he'll respond to Ty
Age: 19
Height: 6'0"
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: He inherited most of his mom's looks and Italian features, from the hair and eyes to the skin tone.
Face Claim: Joey Pollari

Haven: Hospital
Role: Scavenger. To his father's chagrin, he recently volunteered, wanting to do his part to pitch in, and because he thinks his natural athleticism will make him a good fit. (Maybe someone inspired him?)

Strengths: Perceptive, caring, cooperative, athletic

Weaknesses: Impressionable, conformist, caring, complaining, shortsighted, prone to succumbing to instant gratification, usually indecisive

Other Personality: Tyler is an ambivert who loves sarcasm and who possessed a nice helping of goofiness until the apocalypse hit. Now that comes and goes. He detests change but, for the most part, has learned to be adaptable in this new world, even if he tries to embrace semblances of the old world whenever he can. His mood can swing from crushing fatalism to an intense spirit that's ready to take on the world, in part depending on his company, but even when he's speaking doom and gloom, it's unlike him to actually give up.

Bio: It was just his mom and him for his childhood. Tyler had vague memories of a dad who was mostly distant until he disappeared from the picture altogether. His mom didn't share the details. The bitterness over whatever happened appeared to persist even when she finally found another man whom she felt she could trust. Tyler was thirteen at the time.

He was a gifted athlete who did enough to score a B-average throughout his schooling. Soccer, basketball, and lacrosse were his sports of choice. Mainly when he wasn't doing those, he liked to play video games, read comic books, hang with friends, masturbate, date girls, and tolerate summer jobs. He was neither popular nor an outcast. Things were fine for him and he was content.

Then suddenly things changed. Life didn't think it was bad enough to have his, apparently, gay dad return to the picture. Nope. Zombies too. Why not. Those first few months were brutal. He lost his step-dad, after he and Dustin went off for supplies, and then his mom while the group was trying to find someplace safe, a day before arriving at the hospital. It's been a safe enough haven ever since. He and Dustin get along...okay. Some days are better than others, and Tyler is set on never calling him dad. A part of him is incapable of trusting the man. It's questionable what happened between Dustin and his step-dad the day his step-dad died, but he's never mustered the courage to ask.
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the medic
face claim
Conrad Ricamora.
Hiro Wright
Height: 5 feet 8 inches.
Weight: 152 lbs.
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Brown.

Virtues: Caring, Kind-Hearted, Selfless, Hard-Working.
Vices: Gullible, Easily Manipulated, Sticks to his Comfort Zone, Not a Fighter.
Personality: As a medic Hiro is equipped to treat any kind of physical damage, but is able to treat any kind of emotional one equally as well. Hiro's genuine preoccupation for the well-being of everyone has made him the resident shoulder to cry on, and many come to him whenever they feel like venting.

He shows kindness to everyone, even if the recipient isn't deserving of such, a trait that comes with its advantages and disadvantages— in fact, his overly trusting nature makes him quite easy to manipulate and take advantage of. And if this made him vulnerable in the pre-apocalyptic world, in the post-apocalyptic world it makes him prey. In general, he isn't very adaptable and struggles to step out of his comfort zone.

Raised by a family of doctors, Hiro never had any financial difficulties growing up and lived a relatively gleeful childhood. As a teenager he intended to follow culinary, but his parents' peer-pressure to follow in their footsteps made him gave in and follow medicine— thankfully though, he ended up falling in love with the path. An unexpected, but nice surprise. He thinks.

Through the combination of his hard work and kind personality, Hiro navigated through high school with ease, constantly performing at the top of his class throughout the years. He got into college, then medical school, and was supposed to start postgraduate residency soon after turning 26... key word being supposed. Because, well, you know, zombie apocalypse.

When the apocalypse first hit, Hiro and his family were able to stick together for some time— their medical skills essencial for their survival. They eventually joined a community in Knox, where they lived for quite some time and provided medical support for. One day, however, disaster struck, and a zombie invasion left the Knox community in ruins. Amidst the destruction Hiro was separated from his parents, their whereabouts unknown to this day. Alongside a group of thirtyish people, he found shelter in a nearby Highschool— Northview Highschool, where he continued to employ his medical functions.
coded by natasha.
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The Guy
Kurt Blackwood
Gender : Male
Age : 37
Date of Birth : June, 28th, 1983
Sexuality : Homosexual
Former Occupation : Motorcycle Detailer
Affiliation : Hospital Group
Role : Council Member
Former Affiliation(s) : Leyland Eagle's Motorcycle Club
Height : 5'9
Weight : 167
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Blue
Scars : A medium sized scar on his left cheek from a knife wound. If asked about it he tells a false story that it happened after the world fell.
Face Claim : David Lyons
Alignment : Lawful Neutral
Personality : Kurt's the type of person to remove himself from situations he doesn't feel he needs to be in. While he takes his position as a council member seriously he doesn't often hold back his opinions when speaking with anyone. He has a way of doing things and seeing them done, though he doesn't hold his own opinions or way of doing things particularly higher than anyone else's. For the most part he's an easygoing individual who isn't interested in the politics of things, but rather how they get done as well as the results.

Trust is a mixed bag with Kurt, he doesn't hand it out easily. However he will give most a fair chance on such topics. The man prioritizes the Hospital's safety above almost all else. Doing anything to jeopardize that safety will easily put him at odds with that person.

History : Kurt never met his father, and his mother was essentially a deadbeat. Kurt spent much of his young life moving around, staying home alone, and in the foster system. His mother always came back to get him no matter how long she was gone, which could be weeks or months at a time. That was, until the one time she didn't. At fifteen Kurt was always in some sort of trouble, but he had to get by any way he could while his mom wasn't around. The system didn't have hopes for him to be placed anywhere at his age, plus his record. So they reached out to anyone related to him. This was how Kurt ended up living with an uncle he didn't know about in Indianapolis. Reggie Morris wasn't exactly looking to take care of a kid, but sometimes you alter your life for someone who shares your blood. Reggie was a biker and salesman for the Leyland Eagle's Motorcycle Club, a much bigger family than Kurt ever expected to be thrown into. And in the years to come he did become a part of that family, having his own ride, making a living detailing other rides and being a part of a group he could trust.

Ten years later however was a different story. Kurt found himself a part of the shadier part of the club's business. A very small portion of the Eagles' community ran a little drug operation and Kurt was one of them. Things went sideways when one of the members had been arrested, made a deal, and named some names. This left Kurt doing a prison sentence as well as losing the respect of most of his peer's and family. By the time he got out of prison five years later his surrogate father had already passed away. Two years later and the apocalypse hit, leaving the man scrambling to stay alive. He spent months on his own, taking life day by day until he came across the Hospital and the group within. Nowadays he's found himself a member of it's five person council, having proven himself to the community.

coded by incandescent

Still a little bit of a WIP. Role/Group might change to help balance.​
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Mr. Heartbreaker

Xander Ray Font

  • Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Nickname: Zane, Andy, Zee, Captain Font, Coach
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Affiliation: High School
    Role: Leader
    Former Occupation:
    NJROTC Instructor and head wrestling coach at Oaksville High School

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Bad job, Superstar!


- Basics.
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Queer
Haven: Hospital
Role: Member

- Visage.
Build: Slim, physically weak, muscle deterioration
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Dark brown
Face claim: Serena Motola

- Persona.
Positive traits:

Resilient: She has endured a lot during her lifetime but still powers through, no matter how dark things seem.
Creative: She has always had an interest in art and painting. She is creative and can use it to the groups advantage.
Polite: description
Negative traits:
Weak: She is both mentally and physically weak. She is prone to panic and in a fight or flight situation, she is often a freeze.
Quiet: She often won't speak up when something is wrong as she was brought up to believe this made you a burden. She prefers to deal with things alone.
Anxious: She doesn't have much confidence in herself and is unlikely to volunteer herself for opportunities she doesn't think she is good enough for.

- History.
Miyu was born to an addict and her partner. Luckily for her, she was promptly confiscated from her parents and put into the foster system, though she found herself getting passed from family to family. This was no fault of their own, things simply came up that meant they couldn't care for her adequately, but it left Miyu with attachment issues which followed her into later life. She was especially difficult to place due to her deafness as many families were put off by this, not knowing how to care for a deaf child.

Her mother tried and tried again to reintroduce herself into Miyu's life. She would get clean enough to see her daughter, have a meeting or two with her, then relapse and leave Miyu behind. She grew to resent her mother as she let her down so many times. In her teens, she began to refuse her visits, leading to a heated argument. Her mother was furious that her own child could betray her like this, striking her. Her mother was immediately removed and MIyu filed a restraining order.

Eventually, a woman came forward, a Japanese lady named Ichika. She saw a fellow Japanese girl and didn't want her to experience the same childhood she did, taking her in when she was 14. Deep down, Miyu appreciated this, but she was in an awkward teenage phase, she wasn't used to real affection so lashed out in response. This issue improved over time but at 19, the two had a huge argument, leading to Miyu running from home. As she fled, she ran into the road and was struck by an oncoming car. She was taken to hospital where she was put into an induced coma to cope with the head trauma. Ichika visited her every day until the apocalypse began and she could no longer leave her home.





by artist​




º º code by ditto º º
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girl boss

into dust together.





full name

amara smith









the hospital




  • running.

    off to the the underworld is it's own comfort, isn't it?

♡coded by uxie♡

Bullyboy Squad

pure of heart, dumb of ass

Harry Cox

Name: Harry Sebastian Cox
Nickname: just Cox, though some call him Hairy Cox behind his back, probably nobody dares to say it to his face
Age: 42
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: widower
Place Of Birth: Indiana
Hair: grizzled, close-cut hair and full, neatly trimmed beard
Skin: tan, weathered
Eyes: dirty olive green
Height: 6'0
Weight: fairly beefy, but leaner than before the apocalypse
Markings: some misc patriotic tattoos along with stupid-decisions, and new hard-life scars
Faction and role: High School, previously The Second in Command at Knox, now degraded to the role of one of the Scavenge runs leaders

Callous, brash, judgemental, self-righteous, religious hypocrite. Can be a bully even though he's not actively seeking to hurt people. Usually it just turns out that way...when they get in his. Despite being blunt he knows how and when to keep his mouth shut, can be conspiratorially secretive. Loyal to himself and a small group of people he calls brothers. But when his business aligns with yours, you can count on his competence and dedication to get you both to succeed.

Don't cross him, you'll get on his list and it's a dangerous place to be. Especially in these times, you don't want to go out with him on a run knowing he might leave you for dead if you get in trouble. He can be vengeful.

Lately, he's much more angry and aggressive than normal, after losing his best buddy (previous First in Command at Knox) and a few days ago also his loyal, friendly dog that everybody loved, Franny. might be the only reason they tolerated him in the first place

Harry was born to the usual conservative family in a small town. From an early age he was interested in manly hobbies and sports, following the traditional values that he bent and broke when he saw fit. He met his wife soon after High School. She worked at his father's mattress store that he inherited.

Religion was always more like a set of loose guidelines for him, he only went to church because his wife dragged him on Sundays. He'd rather watch another game with his buddies. All proud NRA and neighborhood watch members, supporting the local, veteran community even though most of them didn't see battle. Truth be told, he never really believed in God. He just liked the idea of some invisible force validating his actions. When his wife, Fran, died of cancer, he searched for answers in the bottle and Bible. When the world went to hell he couldn't help but trust there had to be a meaning to all that madness. He and his buddies were one of the first members of the Knox community and just like their leader, Harry's best friend, they believed they're following god's plan.

- he thinks that most women, house-husbands, gay men, and such "belong to the kitchen", they're not made for the world outside, but put a woman/queer person with proverbial balls and skill to back it up in front of him and he'll treat them like an equal
- he hates candy, generally doesn't like sweet taste unless it's coming from a barbecue sauce or something along these lines
- he had a full-on bromance with the previous leader of the HS group
- he found a German Shepherd puppy at the beginning of the outbreak and named her his wife's name
- tba

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Bullyboy Squad

pure of heart, dumb of ass

Carson Pierce

Name: Carson Pierce
Nickname: Cars
Age: looks around mid-twenties
Gender: male
Sexuality: questioning/experimenting
Relationship Status: single
Place Of Birth: Colorado
Hair: raven black
Skin: pale, freckled
Eyes: very dark, honest gaze
Height: 5'10
Weight: lean, fit
Markings: no tattoos, several scars, the most prominent being what looks like a stab wound scar at the side of his abdomen, most questionable a still pink but obscured mark of human teeth around right, upper traps
Faction and role: Loner/Hospital

Levelheaded, poised to act whenever the situation calls for it. Polite and helpful neighbor, acting as a good Samaritan towards strangers. Man of few words but can be a joker and a tease. Doesn't bond easily, despite his sociable side he can be quite reserved when it comes to personal matters. Despite his calm and quiet demeanor, he can be bold and a little domineering in certain aspects of life.

Carson was only eight years old when he lost his Mom, his only parent. He was put to an orphanage, eventually placed in a foster home. He was a bright kid, too mature for his age, but he needed an outlet and his PE teacher helped him get into boxing. He was nothing but dedicated and did the local Golden Gloves twice. Until a certain accident turned his life upside down. He had many role models but there was always a hollow in his heart, missing that true, fatherly figure. (tba)

- has a tic of pursing lips and even screwing up his face when focusing hard, usually manual work that requires precision
- used to be a plane enthusiast when little, building planes and collecting them
- owns a motorcycle
- sometimes talks to himself when he thinks nobody can hear, sounds like he's having a conversation with someone he knows and cares for
- likes romantic comedies, horror movies, popcorn with melted chocolate, listening to death metal, and old love songs

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Bullyboy Squad

pure of heart, dumb of ass

  • Daniel McCarthy

    Name: Daniel McCarthy, Danny
    Age: 37
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: (previously openly) bi
    Relationship Status: Dustin's partner
    Faction and role: Loner/Hospital

    Never the brightest but probably the kindest. Danny was a bit of a goofball. A little shy and a traditional romantic when it came to relationships and intimacy but very open and optimistic about life in general. Eager to please others but also a little prideful in case they hurt his somewhat fragile ego.

    Raised in a typical, fairly progressive, middle-class family on the outskirts of Seattle. His father tolerated but never truly accepted that his first son liked men. Danny joined the local police forces but eventually moved to Seattle and finally could openly be himself. He started dating Dustin and the two were welcomed during his family gatherings but he never felt comfortable displaying affection in front of others. At least not until they were back in the big city. That's part of the reason Daniel was worried about the move to the more conservative community. But he really loved Dustin, and he was the "fix it when it's broken" type of guy. So no matter what happened, no matter how much he missed his own family, especially his sister and nieces, he was doing his best to make it work. Maybe sometimes he's too blind to see that... some things can't be fixed.

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Now You See Me...

Name: Matthew Atticus Turner

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Date of Birth: May 7th, 1996

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Former Occupation: Nurse

Affiliation: Hospital Group

Role: Medic

Former Affiliation(s) : Oaksville Memorial Hospital


Height: 6’0”

Weight: 171 lbs.

Hair Color: Chestnut/Dark Brown, nearly black

Eye Color: Brown

Scars: N/A

Face Claim: Dylan O’Brien

Personality :

Matthew’s personality can be quite enigmatic. Sometimes, he’s fun and friendly and personable. He’ll do a quick trick or tell a stupid joke, laugh at himself, and talk about how much he’d love to go back to bed. Other times, he’s nothing more than a statue, a wall with a featureless face. He’ll barely speak to anyone and he’ll keep himself busy with simple tasks. If anyone asks what’s wrong, he’ll give a small smile, shrug, and say, “Just didn’t sleep well. I had this crazy nightmare that the dead started walking.

Most of the time, though, Matthew is pretty quiet. He tends to stick to himself and doesn’t do much socializing outside of anything that’s absolutely mandatory. It’s not that he doesn’t want to…well, he doesn’t, but he also does. He’s constantly torn between the terrible loneliness he feels and his inability to force himself out of his shell. Matt counts few people among his friends and even fewer of those he truly trusts. Despite having been at Oaksville Memorial Hospital since the beginning, most people only know the bare minimum about Matthew.

It doesn’t help that Matthew is as stubborn as a mule. He’s very stuck in his ways and prefers to do things the way he was taught instead of adapting to the new circumstances he finds himself in. Not every suture or bandage will be perfect, especially not now, but Matthew will be damned if he doesn’t try.

Despite his standoffishness, Matthew is a passionate caretaker. He does his best to make sure everyone is safe, comfortable, and healthy. It’s not uncommon for him to give up his own meals to those under his care, usually awkwardly and without speaking much.

He’s also quite intelligent, academically speaking. He was never an especially studious student, but he put in the work to become a nurse. Most of his knowledge is in the field of medicine or mathematics, his favorite subject. Matthew doesn’t put forward a lot of his thoughts and ideas, however, and will typically let others make a mistake instead of speaking up.

Above all else, Matthew is a reliable person. When he makes a promise, he keeps it. When he says he’ll do something, he does it. If there’s one thing that the survivors at Oaksville Memorial Hospital can agree on, it’s that Matthew is always there when they need him to be, usually with a first-aid kit.

On the other hand, Matthew is restless and high-strung. He’s constantly stressing about something and rambling on and on to himself about how he doesn’t have the supplies he needs or that people are being too reckless. His worries, combined with the constant nightmares plaguing him, have caused him to lose a lot of sleep. Now, with the introduction of a competing group, Matthew can only worry more about the people around him and what will happen when supplies become even more scarce than they already are.

History :

Matthew Atticus Turner’s childhood was like that of any other kid. He had his parents, Jeanette and Austin Turner, and two older brothers. They lived in a nice house in the suburbs of California. He was always quiet, preferring the safety and comfort of his home over the outside world. It made it difficult for him to make a lot of friends, but he was adopted by a few extroverts that ended up becoming the best friends he’d ever had.

Most of his younger life was a blur. A little bit of school here, a little bit of playing there. All in all, a normal childhood.

When he was ten years old, his father was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue. Matthew didn’t know exactly what was happening, but he knew it wasn’t good. His mom and dad left for days at a time, sometimes even for a whole week. His brothers became distant.

A year later, his eldest brother moved to Massachusetts for college.

Three months after that, Austin Turner died. That was the first time he’d seen his mother cry, really cry. Seeing her in so much pain hurt him just as much as the passing of his father. It was then that Matthew knew he wanted to do something in the medical field. A doctor, perhaps. Maybe a pharmacist. He didn’t know what, exactly.

After Matthew finished elementary school, his mother decided that she’d take him and his brother somewhere else. They moved to West Virginia. Shortly after that, his brother enrolled in Fairmont State University, leaving just him and his mother in the small town they had moved into.

Middle school and high school came and went in the blink of an eye. Starting over in a new place wasn’t easy and most of the kids around him had already been friends for years. He was the odd one out. It took him a while to find his group, and he never quite fit in with them either. Not like he did in California.

Once he graduated high school, he and his friends went their separate ways. Matthew was accepted into Purdue University in Indiana. It wasn’t his first choice. Or in his top three. But he made do with what he had. After a long move with the help of his mother and older brothers, Matthew found himself alone in a new place. No family, no friends, no home. Just him and the college dorm.

He was eighteen years old when he met Amelia at an ice cream social hosted by the school.

Amelia. Sweet, dorky, incredible Amelia. She was his everything. She pushed him through school, supported him through thick and thin, helped him with everything he ever needed. If it wasn’t for her, Matthew knew he wouldn’t be the man he is today. He loved her. He was going to marry her.

If only he proposed sooner.

After graduating from Purdue with a BSN, he applied to become a registered nurse in Indiana. He figured he and Amelia would spend the rest of their lives there. He was already almost twenty-three years old, so why not settle down?

Once he was officially a licensed nurse, Matthew and Amelia moved into the cheapest apartment they could find in a town called Oaksville. He didn’t love the town that much, but Oaksville Memorial Hospital was hiring and Amelia found a job close by as well. It was nice. Until it wasn’t.

When the dead started walking, Matthew’s first instinct was to find Amelia. To hold her close and protect her. He never found her though.

For the first few months, he held on hope that she was out there, that maybe she survived and would turn up at the hospital any day now. It was only a matter of time. She never came. After six months, his hope began to sour and wilt. In its place, heartbreak and self-loathing blossomed.

Why hadn’t he been there with her? Why didn’t he look for her longer? What if she was just out of his sight? Why was he giving up?

His mind gave no shortage of questions for him to ponder while he treated the wounded at Oaksville Memorial. Each one was a bullet loaded in a gun pointed at his head. Each one made him hate himself more than the last.

After a year, the wounds began to fester and rot, and his heartbreak became anger. And if he wasn’t angry, he was sad. For a period of time, people avoided Matthew because of his mood swings and tendency to lash out. He didn’t want to, honestly. It was just all pent up within him.

Once the anger died, he was left hollow. Now, Matthew is a man going through the motions. Smiling? Sure. But not happy. Not angry either. Not even really that sad. Just…empty. Devoid of purpose and hope.

It didn’t help that he pushed away what few friends he had.

Matthew A. Turner

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Dominic Cruz

Nicknames: He's been trained to answer to most things, one of them being Dom.
Age: 35
Height: 6'0"
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hair: Black with notes of gray
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Freckles dust his face and add to the boyishness of his smile. Tattoos adorn his torso and arms. His slim body is built with lean muscle.
Face Claim: Victor Nuñez

Haven: Loner (likely to join HS at some point)
Role: He does what he wants!

Strengths: Charming, optimistic, insouciant, intuitive, lock-picking, stealth, good with scissors and a straight razor

Weaknesses: Easily bribed, noncommittal, masochistic, drawn to excitement and may take unnecessary risks, shortsighted

Other Personality: The person who matters to Dominic is Dominic. He's friendly, sure. The way he listens can make someone feel like the only other person in the room, and his insouciant nature can make them feel like they aren't in the middle of the apocalypse or otherwise knee-deep in shit creek. He's capable of playing the right notes to make another person feel as though they share a connection, whether it's as friends or something more, but for Dominic, the sentiment only goes skin deep, where the relationship appeals to him only so long as the other person provides some benefit, even if it's something as trivial as entertainment. It's a fault he hasn't fully recognized, and probably never will.

Bio: His earliest memories were of a single mom who was a breath of sunshine to those she met, but she was plagued with a drug addiction that caused her to overdose when Dominic was eight. The only other relative was his grandfather, so the state of Indiana sent Dominic to him until his mom could get clean. He was a Catholic man who saw some of the traits in Dominic that he had in his daughter, so he took to discipline in the way that his departed wife didn't allow with their child. The belt didn't stop Dominic from being impish. He just tried to be smarter about not getting caught.

About a year later, his mom was deemed fit for him to return to her care. She entertained a string of boyfriends who she thought would keep her on the straight and narrow and be a role model for her boy, but none ever lasted a year. When Dominic was fourteen, she fell in love with a biker who returned her to her old ways. Meanwhile, Dominic was distracted with a junior girl who enamored him and introduced him to stealing. The shoplifting quickly evolved into breaking and entering, and Dominic loved that the most of all. Sometimes he didn't even steal. Sometimes he just liked the rush of intruding into someone else's space, learning who they were, and leaving after moving an innocuous object that he was sure would befuddle them. At least when he wasn't with his girlfriend. She was more goal-oriented and preferred to steal, so that was what he did when he was with her. It lasted for nearly a full semester until the police were on their tail and she left him holding the bag, so to speak. With a slap on the wrist for shoplifting already, he was sentenced to a stint in juvie. He didn't rat out his then-girlfriend, thinking he owed her loyalty. Later he learned about her feelings the hard way when she snubbed him after he was let out.

He was almost sixteen when his mom overdosed again. This time no one saved her. Her boyfriend desired no responsibility for the son she left behind, and Dominic's grandfather had passed, so he spent the last two years in the system.

Most of his adult life was filled with a string of lovers, breaking and entering, questionable life choices, other unsavory behavior that had him seeing the inside of a cell once or twice, and a more official career in barbering. He was having an affair with a married man when the apocalypse hit. They managed to survive for most of the past year-and-a-half, until Dominic was caught cheating and provoked the man's temper. It might have in part been why that group got wiped out. That was maybe a couple of weeks ago. He has been managing on his own so far but will probably try to worm his way into another group soon.

Theme Songs:
Lure and Persuade by Citizen Zero
Adrenalize by In This Moment
In Your Heart by Kerser
Give Me Everything by Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer
Blood in the Cut by K.Flay
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;; kamiki

full name: dr. kamiki satō

gender: cis man
pronouns: he/him
sexuality: bisexual

age: twenty-six
date of birth: february 5th

place of birth: nagōya, japan
ethnicity/nationality: japanese

height: 5'8 feet
weight: 143 lbs

figure: at first glance, he looks like a rather slim man. one may find some defined muscle hidden underneath all his oversized/baggy clothing.

eyes: his eyes are dark brown and tend to have an undefinable glimmer. despite the famous saying of the eyes being the windows to one's soul, no one really seems to know what lingers behind his.

hair: he doesn't seem to care too much about his hair, given the fact that the dark brown mass of fluff atop of his head is usually messy.

skin: surprisingly enough, his fair and warm toned skin happens to be just as soft to the touch as it visually appears to be.

fashion: far from being even remotely close to a fashionista, he usually keeps his figure hidden by oversized sweaters or hoodies. most often his sleeves tend to be rolled up for personal comfort.

personality: one might easily think of kamiki as someone whose entire existence has been set out to perfection. he was born into a wealthy family, came to be one of nagoya's top medical graduate students, and seemed to have been rather well received by his fellow peers due to his friendly and forthcoming demeanor.

highly intelligent, incredibly patient and the first one to offer his assistance during times of need, it's hard not to take somewhat of a liking to the young prodigy. usually seen in an unnervingly calm demeanour, he's not one to easily lose his composure nor temper. in fact, he usually appears to be in utter control of himself and his emotions; regardless of the situations he might find himself in. this one also happens to be a useful trait of his, given the fact that surgical procedures happen to be the main task of his career path.

in spite of his outer facade of absolute perfection and properness, his actual character couldn't be farther from the truth. deeply influenced and shaped by the impossible standards of his family and work surroundings, he's grown to be rather emotionally repressed in order to fit into other people's idea about the kind of man he should be.

although he's far from being heartless and unsympathetic, he certainly does struggle with being openly expressive about his personal feelings and thoughts. this behaviour partly ties in to his home country's cultural aspect of 本音 and 建前; concealing one's true feelings and desires while one's out in public. to sum it up; public failure and the disapproval of others are seen as particular sources of shame and reduced social standing in his culture.

he's very frightened of being seen as anything less but efficient and capable, often resulting in him overworking and pushing himself to his limits. his need to be at the very top in regards to his abilities often tends to mess with his psyche, causing him to be rather ruthless in his pursuit of recognition and validation. on the other hand, his ambitious and hardworking attitude also helps him in terms of regularly improving his surgical and overall medical skills.

background: born into a wealthy japanese family, he grew up to be his parent's most driven poster child. blessed with proper education and financial support, and yet truly suffocated with the high expectations of those around him, most of his childhood was spent under constant surveillance and harsh judgement. failing has never been a word in his personal vocabulary.

incredibly scared of being anything but a son to be proud of and brag about, he began to dictate his life according to society's highest standards as well as its brutal expectations; he always had to be at the very top of his classes; he always gave out presents on valentine's day and he always received them on white day, despite not even being truly infatuated with any of his peers.

given the fact that most of his friendships were based on superficial means, he grew up to be an emotionally repressed and insincere individual. his life had been set out for him from a very young age, leaving him with nothing but the desire to be accepted and acknowledged by those around him. as time went on, he gradually began to master his outer facade; distracting from the simple fact that he's secretly struggling with own true identity and how to come to terms with himself.

he graduated from med school by the age of twenty-four, earned his respective doctor title, and was considered to be a promising prodigy by those around him due to his efficient and splendid performance. in determined pursuit of his set out career path, he eventually decided to leave his home country and finish his residency abroad, unaware of what disastrous fate would soon unleash in spite of all his efforts and hard work to get where he was.

the arrival of the undead intially left him in a state of shock, especially given the fact that he had found himself stuck and stranded in a foreign country he barely knew at the time. although his english skills were somewhat enough to converse with others of his kind, he usually kept himself hidden from both humans and zombies; more so resembling a lost young boy rather than a blood warrior. he eventually came into contact with the high school group, and, though rather reluctant at first, decided to join them and offer his medical services in exchange for protection and shelter.
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- Basics.
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Pansexual
Haven: High School
Role: Loner

- Visage.
Build: Slim and lanky, though has some muscle tone to her
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Dark brown
Face claim: Noh Yuju

- Persona.
Positive traits:

Protective: She and her sister have been through a lot together and she is protective over her. She wants to give her sister the childhood she never had.
Loyal: She sees betrayal as an atrocious act and when she has found someone she can trust, she is likely to stay with them.
Courageous: Haewon is happy to take risks if she believes they're worth it. She is used to fighting the undead and doesn't mind doing it.
Negative traits:
Unemotional: Haewon often bottles up negative emotions to protect her sister, though this often leads to explosions of anger.
Aggressive: She often verbally attacks those who have angered her, especially in one of her outbursts.
Untrusting: She takes a long time to trust, especially when her sisters safety is involved.

- History.
Haewon was born to a young couple in South Korea, a husband and wife in a nice apartment in Busan. Her father worked at the ports, whereas her mother was a teacher at Gwangen Elementary School. Her childhood was a happy one, she had many friends at school and she was progressing well, though that changed when her younger sister was born.

Minyoung was born when Haewon was 5, though her parents branded her an accident. Her father left them behind, leading to the decline in their mother's mental health. She stopped making them dinner, getting them ready for school, and ignored Minyoung's cries. The two sisters began to live off of snacks and packaged food, whatever they could find that didn't need cooking. Haewon eventually learned to cook, making whatever she could to keep her and her sister fed.

Many children dreaded school meals but Haewon and Minyoung saw them as a blessing, it meant the two were well fed without worrying about money. While Minnie began to excel in school against all odds, Haewon began to struggle. She couldn't concentrate, she was constantly worrying about something, and her exam results reflected that.

At 17, Haewon decided enough was enough and contacted her aunt, Do-Yun, who had immigrated to America years prior. She hadn't seen her in months but her aunt knew of her mothers behaviour and was willing to help. She paid for plane tickets for Haewon and Minyoung and met them at the airport to take them to their new home. However, Do-Yun was a busy woman, already working two jobs to stay afloat, so Haewon maintained the role of raising her little sister even in this new environment. They started a new school where Haewon continued to struggle academically, though this didn't bother her. However, Minyoung's grades also began to slip. She didn't speak English as well and struggled in classes, as well as struggling to make friends. Haewon didn't mind isolation but Minyoung struggled with it, missing her friends from back home.

Haewon witnessed the death of her aunt, though tried her best to shelter Minnie from it. She was bitten when their neighbour attacked them, though cleaned the wound and remained optimistic. This wasn't a movie, after all, maybe you could survive a bite if you cleaned it well. She was incorrect and locked herself in their bathroom to protect her nieces. Haewon was forced to kill her and move she and her sister from their apartment and begin travelling. They have been wondering for a long time, occassionally settling down for a month or so before moving on to prevent using up all the resources around them.





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- Basics.
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Questioning
Haven: High School
Role: Loner

- Visage.
Build: Slim and petite
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Dark brown
Face claim: Kim Yerin

- Persona.
Positive traits:
: minyoung did a lot of arts and crafts in her childhood so is good with her hands. she is good at working with recycled materials and scraps.
Polite : minnie was almost the opposite of haewon; she was always described as pleasant by the adults around her.
Intelligent : minnie was always studeous, she enjoyed reading in school and wanted to learn lots of random things even if she didn't think they would help her in the future.
Negative traits:
: minnie has generalised anxiety, she finds herself frozen with fear at times. she has a healthy fear of zombies.
Traumatised : minnie is only fourteen, she has seen and experienced things those her age really shouldn't. she is quiet and doesn't like to speak about what she has seen.
Weak : minnie is both physically and mentally weak. she can't lift or push heavy objects and is prone to panic.

- History.
Minnie was a mistake, the second child to a South Korean couple who only wanted one. The unexpected child broke up their relationship, the father left and her mother broke down, turning to alcohol to cope with her loneliness. She had little to no relationship with her mother, leaving her with serious attachment issues. She was instead raised by her older sister, Haewon, who did her best to fill the void her mother left.

Minnie and her sister often went to school hungry but despite this, she still continued to excel. She enjoyed reading, she was almost always found with her head in a book. She was interested in both fiction and non-fiction. She was always interested in learning, even if the teachers around her told her these skills and fun facts would never help her in her adult life. She researched things like first aid, interesting chemical reactions and disasters from history.

Minnie was a little upset when Haewon decided to uproot their small family and move to America, but not because she would miss her mother. She had seen her mother almost overdose many times, she saw her shooting up, saw men coming in and out of her home, so she had no issue escaping that environment, but she worried about the new environment, not speaking the language very well, and leaving her good friends behind. She was afraid of being an outcast in her new school, afraid that the language barrier would affect her grades.

Her grades did indeed slip in her new school, though she wasn't there long. When the outbreak began, she, her sister and her aunt remained in their small apartment for safety. After her aunt passed, they began to wander, scavenging whatever they could and sleeping wherever was safe.

On their journey, Minyoung encountered a stray dog. She had developed a habit of feeding strays before the outbreak and, while her older sister wasn't looking, tried to feed the dog some scraps. As Haewon saw this, she yelled at her sister to get back, which startled the dog which latched onto Minnie's leg. Haewon shot and missed, but it was enough to scare the dog away. With nothing to disinfect the wound, it eventually became infected.





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