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Resource LAST SEEN NEVER - freebies


i return stronger than i left






yesterday !
—cover by wakin chau & jiang yiqiao

about me!
hello~ call me xayah. any pronouns are fine. i'm currently going through a change in my life that is leaving me with both more time and less time, so i'm not confident enough to join more roleplays at the risk of dropping them when things get rough. therefore, to satisfy my itch for a creative outlet, i'll be coding some freebies for people to use as they please! i've been coding for a few years and have seen a significant improvement recently, so i hope you all enjoy whatever i have to offer!

so just some basic stuff to abide by while you're here for a little bit! feel free to comment if you feel so inclined, but if you're using any designs, please let me know by reacting! try not to remove my watermarks either. these'll be at the top of code in a comment and at the bottom in a small, discreet area. also coding doesn't come naturally to me, so please don't take sections of my code and put them in yours, and pass off that section as your original work. you can use them to study, though as i'm more than willing to help you figure out how to do it or how to customize my codes. i learned a lot by studying code from some of the greats on this website! feel free to leave a request if you want, but please be patient and understand that fundamentally, this isn't a request thread. if you need a custom code urgently, this is not the place to ask for it, sorry. anyways, i think that's about it? enjoy!


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