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I'm thinking about gming a rp based off the heavily sued CBS show kid nation. I've developed a little bit of the story for it which i'm going to share here because if I shared it anywhere else it would probably confuse people but seeing how this place is just an endless stream of shitposting and confusion I think it will blend in nicely.

Here's what I got:

In the year 2007 the tv network CBS wanted to make a new reality tv show and put the project in the hands of a powerful jewish sorcerer by the name of ג'ונתן קארש (in english his name roughly translates to Jonathan Karsh.) Despite ג'ונתן קארש having a sketchy background they had no one else to oversee the project so they offered him the job and he accepted. ג'ונתן קארש began to brainstorm on ideas for reality the tv show, he had a difficult time choosing an idea until one of his many assistants suggested "Follow what's in your heart, what are some things you enjoy master?"

ג'ונתן קארש replied with "I enjoy gold, children, suffering, psychological abuse, physical abuse, manipulation, lizards, and the feeling hopelessness."

"I have the perfect idea master! Make a reality tv show set in the middle of the New Mexico desert where kids have to build a society in a god forsaken ghost town with nothing but the limited food and supplies we provide them. We divide the children up into four teams, after we then create a child futile system with Lords, Knights, Merchants, and Peasants. The kids will be assigned to one of these four positions depending on how well their team does in activities we provide them, the activities can be anything from forcing them to mine gold in dangerous areas that we can't legally send trained miners into or wrangeling up lambs to use as sacrifices in your daily rituals. The team that does the best job at the activity will get 1'st place and be awarded the Lord class where they can dictate what the lower classes do and they get paid the most Jew Coins (the town currency.) The 2'nd team place will be awarded the class of Knight, Knights will enforce the laws and rules set down by the Lords and they will be paid the second highest amount of Jew Coins. The 3'rd class will receive the class of Merchant where they will run the shops and market stalls where Jew Coins can be traded in for a variety of items, they make the 3rd highest amount of jew coins. The team that comes in 4'th place will receive the class of Peasant, Peasant is the lowest class available and receives the worst pay of Jew Coins but requires much more work, the Peasants must cook, clean, cultivate, and hunt for food. This system encourages kids to work at their jobs harder in hope that they become Lords and in fear that they will become Peasants. We can also plant hidden problems that will spring up and force the kids to deal with the problem. Like we can possess one of the kids with a demon and force the other kids to to kill said kid before the demon takes out too many children. There is so much you could with the show to give it your own personal touch."

"That is a spectacular idea jim! You know what, i'm going to raise your credit score with my jew sorcery and give your sons liver back."

ג'ונתן קארש began to making his new reality tv show into a reality.
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