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LAST person to post is the winner!!!


Wandering but not lost
Have what, exactly? You're going to be here forever because I'm not going anywhere, and even if I do, someone else will come along to keep this infuriatingly fun game going.


Can we pretend that airplanes are shooting stars?
This place is so big...
I come from a website where if ten people are online at the same time, it's a busy day...
Well, my lady, what things would you like to write?


Wandering but not lost
It really is. More professional, too. Mature, I suppose.
Ahhh, generally I enjoy action-based fantasy, be it medieval or somehow incorporated into a more modern setting, but as long as the writing is decent, the characters are interesting and the plot isn't dull, I'm up for a lot of things, realistic, historical, dash of romance, whatever. And yourself?
(This is getting rather off topic, if you'd like we could move this to PM's.)

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