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Laniakea: The story of humanity


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The Laniakea Supercluster
Our Universe

It's commonly known that our universe is huge, massive, gargantuan... but not only is it large, but it is jam packed full of life, now, in the year CCI, thats 200,001, for those not fluent in roman numerals, has the human race learned to set aside differences, and stop quarrels and learn to help alien races and fauna, humans being the 'oldest' race after all.

Oldest being, the one race that has somehow stopped itself from becoming extinct. Let me turn off the documentary-style tone, amd speak seriously. In the year 173,451 there was a huge war, and with the onset of intergalactic travel, the human race ravaged itself and caused trillions of casualties altogether, this made a call for a centralised government to rule humanity.

Now, after many thousands of years in utter peace, this centralised government, named the Laniakean Alliance of Humanity, shattered when a mass communications blackout occurred in the center of the Laniakea Supercluster, this happened when an unknown alien aggressor invaded the Milky Way galaxy, which could be considered Humanity's capitol, and stopped all communications, practically deafening the entire human race in one fell swoop.

After many human outposts attacked the Milky Way, it was learned that a technocratic race under the guise of a paramilitary corporation invaded humanity from the inside, billions of robotic monstrosities crippled the human race and now own most of that galaxy. In an effort to recreate the Laniakean Alliance, half of humanity pit itself against eachother to gain enough fame, notoriety, and money to be considered humanities new leader nation.

After multiple hundreds of thousands of wars broke out over which nation was the rightful ruler of humanity it was decidedly apparent that the human race was broken now, currently resembling the Sengoku Jidai. It is now that the human race is at it's weakest point, millions of countries exist, all wanting a piece of glory in this constantly changing landscape of politics.


You are a player in this dangerous game, a possible profiteer, in other words, you're a nation in the Lanikea supercluster, which, tl;dr is a huge warzone in the ever-expanding universe after a UN-like alliance was destroyed a long time ago.

Honestly, in this roleplay you don't even have to become the ruler of humanity, this roleplay is focused on roleplay, not wargaming, so, if you came to destroy people with trillions of cannon fodder soldiers, you may be a bit dissapointed. Of course, wars are completely welcome, and are to be won through strategem and tactical know-how, but not really focused on that.

Humanity knows how to travel from galaxy to galaxy in seconds in this, the Andromeda galaxy is one huge hive-city that is ever expanding, Earth is a museum-planet, a planet dedicated to all of humanity. That is the scale of this roleplay, a poor family is able to pay for a ship that goes lightspeed for a relatively low price, you may drop your kids off on an Andromeda Pre-school then head to the other side of the Milky-Way to catch a bite to eat, thats about as advanced as this roleplay is.

Think of anything in this roleplay and it is probably set in the bounds of reality here, go insane on ship design, city landscape, etcetera. Once i get about three people interested i'll make a CS page, may create a Discord if anyone needs or wants it.

Discord Link: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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