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Fantasy land of the free // cs



this thread will be for the cs.

those who are still interested in the rp and would like to post up their cs can still do so. message me if you'd like to join our discord server for plot and character discussions. the rp will begin shortly but there's always going to be free spots available.

there's six participants at the moment. clan members and detectives are always available as roles.
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jehan d'airelle
the clan eldest
  • i
    full name
    jehan d'airelle.
    to be added.
    692 years.
    date of birth
    cis man.
    rp role
    clan eldest.
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𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘴 . . .

the member.



J. A.



full name

janelle july allard



25 (real age: 54)






cis female




  • Wound.

    No light, no light in your bright blue eyes.
    I never knew daylight could be so violent.
    A revelation in the light of day.
    You can choose what stays and what fades away.

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𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘴 . . .

the detective.






full name

lorenzo yang







  • a word.

    some more words that are somewhat related to that big word and sounds kind of philosophical.

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Bad job, Superstar!

  • YU YAN

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𝗌𝗁𝖾 𝗐𝖺𝗂𝗍𝗌, 𝗌𝖾𝖾𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗀, 𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗈𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀…

;; emmanuel

Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic
FULL NAMEemmanuel louis beauvais
NICKNAME(S) ⎯ manuel, it’s the only nickname he’ll allow. won’t respond to manny.
AGE ⎯ two-hundred & fifty
GENDER ⎯ cis male
PRONOUNS — he/him
SEXUALITY ⎯ pansexual
DATE OF BIRTH ⎯ may 20th, 1771
ZODIAC ⎯ taurus
port-au-prince, haiti

HEIGHT ⎯ 5’11”
WEIGHT ⎯ 175 lbs
people are surprised when they see his body for the first time. instead of the string bean that he looks like over his clothes, emmanual has a lean yet muscled figure.​
pure, midnight black with no signs of brown. it almost looks blue in certain lights. emmanual has 4c type hair that he usually keeps in cornrows or styled in sponge curls. seeing as it’s the driest hair type he keeps it moisturized, thus giving it a shiny appearance.​
black, though not soulless or lifeless. his eyes are bottomless pools of ink, some would happily drown within them. his eyes are the gateway to his mind.​
dark brown. emmanuel has dark, matte brown skin due to his undead state. thought he usually uses different types of oil to give it a more glowy, alive look. his skin is hard, marble-like, and cold to the touch.​
his cheekbones are probably his most noticeable trait.​
emmanuel enjoys stylish clothing. he wears a silk shirt, unbuttoned and styled with expensive jewelry or suits worn in casual ways.​

his pearly white smile and penchant for smooth talk helps him talk his way out of most situations. emmanuel is a silver tongued devil with the looks of an angel, and he shamelessly uses it to his advantage. he has a way of twisting his words, wielding his ability to speak in half truths with ease. one can never be too sure of what his intentions are and he prefers to keep it that way. it’s exciting to keep people guessing, to watch their frustration when they fail to figure him out. emmanuel is a shameless flirt, he’s the type for meaningless and uncomplicated flings. there’s something about the feeling of seducing others that he likes, the feeling of being desired or going after someone he desires is one he enjoys immensely.

emmanuel is a hedonist by all means. he has spent the majority of his life poor, oppressed, with no hopes of escaping the vicious cycle that he was born into. even though he no longer breathes and his heart beat has gone forever still, he finally has the means to do as he pleases. for so long he has gone without, fearing for his life under watchful eyes and cruel hands. emmanuel has become a glutton, he denies himself nothing, he always wants more, craves it like humans crave air.

with time and aging no longer looming over his head, emmanuel was able to learn and thrive. he was greedy with it, wanting to learn as much as he could. he had been kept ignorant for far to long, a weapon that he would never let be used against him again. he questioned everything, demanded answers and looked for himself when none could be found. literature was fulfilling but it was art that captured his attention the most. painting, sculpting, he would become lost, oblivious to the world around him as he let his emotions touch canvas, as his hands brought his visions to life with clay.

beneath his image of a worldly young man is a cruel being, shaped by the world he was born into. there are times when he thinks that maybe, if he had been favored by fate, he would have turned out better. emmanuel is a manipulative individual, a self man who cares little for those who he has to step on to get what he wants. there is something unnerving about how he’s able to fake emotions and use masks to keep people from his true intentions. he doesn't seem to have any empathy for others, human or vampire. in his eyes it’s deserved, for he has been treated the same by many. immortality, the passage of time doesn’t seem to affect the views of man, or matter their status.

VICES — hedonistic, manipulative, promiscuous, defiant, intense
VIRTUES — ambitious, charming, adaptable, worldly

LIKES ⎯ spanish limes, dancing, feasts, parties, late night walks, ab blood, traveling
DISLIKES ⎯ rushing, the rich/privileged, fish, clingy people, his fun being ruined

HABITS ⎯ pacing when deep in thought, raising his brow when in disbelief, smacking his lips when annoyed or upset
HOBBIES ⎯ reading, painting, sculpting, tire machèt, napping, puzzle solving, draining the rich in both funds and blood

emmanuel is a man who prefers not to speak much of his past. he keeps his life before his turning close to his chest, leaving people to guess about his heritage. their first guess would is somewhere in france, much to his annoyance.

no, emmanuel is no frenchman. he hails from port-au-prince, haiti during the french colonial period. he was born a slave, his parents stolen from their homeland of congo and placed on a sugar plantation to labor for the rest of their lives. it isn’t difficult to get an idea of how life was under these conditions. emmanuel was ripped from his parents from a young age, as time passed they became little more than vague faces within his memory.

he was a cunning young man. quickly learning to stay out of sight, to now draw attention to himself less he wanted trouble. but within him a storm was brewing, resentful of his situation and his treatment, it wasn’t long before whispers of rebellion began to call to him. secret meetings held during the dead of night and messages spoken in the form of songs, something had to be done.

emmanuel was 20 when it happened. a ceremony was held under the light of the moon, a sacrifice offered up to the spirits to ensure their victory. with fighting spirits and machetes in hand, the rebels battle the french in hopes of freedom. many were captured, their fearsome leader was beheaded, yet the fighting raged on. emmanuel sword that he could feel anger of the spirits coursing through his veins, setting his blood alight. he became a prominent figure within his group, his ferocity admired and feared.

when he was captured emmanuel had not stopped fighting, even as he lay in his cell, awaiting execution, he had not let his will be broken. come morning his captors were baffled when the bars of his cell had been bent and he was nowhere to be found. he was not seen again until he was 23 years old, his appearance the same but different.

emmanuel continued to fight and when haiti finally secured its independence, he was quick to reap the benefits. for a time emmanuel settled, became an artist to hire. but before long people began to realize that he was not aging, and thus it was time for him to leave. emmanuel traveled the world. time was no longer his master and he had the freedom that he’d so desperately craved.

- carries a small talisman, also called a gris-gris for good luck. It was given to him by his papa.​
- his flings are known as “muses” due to his love of painting and sculpting. He loses interest fairly quickly.​
- fluent in Haitian-Creole, French, English and a few more languages.​
- isn’t a fan of dogs due to his past, not only was he bitten but they were often used to track runaways down.​
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The man in the suit
Open file
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New Member


FULL NAME ⎯ helena senalat bekele
NICKNAME(S) ⎯ none
AGE ⎯ one hundred & eighty one
GENDER ⎯ female
PRONOUNS — she/her
SEXUALITY ⎯ heterosexual
DATE OF BIRTH ⎯ december 24th, 1840
fort ambra mariam, magdala ethiopia

HEIGHT ⎯ 5’09”
WEIGHT ⎯ 145 lbs
BUILD — endomorph
helena keeps her dark hair in tightly wound locs which extend just past her shoulders.
a deep near-black
dark brown


Helena is a complacent and pessimistic woman with a penchant for disappearing without a trace. Her bleak outlook on existence creates an impulsivity that she can't quite seem to shake, and the long lifespan of vampires-- and their powers-- has only exacerbated these sudden urges for excitement, adventure... and blood. She lives week to week, reveling compulsive temporary quests and material things. She's reckless and perhaps not always the brightest bulb in the box, and may perform some very impactful actions on a whim or a bet, which fuels an unfortunate but mild gambling habit. Despite all of this, she has a very "live and let live" attitude. Preferring to live unbothered and unnoticed on her frequent excursions, Helena scoffs at those who desire to be the center of attention. Normality is the anchor in her weird world, and she holds onto it dearly.

She is a woman who lives with little to no attachment. She has never fallen in love, had long-term relationships romantic or otherwise, and views such as frivolous for supernatural beings such as herself. She doesn't have enough pride to allow her to select a lifetime partner in good faith, and is acutely aware of some of her more destructive tendencies. At heart, though, Helena is empathetic and very justice-oriented. Her vengefulness does not always benefit her in combination with those traits, though, and she finds herself going over the top or lashing out at injustices in ways that are inappropriate or unsubtle at times.

FLAWS — blunt, complacent, reckless, inappropriate, slothful
VIRTUES — easygoing, humorous, resourceful, open-minded, independent

LIKES ⎯ adrenaline spikes, dense cities, comfort, long journeys, action movies
DISLIKES ⎯ clean freaks, outdated technologies, items associated with superstition or witchcraft

Helena talks extensively about her past, often leading to long-winded tangents and stories which sound far too exaggerated to be grounded in truth. At her core, Helena does genuinely enjoy mortal company, but her intense fear of commitment has led to short-term companionships and, of course, abrupt disappearances which she meticulously stages from the beginning. Much of her early life was out of the reach of British colonizers on the Horn of Africa. By the time the scramble for the horn was over, the Italians had begun to occupy Ethiopia at the Asseb port, where Helena had been working as a shipmaker's aid. After stealing an Italian merchant ship with two friends and holding the ship hostage, she and her accomplices received a considerable sum; enough to travel beyond Ethiopia to Sri Lanka. After living among locals for a few decades, she decided to return to Ethiopia with a lover from Sri Lanka. But when sickness befell her companion, she made the trek alone back to the coast as Benito Mussolini's armies invaded Ethiopia. Several of Helena's relatives were killed in the invasion, and the carnage instilled a bitterness in her which has yet to subside. Following this, she fell into a deep depression, staying in hiding in her home country until Ethiopia's war of independence. Even though things weren't perfect following independence, Helena was lifted out of her vengeful slumber and decided to dedicate herself to formal education at Addis Ababa University, eventually working her way up to the embassy and involving herself in the African Union. With this newfound interest in global politics, Helena was glad to make a difference, but it wouldn't last long. In the decades that followed, it became clear she was not aging. Local groups called upon witches to drive her from her own community. With what little money she had left, she committed to getting a pilot's license and found work as a cargo plane pilot in America, where she remains.

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detective kang
;; hyun-woo

name: kang hyun-woo

gender: cis man
pronouns: he/him
sexuality: asexual

age: fourty-one
dob: not sure yet

ethnicity: south korean
pob: new york, america

height: 6'' feet
weight: 163 lbs

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this one's for you, rookstone.
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